HostPapa Hosting Review: Pros & Cons of utilizing HostPapa

HostPapa is definitely an independent (ie, not of a large holding corporation) website hosting company from Toronto, Canada. They provide a spectrum of hosting companies from shared web hosting to VPS servers having a concentrate on small company proprietors.

HostPapa began in the year 2006 making a problem regarding their 100% eco-friendly energy initiative.

Like the majority of shared web hosting companies, HostPapa offers email, an internet site builder, as well as other complementary services with round-the-clock support along with a thirty day money-back guarantee.

You should check out HostPapa’s plan and current prices here.

I’ve had several readers email to inquire about my estimation about HostPapa, and so i made the decision to try them out within my recent shopping tour of entry-level web hosting companies.

Here’s my HostPapa Hosting review – structured with pros & cons according to my experience like a customer.

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Disclosure – I receive referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All opinion and knowledge is dependant on my experience like a having to pay customer or consultant to some having to pay customer.

Pros of utilizing HostPapa Hosting

There are plenty of HostPapa reviews online – usually with user-generated reviews according to anecdotes and private experience. That’s fine however i have a different approach. As I’ve stated in other hosting reviews, there’s no such factor like a “best” hosting company. The “best” may be the right fit for the project according to your objectives, budget, experience & expertise. Here would be the pros (advantages) for thinking about HostPapa.


HostPapa’s primary advantage is the prices and fairly straightforward plan structure.

Website hosting information mill all selling exactly the same factor – a house for the website – but every one has different plans with various caps, different bonuses and various renewal prices. For many, working out their true value needs a breakdown into various parts.

To check “apples to apples” among website hosts, I break things lower into Core hosting features and Bonus hosting features.

Core hosting features would be the “3 D’s” – domains, databases and disk space. The main reason for a hosting server would be to serve website files if somebody types inside your website name.

  • Domains are the number of domains you are able to indicate your hosting account. If you would like multiple websites, you’ll wish to have multiple domains permitted. You’ll should also take a look at emails per domain – sometimes individuals are capped too.
  • Databases are the number of bits of website software you are able to operate on your hosting server. A WordPress install requires one database. For those who have any apps, Listservs, etc – you’ll require more.
  • Disk space is the number of files try on some your server – images, text, PDFs, etc.

Additional features could include everything from website builder software to advertising credits to backend software, etc.

Whenever you break it lower, you can at any rate compare apples to apples and obtain a feeling of value according to the thing you need.

HostPapa has three prices tiers. Starter renews at $9.99/mo Business renews at $14.99/mo and Business Pro renews at $24.99/mo.

HostPapa Pricing

Starter limits you to definitely 2 websites (Domains) and 100GB of space – plenty if you’re managing a small site with simply a couple of images. Business has limitless* allowance for.

*aside – bear in mind that “unlimited” in every case for those companies really means “no specific limit, but nonetheless restricted to the particular server space and abuse policy.”

The Company Pro plan has extra bonus features that take it over the Strategic business plan.

For short-term and lengthy-term prices, all HostPapa’s plans are competitive for that shared web hosting finish from the market. Actually, the Starter and Strategic business plans have to do with starting as low as you’d want prior to being a little too good to be real.-

*aside – make sure to browse the cons, simply because they might in “too best to be true” territory anyway.

HostPapa’s prices is really a solid advantage.

Transparency & Possession

HostPapa is really a independently-owned independent webhost. That’s a rarity inside a world where a number of corporations own almost all hosting brands.

Being private & independent isn’t always a good factor, and being of a sizable corporation isn’t always a bad factor.

Independent companies might possibly not have the main city to create lengthy-term enhancements. They may not possess the expertise to operate a global-class service. However, they’re usually “closer towards the customer” – and prepared to make changes for that better of everybody as opposed to the main point here.

Big corporations possess the capital and expertise to operate a global-class service, however they might also view departments (like customer support) like a cost and customers being an entry on the spreadsheet.

Many people instinctively like local, independent companies. I do not care in either case more often than not.

However, the hosting market is notoriously consolidated. Even around the enterprise finish, it’s essentially Amazon . com and… maybe Google. Around the shared/small company finish, Endurance and GoDaddy both possess a shocking quantity of brands. Many are run well and a few are run poorly.

In either case, I believe that diversity and competition make the perfect factor to possess within the hosting industry. The like that time, I love to visit a growing, independent company like HostPapa.

I wouldn’t choose them exclusively on their own independence, but I’m sure it’s a good pro within their column.

Furthermore, I love the way they have small touches of transparency like the Network Status page where one can get 24/7 updates on their own service.

Customer Care

Customer care is notoriously difficult to judge. It’s hard to be aware what is actually happening behind the curtain, and whether a business is going to be useful when *you* refer to them as.

A lot of user-provided online reviews (associated with a company) are generally naively positive or exaggerated negative encounters. Besides, with anecdotes, who knows if you’re studying in regards to a one-off or perhaps a true trend.

Rather, I argue that you ought to search for indicators of whether a business treats customer support like a cost or perhaps an investment. Quite simply, could they be attempting to keep costs lower and maximize profit for a while or could they be attempting to develop happy, lengthy-term customers?

The 2 best indicators I’ve found are availability across a variety of support channels and purchase of DIY customer care.

HostPapa is solid on.

For availability, they’ve phone, chat, email and support. My chat wait there was a time a couple minutes. HostPapa also does multilingual support, that is rare to determine.

So far as DIY customer care sources, there is a good knowledgebase by having an auto-translate feature for everyone different languages. Though it can be done with Google Translate, I believe that signifies an amount of investment and thought.

They likewise have a wide selection of video lessons, which again, I believe show an amount of purchase of their customer care infrastructure.

HostPapa’s customer care appears very good, especially when compared with other entry-level providers.

Cons of utilizing HostPapa Hosting

Like every hosting company, HostPapa Hosting has disadvantages. There are many HostPapa complaints online. Many are valid and a few are merely anecdotal. Listed here are the larger picture cons / disadvantages which i found while using the HostPapa for hosting.


As with every cool product – registering for a brand new hosting company could be both daunting and exciting.

The entire process of obtaining a new customer ready to go is really a critical a part of taking out the the daunting part – and contributing to the thrill. Running a business jargon, the operation is known as “onboarding.” And there’s nothing and build regret just like a confusing onboarding process.

Ideally, after registering for a hosting plan, you’d immediately get the register credentials and then either visit a led tutorial or have the ability to sign in straight to your brand-new dashboard.

HostPapa does no above. I’ve labored with a large number of different website hosts, but I’ve never experienced just as much confusion since

To begin, HostPapa guaranteed my credentials soon after register. It required greater than 2 . 5 hrs.

For the reason that time, I acquired a bill and led tutorial email before my credentials without any reference to any delay. Which was mildly confusing.

Once I received my credentials, the e-mail stated these were for everywhere – my account dashboard, cPanel (the backend of my actual server), FTP, billing, etc.

Which was fine, however it switched to simply be partly true. I logged into my dashboard, but got redirected when clicking to cPanel where it requested to reset my password within cPanel.

Onboarding Password Reset screenshot in my HostPapa Hosting Review

I reset my password. However to login again, I’d to return to my dashboard and click on to cPanel.

With that screen, I’d an area to go in my password having a button to “Update”.

Password Reset for HostPapa cPanel

Neither my old or new password labored. I additionally couldn’t look for a link anywhere to get at cPanel directly (the server information wasn’t within the credentials email).

Eventually, I hit “Forgot Password” – but rather of redirecting me to some Didn’t remember Password page – I had been delivered to an immediate login to cPanel.

HostPapa cPanel Login for my HostPapa Hosting Review

My new password labored with that screen. This setup remained exactly the same despite I acquired everything setup.

After I experienced cPanel, everything was fairly straightforward. I could install WordPress with similar techniques that I outline within my WordPress install tutorial.

The purpose of this story isn’t to state that HostPapa is really a horrible company or ought to be eliminated since i had trouble. The thing is that of all of the a large number of website hosts that I’ve used – they are among merely a couple of which have totally confused me going from purchase to setup.

I acquired everything working, however for a novice or DIYer – HostPapa’s onboarding wouldn’t enable you to get began around the right note.

Speed & Performance

Like I pointed out before, the main job of the hosting company would be to serve website files if somebody types inside your website name – but many agree that there is a missing adverb. It ought to be “to serve website files rapidly.

To state website speed is essential is cliche, mainly in the chronilogical age of mobile. While server speed isn’t the only element in overall website speed, it’s an essential aspect.

And critically, it is also a “bottleneck” factor. Quite simply, regardless of how fast you compress or accelerate your site, you are able to only go as quickly as your server can respond.

Calculating server speed and response time is really a complicated issue. Just the network engineers at HostPapa can for sure say what’s happening with server speed. But, anybody can measure a ballpark metric of server performance.

It’s known as Time For You To First Byte (TTFB) – and shows how rapidly a web server offers the first byte of knowledge after it gets to be a request.

Here’s how HostPapa performed your day I measured it with this site –

HostPapa TTFB Speed

Here’s the exam a couple of hrs later having a different tool –

HostPapa Performance screenshot for my HostPapa Hosting Review

And here’s HostPapa annually after starting off this site –

HostPapa TTFB

Ok – we’re not quite improving here.

Here’s how Website Hosting Hub (an immediate entry-level competitor) has been doing for me personally –

Web Hosting Hub Speed TTFB

As you can tell – HostPapa isn’t so great.

Now, TTFB is better measured like a trend. Yet, simply searching at HostPapa’s server information causes it to be seem like it normally won’t purchase sources around direct competitors.

HostPapa Memory screenshot for my HostPapa Hosting Review

Web Hosting Hub Memory

I wouldn’t buy HostPapa hosting for his or her performance.

Misleading Global Marketing

The main objective of marketing is to accept factor you’re proficient at, determine what audience that’s a great for, after which discover a method to achieve them.

All 3 parts need to be true for everybody to become happy – particularly the “thing you’re good at” part.

HostPapa does lots of marketing to countries outdoors of The United States.

HostPapa International Marketing

That’s fine when they were a classic good fit for purchasers in individuals countries.

Somewhat, they’re. HostPapa does multilingual customer care. They accept payment in various currencies.

However, from everything will be able to find (including running geolocation on Singapore websites), they still serve all customers from their Toronto, Canada data center.

I believe it’s misleading to market “best hosting for [country]” in case your nearest data center is 10,000 miles from your target customers.

When compared with other providers like SiteGround who offer datacenters all over the world or hosts like InMotion who a minimum of provider bi-seaside data centers – It states something about HostPapa’s internal culture that they’re particularly targeting markets they simply aren’t a great fit for.

If a person in the United kingdom, India or Australia or elsewhere is searching for any hosting company, they may enjoy HostPapa, and also the datacenter distance may be a lesser factor than customer support (they may possess a global audience or low traffic), however in that situation, HostPapa is competing a webhost, not really a webhost for [insert country].

I put this like a disadvantage because, like customer support indicators, It states something regarding their internal culture.

Missing Bonuses

While HostPapa includes a fairly complete set of features for every plan, they are doing exclude some bonus features.

First, their cash-back guarantee is short. HostPapa does thirty days. But corporate competitors like HostGator do 45 days. And independent competitors like DreamHost, InMotion and Website Hosting Hub all do a minimum of 90-day money-back guarantees.

Second, doesn’t include any automated backups within the Starter or Strategic business plans. It’s a $19/yr upsell. Most website hosts have some kind of automatic backup incorporated – even when it’s a setup like HostGator’s where they are doing automated weekly backups, then you definitely purchase a restore.

Regardless of whom you use, it is best to do backups yourself. But, it’s best to have your webhost perform a backup of the backup just in situation. With HostPapa, having to pay more for backups is one thing else to include on and make certain you are taking proper care of.

HostPapa Hosting Comparisons

From the best-known web hosting companies that I’ve utilized as a person or consultant, here’s how HostPapa compares straight to each. Or skip towards the conclusion.

HostPapa versus. GoDaddy

GoDaddy has probably the most recognized brands in the market because of their TV, offline and everywhere advertising. Though they’ve improved previously couple years, GoDaddy includes a status for upsells, confusing backend and poor performance. I reviewed GoDaddy here.

Between HostPapa and GoDaddy, I’d likely opt for whomever were built with a better promo happening given that they have equal disadvantages. You can observe GoDaddy’s current promo here and HostPapa’s here.

HostPapa versus. eHost

eHost is among Endurance International’s newest brands centered on beginners and small companies. I reviewed eHost here. They’ve good prices, good onboarding and active investment from Endurance Worldwide. Unless of course you’re generally concered about large corporations, I’d recommend choosing eHost over HostPapa. You can observe eHost’s current deal here.

HostPapa versus. iPage

iPage is really a sister make of eHost centered on budget website hosting. They belong to Endurance Worldwide, but unlike eHost, it normally won’t appear to become receiving active investment. Their primary factor is very cheap short-term prices. I’d generally avoid iPage, but mind to mind against HostPapa, I’d rely on them.

HostPapa versus. HostGator

HostGator is an extremely well-known brand within the hosting industry. They’re also of Endurance Worldwide, causing them to be another sister brand to eHost/iPage. They are among Endurance International’s primary brands and also have a solid balance between cheap lengthy-term prices, good support and good performance.

I’d certainly opt for HostGator over HostPapa. You can observe HostGator’s current prices w/ 45% off discount here.

HostPapa versus. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is among the largest and fastest growing independent (ie, of employees not really a large corporate holding company) website hosts. This website utilizes a VPS server with InMotion. I reviewed InMotion here. They’ve all-around far better customer care and performance than HostPapa.

InMotion’s least expensive plan isn’t that a lot more costly than HostPapa – and it’d be worthwhile. Take a look at InMotion here…

Side note about InMotion – additionally they possess a starter hosting brand known as Website Hosting Hub that provides better still limitless prices than InMotion with great performance. They compete mind to mind with HostPapa. They’re a little more costly, but additionally make a great starter webhost if you would like a completely independent webhost. I reviewed Website Hosting Hub here. You should check out Website Hosting Hub here…

Conclusion & Next Steps

Overall, I discovered HostPapa hosting to become not horrible. They’ll act as an internet host, out on another must much seriously wrong. But when compared with competitors, customers could do far better. You should check them here.

If you’re searching to have an independent shared web hosting company with nearly as good prices, better performance, and customer care, out on another mind having to pay yearly i then recommend looking at Website Hosting Hub here or InMotion Hosting here…

If you’re searching for any very economical option using the choice to pay monthly, then I’d take a look at HostGator w/ 45% off here…

If you’re more confused than ever before – then take my BuzzFeed style Weblog Web Hosting quiz here, the Website Hosting Quiz here or use this site setup guide here!

HostPapa Hosting

HostPapa is definitely an independent website hosting company founded in the year 2006 that gives a spectrum of hosting companies for small companies.

HostPapa Hosting Review

Compiled by: Nate Shivar

Date Printed: 04/12/2017

Very good prices and customer care, but poor onboarding and gratifaction makes me search for alternatives.

2.5 / 5 stars



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