Fed up with Apple? 10 Options to iOS-Based POS

This Year, Apple grew to become probably the most valuable company within the history around the globe. Recently, the organization has offered greater than 590 million iPhones and (since its debut this year) 338 million iPads. Over 1 billion people presently use their goods.

The thing is, there are plenty of iOS users available. Regardless of whether you enjoy it or otherwise, Apple has most likely infiltrated your existence in some way. But because a company-owner thinking about POS, Apple&#8217s iOS isn’t the only solution despite the organization&#8217s behemoth presence. There are more options you can look at when deciding which platform you need your POS to operate on. Even thinking about Apple&#8217s enormous global recognition, you will find distinct benefits of using POS software systems you are able to operate on desktop, Android, and Home windows devices. Namely, non-iOS hardware cost less and much more customizable. But possibly probably the most compelling need to ditch Apple may be the significant cost disparity between its products yet others.

Thinking about sidestepping the iPad POS revolution? Keep studying to have an explanation of the benefits of available choices.


Initially glance, iConnect appears like yet another Apple product (it doesn&#8217t help it starts with the legendary lower situation &#8220i&#8221). But while iConnect is compatible with iOS, it’s not restricted to it. Actually, there’s a genuine benefit to using iConnect having a non-iOS platform. This advantage is due to the iConnect Register. Since the iConnect Register is really a comprehensive, Android-based POS system, it eliminates the requirement for additional hardware. When you purchase to not make use of the iConnect Register, you may still run iConnect software with an Apple device. The issue is you won&#8217t have the ability to make use of an EMV readers. (Based on iConnect, Apple hardware doesn’t offer the EMV readers.)

Lengthy story short, should you&#8217re searching to simplify your hardware and obtain the most from iConnect&#8217s many features, it’s most likely better to choose the non-iOS solution. And iConnect is really worth a take care of all, we gave it an astonishing five-star rating (not at all something we all do gently). For any full overview of iConnect click the link.

iConnect might be for you personally if:

  • You take a little to medium-sized business
  • You’ve previous knowledge about, and understanding of, POS
  • Your company handles rentals and/or appointments


toast pos review

Toast is really a food service POS. It’s a relatively recent company with excellent customer service – perhaps its greatest feature. Toast is an excellent, robust solution and provides extensive excellent achievements opting for it (read our full overview of Toast here for more details), as well as the purposes want to know ,, I worry about Toast for just one reason: it operates on Android.

Should you don&#8217t feel passionate about Apple but nonetheless desire a great food service POS, Toast is a superb choice. The Android operating-system provides you with more freedom to personalize and lower hardware costs. And since Toast is made for Android, there aren’t any disadvantages or limitations to presenting it with any Android device.

Take a look at Toast if:

  • You’re in the foodservice business
  • You are prepared to pay for a comparatively high subscription cost ($100/month) and want a strong set of features


LivePOS is made for retail and runs on Windows XP, Home windows 7, Home windows 8, or Home windows 10. It had been the very first company to ever to produce cloud-based POS system and mainly suits SMB multi-store companies.

I would suggest LivePOS to anybody who fits the next three criteria:

  • You’re a medium-sized business (or growing for the reason that direction)
  • You are looking at a POS that’s packed with features
  • You would like to escape Apple and like Home windows


There are many universal languages on the planet and freebies is one. Bearing that truism in your mind, Imonggo offers its POS cost-free gratis 100 % free. It’s a great solution for that small single-location business proprietor with one terminal. (The organization also provides reasonably limited plan at $30/month should you process greater than 1000 transactions monthly and have a listing that exceeds 1000 products, you&#8217ll require the premium plan.)

Imonggo works with both android and ios devices. Should you&#8217re searching for that least expensive way possible to buy a POS for any single-store business, I suggest Imonggo, combined with an Android device.

Imonggo works for anybody who:

  • Is really a new small-business proprietor searching to help keep expenses low
  • Doesn’t have knowledge about POS. You are able to consider Imonggo as a type of gateway into the field of POS. Using a free software application will help you evaluate which features both of you need and don&#8217t requirement for totally free


To be able to function, Pose needs 3 things: a web connection, along with a device that may access that web connection. It is made for smaller sized retail companies but could work like a hospitality POS based on your requirements. If you wish to avoid iPads, Pose is a method to just do that.  Click for a far more detailed overview of Pose.

I suggest Pose to anybody who:

  • Runs a smaller sized retail business
  • Is searching for the simplicity a POS you can use anywhere which has a web connection

Epos Now 

Epos Now’s a flexible POS for retail and hospitality needs. While Epos Can now handle bigger companies, it works well with the small business operator. I&#8217m including it within this list since it is suitable for any device.

Take a look at Epos If:

  • You’re searching for any versatile POS. Epos Can now handle both retail and hospitality needs. If your company is a mixture of both or would take advantage of a POS that is made for both, Epos Now is a superb solution
  • You presently have a small company but they are searching to develop. Epos Can now handle big and small companies


Ever thought about when there would be a POS that will permit you to combine multiple platforms together? Do you want to have the ability to make use of an Apple tool and an Android device in the same position? You&#8217re fortunate! Certainly one of Kounta&#8217s biggest selling points is the opportunity to just do that. Actually, mix-device usability is really a main issue with this POS&#8217s appeal. For any full review, click the link.

I suggest Kounta to anybody who:

  • Is within food service and likes you getting lots of integration options
  • Really wants to use both iOS and non-iOS hardware

QuickBooks POS Desktop

quickbooks cloud pos

Quickbooks differs from other POS systems about this list (along with other POS generally) in that it’s in your area-installed. It’s also fairly unique for the reason that it runs solely on Home windows (Vista, Home windows 7, Home windows 8 and Home windows server 12, to become exact).

Take a look at Quickbooks if:

  • You’d rather use Home windows
  • You’ll need a in your area-installed POS


The most crucial factor about Loyverse is that it’s free. Loyverse is easy and simple to make use of but, not surprisingly, lacks the amount of sophistication other (compensated) POS systems can boast. That being stated, if you’re a small business operator having a single terminal, Loyverse is a terrific way to go into the business game. It works with both android and ios.

Take a look at Loyverse if:

  • You’re a new small-business proprietor searching to achieve knowledge about a POS
  • You would like a simple-to-use POS having a great UI


The ultimate POS about this list is, once more, free. eHopper is comparable to both Loyverse and Imonggo like Imonggo, it provides a better compensated arrange for individuals thinking about capabilities. eHopper is presently suitable for Android and Home windows, although the organization states they intend to add Apple compatibility later on. For a complete overview of eHopper, click the link.

I would suggest eHopper to anybody who:

  • Has lately opened up a company
  • Is searching to grow (but little). eHopper&#8217s compensated plan can offer capabilities but bigger companies may decide to look elsewhere for additional robust abilities

Final Thoughts 

While you will find certainly many wonderful POS choices for iOS available, you don&#8217t need to limit you to ultimately the Apple world. Multiple alternatives exist to choose from, and perhaps, you might find that the business&#8217s needs be more effective dealt with with a non-iOS platform.

Apple goods are generally more costly and don&#8217t permit the amount of personalization you will get with Android or Home windows products. iOS has its own place, but with regards to entry-level POS, there’s nothing better for an entrepreneur worried about cost than the usual non-iOS platform.

Are conscious of every other great non-iOS POS solutions? Tell us within the comments below!

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