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When I&#8217m sure you realize, Shopify is among the greatest players within the eCommerce world. This shopping cart software presently hosts over 400,000 users&#8212up 150,000 from just this past year! Should you&#8217re certainly one of individuals users (or are thinking about becoming one), you might be curious about the easiest method to implement your platform.

You&#8217re fortunate. At Merchant Maverick, we&#8217re very acquainted with Shopify. In this article, we&#8217ll be presenting the most popular Shopify features along with a couple of instruction about the best way to best rely on them.

Should you&#8217re just searching for fundamental info on Shopify, it may be good for you to first read our full Shopify review. (You&#8217ll obtain the full scoop on which Shopify provides, including its weaknesses and strengths.)

Otherwise, keep studying to learn to take full advantage of your Shopify account.

Consider Shopify Payments

Should you&#8217ve read our overview of Shopify, you will know certainly one of Shopify&#8217s greatest downfalls is the transaction charges. Shopify charges between .5% and a pair of.Percent on every transaction you are making utilizing their platform (based on your plan). However, if you opt to use Shopify&#8217s in-house payment processor, Shopify Payments, you could have individuals transaction charges waived.

Another advantage is the fact that Shopify Payments offers reduced processing charges to clients on greater level Shopify plans. Check out Shopify Payment&#8217s rates below.

A thing of warning: Many Shopify customers complain they aren&#8217t allowed to make use of Shopify Payments. Make certain you go through the Terms and services information before you decide to rely on using Shopify Payments.

It’s also wise to consider other choices for payment processing prior to committing to Shopify Payments. Sure, it is always good to obtain your transaction charges waived, but you might find that another payment processor can provide you with a better deal. It&#8217s better to seek information and crunch the figures prior to committing to the processor.

For additional info on picking out a payment processor, check out our Beginner&#8217s Help guide to Payment Processing. It explains from understanding rates and charges to negotiating to find the best deal.

Utilize Shopify&#8217s Design Tools

Shopify is better noted for simplicity of use and modern website design. Here&#8217s an example of Shopify&#8217s styles.

Particularly, I&#8217m keen on Shopify&#8217s new(ant) editor: Sections. Sections enables you to edit the feel of your homepage using drag-and-drop design tools.

Check out Shopify&#8217s explanation of Sections or discover the shocking truth below for any quick summary.

I really like how easily you are able to arrange bits of your primary web site. I only wish Shopify would be quick in extending this degree of customizability with other facets of their storefronts.

Become Multichannel with Shopify POS

Should you&#8217re a multichannel merchant who sells in-person in addition to online, Shopify is a superb choice. Shopify makes it simple to market in brick-and-mortar and pop-up shops using their in-house POS system.

Whenever you join Shopify&#8217s eCommerce store, you&#8217ll also instantly sign up for Shopify POS. Shopify POS enables you to easily complete in-person retail transactions and process charge card payments. Your web store and POS system is going to be synced to ensure that every inventory change you are making on a single platform seems alternatively.

Should you&#8217d like more specific info on charge card processing and simplicity of use, we&#8217ve really written a complete overview of Shopify POS.

Try Selling Digital

Shipping is among the greatest hassles associated with online selling, also it can really reduce your profits. Selling e-books enables you to definitely take advantage of all of the perks of promoting online while eliminating one of the leading downsides.

Using Shopify&#8217s native e-books features, marketing downloadable merchandise. Advertise your MP3 files, printables, videos, and e-books. All you need to do is disable shipping on individuals products, and also you&#8217ll have the ability to deliver download links to your clients&#8217 email.

To be able to automate the delivery of the e-books, you&#8217ll have to implement an application. Digital Downloads application in Shopify&#8217s marketplace might just do the secret. The application automates your delivery by supplying download links for your customers upon purchase and delivering yet another downloadable link via email in your account.

Stock up a couple of downloadable products and begin fulfilling customers orders faster, without having to spend a cent on shipping.

Begin a Blog

Maintaining your blog could work wonders for the online shop. Furthermore regular blogs improve your Search engine optimization rankings, additionally they assistance to construct your brand&#8217s identity. I&#8217ve really lately written an article about all the reasons you need to have a blog. Have a look to understand more about the way your store&#8217s blog may influence Search engine optimization and customer connection.

Fortunately, Shopify is among a handful of shopping carts that is included with built-in blog features. You are able to write, edit, and publish blogs in your admin panel.

For many retailers, Shopify&#8217s blog functionality works perfectly fine, however i should warn you: As with lots of Shopify&#8217s features, Shopify&#8217s blogging is rather fundamental. If you would like your site is the primary focus of the online shop, Shopify might not be the best choice. You may rather consider WooCommerce, which helps you to give a shopping cart software right into a pre-existing blog rather of the other way round.

Alternatively, you could utilize this BlogFeeder application to link your WordPress account together with your Shopify store. This application enables you to manage your site using blogging platforms after which import it to Shopify, which could give you use of better quality blogging features. 

However you’re doing so, you can start your blog in your store. It&#8217ll would you good.

Make use of Customer Support

We like SaaS solutions like Shopify for various reasons. And not the least of these is customers&#8217 ready use of free tech support team.

Shopify is among the eCommerce industry&#8217s leaders with regards to customer care they provide support options in each and every avenue you may aspire to find, including phone support, email support, live chat, written documentation, video lessons, webinars, along with a online community. (Since the Shopify community is really large, you may expect that forum to become active. You&#8217ll have the ability to achieve to other Shopify users, express your frustrations with various features, and phone Shopify representatives for help.)

Because of so many support options open to you, you&#8217ll never need to proceed by yourself. Advertising media are right into a problem, contact support. You&#8217ll get a response inside a short time. And when it isn&#8217t an impressive fix, it won&#8217t set you back anything more.

Make the most of Your Add-On Options

Shopify&#8217s Companies are full of an astonishing 1000+ add-ons. Because Shopify comes relatively light out-of-the-box, you&#8217ll likely have to develop a couple of integrations. But because of so many add-ons to select from, you&#8217re certain to obtain the extensions you’ll need.

Particularly, you need to consider incorporating a shipping software to strengthen the transaction processing. Check out my top strategies for shipping software, or take a look at my abbreviated version below:

  • ShippingEasy: ShippingEasy enables you to import orders, create shipments, and purchase and print postage. And fortunately, yes, it is simple to use. See the ShippingEasy integration in Shopify&#8217s Marketplace.
  • Ordoro: Ordoro is really a shipping solution that includes inventory management (if you opt to pay it off). Clients are especially keen on Ordoro&#8217s dropshipping features. Check out the combination page within the Shopify Marketplace to find out more.
  • ShipStation: ShipStation is perhaps the very best-known shipping software available on the market. It integrates with almost all of the largest shopping carts and marketing software, also it&#8217s relatively affordable. Once more, for detailed information, take a look at ShipStation&#8217s page in Shopify&#8217s Marketplace.

How’s It Going Making Shopify More powerful?

Like I stated, we believe Shopify is among the best search engine optimization available on the market, but, we notice that it isn&#8217t perfect. Hopefully, using a few of the features and add-ons in the above list can give your Shopify keep boost it requires.

Have you got almost anything to add? We&#8217d like to learn about your quick tips and suggestions to make the most from your Shopify platform. Leave a remark below to participate the conversation.

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