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WordPress has long been the blogging software of choice by most bloggers (this is a WordPress blog!). As it’s evolved through versions it’s become increasingly more sophisticated and is now popular as a Content Management System (CMS).

There’s a growing number of WordPress Themes which add shopping cart functionality. While WordPress is unlikely (in the near term anyway) to be a serious contender for a large shop with tens of thousands of products, it’s finding a niche for smaller shops.

Below is 10 WordPress shopping cart themes and why these are good choices to consider for you to get started with your ecommerce experience.

iThemes is a clean looking theme that allows you to use the WP Ecommerce plug-in. While you may be able to use a standard theme from WordPress when installing a shopping cart plugin, using a theme such as this that is designed for you to get the most of all of the plugin’s features and create a crisp organized looking site is well worth the $79.95 payment price.

Crafty Cart is a free option for those who are tight on money when first starting out. It has an attractive design although, unless you are a little techie, you may have a difficult time making it look organized and clean when dealing with multiple categories. Depending on the products you are selling, you may or may not think this is the right design for you. Designed for the wp-ecommerce plugin.

Market Theme. The bonus with this type of theme is that not only is it a theme, it is also a shopping cart. You don’t need to activate one of the other WordPress ecommerce plugins once you have purchased a $55 license for this theme. It may be a little more technical to install and set up, but offers a professional looking theme with the ability to change and modify features to make it all your own.

ShopperPress. This is another “out of the box” shopping cart and theme all in one to use on your WordPress platform. While the cost is $79, it includes more than twenty themes you can choose from. There are also a number of widgets and plugins you can use.

PHPPurchase. This is another great theme that works with the WP Ecommerce plugin. This theme is perfect for those sellers who want to provide digital downloads easily. It’s also great for creating membership sites, subscription payments and more. It has a reputation for being high customizable. Cost for this theme is $50.

WordPress e store plugin theme. This is a great deal at $39.95 considering all of the features included. You can even setup your auto-responder to work with this theme and the e-shop plugin. Autoresponders are a great way to keep in touch with your customers when you have sales, specials, and new products. There are four themes offered on this site. They include a World Shipping theme, an Online Shopping Accessories theme, a Christmas theme, and a Shopping Spree theme. These are free and can be used with the WP-eccomerce plugin. If you are just selling a few items you can use a paypal button instead.

Simple Cart. Another popular free option. While it’s simple to configure in the admin panel once you have installed it, it does have 2 components for install. You need to install the wp-ecommerce plugin as well as another called Thematic. This is a nice crisp colorful theme that has a grid layout and is easy to swap out images and completely customize as to your own preference.

Color Cart Green. This free theme offers a 3 column layout like most of the previous entries listed above. It has 2 sidebars that are fully widgetized. This is also used with the wp-ecommerce plugin.

WP-Store. This was designed for the wp-eccomerce plugin version 3.7. The admin section has be modified from the original version so that you can set up and control the “latest product” section, home page products, and customize a top products widget. This has a grey background and black header area. This type of theme isn’t suitable for all storefronts as it isn’t as colorful and shiny as many others are.

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