ExpressVPN versus. AirVPN: Virtual private network Provider Comparison

expressvpn vs airvpn

After many years of foolishly running my internet business via public Wireless, I decided to employ a Virtual private network to secure my communications (and access a little bit of from market sporting occasions on a trip).

But I discovered that choosing the best Virtual private network to match me would be a bit complicated. There&#8217s no such factor like a general &#8220best&#8221 Virtual private network &#8211 rather, every one has to create tradeoffs that suit many although not all needs. ExpressVPN and AirVPN were two which i checked out carefully.

I reviewed ExpressVPN here and reviewed AirVPN here. I combined my notes from individuals posts write this ExpressVPN versus. AirVPN publish around the most typical Virtual private network factors. You are able to skip to my conclusion here.

However, here&#8217s a little bit of background.

ExpressVPN is among the largest and many well-known VPNs. They’re located in the British Virgin Islands and were founded in ’09.

See ExpressVPN&#8217s plans here.

AirVPN is based Italia and operated &#8220by activists and hacktivists in defense of internet neutrality, privacy and against censorship.&#8221 These were founded this year like a free service.

See AirVPN&#8217s plans here.

Both of them have advantages &amp disadvantages in my opinion. This ExpressVPN versus. AirVPN comparison will appear each and every according to &#8211 prices, features, performance, usability, customer support, and market focus.

Disclosure – I receive referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All opinions and knowledge derive from my experience like a having to pay customer performing independent research.


Both AirVPN and ExpressVPN offer a great variety of choices to meet the requirements on most users as well as their budgets.

ExpressVPN has less options than AirVPN, however it does include 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions. AirVPN has got the same increments, by having an additional 3-month subscription along with a unique 3-day subscription.

The Three-day subscription with AirVPN is a superb option for an effort to check the waters, and it is ideal for individuals who require a brief service during business.

Alternatively, ExpressVPN enables users a complete 30-day money-back guarantee when they aren&#8217t pleased with its service. Whatever the subscription you select, should you decide you don&#8217t such as the ExpressVPN service, contact customer support 24/7 to obtain your full payment reimbursed. It&#8217s a great protection to possess while offering a little more security than AirVPN&#8217s 3-day trial.

Here’s a failure of methods the prices works best for both providers:

Subscription AirVPN ExpressVPN
3-day 1€ (~$1.06 ) Unavailable
1-month 7€ (~$7.44 ) $12.95
3-several weeks 15€ (~$15.94 ) Unavailable
6-several weeks 30€ (~$31.89 ) $59.95
12-several weeks 54€ (~$57.40 ) $99.95

ExpressVPN is significantly more costly than AirVPN on virtually every tier.

It&#8217s also worth noting that both services offer significant reduced prices for longer subscriptions, especially a 12-month subscription. With AirVPN, you&#8217ll save almost $32 each year, and ExpressVPN&#8217s 12-month subscription helps you save roughly $56 each year. Here&#8217s their particular prices tables &#8211

ExpressVPN Pricing

ExpressVPN Payment Options

AirVPN Pricing

Should you be prepared to attend several business journeys in the past year, it may be worth thinking about a yearly subscription for either service. You could take advantage of utilizing it for use on your needs, too.

Both services provide an array of payment options including BitCoin, PayPal and worldwide payments.

Typically, AirVPN will probably be a better option for anybody who prioritizes cost most of all. That stated, cost isn&#8217t everything, especially in the realm of VPNs. You&#8217ll usually &#8220get that which you purchase&#8221 so let&#8217s take a look at other factors.

Features and Personalization

Probably the most important points to consider having a Virtual private network services are its features that permit further personalization. What features will it provide that allow you to personalize your Virtual private network experience how you require it?

For business proprietors who’re frequent travelers, it&#8217s essential to have reliable security, consistent uptime, and convenient connections around the world. It’s also wise to have the ability to concurrently connect devices much like your cell phone, laptop, and tablet, which means you don&#8217t need to disconnect someone to interact with another.

For privacy-focused users, it&#8217s vital that you don’t have any-logs, seamless Tor connections, no torrenting policies, with no traces of meta data or IPv6 leaks.

For gamers, it&#8217s important to possess a selection of device connections for routers, consoles, etc additionally to protocol choices to trade some privacy for performance.

Fortunately, both ExpressVPN and AirVPN offers the best features and personalization options to get an excellent experience out of your service.

Both providers allow you to connect as much as three devices at any given time. So, you could stay attached to the internet using your Virtual private network during conferences or perhaps in your accommodation.

AirVPN and ExpressVPN are generally well-recognized for their persistence for keeping the information safe. The two keeps logs of the internet usage or history, nor will they store any personal identifying information.

Caveat &#8211 Observe that no Virtual private network is 100% secure. Your visitors are still routing via a company. Any organization can close shop or go rogue. If you’re attempting to avoid your American ISP &#8211 then you’re simply replacing distrust of Comcast/Charter using the trust of the Virtual private network. If you’re a political activist where trust is really a existence or dying situation, you have to be using something similar to Tor. This can be a segue to ExpressVPN&#8217s / AirVPN&#8217s improvements, however the point remains using a Virtual private network doesn’t instantly create security/privacy. That’s something do via aligning company incentives (ie, having to pay for businesses who maintain security) &amp being positive.

AirVPN keeps no logs or data whatsoever out of your connection. They will use node transparency to try and help users stabilize their network. AirVPN began by &#8220hacktivists&#8221 and it has privacy factors in the centre of the company mission. They provide a large-selection of privacy focused features and choices to tweak virtually every a part of your connection. Here&#8217s their features list &#8211

AirVPN Security

Around the switch side &#8211 they likewise have *a great deal- of knobs to show (that will factor into usability in just a minute).

AirVPN Technical VPN

ExpressVPN, however, does keep connection logs that demonstrate the option of server reference to a period stamp to help keep network performance at high levels. But, there&#8217s no identifying information recorded. ExpressVPN offers a variety of choices to personalize your connection however in general, they struggle to deal with optimize your experience on their own finish to supply a easier setup. Here&#8217s a screenshot of the application&#8217s options &#8211

Express VPN Settings

Both Virtual private network services will also be similar within their more complex features, like unblocking services typically blocked in a few locations, for example Netflix. With ExpressVPN, this can be done with Smart DNS, that is separate, but faster, from the Virtual private network. Smart DNS geo-spoofs where you are to obtain neighborhood.

AirVPN performs this through its Virtual private network, which might slow lower your connection a little, however it is still effective well.

Both AirVPN and ExpressVPN provide Tor through Virtual private network for anybody who needs convenient but maximum privacy.

If you would like maximum set of features &amp personalization options, then AirVPN is the choice. If you prefer a set of features biased towards everyday use &amp convenience, then ExpressVPN is that you simply choice here.

Performance and Speed

Speed ought to be an absolute element in selecting between two Virtual private network services like ExpressVPN versus AirVPN.

It’s remember this that AirVPN is really a much smaller sized company than ExpressVPN and for that reason does not have as numerous available servers and locations. Still it has 80 servers in 18 countries, that is good for a smaller sized company, however it doesn’t rival ExpressVPN’s 145 (and growing!) server metropolitan areas in 94 countries.

Exactly what does this suggest for you personally? Your speed can differ broadly backward and forward based on your exact place on the planet, your country connection needs (ie, United kingdom connections for BBC access), as well as your reliability needs.

The greater server selections a Virtual private network has, the greater chances are looking for a web server that gives you optimal speed and gratifaction wherever you’re. Performance is of particular importance whenever you&#8217re visiting new locations.

Here&#8217s a screenshot of AirVPN&#8217s location options screen &#8211

AirVPN Speed Transparency

Here&#8217s ExpressVPN&#8217s &#8211

ExpressVPN Choose Location

Note how ExpressVPN encourages &#8220smart location&#8221 to instantly balance their server connections whereas AirVPN just provides you with the information so that you can sort &amp choose. It&#8217s a great contrast between their particular approaches.

Furthermore &#8211 keep in mind that AirVPN keeps no server logs whatsoever &#8211 so other product information that to balance or optimize their network. That could be a great factor for you personally &#8211 may possibly not. ExpressVPN keeps connection and bandwidth logs to balance and optimize their network.

Although AirVPN’s speed isn’t always missing, it will rely on the server you utilize and you’re a lot more limited in choices for server combinations that really work for you personally. In a number of AirVPN tests conducted by me, it’s apparent that using non-local servers can considerably bring lower your speeds.

Here&#8217s my baseline Internet speed with no Virtual private network.

No VPN Bandwidth Test

Here&#8217s a typical initial reference to AirVPN.

AirVPN Speed Test

But following a couple tries, I&#8217ll usually obtain a connection which hits approximately 50% of my non-Virtual private network speeds.

AirVPN Test

ExpressVPN’s user tests show a great speed consistency between local and non-local servers, meaning you have ample choices for selecting server combinations without slowing lower your connection.

Here&#8217s an average Virtual private network connection &#8211

ExpressVPN On Bandwidth

Latency is high, but bandwidth is actually around 80% of my non-Virtual private network Internet speeds. Worldwide connections will also be very stable. I could stream BBC One out of HD with my United kingdom connection.

Express VPN Ip Address London

AirVPN does well on speed should you element in their reduced server coverage as well as their no log policy. However, on the mind to mind performance comparison, ExpressVPN is a far greater choice.


An item is useless should you don&#8217t really utilize it. Which idea is particularly true with VPNs. If your Virtual private network is a lot of an inconvenience that you simply never utilize it &#8211 then the most dependable Virtual private network is useless.

Based on customers on social &amp their very own support forums, both AirVPN and ExpressVPN offer easy setup and ideal versatility with regards to tweaking options inside their clients.

But, delving a little further in to the customer lower two providers introduced me for an interesting conclusion: ExpressVPN users appear to lean more toward Virtual private network beginners &amp &#8220convenience users&#8221, while AirVPN users have the symptoms of more complex expertise.

So, they’re finding them just as user-friendly, however the groups, generally, have different technical understanding and experience. This really is crucial for purchasing decisions.

AirVPN’s client, Eddie, is amazingly full-featured. It provides pretty much every fundamental and advanced option you can want, like port forwarding, server switches, as well as in-depth statistics. It’s easy to download and hang on any device, however it will get tricky next. I&#8217m very adept with software, but thought it was a little maddening following a bit. I covered this problem within my AirVPN review, but here&#8217s a couple of example screenshots.

AirVPN Purchase Sequence

AirVPN Setup

AirVPN Installer Second Screen

AirVPN Technical VPN

AirVPN Installer

AirVPN Connection

If you are not very technical and therefore are searching for additional of the ‘plug-and-play’-type setup, Eddie isn’t for you personally. Individuals with increased advanced Virtual private network expertise, however, can usually benefit from onpar gps.

ExpressVPN, however, supplies a super simple application having a clean, streamlined interface. Users can download and arrange it in a few minutes striking a control button for connecting. Options vary from fundamental to advanced, and also the application even explains a little about each feature that will help you on the way.

Here&#8217s the screen after payment.

Express VPN Setup

Here&#8217s the application.

Express VPN App

ExpressVPN supplies a more fundamental, minimalist application method for individuals who would like the fastest setup and sign-on. It&#8217s convenient, fast and straightforward.

But, AirVPN’s client provides an excellent selection of features for individuals who don&#8217t mind delving a little much deeper in to the technical jargon.

Customer Support

Both ExpressVPN and AirVPN appear to stand out within the customer support department. This is among the most significant points to consider as an entrepreneur. The final factor you need to be worried about is coping with Virtual private network issues by yourself when you are busy with increased essential things.

AirVPN is small businesses, however it has among the most powerful communities I have seen inside a Virtual private network provider. On its website, you’ll find forums where it’s tight-knit community of consumers and technical experts gather to assist one another make the most of the AirVPN service.

Individuals around the forums are quick to reply to questions and supply tips to people. AirVPN staff also hold off there, prepared to confront any issues you may have. Furthermore, its support team can be obtained through its support ticket area 24/7. Testimonials explain their problems typically get resolved very rapidly using the ticket system.

AirVPN Support

ExpressVPN includes a similarly stellar customer support system that ranks it high above other Virtual private network providers. The organization takes pride in its 24/7 support system, together with a contact page, direct e-mail, and 24/7 live chat options. They can have the means to export your error log straight to support so you don&#8217t need to trobleshoot and fix.

ExpressVPN Support Diagnostics

Alternatively, you should check out ExpressVPN’s extensive understanding database of support and troubleshooting guides should you encounter any problem.

Both VPNs can, unquestionably, rapidly enable you to get back ready to go to get to business. The contrast is the fact that AirVPN uses lean staff + volunteers, a do it yourself ethic, and forum help. ExpressVPN takes a classical method of customer care. The main difference is whichever you are feeling at ease with.

Market Focus

El born area is a where you’ll likely notice variations during these Virtual private network providers. Although they’re both excellent selections for anybody who desires the greatest security with optional features to personalize their experience, AirVPN appears to become focused around the technical Virtual private network user than ExpressVPN.

A glance at ExpressVPN’s website when compared with AirVPN’s shows a substantial difference on the market tricks of each company.

AirVPN’s terminology could be overwhelming for any new Virtual private network user. ExpressVPN appears to utilize a more straightforward approach and far less technical than AirVPN.

Business proprietors who aren’t super tech-savvy will probably find more comfort and ease within the ExpressVPN service and client. AirVPN’s client includes a much heavier expert focus that may appear more excessive than useful.

ExpressVPN is tailored more toward individuals who want the fastest setup and fundamental features. They are able to progressively explore more complex features in their pace. AirVPN is geared more toward individuals who curently have a seem understanding of VPNs as well as their innovative features and isn’t the best option for novices.

Other Things to consider

Still torn? Listed here are a couple of other points to consider about these types of services that will assist you make a decision:

  • AirVPN supplies a fail-proof method to check it out. Just for a little over $1 for 3 days, you will get full use of its benefits and features to determine if you want it or otherwise.
  • Both providers are popular for which they’re saying to complete. ExpressVPN is fully-featured and simple to make use of, and AirVPN provides full personalization for individuals with moderate to advanced understanding and expertise.
  • ExpressVPN comes with an extensive customer support team with 24/7 service through live chat. AirVPN is famous more because of its useful community, but it features a smaller sized team that could be unable to provide help as rapidly.
  • AirVPN comes with an free client that enables users to watch the origin code anytime to make sure that no shady activity occurs.
  • ExpressVPN provides a great referral program that provides you thirty days of free service for referring your buddies to some subscription.
  • ExpressVPN is among the most established brands in the market. Should you trust services which are well-liked by other users, then ExpressVPN is a great choice.

Conclusion: ExpressVPN versus AirVPN

It’s reliable advice that both ExpressVPN and AirVPN are incredible choices for individuals who require the safety of the Virtual private network. AirVPN is really a newer and smaller sized company, therefore it does not have quite exactly the same recognition of ExpressVPN, however it certainly has got the security measures you’d expect from the Virtual private network provider.

If you would like all of the technical features provided with no logging whatsoever and small businesses ethic, go join AirVPN here.

See AirVPN&#8217s plans here.

If you prefer a well-known Virtual private network with simple, highly functional features together with consistent performance and server options, go join ExpressVPN here.

See ExpressVPN&#8217s plans here.

Whichever one is the best for you &#8211 kudos on making plans to secure your digital existence 🙂

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