PureVPN Review: Pros & Cons of utilizing PureVPN

purevpn review

PureVPN was founded in 2006 being an experiment by the organization GZ Systems, situated in Hong Kong. Through the the coming year, PureVPN was open to the general public, with servers located in two locations.

Because this time, PureVPN has ongoing to grow its service and diversify its product offering. Today, you can look for a PureVPN client for each major operating-system, including mobile. PureVPN also provides several add-on products because of its Virtual private network that may further improve your security and safety online.

After many years of foolishly running my internet business via public Wireless, I decided to employ a Virtual private network to secure my communications (and access a little bit of from market sporting occasions on a trip).

But I discovered that &#8211 much like website hosting &#8211 there’s no such factor like a &#8220best Virtual private network provider&#8221. Actually, it&#8217s just like a an entire world of confusing information where even reliable details are near-useless because it&#8217s so complex. This PureVPN review is my notes from giving them a shot in my own purposes like a security-aware, traveling, US-based businessperson who needs good usability and good prices. I’m not a political activist or somebody that regularly travels to firewalled countries.

Regardless if you are searching for any Virtual private network for privacy, for website access, for staying away from geotargeting, for safeguarding communications or all of the above, hopefully, this PureVPN review is going to be helpful. You may also skip to next steps here.

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Here’s my PureVPN review – structured with pros &amp cons according to my experience like a customer.

Disclosure – I receive referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All opinions and knowledge derive from my experience like a having to pay customer performing independent research.

PureVPN Pros / Advantages

PureVPN provides a diverse selection of helpful and intuitive features and add-ons. It’s sure to supply a great consumer experience whether you’re a newcomer or perhaps an experienced user. Because of so many VPNs available on the market, it’s very easy to allow them to all blend into one another. Sometimes, it seems like each Virtual private network is providing identical service within different name. Overall, PureVPN positions themselves like a simple, straightforward service having a very advanced, solid backend.

Interface &amp Usability

Among the first stuff that you’re certain to notice with PureVPN is the fact that their interface is easy. In the sign-up form to download and initial connection, things are neat and well-considered.

PureVPN Signup Flow

PureVPN Signup Flow After

Once you’re subscribed to service, a screen prompt enables you to decide from five different presets. Each preset is enhanced for particular activities, like security and safety, internet freedom, streaming, file discussing, and remote usage.

If you are a advanced user, these modes really are a bit odd and unclear. Other VPNs attempt to strike an account balance to have an overall good performance without having to sacrifice security.

PureVPN, however, will help you to sacrifice some security protocols &amp push you to definitely certain servers if you want to stream content or share files.

PureVPN Modes App

For novices, it&#8217s helpful. If you want to tweak your OpenVPN and protocol settings, it may be a drawback (that we&#8217ll discuss within the cons section).

The application status dashboard is straightforward and obvious.

PureVPN Status

The interface provides lots of chance for additional experienced users to tinker with settings. But, novice users are certain to understand the hands holding it provides because they discover the ropes of using their Virtual private network.

It&#8217s simple to get usability wrong (as with the situation of AirVPN, Avast SecureLine or perhaps CyberGhost) &#8211 therefore it&#8217s best to see PureVPN with a decent, well-designed interface.

Speed &amp Performance

With regards to speed, PureVPN claims is the leader from the pack. They actually make big promises on their own homepage.

PureVPN Signup

With each and every Virtual private network, you’ll have some variation in speeds because of the extra roundtrip, server settings and server location. Demands making the round-trip from Nigeria to Atlanta, USA will be inherently slower than any nearby Web connection.

The main one part of the process that the Virtual private network can control is server availability (ie, not putting a lot of connections on one server) and server settings that is the way the connection is engineered to supply the very best balance of security and forward connections.

Other fast VPNs like ExpressVPN have capped out at 80% of my local internet speeds when attached to the nearest available server.

Within my tests, PureVPN almost hit these figures with 76% of my local internet download speeds.

PureVPN Speed Test

No VPN Bandwidth Test

That stated &#8211 Used to do think it is interesting they make use of a 3rd part DNS that appears to really accelerate latency occasions (ie, how quickly a request travels as opposed to the bandwidth the quantity of demands that the connection are designed for).

PureVPN Traceroute

As I think PureVPN is outrageous by using it&#8217s &#8220Fastest Virtual private network&#8221 claims &#8211 they’re among the quickest. There is a solid concentrate on speed &amp performance.

A fascinating feature that PureVPN offers is the opportunity to separate certain activities you’re involved in to optimize performance. By doing this, you are able to make sure that any sensitive details are sent using your Virtual private network, while less sensitive activities aren’t. This way, you can optimize performance whilst remaining secure. Simultaneously, you are able to forgo this selection altogether and send all of your activity with the Virtual private network to make sure complete and total security. This selection is among the areas of their &#8220modes&#8221 that you can buy.

P2P &amp Device Support

Security and safety have vital concern for many torrent users, especially considering the hefty penalties connected with DMCA violations for copyright violation. With more than 200 of PureVPN’s servers supporting p2p file discussing, torrent enthusiasts are certain to love the service from PureVPN. Granted, p2p file discussing isn’t supported across every server PureVPN has, but 200 different servers ought to provide ample options.

PureVPN provides a client for MacOS, Home windows, and Linux plus an Android and iOS application. But, additionally they offer support to keep things interesting systems, smart TVs and devices like Roku, Amazon . com Fire, and Google Chromecast. With PureVPN, you’ll have protection whatever the device you’re using to gain access to the web.

No-Log Policy** &amp File encryption Strength

The objective of a Virtual private network is to maintain your internet activity private and secure. But, you’d be amazed to understand that lots of VPNs keep some kind of log of the internet activity, which appears to become counterproductive towards the mission of supplying privacy.

PureVPNs offices have been in Hong Kong, which maintains favorable data-retention laws and regulations for users. The organization is extremely transparent regarding their retention policies. They record how long you have been linked to a web server and the quantity of bandwidth you’ve used.

Outdoors of this, PureVPN maintains they keep no log of the user’s activity, which means your data is going to be secure and whatever the conditions.

**Caveat &#8211 Observe that no Virtual private network is 100% secure. Your visitors are still routing via a company. Any organization can close shop or go rogue. If you’re attempting to avoid your American ISP &#8211 then you’re simply replacing distrust of Comcast/Charter using the trust of the Virtual private network. If you’re a political activist where trust is really a existence or dying situation, you have to be using something similar to Tor. This highlights this section of PureVPN&#8217s improvements, however the point remains using a Virtual private network doesn’t instantly create security/privacy. That’s something do via aligning company incentives (ie, having to pay for businesses who maintain security) &amp being positive. While PureVPN doesn’t log traffic &#8211 they are doing log timestamps &amp bandwidth. Some privacy experts feel that may be dangerous for activities that need maximum protection.

PureVPN offers probably the most customizable file encryption ways of any Virtual private network. The organization uses the OpenVPN protocol and 256-bit file encryption which is the industry standard.

However, advanced users are likely to understand the support offered for other protocols for example L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2.

One nifty privacy feature that’s missing from many Virtual private network services is the existence of a killswitch. In case your link with the server is ever lost, PureVPN only will kill your online activity temporarily, rather of departing you uncovered to potential data and privacy breaches. Disconnections are hardly ever ever a problem since PureVPN boasts 99.99% uptime, but it’s best to realize that when the server ever does go lower, you’ll have protection.

Payment Versatility

Virtual private network services appear to become leading the charge by providing an array of different payment choices for their clients. PureVPN provides lots of versatility because of its users. Within your budget your merchandise with debit or credit card, PayPal, Cashu, Bitpay or Alipay. Additionally to individuals options, users may also pay using more than ten different gold coin types or Paymentwall options. You may also invest in your Virtual private network service with gift certificates from select retailers. It simply doesn’t get much easier than that.

PureVPN Pricing

If you’ll invest in a 2-year term, PureVPN all of a sudden becomes among the least expensive compensated Virtual private network services. But, for individuals individuals who aren’t interested in this lengthy commitment, you will find competitive month to month options.

PureVPN also provides a properly-priced Family Plans.

PureVPN Family Plan

Server Location Diversity

Nowadays, every quality Virtual private network boasts a lot of different server locations. Within the situation of PureVPN, they provide lots of servers too. But, they’re a lot more geographically diverse than other VPNs. With server locations in over 140 different companies, you’ll don’t have any problem connecting to some server that’s perfect for your requirements.

PureVPN Purpose &amp Ping

Here&#8217s certainly one of their connections within the United kingdom serving up restricted BBC One content.

PureVPN Country Restricted

While PureVPN doesn’t have the raw quantity of servers or even the raw quantity of countries that other VPNs have &#8211 if you’re searching for any solid, balanced service, then PureVPN setup is excellent.

Customer Care

With a few VPNs, it may sometimes seem like you’re alone should you ever have questions or encounter problems. It&#8217s also incredibly difficult to judge customer care fairly (anything on the internet is anecdotal &#8211 including what you’re studying now).

That stated, PureVPN differentiates themselves with 24/7/365 live chat. This way, you’ll have reassurance knowing that you could always make contact with a PureVPN representative if you want to. Responsiveness is quick enough that i can consider support to become a &#8220pro&#8221.

Additionally they provide good &#8220onboarding&#8221 emails to obtain began. Additionally to get affordable usability, which for me personally, avoided several questions during signup.

PureVPN Onboarding

Their knowledgebase and make contact with support are somewhat missing, which requires their live talk to shoulder more load. I&#8217ll point out that within the cons. But searching at access and responsiveness, PureVPN does much better than others on support.

PureVPN Cons / Disadvantages

While PureVPN excels in certain essential areas, it’s not perfect. There are several items you may encounter with PureVPN. Simultaneously, every VPN has its shortcomings. There’s not &#8220best&#8221 Virtual private network &#8211 just the best for your requirements and usage. What it really boils lower to is it’s important to assess the benefits and drawbacks of every client before deciding which option will probably be the very best for your requirements.


PureVPN offers incredible discounts if you are prepared to invest in a 2-year term. But, if you are searching for additional versatility, you’re likely to pay reasonably limited for his or her services. On the every month basis, PureVPN measures $10.95 monthly that is more costly than the majority of its competitors.

Most Virtual private network services offer discounts in line with the term length you’re registering for. Users can typically be prepared to conserve to 50% off the price of their Virtual private network service by buying annually or even more and services information in advance. PureVPN differentiates itself once again by providing a price reduction of 73% should you repay front for 2 many years of service. That’s a far more significant discount than the other major Virtual private network services offer.


Not every VPNs are great, and a few provide a greater degree of security than the others. After I tested the safety of PureVPN using sites like ipleak.internet and doileak.com, everything was awesome.

However, in 2015, several researchers in The country &amp Australia found DNS leaks from PureVPN amongst others. Although this doesn’t always indicate a burglar breach, still it causes concern since DNS leaks can leave clues regarding your identity online. Simultaneously, it’s important to note that lots of major Virtual private network services have leak issues, and that’s why most security experts suggest mixing Tor having a Virtual private network if you’re mainly worried about security over access (see caveat above).

Furthermore, this well-considered spreadsheet of information states that PureVPN logs timestamps and bandwidth. That isn’t ideal, but additionally not especially alarming if you’re performing daily business (much like me) on the internet. Ideally, PureVPN would wipe all logs on their own servers continuously &#8211 but to be able to provide consistent speeds, you’ll need some logging.

Quite simply &#8211 it&#8217s a tradeoff. If you want privacy most of all, i then&#8217d take a look at others coupled with Tor. If consistent performance is really a greater priority, this point is moot.


PureVPN is among the couple of providers to provide add-on services additionally for their Virtual private network service, just like a NAT firewall that’s made to provide additional security against high-level online hackers exploiting loopholes within the system. All of their add-ons costs $1.99 monthly.

PureVPN Signup Flow Add Ons

While these functions are very awesome, It ought to be bundled or at best described earlier within the sales process. When you’re pitching add-ons that improve your security, it can make me second-guess their claims of security on their own standard plans.


PureVPN doesn&#8217t have lots of big disadvantages. They’re among a business that does everything very well, but additionally doesn&#8217t differentiate with any single factor. That&#8217s a bad or bad factor &#8211 it&#8217s just what they’re targeting.

That stated, there’s a couple of miscellaneous disadvantages to bear in mind.

While PureVPN doesn’t provide a free trial offer, they are doing provide a 7-day money-back guarantee. Ideally, they&#8217d possess a free trial offer. I realize why they don&#8217t perform a free trial offer, consider they don&#8217t &#8211 I actually do wish the refund window was longer.

PureVPN doesn’t do phone support. Additionally they don’t have the very best knowledgebase which i&#8217ve seen. Most customers won’t require it given that they keep everything centered on convenience, however i&#8217d still want to see more product documentation.

While there is a diverse variety of servers, they don&#8217t obtain that many in a number of extremely popular countries (ie, United kingdom). Additionally they don&#8217t possess a super-wide geographic range either. It&#8217s a tradeoff without a doubt, but additionally someone to bear in mind. Should you mainly wish to stream from one country, you very well may finish track of a minimal selection of servers at peak occasions. Around the switch side, if you’re a world traveler, you may finish up short in Asia or South Usa.


PureVPN is really a effective and user-friendly Virtual private network which packs lots of high-level features. Any Virtual private network user will certainly love their simple to use, feature wealthy interface and the opportunity to select different modes that are tailored to various internet activities. While there aren’t many negatives to report with regards to PureVPN, it&#8217s vital that you consider exactly why you need to make use of a Virtual private network. If a person feature / need sticks out for you personally &#8211 then PureVPN&#8217s balanced approach may not be the very best fit for you personally.

If you’re searching for any well-priced, fast Virtual private network with beginner focused personalization and global servers, you need to go join PureVPN.

Get PureVPN&#8217s current discount here.

If you’re searching permanently performance having a greater quantity of server locations, make sure to find out about ExpressVPN here.

For those who have an advantage situation for Virtual private network usage and/or love getting into all the facts &#8211 read this reference chart here.


PureVPN is really a virtual mobile phone network provider located in Hong Kong. These were founded in the year 2006 and therefore are now a recognised brand in the market.
Compiled by: Nate Shivar
Date Printed: 05/09/2017
Good overall Virtual private network provider. Good concentrate on usability, performance &ampamp security. Several minor flaws from tradeoffs they create to become an exciting-around instead of specialist Virtual private network.
4 / 5 stars

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