Weebly Review: 6 Pros & 3 Cons of utilizing Weebly For The Website

Weebly Reviewed: Pros &amp Cons of Using Weebly

With regards to obtaining a website up, there’s never been an simpler time. Weebly is among the fastest growing and longest standing brands within the website building space. These were pointed out within the first edition from the 4-Hour Workweek. Since, they’ve grown and ongoing to revise their software. I lately gave Weebly a go for any small project, together with other website builders. Here’s my 6 pros, 3 cons and full Weebly review.

Take a look at Weebly&#8217s Plans &amp Prices here.

However, some overview on website builders. Regardless of whether you go drag builder an installed Cms (CMS), or hands-coded HTML files, there’s lots of factors which go into an creating a website.

Within the finish, you want anyone to key in an internet site address and find out your data, presented well with the proper functionality within their browser. Regardless if you are creating a simple personal website or operating a business, how you construct your site determines a great deal both lengthy-term and short-term.

Within the lengthy-term, the various tools you utilize to setup your site affects your versatility, functionality, and, obviously, your brand. For the short term it may certainly add/remove lots of headaches. That stated, much like selecting an actual office or house, there’s no such factor being an absolute “best” or “top” choice. There’s merely a such factor as the best choice in accordance with your objectives, experience, and conditions.

What’s Weebly?

Around the wide spectrum of website building solutions, Weebly endures the finish that’s all-inclusive and offers all you need to get began and also be your site. It’s as opposed to solutions in which you buy, install, and manage all of the “pieces” of the website individually.

It&#8217s like buying and selling off control button for additional convenience.

Using Weebly is kind of like leasing and customizing a condo inside a nice development rather buying and owning your house. You’re still in charge of decor, cleaning, and everything living-wise – however, you leave the development, plumbing, security, and infrastructure towards the house owner. That time is essential because there’s often a direct tradeoff between convenience and control.

All of the functionality and style which are incorporated with Weebly work seamlessly together like a platform. That’s what enables these to have drag design, layout and content.

So far as competition, Weebly competes directly with all of-inclusive website builders like Squarespace, Wix and WordPress.com.

Website builders like a group contend with options like WordPress.org (which supplies the disposable software to create a website that you simply own &amp control &#8211 see my WordPress setup guide here) completely to options like typing actual Web coding right into a text file. Seem sensible? Awesome, let’s dive to the Weebly review.

Another quick aside – a disclosure – I receive referral charges all the businesses pointed out within this publish. My opinions &amp research derive from my encounters as whether having to pay customer or consultant to some having to pay customer.

Weebly&#8217s Company Pitch:

Pros of utilizing Weebly

Here’s things i discovered to be the professionals of Weebly – not only to comparison to Squarespace and Wix as well as their competition, but additionally being an overall website solution.

Speed &amp Security

Weebly provides hosting for the websites which are built on their own platform. That may be bad or good, however in Weebly’s situation it’s a professional. They’ve fast load speeds. Their websites are enhanced for his or her own hosting. They take proper care of security against online hackers and junk e-mail. With strategic business plans, they can install and keep SSL across your whole site. Here&#8217s my speed test:

Weebly Speed Test

You may still find speed and security risks, but overall, it’s a benefit for a lot of website proprietors to possess another person take proper care of speed, security, backups, etc. The price is bundled with pro and free accounts, so it’s a good value add.

Overall Prices

Should you not mind your website on the subdomain (ie, http://yourwebsite.weebly.com) then Weebly is free of charge without any expiration. Very good deal &#8211 specifically for temporary sites.


Weebly Pricing

Overall prices is extremely competitive not just when compared with other all-inclusive website builders, but additionally with buying your personal hosting. Their Starter plan starts around $8/mo when compensated in advance. Plus they do not have the normal caps of other website builders. The Professional plans adds solid features, but still stays under $12/mo.

And again &#8211 you&#8217ll observe that things are bundled and limitless. There&#8217s no caps on pages or space for storage. And in contrast to competitors like Wix, they remove all ads using the first compensated tier.

Even their business prices, while more costly than doing exactly the same factor by yourself hosting, is a lot less expensive than comparable plans with direct competitors.

When compared with building your personal website in your host and particularly along with other website builders, Weebly’s prices is extremely competitive. Cost isn’t everything, but I like the way they structure it.

Site Building Process

One marketed benefit of utilizing an all-inclusive website builder is you won’t be required to write HTML or CSS code. You can easily drag elements. A specific item within the builder is what you’ll get online.

Weebly Builder

It isn’t always that easy. There’s lots of nuance to “drag and drop.” The majority of us really mean “I wish to click and drag this element and move it to some general area where it’ll look great &#8211 you realize, instantly centered, etc.” Quite simply, it’s like playing tee-ball rather of baseball&#8230or bowling with gutter pads up. For you to do the factor, but in addition have a little bit of help.

Drag &amp drop forum into center of page

Typically, Weebly pulls this off. Their drag really works. And, for that control freaks in our midst, they offer use of a custom CSS module, to be able to edit web site to precisely your selecting.

Edit CSS within Weebly

Onboarding &amp Education

If you start any software program &#8211 regardless of how intuitive &#8211 there’s that moment in which you think “ok, exactly what do I actually do now?” That process is known as onboarding, and it is also incredibly difficult to implement well.

Weebly Onbarding

The program maker doesn’t wish to be annoying, they also wish to help. I really like how Weebly builds in solid onboarding and education not just via email drip sequence but additionally via little info buttons constructed with their platform.

Weebly Onboarding Guided Alerts As You Click Through

Weebly Reminders

When you register, it’s simple to dive in.

Weebly Email Onboarding

Built-in Set Of Features + Extensions

The large benefit of building your personal website by yourself host is you do not have to rely on a platform’s set of features. Should you go the woking platform route, it’s answer to make certain they’ve all of the features you would like.

Weebly’s set of features is powerful. They’ve got everything all of the basics &#8211 like blog functionality, contact forms, etc, but the necessary advanced features like URL redirects and page-level custom code placement.

Even past the advanced requirements, Weebly even includes features like forums, membership options, integrated advertising options, file uploads, etc. They likewise have ecommerce options, which I’ll cover individually below.

Should you go the all-inclusive website builder route, Weebly’s set of features ought to provide all you need for typical personal/business sites (though once we&#8217ll see within the Cons section, you need to do wish to be specific and conscious of advanced options).

Furthermore &#8211 Weebly has lots of built-in features, however it does not have everything. Platforms overcome this by permitting third party apps (think the Application Store or Shopify’s Application Store).

With your personal WordPress site, adding functionality is as simple as installing a wordpress plugin. With Weebly &#8211 you are able to browse their growing (though somewhat limited still) application center.

Weebly Apps

Additionally they compensate for insufficient features with allowing custom JavaScript, HTML and CSS. If you’re able to copy a code snippet (say, for anyOrW testing, blog comments, running a bidding, etc) then you’re good.

Customer Care

Free of charge accounts, Weebly provides an email support option along with a well-done Understanding Base. For compensated accounts (even starter), they provide email, chat And make contact with. Response occasions for me personally were solid.

By having an all-inclusive platform, customer care has the capacity to trobleshoot and fix and connect any risk. This can be a appealing factor of website builder platforms generally, but particularly with Weebly given that they have phone support.

Should you run your personal site, you need to determine just who can deal with an issue before contacting. With Weebly, you simply make contact with them.

Cons of Using Weebly

However, no Weebly review could be complete without searching in the downsides. Let’s take a look at 3 specific cons I discovered.


A cms is what it may sound like. It’s an interface that enables you to definitely sort, filter, edit, and publish various kinds of content in your site.

Weebly kind of has that. It features a Pages section that lists out all of the pages in your site. It enables you to definitely drag the hierarchy and click on to edit each. But it’s not even close to a competent system.

Weebly Pages

There isn’t any method to add custom content types (except inside an individual page). If you’re planning a sizable site (like countless pages), the information within Weebly would want an individual system to help keep everything sorted and simply accessible.

This disadvantage could be overcome, but If only content may well be more easily managed within Weebly.

Advanced Marketing Tools

Since Weebly enables for HTML editing, most marketing tools featuring can be included to your website. However, because you still don’t have 100% control of your website &amp server &#8211 it can be hard and/or impossible to include advanced marketing tools just like an EV SSL, custom email collection tools, custom analytics packages, custom social shares, specific Schemas along with aOrW testing software.

Within the jargon &#8211 the primary concern is not getting &#8220root&#8221 or &#8220FTP&#8221 use of your server files. This isn’t an unsolvable problem, but it’s something to understand if you’re planning a lengthy-term project.

For many all website proprietors with average traffic &#8211 you&#8217ll want to understand the constraints, especially if you’re planning for rapid growth.

Platform Lock-in

The final big drawback to Weebly is the fact that moving to a different platform is tough. If you wish to move elsewhere, just like your own WordPress powered website, moving your articles and redirecting your URLs is a difficult process.

Weebly enables you to definitely export your Page content via zip file but blog content must be by hand copied and/or migrated via RSS.

Again &#8211 moving platforms will be difficult, however it&#8217s something to think about if you’re planning on quickly growing traffic and/or content.

Weebly Ecommerce Addendum

Here&#8217s Weebly&#8217s ad showing their new ecommerce setup.

An added bonus for Weebly is the ecommerce functionality. Marketing products out of your Weebly website without switching platforms or any special development. They fit in seamlessly and it has solid functionality.

The prices is reasonable. On lower tiers, Weebly charges transaction charges, but bundles the entire ecommerce package for strategic business plans.

Ecommerce is a fairly little bit of functionality, but bear in mind that it is not really a full-fledged ecommerce that online shop platforms for example Shopify or Bigcommerce have. Weebly includes a shopping cart software, fundamental inventory management, and payment acceptance.

It’s ideal for websites which are mainly lead-generation, informational, etc but should also sell a couple of products. It is also a great fit for anybody trying out products before relocating to a lengthy term platform. It isn’t a lengthy-term fit for websites which are ecommerce-first. For individuals a web-based store you have with WordPress + WooCommerce or perhaps a niche ecommerce platform like Shopify (review) or Bigcommerce (review) will be a better fit.

Video Overview &amp Tour

Review Conclusion

Weebly is a superb option for an exciting-inclusive website builder. They’ve great prices, good functionality, and good consumer experience. There are plenty of tradeoffs for implementing an exciting-inclusive website builder, but when that route fits your objectives &#8211 i then&#8217d take a look at Weebly&#8217s Plans here.

If you’re more confused than ever before &#8211 I produced a BuzzFeed style quiz that will help you decide what’s the best website builder for you personally according to your requirements here.

If you feel building your personal website by yourself hosting is the perfect route, make sure to take a look at my step-by-step help guide to setting an internet site with WordPress on your own here.


Weebly is among the most widely known all-in-one website builders. It provides drag design, good functionality and bundled hosting and customer care.
Compiled by: Nate Shivar
Date Printed: 01/01/2017
Should you&#039re going the all-inclusive website builder route, Weebly is a superb fit for many. Great functionality, great consumer experience. Lags behind Squarespace in design templates.
4 / 5 stars

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