Top 8 Add-Ons For Squarespace

squarespaceSome website builders (Wix and Weebly, to mention however a couple of) provide you with a huge variety of add-ons and widgets, in-house and third-party, to enhance your site building experience. By comparison, Squarespace supplies a more pared-lower website builder &#8211 there’s no Squarespace analogue towards the Wix Application Market or even the Weebly Application Center. Nevertheless, Squarespace provides an array of integrations to complete any feature gaps left by its editor.

Included in my two-part series on Squarespace&#8217s widgets and apps (part two is here now), let&#8217s check out the add-ons that provide Squarespace the functionality boost it requires.

1. Instagram Block

Don&#8217t seem like developing a gallery on your own to demonstrate your photos? Why don’t you just display a gallery made up of your Instagram feed? Squarespace&#8217s Instagram block makes this pretty simple.


When you&#8217ve added the Instagram block for your page and connected it for your Instagram account, you&#8217ll can select from between four different display styles:

  • Slideshow
  • Slide carousel
  • Grid
  • Stacked


Each design has individual settings connected by using it, which means you&#8217ll obtain a high amount of control of the way your feed displays. In addition, you don&#8217t even need to just display your personal Instagram feed. You may also display an rss feed of Instagram images filtered by hashtag. By doing this, should you&#8217ve had a restaurant, you can set your Instagram block to show images by which your restaurant&#8217s name is hashtagged.

Some point to keep in mind: Should you connect a personal Instagram account towards the block, hitting the resulting thumbnails will be sending your website people to dead links. Make certain the Instagram account you&#8217re connecting to is public.

2. ChowNow

Talking about restaurants, Squarespace&#8217s integration using the online food ordering system ChowNow is a perfect tool for letting your clients place orders from your Squarespace site. (Alternately, through the social icon provided, you are able to connect to your exterior ChowNow page.)

When you&#8217ve connected the widget for your ChowNow account making use of your ChowNow Company ID, you&#8217ll have the ability to give a ChowNow page to your website using Squarespace&#8217s New Page menu. When visitors click the ChowNow page inside your navigation, a collapsible ordering page can look. Orders may then go, from your website. Not very shabby, eh?


3. MailChimp

With Squarespace&#8217s MailChimp add-on, you&#8217ll have the ability to launch an e-mail advertising campaign from your website. Squarespace is integrated with MailChimp with the Form Block and also the E-newsletter Block. You may also make use of the RSS To Email Campaign feature to obtain people to sign up for your Squarespace blog via email.

Furthermore, for those who have a web-based store, MailChimp enables you to give a &#8220join our subscriber list&#8221 choice to your checkout page. There&#8217s no better method to turn your clients into supporters.

A thing of caution: Should you&#8217re delivering your e-newsletter from their email having a Squarespace domain, you&#8217ll have to authenticate your domain (unless of course you would like your emails to visit right to people&#8217s junk e-mail folders).

4. Xero


Squarespace&#8217s integration with Xero&#8217s accounting software, available only within the U . s . States and just with Squarespace&#8217s Fundamental or Advanced Commerce plans, empowers you to definitely export a regular Sales Summary out of your online shop for your Xero account every single day at 1 AM EST.

When you&#8217ve associated with your Xero account, you can pick which account each line item of the Daily Sales Summary is going to be filed under. You&#8217ll have the ability to add some following accounts to Xero:

  • &#8220On Purchase&#8221 Discounts &#8211 Discounts obtained from purchase products
  • Coupon Discounts &#8211 Discounts obtained from applying coupons to orders
  • Charge Card Receivable &#8211 Bad debts for you from charge card purchases

5. AMP

What&#8217s AMP, you may well ask? Well, it means Faster Mobile Pages, also it&#8217s something you are able to connect with your Squarespace blog to create you load faster on cellular devices. When you are most likely aware, mobile traffic makes up about a constantly-growing share from the cake with regards to internet traffic, therefore it&#8217s something you&#8217d prosper to think about should you&#8217re using Squarespace like a blogging tool.

With AMP, your site posts is going to be streamlined and simplified when viewed on the mobile phone. What this means is some types of content blocks is going to be hidden from view. The next blocks, however, are AMP-compatible:

  • Audio Blocks
  • Embed Blocks
  • Gallery Blocks
  • Image Blocks
  • Line Blocks
  • Markdown Blocks
  • Quote Blocks
  • Text Blocks
  • Video Blocks

Click the link to understand more about using AMP together with your Squarespace blog.

6. Disqus

Disqus is really a commenting platform you are able to implement in your Squarespace blog to exchange Squarespace&#8217s native commenting system. Why would for you to do that? Well, Disqus&#8217s system does things Squarespace&#8217s doesn&#8217t, like support threaded conversations and image comments.


To be able to comment, your site readers will have to be logged into either their Disqus accounts or their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts. Alternately, they are able to just produce a new Disqus name.

7. Amazon . com Block

Amazon . com Block is really a tool will display/connect to a product for purchase on Amazon . com. This can be used like a marketing tool to market your wares. What&#8217s more, should you&#8217re a part of Amazon . com&#8217s Affiliate program, you can include your Affiliate tag for your Amazon . com Block making some change with each and every click!

Squarespace supports Amazon . com accounts only within the following countries:

  • U . s . States
  • Uk
  • Germany
  • France
  • Japan
  • Canada

When you&#8217ve associated with an Amazon . com item, you are able to personalize how a item displays, along considering the variety of information you&#8217d prefer to include together with your product display.


8. SoundCloud Block

Embed music tracks and playlists to your Squarespace site while using SoundCloud block. Your site is going to be greatly enlivened, and for that reason your website visitors is going to be motivated to come back!


You are able to fill your SoundCloud Block with content simply by pasting the Link to an account, playlist or track in to the space provided. If you want a better control of the way the content displays, you are able to paste SoundCloud-generated embed code in to the appropriate area. By doing this, that you can do such things as help make your music play instantly whenever your visitors open your page. Just in situation you desired to provide your site a MySpace vibe, for reasons uknown.


There&#8217s grounds why Squarespace is becoming this type of popular website-building choice one of the aesthetically minded and also the creative classes. It&#8217s an adaptable and effective tool for creating websites with unparalleled style and flair. With these add-ons taken into account, Squarespace becomes a much more formidable contender.

Just don&#8217t cause me to feel regret providing you with the background music auto-play idea.

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