MailChimp E-mail Marketing Review w/ Pros & Cons

MailChimp Review

MailChimp continues to be among the fastest growing e-mail marketing providers for a long time now. They’ve built an huge base of consumers varying from small personal accounts to probably the most esteemed enterprise brands on the planet.

I’ve used MailChimp solely in excess of 6 years. I’ve explored different providers and become contact with alternatives via my clients, but haven’t found grounds to change.

That stated &#8211 they aren’t the very best fit for everybody and also have some disadvantages together with strong advantages. This MailChimp review will break lower what I’ve discovered to be pros which i especially appreciate personally and my clients combined with the cons that MailChimp hasn’t improved dramatically in the last 6 years.

One for reds note &#8211 My home is Atlanta, GA. Sometimes downtown and consider myself being an Atlantan. MailChimp is among Atlanta’s best corporate citizens and something of (otherwise the) our very best technology companies. I’ve a substantial amount of hometown bias that I’ll attempt to put aside (but to fellow Atlantans &#8211 go begin using MailChimp &#8211 it’s virtually your social duty).

Let’s dive into this MailChimp review!

Disclosure &#8211 I receive referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All data &amp opinion is dependant on my experience like a having to pay customer or consultant to some having to pay customer.

Pros of utilizing MailChimp

Status &amp Deliverability

In the realm of email, status is all about greater than branding and customer support. Status is all about whether you may also exist like a business&#8230because, Junk e-mail.

Junk e-mail filters have evolved by a lot previously many years. They no more consider a couple of spammy triggers. Rather, they consider a selection of factors which are graded instantly.

Probably the most critical factors is status score. If the email recipient (e.g., Gmail) understands that a sender is delivering lots of tagged email junk e-mail &#8211 all of the emails from that provider become suspect.

Around the switch side, if the emailer is actually delivering “good” emails (ie, emails that will get opened up or untagged) &#8211 the status its that sender’s mail will get better grades.

Quite simply, delivering good email using a good provider is important to get your email delivered. In 6 many years of delivering email, I’ve didn’t have a problem with deliverability or reports of junk e-mail at MailChimp.

Around the nerdy recipient side &#8211 I’ve never witnessed a MailChimp-powered email land within my personal junk e-mail folder.

But it isn’t just anecdotal. Here’s a business report from ReturnPath.

MailChimp dedicates huge sources to fighting junk e-mail. They’ve probably the most restrictive delivering policies. When you are crafting an e-mail, they provide you with repeated ideas to send better email (ie, types of non-spammy subject lines types of adding clean, opted-in addresses for your lists, etc).

MailChimp Subject Lines

All of this effort appears to repay. Their slogan is “Send Better Email.” I love this &#8211 not only being an benefit to delivering email &#8211 but because a citizen from the internet wishing at a lower price junk e-mail.

Dashboard &amp Learning Curve

MailChimp states they launch a brand new form of their software every four days. There is a lean support team (for much better &amp worse, see cons), and therefore are dedicated to growing the usability of the software.

I believe that you could really tell that they’re shooting for usability. All software may have some learning curve, but you will find couple of email software suppliers that enables you to move from signup to transmit within a few minutes.

Their Dashboard is very large, simple, full of useful tips along with a straightforward workflow.

MailChimp Dashboard

When my Mother (who wouldn&#8217t call herself tech savvy) needed an e-mail e-newsletter provider, she used MailChimp without many questions for me personally.

While MailChimp has lots of enterprise-level features, all of them appear only on screen in which you need them. Their Dashboard &amp design concentrates on creating &amp delivering email instead of tweaking a large number of settings on this page.

Template &amp Designs

Email design could be incredibly complicated. Whenever you consider all of the variable from devices to email clients to the time &amp situation that individuals see emails, getting design from the recipient’s perspective is difficult.

And you include the sender’s needs, for example branding, messaging, content, etc, &#8211 yeah &#8211 email design is difficult. But MailChimp’s email design atmosphere is really a strong suit.

Those are the only provider that I have seen which has true drag design builder. There is a built-in, live previewer. This combo implies that anybody can use an intricate email design without getting to get involved with the actual process of HTML.

Furthermore, there is a large range of email templates to obtain your design began with. I printed a publish regarding how to use &amp choose MailChimp templates here.

MailChimp Templates

Their designer includes a library or “merge tags” which will instantly get information from your bank account database (ie, your site, the recipient&#8217s’ name, regulatory info, social info, etc).

And also the designer will instantly convert many designs into plain text way of elevated deliverability.

Lastly, MailChimp is continually upgrading the look experience. Compared to other competitors (also known as Aweber), their design interface looks completely different of computer did 6 years back.

It’s 2017-contemporary with classic elements of design and classy ones, for example “hero” images they folded out a couple of days ago.

Company Culture

I had been a business culture skeptic. Like a customer, I figured that the company speaking about its culture was whether company recruiting new employees or perhaps a company attempting to whitewash an average product.

I believe both can nonetheless be true, but culture may also indicate how &amp in which a clients are investing. Like a customer searching to select a vendor for many years, how &amp in which a clients are investing determines the kind of product you’re likely to have inside a couple of years.

MailChimp is known in Atlanta tech culture for his or her creativeness, branding, design, generous benefits and community sponsorships.

Normally, you’d believe that an e-mail company will be the most boring, staid company locally. MailChimp is really not.

Their Chief executive officer is famously anti-direct response marketing. He evangelizes a global where it isn’t just email that’s better &#8211 it’s marketing that’s better. For those who have fifteen minutes &#8211 I recommend this talk their Chief executive officer gave a couple of years back.


In 2009, MailChimp began rocket-like growth due to their new prices.

Their compensated plans will always be affordable, however if you simply tight on than 2,000 subscribers and send less 12,000 emails monthly &#8211 you have to pay $ monthly.

Unlike other providers, it normally won’t possess a free trial offer. Rather, there is a free account. If you’re a small company, it’s no recourse with no payment.

If you are a enterprise brand, it’s very easy enough to setup a forex account by having an email segment and operate a more than 14 day test to determine what provider meets your needs best.

Above free, MailChimp’s prices is rather straightforward. You have to pay a regular membership fee for features, a tiered level according to subscribers.

For advanced email marketers, MailChimp includes a $199/mo plan to assist with automation, multivariate testing, etc.

Regardless if you are in the free level, business or enterprise level, MailChimp’s prices is competitive.


The special moment of a lot e-mail marketing involves other apps cooperating. Many website proprietors uses one application (ie, SumoMe or LeadPages) for email collection. They’ll use another for publishing.

They’ll use another for planning marketing automation or retargeting. They’ll use another for social networking management. And ecommerce stores uses another for customer management.

In the center of these apps will probably be your e-mail marketing software. It’s almost needed for the e-mail marketing provider to integrate with each and every single application.

If you’re copy &amp pasting or doing something by hand (like delivering email promotions) &#8211 it is possible doing the job wrong. Rather, you need to enable your apps integrate together with your other apps to speak to each other.

I understand by using my e-newsletter, not just is my register process automated, but my send process is automated from this site.

MailChimp isn’t just one of the most popular email apps, they’re also probably the most developer and integration friendly. If you work with MailChimp, you instantly have much more freedom using what apps you should use for other tasks, since MailChimp most likely integrates or will quickly integrate.

Native Apps

But not just does MailChimp integrate with lots of other apps &#8211 they likewise have a whole suite of native apps for various kinds of customers. Here’s the present listing of free, native apps.

  • MailChimp Mobile
  • MailChimp Snap
  • MailChimp Subscribe

Regardless if you are delivering, managing or collecting emails personally &#8211 MailChimp’s mobile phone applications work and work nicely. Even though you don’t do big occasions, getting mobile being an option makes a significant difference when ever you need to do require it.

Cons of utilizing MailChimp

Like every product/service &#8211 MailChimp isn’t for everybody. When they perform a better job than most at serving everybody from personal to enterprise accounts &#8211 you will find stuff that MailChimp doesn’t prosper that you ought to consider.


MailChimp’s brand isn’t just cosmetic &#8211 it’s engrained through the product. For much better &amp for worse, MailChimp includes a unique language because of its features &amp processes.

MailChimp Groups

If MailChimp is the first email provider, you will not notice. Actually, you’ll likely think it is fun and simplifying.

But for those travelling using their company email providers, you’ll likely think it is a little confusing. The training curve is a bit steeper.

For instance, most email providers have lists &amp segments. MailChimp has lists, groups &amp segments. In lots of ways, I love MailChimp’s setup. But it is also not industry standard.

MailChimp no more does “autoresponders” &#8211 rather, they are doing “automation flows.”

There is a whole reference of MailChimp / email terms at

It feels similar to Starbucks where it normally won’t have “small, medium, large.” They’ve “Tall, Grande &amp Venti.”

Again, it’s great from the marketing &amp branding perspective, but may it may be tedious to determine what MailChimp means in usual language.

Hidden Defaults &amp Data

From the beginner’s perspective, MailChimp’s default setup rocks !. They pull in the guidelines that they’ve documented using their enormous body of information.

From their forms to lists formatting to key metrics to tracking to designs are have default settings. Additionally they instantly consolidate metrics into readily available &amp simplified ratings.

But to find out &amp alter the specific defaults or find out a really specific bit of data could be frustrating. It’s all hidden on second screens and/or specific workflows.

For instance, “member ratings” consolidates deliver/open/click rates for every subscriber across all of your campaigns. But if you wish to locate an open rate for any subscriber in one past campaign, it takes a substantial amount of digging.

MailChimp Member Ratings

Same manner with altering the written text on default signup forms. You cannot rapidly edit it. You need to enter in the develop a form workflow and visit Translation Settings then re-save the shape.

Signup Forms

The majority of this comes from the truth that they bias their processes towards making the first setup super-easy. However that results in a situation where it’s harder to return later to create a quick change.

It isn’t an enormous consideration, but it’s something which If only I possibly could edit after using MailChimp in the same manner for many years.

Very Frequent Updates

MailChimp is continually improving their product. They’re famous within the web design community for rebuilding their product every tk-info days.

Which makes for any very clever, fast &amp leading edge product.

It is also a little maddening for any non-frequent user.

It sometimes seems like when I determine all of the shortcuts to everything&#8230MailChimp completely re-configures everything.

Actually, as i was penning this publish, MailChimp folded out a totally reconfigured Dashboard.

MailChimp New Dashboard

I’d favour MailChimp’s setup than the usual setup that appears like it’s circa 2002. However I do wish MailChimp would slow lower a little on design changes.

It jogs my memory of application updates on my cell phone. Within the lengthy-run, the frequent application updates are wonderful, but the next day my personal favorite application updates, it appears like things are wrong.

Fiddly Native Forms

MailChimp provides several native forms that you could copy &amp embed in your website/social networking.

MailChimp Embeds

They’re fine. But they’re extremely fiddly. You still need know CSS to obtain them *exactly* right. There isn’t any drag or drag to regulate functionality.

And also the default appears like a default form. I discover their whereabouts everywhere online &#8211 and it is apparent the web site is using MailChimp.

Furthermore, for those who have an HTTPS website, you need to make sure implement some very specific changes to result in the form work (despite the fact that MailChimp signifies that they support HTTPS automatically).

(Emergency) Customer Care

MailChimp strives to get rid of the requirement for customer support. Their product simply works. It’s intuitive. And they’ve an unbelievably thorough knowledgebase.

Their customer care team can also be great.

However they only work business hrs within the Eastern time zone. If you’re managing a campaign around the weekend or during the night &#8211 there isn’t any customer care.

Somewhat, I admire their choices. It’s labored on their behalf for a long time, and it is best to visit a company prosper outdoors of the obsessive 24/7 operating schedule. But in case your company absolutely requires a 24/7 on-call customer support, you’ll wish to component that inside your decision.

MailChimp Alternatives

I’ve been loyal MailChimp customer for a long time. But I’ve had connection with another companies within my career in internet marketing.

If you’re within the research stage, here’s the industry’s top competitors to MailChimp.


MailChimp’s most direct competitor. They’ve a classic-school interface &amp feel. But they’re extremely popular among marketers and small companies. See their plans here.

Constant Contact

The large brand within the email industry. They’ve existed for a long time. They’ve a lot of sources, and also the backing of among the greatest tech companies on the planet. See their plans here.


Among the earliest brands in the market. They concentrate on usability and supplying a complete marketing suite with email, webinars and squeeze pages all bundled. See their plans here.


A quick-growing direct competitor to MailChimp. See their plans here.


They concentrate on *only* email &#8211 and which makes it as easy as feasible for small companies &amp websites. They belong to GoDaddy. See their plans here.


Another quickly growing email-only simple provider. They concentrate on websites using WordPress. See their plans here.


They belong to MailChimp. It’s MailChimp’s super-simple, e-newsletter-only service. See TinyLetter here.

Next Steps

Like every bit of business, productivity or hosting software &#8211 consider just what for you to do, and just what your main goal is.

Since MailChimp is forever free with less than 2,000 subscribers &#8211 go register here and check out MailChimp yourself.

Otherwise, take a look at a few of the alternatives pointed out above or about this dedicated MailChimp Alternatives page.

You could also find my publish on MailChimp templates to become helpful &#8211 or join my very own e-newsletter to obtain curated marketing posts delivered each week.

If you’re searching to have an email service provider, take a look at my quiz on email hosting.

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