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So that your small business some funds. You&#8217ve existed for more than a year and also have a minimum of $100,000 in revenue. You&#8217ve considered which kind of loan is the best for you. Now you need to simply pick a loan provider.

Fundation and Dealstruck are excellent lenders which have both received five stars within their reviews here on Merchant Maverick. However, one may well be a better fit for both you and your business. To help you determine which works well for you personally, continue reading. We&#8217ve provided a run-lower from the strengths and weaknesses of each loan provider, compared within an readily available format.

You can skip around by section, go straight to the ultimate ideas, or read straight through — whichever is most effective for your situation!

Services Provided

Fundbox offers term loans. Dealstruck offers term loans in addition to two different types of credit lines: inventory and a / r. To learn more on accounts receivable loans, read this article.

Customer Qualifications

Champion: Dealstruck

The next table explains the needs for qualifying for a financial loan each and every company.

Fundation Dealstruck
 2+ years Amount of time in Business 1+ years
600+ Credit Rating 600+
$100K+ Revenue $150K+
3+ employees Other  N/A

You&#8217ll observe that Fundation necessitates the customer to usher in less revenue. In most other locations, however, Dealstruck is obtainable to a greater diversity of small companies. To qualify for a financial loan from Dealstruck, you just maintain business for any year, and you will find no needs for quantity of employees (although to become fair, Fundation&#8217s needs due to that aren&#8217t too stringent either).

Terms and Charges

Champion: Dealstruck

The chart below might be obscure as APRs alone could be very confusing. APRs are easiest to check when all of the loans under consideration are term loans. It&#8217s more complicated to compare term loans to credit lines due to the differing ways these financing options handle charges. For additional information on how APRs use short-term financing, take a look at our article here.

Credit lines are usually paid back over a shorter time of your time than term loans, therefore the improvement in term length within the table ought to be contacted with this consideration. Our article evaluating credit lines and term loans gives more detail about these variations.


Term Loan


Term Loan


Credit line

$20K –$500K Borrowing Amount $25K – $350K $25K – $500K
1 – four years Term Length 1 – four years 6 several weeks
 7.99% – 29.99% APR 9.99% – 27.99% Prime + 12.99% – 21.99%
Personal guarantee, UCC-1 blanket lien Collateral Personal guarantee, UCC-1 blanket lien Personal guarantee, UCC-1 blanket lien

Note: Dealstruck actually offers two various kinds of credit lines, however their terms and charges offer a similar experience enough to become incorporated underneath the same column.

When exclusively evaluating term loan choices, Fundation has potentially lower APR rates and potentially greater borrowing amounts. That stated, the rates each merchant is assigned rely on how dangerous each loan provider perceives the merchant to become. Just the absolute most qualified borrowers will be designated Fundation&#8217s cheapest rates of interest and charges, and since both companies evaluate risk differently, Fundation won’t always provide you with a better rate of interest. The very fact that Dealstruck offers lines of credit additionally to term loans provides it with a feet up.

Overall, if your term loan is the greatest choice for your company, Fundation may be the better company for you personally. However, if you’d like a choice of a credit line, Dealstruck can provide more.


Champion: Fundation

Dealstruck and Fundation both need you to complete short applications on their own websites. These applications provide the companies use of a number of your company&#8217s fundamental information and tell them of the objective of the borrowed funds you need.

After receiving these forms, the businesses will request more information of your stuff, including bank statements, business tax statements, and private details about you, the company owner. In Dealstruck&#8217s situation, this request comes by means of financing specialist who’ll phone you. In Fundation&#8217s situation, you will probably submit the data digitally you are able to also allow Fundation to complete the meet your needs and appear up themselves.

Both companies send the application to underwriting at this time however, Fundation goes further by hooking you track of a &#8220customer relationship manager&#8221 who runs with the process along with you.

If underwriting approves the application, you&#8217ll get a loan offer, and lastly, when the loan offers are approved, funding will be delivered to your bank account. The whole process for Dealstruck usually takes 2–24 working days. Fundation&#8217s process is a lot faster: time lapse is generally 2–7 working days. This quick turnaround and additional customer care gives Fundation charge during this area.

Sales and Advertising Transparency

Champion: Fundation

Dealstruck&#8217s interactive loan calculators permit you to alter choices for your company. There&#8217s good info there, however the website itself could be mysterious about certain main reasons of Dealstruck&#8217s loans (most particularly charges).

On the switch side, Fundation provides a plethora of information. This site alone provides a lot of clearly organized details and knowledge. The organization is transparent, and things are simple to find. Plus there&#8217s an interactive calculator, a remarkably obvious explanation of methods rates of interest work, and much more.

Customer Support and Tech Support Team

Champion: Dealstruck

Both companies offer support through email, phone, and live chat (although live chat is intermittent in Fundation&#8217s situation). Fundation handles email via a special contact form and also offers a nice FAQ page. However, Dealstruck blows Fundation out from the water using its excellent resource center.

Negative Reviews and Complaints

Champion: Tie

Neither company continues to be plagued with lots of negative reviews and/or complaints. Gripes which do exist have a tendency to congregate around just one minor area.

For Fundation, most complaints have to do with high rates of interest and stringent qualification needs. To become fair, neither the eye rates nor the qualification needs are from line, they&#8217re somewhat greater than individuals other lenders (for example Dealstruck) offer. Fundation doesn’t have many complaints around the Bbb&#8217s platform, that is a good sign.

For Dealstruck, high borrowing fees are the primary concern. However, Dealstruck appears to place unparalleled combination on resolving complaints, as shown with this review.

Overall, situations are pretty much equal in this way. Although Fundation receives complaints about lesser issues, Dealstruck addresses their complaints more completely with greater transparency.

Positive Testimonials and reviews

Champion: Tie

Based on the site&#8217s testimonials and other sources, customers love Fundation&#8217s speedy funding process, customer support, insufficient a prepayment penalty, and — ironically enough — low interest. It simply proves you that everybody includes a different reference point Fundation&#8217s rates of interest may appear high with a and occasional to other people.

Dealstruck has additionally received lots of positive feedback. Just read this page of reviews. Highlights include transparency, things to look for, and the range of loans available.

Final Verdict

Choose Fundation if:

  • You’ll need a term loan and do not require a line of credit.
  • Your company makes under $150K yearly.
  • You’ve quite strong personal and business creditworthiness and can be eligible for a Fundation&#8217s cheapest rates of interest.
  • You could utilize additional customer care within the application.
  • You’ll need a quick turnaround time to obtain your loan.

Choose Dealstruck if:

  • You’ll need a bOrur-based or inventory credit line.
  • Your company hasn&#8217t yet existed for 2 years.
  • Your company doesn&#8217t have 3 or more employees.
  • You would like use of online sources.

If credit lines are removed from the equation, Fundation is overall the greater appealing company. However, Dealstruck&#8217s number of options and it is flexible attitude towards newer companies allow it to be a great choice too.

For additional info on either company, take a look at our reviews of Fundation and Dealstruck. If a person (or both) or them strikes your fancy, mind to the applying page and begin the procedure! (Affect Fundation here Dealstruck&#8217s application page is here now.)

For those who have any relevant encounters with either Fundation or Dealstruck, tell us within the comments. We&#8217d like to hear your ideas.

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