5 top Basecamp Add-Ons

Basecamp presently exists in 3 iterations. This information is about the newest edition: Basecamp 3. Products discussed below might or might not be suitable for earlier versions of Basecamp.


Captured, individuals at Basecamp released the 3rd iteration of the flagship product, ingeniously known as Basecamp 3. Read our full review here, but in order to save you a while, allow me to just ensure that we love it. Getting stated that, Basecamp is (and try to continues to be) fairly simple and lacks a few of the more complex features present in competitive software. Never fear, though! There are many add-ons available available within the wide world to satisfy every single project management software need. Listed here are a couple of in our favorites, in no particular order:


Our greatest criticisms of Basecamp 3 is the fact that there’s no native time tracking feature (i.e., not a way to keep an eye on the number of hrs are allocated to each task). This is when Tick is available in. Using the Tick extension, you can include a timer to every of the tasks and calculate how lengthy spent on every one. At greater subscription levels, Tick even serves to solve another Basecamp problem: the lack of recurring tasks. With this particular feature, you will no longer need to by hand re-create repeating tasks or projects.

Prices does operate a little steep for Tick &#8211 to obtain the full no-limits cope with recurring projects you’ll have to covering out $149 per month &#8211 but when whatever you want is straightforward time tracking, you are able to most likely pull off a less expensive subscription. For additional info on Tick’s prices featuring, click the link.

Easy Insight

Basecamp 3 is a straightforward, easy-to-use project management software solution. However that degree of simplicity can leave users in the cold with regards to analyzing productivity. Many competitive programs feature complex and comprehensive reporting features that permit project managers to determine where efficiency could be improved later on projects. If you value Basecamp’s legendary usability, but also require a little more reporting power, Easy Insight may be the integration you&#8217ve been searching for. Enabling users to gather and consolidate data (after which collaborate and make custom reports), this really is certainly the easiest method to not just evaluate potential issues in your company but additionally find new possibilities for growth.

The primary objective of Easy Insight is summarized perfectly by its very name: supplying understanding of work as quickly as you possibly can. The entire program operates on a drag-and-drop system, enabling you to rapidly and simply throw together thoughtful, reports without requiring to dive into spreadsheets.

Basically had anything bad to say of this add-on, it is the cost (whilst not sky-high) isn’t exactly cheap. At $50/month, it’s unlikely to irreversibly break your bank account, but it might be nice when there was a less expensive option too. For additional info on prices featuring, click the link.


If you’re acquainted with project management software software, you’ve heard of Gantt Charts. These timeline-like charts are ubiquitous nowadays, appearing all around the project management software world. However, they’re particularly absent in Basecamp. Fortunately, Ganttify is here now can provide relief! If you wish to turn your Basecamp task lists into intuitive project timelines, the only real factor you must do is on line with this particular free service and log yourself in.


Software testers have pretty specific needs for project management software software, and straightforward programs like Basecamp can’t meet all of them. Software like TestLodge, fortunately, can fill the space between that which you really need when testing your products and just what Basecamp’s general features have to give you. TestLodge is made to allow you to create test plans, assess the potency of your projects, and make test templates effortlessly. When you’re done, TestLodge offers reporting features that will help you evaluate the potency of your projects. The good thing? It’s all automated, so that you can make certain you’ve completely tested each iteration from the software.

You will get TestLodge for starting as low as $14/month, though subscriptions do range up to $119/month. The main difference between plans is mainly the amount of automated test scenarios you are able to setup, so choose your plan accordingly. For additional info on TestLodge, visit here.


Zapier is really the best Basecamp add-on. By registering (free of charge), you are able to integrate your Basecamp subscription with countless other business applications, from email providers with other project management software programs, like Trello. If you want Swiss Army knives for his or her versatility, you’ll like using Zapier with Basecamp.

Getting stated that, beware that a few of the integrations you have access to with Zapier may need subscriptions that belongs to them. Fortunately, it’s completely up to you. For additional info on how Zapier can increase your subscription of Basecamp, click the link.

Final Ideas

Let&#8217s face the facts: Basecamp 3 (and all sorts of previous versions, frankly) is fairly great. But, when i have frequently stated, there are several definite chinks within the armor of the otherwise exemplary software. Fortunately, there are many add-ons out exist for plug individuals gaps. A number of them are for sale to free, like Ganttify, while some, like Easy Insight, offer monthly or yearly subscriptions.

If I needed to name the most crucial add-on from the bunch, I’d opt for Tick. Basecamp 3&#8217s insufficient time-tracking abilities is certainly short-sighted, and Tick&#8217s wordpress plugin fixes this problem admirably. Really, though, the good thing about Basecamp is there are ample add-on options to suit your needs, whatever they might be.

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