What’s Revel Guard?

Artificial Intelligence within the POS World

At this era, you&#8217ve most likely heard the excitement words Artificial Intelligence (AI) a minimum of a couple of times inside your existence, however it hasn&#8217t been until lately that AI has started being built-into the purpose of Purchase (POS) world (#welcometothefuture people).

AI continues to be a comparatively new idea, especially with regards to the POS industry, but it’s presently getting used along with some POS systems to provide business proprietors tools they didn&#8217t have before, including the opportunity to uncover data secrets, to optimize displays, as well as predict and stop potential problems.

What’s Revel Guard?

Enter Revel POS&#8217s nifty new AI hardware: Revel Guard (RG). While POS AI offers nowhere near the amount of functionality of, say, an R2 unit (although, how awesome would that be?), Revel Guard is a bit of AI technology that, in keeping with its name, literally &#8220guards&#8221 your POS system by monitoring for mess ups or glitches. This technique works quietly without anyone’s knowledge like a preemptive measure to show you when issues arise. Is the freezer running freezing? Is the printer almost from paper or ink? Did a nearby network go lower where you live? They are issues Revel Guard inconspicuously realizes after which alerts you to definitely prior to them getting beyond control.

Whether a big or small problem, Revel Guard gathers information to understand goes wrong as well as contacts Revel&#8217s tech support team to deal with the problem as quickly as possible. RG will really open an assistance ticket for you personally and obtain the ball moving so your system can return to running in an optimum level as quickly as possible.

Ryan Johnston, the Systems Coordinator at Burger21 (a customer of Revel), had this to say of using Revel Guard:

&#8220Our POS terminals were timing out, disturbing our workflow. We weren’t sure in which the problem originated also it was frustrating. With RevelGuard we could uncover the issue was with this wireless network. Then we installed Revel Ethernet Connect which resolved our issues.&#8221

What Else Can Revel Guard Do?

On the top of monitoring your POS system, RG can also be in a position to remotely configure the body and make certain all your Revel updates are implemented effectively. Because RG is connected, through secure access, for your printers, routers and much more, it is able to configure their interfaces without requiring anyone to physically visit where you are to complete maintenance.

Will Greene, VP of Engineering at Revel, explains the idea by doing this:

“POS systems are quickly evolving into information gathering hubs, instead of performing simple cash transactions. They’re more complicated and supply critical data companies may use to higher understand their clients. With RevelGuard, we’re effective in keeping their POS systems healthy to allow them to focus on what’s most significant.&#8221

Final Ideas

It&#8217s crazy to consider the very fact we’re presently residing in a &#8220future&#8221 era where technologies are quickly expanding and anything appears possible. Basically we still don&#8217t have flying cars or robots who clean our homes (I understand, I&#8217m bummed too), we’re beginning to determine exciting advancements in the field of Reason for Purchase AI. Revel&#8217s AI system Revel Guard is simply one illustration of this. If you’d like to understand more about Revel&#8217s Reason for Purchase system, read our full review or join a totally free demo.

Should you&#8217re much more of a sound-visual learner, much like me, you might love this particular short explanatory video about Revel Guard.

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