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Are you running a Joomla powered website? Have you always thought it would be nice to be able to sell products on your site with the use of a shopping cart plugin or extension? There are several popular Joomla shopping carts available for you to download and add to your database. Most come with complete instructions on how to add products and set up your payment processor so you can be on your way to making money in no time.

The following is a list of 5 popular Joomla shopping carts that can be added to your site as a plug in or extension. Knowing the features and benefits of how each one can help you grow your business will help you choose the best option for your site.

Virtue Mart

This is a full featured (and very popular) shopping cart that can be run either as in catalog mode or store mode. If you are thinking of selling numerous products this is a good choice due to the powerful administration tools that allows for an unlimited number of categories, products, discounts, orders, customers and shoppers groups, There are also 150 extensions that can be added to this software for even more features.


This is a simple shopping cart that is easily integrated into Joomla. While it may be quick to set up, it is still full features including the ability to showcase your products with photos, descriptions, and additional options. You can set it up to sell your items with PayPal or Google checkout, and it supports customized shipping properties.

Rok Quickcart for Joomla

Rok Quick Cart for Joomla

Seber Cart

Much like the Rok cart, this is a simple platform made to look like a custom solution that is part of the sites original template rather than a cheap add on. It supports PayPal as well as Moneybrokers payment processors. The features are limited with the free version, the fully loaded option can be purchased for $99.

Seber Cart for Joomla


While not a free option, the benefits and features are well worth the €95 license fee. Many store owners have a hard time trying to optimize their sites for SEO and getting ranked well on the search engines, jStore has great SEO support out of the box. You only need to set it up and add your products and the store practically does the selling for you. There is a free trial so you can check it out for yourself. They also make another solution called jMarket.

jStore Shopping Cart for Joomla

Clickcart Pro or Europa Cart

Two more commercial options that have some great features. There are two levels you can purchase. The full version is $199.00 and the upgrade is $99.00, a once only cost. It is flexible, you can accept payments easily, you can ship anywhere in the world, it integrates with your accounting software and is fully search engine optimized. There is video help and free support at any time you need it. Created and sold by

Europa Cart Shopping Cart for Joomla

There are many Joomla shopping carts available on the internet today both as free versions and paid. You may want to try a few out and test them to see which one really works the best for you. You may like the layout or themes in some more so than others. The only true way you can make a decision is to give it a shot yourself.


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