Top 11 Add-Ons for Shopify

Should you&#8217re a recognised Shopify merchant (or have read my overview of Shopify), you know that although Shopify is a superb eCommerce platform, to make your store function in a greater level, you&#8217ll have to install add-ons.

Add-ons (free or else) boost the functionality of the store by supplying features Shopify doesn&#8217t offer. You are able to, for instance, use add-ons to watch customer engagement and send abandoned cart notifications, or use add-ons to streamline your shipping process.

In Shopify-land, add-ons would be the bee&#8217s knees, and fortunately, Shopify has among the largest application marketplaces I&#8217ve seen. You will find over 1200 different choices available!

However, because of so many possibilities, it can be hard to determine which applications to make use of.

For your benefit, I&#8217ve compiled a summary of the 11 top Shopify add-ons. If only I possibly could say with certainty that fundamental essentials best Shopify applications, but that might be asserting an excessive amount of it&#8217s impossible to for sure determine one application as much better than another 1200.

Things I can tell is the fact that these applications gain a high position within the Shopify community. Many of these applications have obtained hundreds (and a few, thousands!) of testimonials, and every one of them (except one) come with an overall five from 5 star-rating.

And thus, without further ado, I give the Top 11 Add-ons for Shopify.


MailChimp for Shopify


MailChimp is a überpopular e-mail marketing system. As the link between your Shopify account as well as your MailChimp account is free of charge, MailChimp&#8217s services are frequently not.

MailChimp has a totally free plan for those who have 2,000 or less subscribers. For those who have more subscribers, or else you&#8217d prefer to take advantage of capabilities, you&#8217ll need to buy a plan. (You will see their prices plans here.)

Listed here are couple of things MailChimp can perform for the e-mail marketing.

  • Automated emails. MailChimp enables you to setup and instantly distribute emails. For instance, you are able to send a &#8220welcome&#8221 series for your new clients. Autoresponder emails (like &#8220Your Order has been Processed&#8221 notifications) give customers reassurance and therefore are little difficulty for you.
  • Adds customers at checkout. MailChimp instantly captures new clients&#8217 emails because they take a look at.
  • Targeted campaigns. Use MailChimp&#8217s advanced segmentation tools to split up your clients according to buying trends. After that you can tailor emails to every customer group.

In a nutshell: MailChimp makes delivering emails simpler. Click here to on MailChimp for Shopify.

eCommerce E-mail Marketing by Soundest

This application from Soundest provides another method of e-mail marketing that is included with slightly features than individuals provided by MailChimp.

Like MailChimp, E-mail Marketing by Soundest includes a Free plan open to individuals who send 15,000 or less emails monthly. This free plan includes limited features. Should you&#8217re thinking about delivering more emails (or wish to take advantage of the full features set), you&#8217ll need to pay for any Premium plan.

Note: Whenever you join a totally free plan, you&#8217ll get to test Soundest&#8217s premium features for that first fourteen days.

Soundest lists E-mail Marketing features on their own page in Shopify&#8217s application store, however it&#8217s difficult to find out which features affect the disposable plan and that are premium features. Here&#8217s what is listed:

  • Import subscribers. Connect Soundest&#8217s E-mail Marketing with other applications that house your address book.
  • Collect new subscribers. Use popup ads to improve your list. Generate a welcome series introducing individuals new clients for your brand.
  • Cart recovery. Send autoresponder emails to customers who’ve left products within their carts.
  • Campaign booster. The campaign booster enables you to resend emails towards the customers who haven&#8217t yet opened up individuals emails. I&#8217m nearly certain that this selection is just on premium plans.

In a nutshell: eCommerce E-mail Marketing by Soundest enables you to build muscle your list with popups and instantly send marketing emails to that particular list. Click the link to determine their page in Shopify&#8217s marketplace.

Loyalty Reward Points by Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth assists in building customer loyalty by rewarding interactions together with your brand. With Sweet Tooth, you are able to you generate a reward system and fasten it for your e-mail marketing service.

Like many services, Sweet Tooth has a Free arrange for a restricted quantity of customers (500 loyalty program people). Next, Sweet Tooth charges in line with the development of your loyalty program. View their prices model here.

Sweet Tooth provides you with the ability to tailor your loyalty program the way you like. You are able to:

  • Award suggests customers according to actions. Give points whenever your customers on line, share your product or service on social networking, follow yourself on social networking, or refer another customer to your website. You choose which actions earn points.
  • Sync Sweet Tooth to e-mail marketing. Use Sweet Tooth&#8217s API for connecting your list to Sweet Tooth&#8217s system.
  • Choose how customers spend points. Allow people to use their points for any $ discount, a % discount, free delivery, or a pre-balance credit card.

In a nutshell: Sweet Tooth enables you to reward customers and make customer loyalty. See more here.

Privy—Free Email Popups

Privy is among the more broadly used Shopify apps (with more than 2,300 testimonials). Privy enables you to design and implement popups in your site, also it achieves this in a manner that&#8217s simple to use.

Privy provides a free plan (surprise, surprise!) that is included with only the fundamental features. More features are incorporated with the compensated rates, which start at $24/month. Click the link for additional info on prices.

Features you may expect from Privy include:

  • Customizability. This is exactly what I had been speaking about after i pointed out simplicity of use. Privy enables you to create your own popups utilizing their drag editor. You don&#8217t need to know any code whatsoever to produce popups that suit your brand. Very awesome.
  • Campaigns according to engagement. You are able to set your Privy account to trigger different popups based on customer engagement together with your site. For instance, you are able to set one popup to look the very first time they seem in your site, and the other popup to look the tenth time they go to your homepage.
  • Integrates with e-mail marketing. Privy has developed connections to typically the most popular e-mail marketing systems like MailChimp, Mad Mimi, and Constant Contact.

In a nutshell: Privy enables you to easily create custom pop-ups that react when you wish these to. Get more information at Privy&#8217s page within the Shopify marketplace.



Yotpo&#8217s focus is User-Generated Content (UGC). They already know genuine testimonials can improve your store&#8217s validity within the eyes of the future customers. Yotpo will help you harness the strength of comments from customers.

Using Yotpo, you are able to allow people to leave reviews, publish images of your product or service, and answer other users&#8217 questions.

Yotpo provides a (quite limited) free plan. To be able to really take advantage of Yotpo, you&#8217ll need to pay for that service. Take a look at their prices model.

A few features to notice:

  • Mobile optimization. Yotpo is effective across all devices (that is awesome as more shoppers are browsing on their own phones).
  • In-email forms. Customers can complete Yotpo reviews without ever departing email addresses.

In a nutshell: Yotpo lets customers take a look at services and products which increases future customers&#8217 confidence inside your brand. See more here.


Tracking and Delivery Updates by AfterShip

AfterShip&#8217s Tracking and Delivery Updates feature can help you guarantee your clients&#8217 easy mind by alerting them concerning the progress of the shipments.

A few features are for sale to free, though you can buy reasonably limited plan (with each and every feature) for just $10/month. Begin to see the prices breakdown here.

Tracking and Delivery Updates does just what its name implies. Although this application doesn&#8217t handle every facet of shipping, it will supply you with a method to track your shipments and inform your clients&#8217 regarding their packages&#8217 progress.

Here&#8217s a fast review of what Tracking and Delivery Updates can accomplish:

  • Send email notifications. Email your clients when their orders have shipped so when their packages get to their city.
  • Send tracking links. This selection is just on the premium plan. You are able to send tracking links for your customers, that they can observe in your branded tracking page.

In a nutshell: AfterShip&#8217s application enables you to increase client satisfaction by tracking shipments and notifying customers regarding their packages&#8217 status. View Tracking and Delivery Updates in Shopify&#8217s marketplace here.


ShipStation is really a complete shipping integration. Using ShipStation, you are able to integrate with major shipping carriers and rapidly print shipping labels, ultimately streamlining the transaction processing.

ShipStation&#8217s services vary from $25/month&#8211$145/month with respect to the size your organization and the amount of shipments you signal monthly (begin to see the full breakdown here). Additionally they provide a Free 30-Day Trial.

Listed here are a couple of of what ShipStation can perform:

  • Print shipping labels and packing slips. Cut back time clicking &#8220Print&#8221 you are able to print full batches of shipping labels and packing slips.
  • Access admin via Mobile application. Work everywhere.
  • Multichannel order processing. ShipStation can manage your orders from eBay, Shopify, and Amazon . com, all in the same location.
  • Mix FBA and self-fulfillment. Possess some orders satisfied by FBA and fulfill others yourself.
  • Free United states postal service postage account. Benefit from discounted shipping rates from United states postal service.

In a nutshell: ShipStation can help you get shipments out of the door faster. Watch our full overview of ShipStation here and ShipStation&#8217s page around the Shopify marketplace here.


Intuit Quickbooks Online

Remember after i said that basically one of these simple apps had earned an ideal five-star rating? Well here it is. Quickbooks earned only 3.5 stars.

I&#8217ve made the decision to incorporate this add-on anyway because Quickbooks is an essential part of numerous online companies. At Merchant Maverick, we love to Quickbooks Online, and so i felt it might be useful to explore a couple of of the methods you can integrate it to your Shopify store.

The main merit of the application is its cost. It&#8217s free.

You&#8217ll take advantage of regular automated syncing of the Quickbooks account for your Shopify account. Unfortunately that lots of customers have reported issues with that syncing. They are saying that not every one of the key information transfers over.

However, you can purchase another syncing service. They sometimes start around $50/month and increase into 100’s of dollars. That&#8217s a great deal to purchase only the connection. It can make me question whether it&#8217s worth working beyond the bugs within the free option.

Should you&#8217re thinking about exploring other Quickbooks connections, you are able to tour for this page.

In a nutshell: You might have some trouble if you are using Quickbooks for the accounting, but this can be the best choice.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization Image Optimizer by Booster Apps


The Search engine optimization Image Optimizer enables you to boost SEO rankings by creating custom ALT tags for the images. You may choose their default ALT template or create your personal.

The Search engine optimization Image Optimizer is among the most widely reviewed applications within the Shopify Application Store (with more than 4,2000 reviews!) Most likely, the application&#8217s recognition relates to its cost. The Search engine optimization Image Optimizer is free of charge, now and forever.

The Search engine optimization Image Optimizer enables you to:

  • Attract increased traffic from Google Images searches. ALT tags (that are small items of text featuring your product or service&#8217 keywords) help image search engines like google locate your product or service.
  • Set and end up forgetting. The Search engine optimization Image Optimizer has a one-click installation.

In a nutshell: The Search engine optimization Image Optimizer can help you rapidly and simply gain in internet search engine traffic using ALT text for the images. It&#8217s also free forever. For more information, click the link.



McAfee SECURE&#8217s application enables you to calm your clients&#8217 anxieties by displaying McAfee&#8217s reliable seal of site security.

In case your site will get 500 or less visits monthly, you can engage in McAfee&#8217s free plan (McAfree SECURE Light). Otherwise, you need to buy a plan.

Here&#8217s a fast review of McAfee&#8217s free plan.

  • Site scans. Your website is going to be scanned for infections, adware and spyware, along with other security hazards.
  • Trustmark. You&#8217ll have the ability to display the McAfee SECURE trustmark in your site, which will help improve your customers&#8217 confidence within the security of the site.

In a nutshell: McAfee SECURE scans your website for security breaches, so when your internet site is discovered to be clean, you&#8217ll have the ability to display a emblem verifying its security. Find out more here.

Recurring Billing

Recurring Orders &amp Subscriptions by BOLD

Unsurprisingly, Recurring Orders &amp Subscriptions provides you with the opportunity to sell subscription products in your store. You are able to setup recurring orders to become billed as individual products or as entire carts (just like a product bundle).

BOLD provides a generous Free 90-Day Trial to try out the application. If you want it, you can keep for $19.99/month + singlePercent transaction fee on all subscription billing.

Below are the advantages of BOLD&#8217s application.

  • Frequency rules. Control frequency rules or let your people to choose how frequently they&#8217d prefer to get an order.
  • Customers can manage their orders. Provide your customers the ability to edit, pause, skip, or update their orders.
  • Simple to get began. BOLD provides a free setup call together with free installation along with a free theme update.

Should you&#8217d want to see BOLD&#8217s application for action, you can test their demo of the recurring product order or their demo of the recurring cart order.

In a nutshell: Should you&#8217ve ever desired to consider using a Dollar Shave method of selling, this can be the application for you personally. View their page on Shopify&#8217s marketplace.

Now, what?

Now, go forth and install! Fill the holes inside your Shopify platform using these reliable apps.

Before you need to do so, I would recommend going for a second review your budget. While many of these applications provide a free trial offer, individuals trials eventually finish. Determine how much you are able to purchase added functionality, after which select the apps that meet as numerous of the store&#8217s needs as you possibly can.

If you want to, explore beyond their list. Just make certain the add-ons you select are very well rated through the Shopify community, and make the most of every free trial offer prior to committing.

All the best!

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