Squarespace Review: 5 Pros & 4 Cons of utilizing Squarespace

Squarespace Reviewed: Pros &amp Cons of Using Squarespace

Squarespace is among the most widely known brands within the website building space. They perform a lot of advertising with everything else from podcasts towards the Super Bowl, and also have a beautiful product having a lengthy reliable history. I lately were built with a project which was a healthy for any bundled website builder software. I gave Squarespace a go, together with several others. Here’s my 5 pros, 5 cons and full Squarespace review.

Editor&#8217s Note &#8211 This Squarespace review was initially printed in June 2015. It&#8217s been throughly revised for The month of january 2017. Enjoy!

However, some overview. There’s lots of factors which go into an selecting an internet site builder. In addition, there’s a lot of options, a lot of prices &#8211 and extremely a 1000 methods for getting what you would like within the finish (also known as anyone to key in an internet site address and find out your data within their browser). Regardless if you are creating a simple personal website or operating a business, how you construct your site provides extensive effects.

Within the lengthy-term, it impacts your versatility, functionality, and, obviously, your brand. For the short term it may certainly add/remove lots of headaches. That stated, much like selecting an actual office or house, there’s no such factor being an absolute “best” or “top” choice. There’s merely a such factor as the best choice in accordance with your objectives, experience, and conditions.

What’s Squarespace?

Around the wide spectrum of website building solutions, Squarespace endures the finish that’s all-inclusive and offers all you need to get began and also be your site. It’s as opposed to solutions in which you buy, install, and manage all of the “pieces” of the website individually.

Using Squarespace is kind of like leasing and customizing a condo in a classy development rather buying and owning your house. You’re still in charge of decor, cleaning, and everything living-wise – however, you leave the development, plumbing, security, and infrastructure towards the house owner. That time is essential because there’s often a direct tradeoff between convenience and control.

Everything may fit together perfect having a website builder like Squarespace, however that might or might not be what you’re searching for.

So far as competition, Squarespace competes directly with all of-inclusive website builders like Weebly, Wix and WordPress.com.

Individuals options like a group contend with options like self-located WordPress (which supplies the disposable software to create a website that you simply own &amp control &#8211 see my WordPress setup guide here) completely to options like typing actual Web coding right into a text file. Seem sensible? Awesome, let’s dive to the Squarespace review.

Another quick aside – a disclosure – I receive referral charges all the businesses pointed out within this publish. My opinions &amp research derive from my encounters as whether having to pay customer or consultant to some having to pay customer.

Squarespace Company Pitch

Pros of utilizing Squarespace

Here’s things i discovered to be the professionals of Squarespace – not only to comparison to Weebly and Wix as well as their competition, but additionally being an overall website solution.

Template Design

Squarespace’s tagline is “Build It Beautiful.” They meet it using their design templates. Whenever you setup a free account, you need to select a template to begin your design.

Build It Beautiful

You are able to upload your personal design. But many of Squarespace’s appeal is based on the truth that they’ve numerous design templates which are truly professional and delightful.

Their designs also depend heavily on photography. This means that you may make your template distinctively yours by swapping in your photographs. The typography, palettes, responsiveness all stay aligned to supply a professional touch.

Supplying just one, curated hub of lovely design is a big plus for implementing Squarespace.

Backend Design

Their Construct It Beautiful tagline extends beyond their design templates towards the backend experience for his or her customers.

You realize the sensation you receive whenever you open a brand new Apple product or handle a superbly designed physical product? Ok, you receive that very same feeling navigating Squarespace.

Squarespace Typography

They build the gorgeous brand within their ads and extend it towards the consumer experience. Exploring round the admin section makes you believe Squarespace is actually awesome software. If you’ve ever used purely functional ugly software, it’s a little bit of outdoors. It can make building the web site interesting.

All-in-One Platform

Squarespace has all of their features built-in. Things are Squarespace owned and developed. This means that everything just works. There isn’t any working out if the application or extension works with. There isn’t any troubleshooting or topics outdoors their Understanding Base and/or customer care.

Even such things as website analytics are incorporated using the platform.

Squarespace Built In Advanced Features

When there’s less research and troubleshooting, which means the different options are additional time on items that matters &#8211 like content, design and promotion.

Squarespace Content Types

Speed, Security &amp Data Export

On a single theme as all-in-one platform, but on the different note is speed and security. Squarespace hosts those sites constructed with their software, and the price of hosting is incorporated within the monthly cost.

This bundled approach not just helps to ensure that your hosting works with &amp enhanced, but additionally that Squarespace handles all of the technical requirements of hosting. They take proper care of website speed. Here&#8217s my speed test:

Squarespace Speed

They take proper care of website security. Anybody attempting to hack your site is Squarespace’s responsibility, not yours. It’s not necessary to purchase and configure security software.

Additionally they maintain backups and redundancy. If your data center somewhere burns lower, you do not need to bother about your website disappearing.

But not just does Squarespace provide hosting inside a bundle &#8211 they still provide some advantages of self-hosting. There is a full developer platform including the opportunity to use Git in accessory for solid data export in situation you need to leave.

SquareSpace Data Export

Customer Care &amp Improved Onboarding

Squarespace offers 24/7 customer care. They are doing support via live chat and email tickets.

Furthermore, there is a thorough Understanding Base with video walkthroughs and guides. Additionally they conserve a pretty top quality customer forum.

Squarespace Customer Support

The only real factor missing is phone support, but because of the chat/email efficiency and direct competitor’s support options, Squarespace’s customer care is really a strong pro of utilizing the woking platform.

But there&#8217s more to customer care than simply answering questions &#8211 you need to prevent questions before they can happen. And most of the questions happen during onboarding.

Onboarding is the procedure of having a completely new user setup and moving. It’s if you have an opportunity to convert a person that’s excited but nervous to some customer who at ease with no buyer’s remorse.

For me personally, even while someone with many different experience of different platforms, Squarespace’s onboarding was missing initially when i first attempted it in 2015. The backend was beautiful&#8230but it required far too lengthy to learn how to edit and publish my free home page. And it is not even going to mention working out design edits or establishing analytics.

Squarespace New User

Their backend is well-designed, but there isn’t any sequence, priorities or help soon after register.

In 2016, Squarespace folded out a brand new customer onboarding email sequence. It&#8217s well-done and simple.

SquareSpace Onboarding

Plus &#8211 their walkthroughs in Support are very well-done. Compared to my last knowledge about Squarespace &#8211 onboarding has moved from the problem with a powerful pro.

Cons of utilizing Squarespace

However, no Squarespace review could be complete without searching in the downsides of Squarespace. Let’s take a look at 5 specific cons I discovered.


Among the toughest parts of getting an internet site option would be searching at cost according to value. Things are in accordance with your objectives, budget and particular set of features.

SquareSpace Pricing


That stated, should you compare Squarespace for their direct competitors, they are available out more costly. Should you compare Squarespace to establishing your personal site with WordPress, it’s much more costly.

The primary problem for Squarespace’s prices versus non-all-inclusive solutions is the caps. Their plans are restricted one website. Their lower tier plans cap the amount of pages and merchandise.

The primary problem for Squarespace’s prices versus direct competitors is they are merely more costly. Weebly’s plans are less costly for the similar value (excluding ecommerce options).

Despite the fact that their prices is competitive on overall value, I’d say Squarespace’s prices is really a disadvantage.

Advanced Marketing Tools

Should you create a website, individuals will not merely appear. You need to positively advertise your work. There’s a large number of marketing &amp advertising channels. Some are superior to others. But all give a benefit to websites with the proper tools for your funnel.

Squarespace has all of the basics (also known as, share buttons), along with a couple of advanced ones (also known as URL redirect options). Overall though, there are numerous marketing features that either aren’t there, or require some workarounds.

For instance, their Search engine optimization choices are kind of present, but require workarounds to obtain the right meta data in position. Their support for Twitter Cards and Facebook Open Graph is touch and go. A/B Tests are not integrated.

Squarespace SEO Options

Integration for Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook retargeting along with other choices are hidden in Advanced Settings. They need to be added in and tested with the Code Injector tool.

Squarespace Advanced Options

You will get all of the right marketing tools in position, however the platform certainly includes a bias towards design over functionality and marketing. I’d state that marketing is really a disadvantage for Squarespace.

Apps &amp Extensions

I pointed out Squarespace’s all-in-one platform like a solid pro for that platform, however it comes with a sizable disadvantage. And that’s Squarespace’s insufficient support for third party apps and extensions.

This method does make sure that everything just works. However, unlike Apple or Shopify, there isn’t any controlled ecosystem for quality extensions and apps to obtain built-into Squarespace.

Any features that may be folded out need to be folded out by Squarespace, that is a big disadvantage if you would like seamless integration of specific functionality.

Compared to other website builders, Squarespace does permit Code Injection and it has a developer toolset. So third party features are possible, but make use of a developer to integrate it&#8230which defeats the primary reason for utilizing an inclusive drag website builder.

Backend User Functionality

For any website builder that’s marketed as basic, straightforward and simple, Squarespace’s backend functionality isn’t a breeze to make use of.

I’m speaking about such things as editing and adding content, opening new pages, adding blog functionality, editing the look template, moving elements around, etc.

You never need to touch or edit HTML or CSS code, however the actual mechanics of creating a website with Squarespace aren’t smooth whatsoever. When compared with competitors like Weebly, choosing the best touch elements could be frustrating.

And it is really odd in ways since the setup is uniform, beautiful and apparently easy, until it isn’t.

Actually, it’s like Squarespace may be the IKEA furniture of website building. It’s all beautiful and well-designed. It’s good instructions, also it all fits together. However when you are really building it, there’s this sneaking feeling this is harder of computer should be. Either that, or it’s very easy to obtain something switched around that throws from the whole setup (within my situation it had been adding pages towards the navigation which didn’t really exist with any content).

I’d say user functionality is really a disadvantage for Squarespace. Not because it’s bad, however the whole idea of selecting Squarespace rather of creating your personal website by yourself hosting is to possess a fluid, easy setup experience.

Squarespace Ecommerce Addendum

A large advertising point for Squarespace is the ecommerce functionality. Marketing products out of your Squarespace website without switching platforms or any special development.

Ecommerce is a fairly little bit of functionality, but I’d hate to it full-fledged ecommerce abilities that online shop platforms for example Shopify or Bigcommerce have. It’s a lot more like Squarespace has shopping cart software and accepting payments functionality.

It’s ideal for websites which are mainly lead-generation, informational, etc but should also sell a couple of products. Think a cafe or restaurant that wishes to market t-shirts and mugs.

It isn’t so excellent for websites which are ecommerce-first. The functionality can there be. It’s great.

But I wouldn’t choose Squarespace for that ecommerce functionality. I’d either build a web-based store you have with WordPress + WooCommerce or decide on a niche ecommerce platform like Shopify (review) or Bigcommerce (review).

Video Overview &amp Tour

Squarespace Review Conclusion

Squarespace is really a solid all-inclusive website builder. They meet their tagline of “Build It Beautiful.” There are plenty of tradeoffs for implementing an exciting-inclusive website builder. In the event that route fits your objectives, then I’d evaluate Squarespace and Weebly to determine what fits your objectives (design cost, functionality, etc). I authored an evaluation of Squarespace and Weebly here.

If you’re more confused than ever before &#8211 I produced a BuzzFeed style quiz that will help you select the right website builder here&#8230

If you feel building your personal website by yourself hosting is the perfect route, make sure to take a look at my step-by-step help guide to setting an internet site with WordPress on your own here.


Squarespace is among the world&#039s best-known website builders. They’ve truly beautiful designs and a lot of functionality.
Compiled by: Nate Shivar
Date Printed: 01/02/2017
When the all-inclusive website builder may be the right solution for you personally, Squarespace is a great path to go. It’s some drawbacks, but lots of built-in beautiful design.
3.5 / 5 stars

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