Betternet Virtual private network Review: Pros & Cons of utilizing Betternet

Betternet Review

Betternet Virtual private network is definitely an application for the Home windows computer, Chrome and Firefox browsers, and android and ios devices.

It’s among the couple of free* Virtual private network services available, with a few optional premium services if you opt to pay.

Betternet Virtual private network is among the newest Virtual private network providers to appear, so there’s little details about it on the internet. Still, individuals trying to find the least expensive method to remain anonymous when browsing the web are popular Betternet service, with approximately 10 to 50 million downloads on the internet Play alone.

After many years of foolishly running my internet business via public Wireless, I decided to employ a Virtual private network to secure my communications (and access a little bit of from market sporting occasions on a trip).

This Betternet Virtual private network review are my notes from giving them a shot in my own purposes like a security-aware, traveling, US-based businessperson who needs good usability and good prices.

You are able to also skip towards the conclusion here. The short version is the fact that Betternet isn’t worth at no charge &#8211 it&#8217s classic situation of &#8220you get that which you purchase&#8221.

See Betternet&#8217s Plans here&#8230

Here’s my Betternet VPN review – structured with pros &amp cons according to my experience like a customer.

Disclosure – I receive referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All opinions and knowledge derive from my experience like a having to pay customer performing independent research.

Betternet Pros / Advantages

Perhaps the best / only factor Betternet Virtual private network has opting for it’s it’s free of charge&#8230as a Chrome extension. It&#8217s said to be free on Andriod / iOS however i couldn&#8217t learn how to not signup for any 7 day trial resulting in a $11.99/mo charge.

In either case &#8211 free is the reality that earns the majority of its group of followers. Consequently, people desire a free Virtual private network more than one that needs a regular monthly or annual subscription!

There aren’t many free Virtual private network services available, so it’s best to see one which offers some decent features that other free websites typically don’t provide, like P2P connections. Betternet Virtual private network comes with good quality things opting for it that may be useful to individuals searching for that least expensive service, fundamental features, and maximum connectivity.


Betternet Virtual private network is free of charge, which means you can’t get less complicated than that for prices. Should you prefer a Virtual private network service for any quick business travel to safeguard your data inside a new location, then it may be worthwhile to make use of this free service without requiring to cover a regular monthly subscription for any couple of days.

Betternet states make the majority of its money through backed videos and advertisements that you will see within its apps. You might even see application recommendations, for instance, which Betternet get compensated whenever you set them up. The organization claims that Betternet will be free because of its users.

It appears to become truly free on desktop Chrome / Mozilla browsers and Home windows Computers. It didn’t secure my Access to the internet &#8211 only my browser traffic. The disposable extension is less a totally free Virtual private network like a free browser proxy / tunnel.

However &#8211 after i subscribed to the Android application, I had been nearly forced to enroll in a totally free 7 day trial for reasonably limited account (there’s a little X at the very top For your information).

Betternet Price

The premium service provides you with a choice of server selection, extra IP choices, better connection speeds and stability, and 24/7 customer care. The premium subscription is $11.99 monthly &#8211 a really pricey service compared even going to premium VPNs like ExpressVPN.

Five Synchronised Connections

The very best Virtual private network services allow you to connect several of the devices for your Virtual private network at any given time. If you are traveling, for instance, you can preserve your laptop, tablet, and cell phone all connected concurrently for your Virtual private network. This is a lot more convenient than disconnecting a tool for connecting a different one using your Virtual private network.

Betternet Virtual private network enables as much as five synchronised connections, so that you can will work in your laptop while hearing music in your phone or watching a film streaming in your tablet. Some Virtual private network suppliers that need a compensated subscription don’t offer these many connections.

You’ll be able to work your router to bypass limits on synchronised connections by Virtual private network providers, however this doesn’t work should you not have the router that’s presently supplying your Wi-Fi connection, like in a hotel. For frequent traveling, it’s better to locate a Virtual private network provider that does not limit connections to just one or two devices.

Peer-to-Peer Connections

If you want to allow others to connect with your connection while remaining paid by a Virtual private network, Betternet is among the only free Virtual private network services to permit it. Actually, some compensated Virtual private network services completely block P2P connections so they don’t suffer from possible court orders regarding copyright violation from torrent downloads and uploads generally combined with P2P.

It’s worth noting, though, that Betternet clearly states that it’ll adhere to any DMCA notifications it might receive relating to your P2P use. However, Betternet’s policy also states it won’t compromise your identity using its information, and can rather only supply the information it’s available without jeopardizing your privacy.

There&#8217s a great deal to unbox here. First, there&#8217s the problem that they’re situated in Canada, that has efficient legal and direct legal jurisdiction. Second, when i&#8217ll note within the cons section isn’t super-secure. They leak a variety of information if you’re not careful. Third, regardless if you are infringing on copyright or otherwise, you have to understand your access providers&#8217 position, incentives and values.

Betternet doesn’t have obvious about page, values position, privacy organizations they support, product documentation, logging or monitoring documentation or really almost anything to indicate they’re a lucrative company with proper insurance and legal team. So &#8211 P2P connections are permitted, but whether or not this&#8217s dangerous to make use of individuals connections via Betternet, I&#8217m less sure.

No Registration Necessary

The final factor for you to do if you use a Virtual private network services are connect your identifying information to join up to have an account. This defeats the objective of true anonymity. But, some free Virtual private network services cause you to do that before you access their apps.

Betternet Overview

Betternet doesn’t require any information of your stuff to download and employ its application on your computer, mobile phone, or browser (unless of course you need to make use of the premium service across devices). If you work with the disposable browser extension, you won&#8217t have identifying email information together.

Betternet Cons / Disadvantages

For that couple of stuff that Betternet Virtual private network does well, it’s regrettably heavily negated with countless flaws. For any free Virtual private network service, it will its job. However when examined like a Virtual private network service generally, Betternet Virtual private network just doesn’t prosper at all and could be harmful for your devices.

The final factor you need to be worried about when you wish to remain protected is putting your computer data and identity in danger in the software that needs to be protecting you. Plus, with little customer care in position to make contact with when there’s a problem, Betternet Virtual private network falls behind like a service you can rely on together with your most significant Internet activities.

Access Blocked Websites and Streaming Channels

It may be irritating to not have use of websites and streaming channels in areas due to the location of the Ip. Regrettably, it is really an issue that arises with lots of Virtual private network providers, because you can be utilising a web server inside a different country that does not have the content you need to view.

Netflix, for instance, blocks happy to users in countries where it’s banned. Whether it would block a film from users in China and also you logged to your Virtual private network via a China server, you would not get access to that movie, either. Exactly the same can occur with websites that block IPs from certain locations to avoid junk e-mail or malicious attacks.

Among the primary focuses of Betternet is being able to allow you to access geo-restricted content. However , I possibly could not necessarily get results &#8211 and, the possible lack of country server selection seriously hampers many geo-restricted choices anyway.

Now &#8211 any Virtual private network will have trouble playing cat and mouse with Netflix &#8211 however, many premium VPNs get it done very well.

Betternet Netflix

However for other geo-restricted (or geo-influenced) content &#8211 you just need to your Virtual private network to operate. I possibly could not have any BBC content on my small supposed &#8220UK&#8221 reference to Betternet. I possibly could not really load a localized kingdom in my worldwide research &#8211 significantly less for countries without any Betternet servers.

Betternet Connection

Overall, certainly one of Betternet&#8217s primary pitches is really a near total bust.

Insufficient Strong Security

If you’re not utilizing a Virtual private network for much better access, then you’re likely searching to secure your connection from prying eyes on public Wireless &#8211 or perhaps your ISP. That&#8217s another focus of Betternet&#8217s.

Caveat &#8211 Observe that no Virtual private network is 100% secure. Your visitors are still routing via a company. Any organization can close shop or go rogue. If you’re attempting to avoid your American ISP &#8211 then you’re simply replacing distrust of Comcast/Charter using the trust of the Virtual private network. If you’re a political activist where trust is really a existence or dying situation, you have to be using something similar to Tor. That’s something do via aligning company incentives (ie, having to pay for businesses who maintain security) &amp being positive.

Betternet seems to complete comfortable with their premium service on Android as well as for any demands with an enabled browser but additionally they produce a false feeling of security. Because the Virtual private network is just enabled in your browser &#8211 any Internet activity not routed using your browser isn’t hidden or encrypted.

Betternet Leaking

And also the issue here’s that even if you’re using only your browser, you’ve other services running without anyone’s knowledge supplying a variety of public meta data &#8211 so even though you think your connection is private&#8230it&#8217s not really.

Recognized to Inject Adware and spyware on Devices

Possibly most concerning about Betternet Virtual private network is its likely security breach for your device. Free Virtual private network services came under fire lately to make Computers and cellular devices susceptible to adware and spyware and infections.

Research conducted recently discovered that 38% of Virtual private network apps contained some form of adware and spyware or virus and 80% could access your texts or any other. Betternet is a that’s been noted as threatening for your devices, by having an Anti-virus Rank (Audio-video Rank) of 13. The low the rank, the greater, and Betternet has among the greatest.

I didn’t use whatever adware and spyware installed after i installed it.

However &#8211 any Virtual private network that depends on application installs and/or ad scripts for revenue can install adware and spyware either purposely or accidentally. This really is literally a scenario in which you get that which you purchase. So if you’re not really a having to pay customer, then you’re the organization&#8217s product being offered for their real customers (ie, advertisers). Caution.

Limited Customer Support

It’s unsettling whenever a company website doesn’t provide many details about the organization, especially if you need to dig to locate contact details. Are you able to trust a business that is not transparent about itself or tips to get a your hands on them if there’s a problem?

If you wish to purchase premium services, you will gain 24/7 use of customer care, however this is one thing that needs to be readily available for free. Free people have access to the assistance guides &#8211 which aren’t very thorough if they’re accessible &#8211 or they are able to submit a ticket.

Regrettably, there isn’t any e-mail address, live chat, or perhaps a telephone number listed to make contact with. When you really need to gain access to the web, its not necessary extra hassle. If you are getting challenge with Betternet, you might not get the issue resolved rapidly.

Limited Server Selection

Betternet Virtual private network service supplies a small group of servers in eight countries. That’s already very little to select from, however the free service limits you additional. Not just are you currently locked from being able to access a few of the servers unless of course you’re reasonably limited member, however, you also can’t select from the accessible servers.

Betternet chooses probably the most “efficient” server for you personally. Its help section does state that a brand new version is incorporated in the works that enables you to choose your personal server, but presently, this can be a major inconvenience for you personally if you would like the smallest control of where your Ip originates from.

Betternet Locations

Furthermore, if you work with a Virtual private network on a trip anywhere except USA or United kingdom then you’re unlikely with an in-country or perhaps in-region server.

Stores Connection Logs

Betternet does not have logs associated with a identifying information, just like your name or e-mail address since it simply does not have that information. However, it can make no promises that the connections aren’t logged. As pointed out formerly, Betternet states that it may, and can, return through connection data as needed to conform with legal demands.

Much more concerning is the fact that organizations may get access to your computer data for those who have a forex account since you’re uncovered to 3rd party advertisements. Betternet’s Online Privacy Policy mentions that organizations may access cookies along with other data on your pc to understand more about you to definitely tweak their promotional initiatives.

Speed &amp Performance

Since a Virtual private network is essentially an intermediary for the Web connection, you will see some lack of speed natural with any Virtual private network use. That stated, a great Virtual private network is going to do all kinds of things to reduce latency (the travel time involving the computer &amp their server) together with bandwidth (the number of demands can be treated through the server).

Betternet fails to deliver on. They’d some ok results.

Betternet Bandwidth


However the tests also varied extremely where I possibly could not tell that which was a really &#8220good&#8221 test.

Betternet Mobile Speed

Overall, Betternet appeared to possess mediocre latency &amp bandwidth abilities. However in general, speeds were simply hard to rely on.


Betternet Virtual private network is free of charge, unblocks block content (theoretically), and enables P2P connections. But, that’s mostly in which the benefits finish out of this Virtual private network service. For protecting your device’s data as well as your private information, Betternet fails to deliver greatly.

Betternet Virtual private network simply won’t safeguard you in the most crucial ways you’d expect from the Virtual private network provider. Betternet keeps logs that may expose your activity and makes your data susceptible to organizations through advertising. More concerning is always that this Virtual private network provider may compromise your security with the addition of infections or adware and spyware for your computer, instead of safeguard both you and your information against attacks.

Should you encounter an issue with Betternet Virtual private network, best of luck attempting to get hold of customer care since the organization doesn’t provide any contact details. The services are sketchy, at the best, and it is free account should not be enough to mask the possibility dangers for your anonymity and security.

If you wish to try Betternet yourself, it&#8217s free &#8211 and that can be done here.

If you’re searching for any solid all-around Virtual private network, then take a look at ExpressVPN or my ExpressVPN review here.

Betternet Virtual private network

Betternet Virtual private network is really a quickly growing freemium Virtual private network located in Canada.
Betternet Virtual private network
Compiled by: Nate Shivar
Date Printed: 04/18/2017
The very best factor about Betternet is it&#039s free to test browsers. However it fails to deliver in access, security, speed and usefulness.
1.5 / 5 stars

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