InMotion Hosting versus. GoDaddy Website Hosting: InMotion Compared Part 1

InMotion VS GoDaddy

I lately did a complete overview of InMotion Hosting, which you’ll read here. However, I needed to particularly take a look at InMotion Hosting versus. GoDaddy Website Hosting, due to the fact GoDaddy is the consumer brand among most those who are searching to begin their very own website.

Note: This publish initially made an appearance on October 6, 2013. It’s been revised and re-written to both companies by 2016.

GoDaddy is really a global brand that does lots of advertising (that&#8217s an understatement). I&#8217ve maintained a free account there, and a few my clients utilize it, and so i&#8217ve were built with a some knowledge about them since 2009. And InMotion is really a quickly growing webhost from La which has lately generated some press and won several awards for his or her hosting companies.

For a long time now, I’ve been receiving readers questions regarding InMotion. I’ve client websites on GoDaddy, but presently make use of an InMotion VPS server for And So I thought I&#8217d do a comparison mind to mind. Let&#8217s join in and check out InMotion Hosting versus. GoDaddy Website Hosting.

Disclosure &#8211 I receive referral charges from the companies pointed out within this publish. All opinion and knowledge is dependant on my experience like a having to pay customer or consultant to some having to pay customer.


Evaluating prices between InMotion vs. GoDaddy is tough due to a couple of issues.

First, GoDaddy does deep discounting frequently (see their latest promo here). InMotion does discounting, although it&#8217s not often as deep as GoDaddy. See InMotion&#8217s plans 53% off discount here.

Second, when they both offer 3 tiers of shared web hosting prices (that they describe as &#8220business class&#8221 and &#8220web hosting&#8221 correspondingly), their plans don&#8217t align exactly.

Nonetheless, after i bust out all of the features and packages &#8211 GoDaddy has got the affordable prices &#8211 pretty consistently, before discounts. Their least expensive plans are nearly identical in value, as well as their middle plans aren’t that remote from one another. If you’re deciding exclusively on cost &#8211 you need to make the most of GoDaddy&#8217s hosting promos here.

The main one other catch is term-length. GoDaddy plans are as little as 3 several weeks, whereas InMotion needs a 12 months commitment (aside from Pro plans, which need a setup fee to obtain the 30 days length).

The final catch, that we&#8217ll also mention in Features, may be the cPanel license. For GoDaddy, it&#8217s a $1/mo upsell. For InMotion, it&#8217s incorporated. If you’re planning on making use of cPanel (the standard backend), then that tips the cost to InMotion.

However, if you can to, I wouldn&#8217t create a hosting decision exclusively on cost. While GoDaddy wins on prices &#8211 let&#8217s continue onto all of those other groups before choosing InMotion Hosting versus. GoDaddy&#8230


As with every little bit of marketing, web hosting companies provide the same product generally, and then try to highlight certain features to stick out to the clientele. That stated &#8211 there are particular features that you ought to consider, and may have an effect based on what your objectives are.

To begin with, both GoDaddy and InMotion limit the amount of websites/domains and databases in their least expensive tier. To interrupt the jargon, websites/domains is the amount of domains that you could path to your hosting account. Each website/domain may have a lot of subdomains onto it though. So you might have,, world wide, etc, etc &#8211 but still have only 1 website/domain in your account.

What’s truly restricting is the amount of databases that you’re restricted to. Databases are what stores the data that runs your site. For instance, if you are using WordPress to power you website, each install uses its very own database. Unless of course you’re uploading raw HTML files (and I think you’ll&#8217re not), then the amount of databases permitted is exactly what you should think about.

InMotion and GoDaddy both combine on their own 2 least expensive tiers. I possibly could really enter into specifics and types of conditions, but essentially, for those who have a couple of websites planned, then InMotion and GoDaddy will both be fine.

Second, the &#8220hidden&#8221 feature which i check is when much PHP they provide you with. The main reason I see this happens because many, lots of people run the website off a PHP-based CMS&#8230in short, the programming language that forces the program that forces your site (ie, WordPress is really a PHP-based CMS).

PHP needs dedicated memory to operate &#8211 much like your pc, laptop, or smartphone needs memory to operate rapidly. Frequently, web hosting companies around the cheaper finish from the scale will seriously reduce PHP memory with regard to costs.

GoDaddy was once infamous situation of the &#8211 sometimes only giving 64M for your requirements. They’ve lately upgraded to allocate industry standard 256M to every account, though they still cap the quantity of memory focused on uploads (merely a factor whenever you attempt to upload an enormous photo/video directly through WordPress).

InMotion, though, get especially kudos for the quantity of memory dedicated. They match GoDaddy at 256M &#8211 but exceed them in upload PHP, along with other sources focused on the account (this can appear again whenever we reach Performance).

InMotion (left) and GoDaddy (right) Memory

Otherwise, both GoDaddy and InMotion Hosting offer a multitude of freebies for example email, application installers, and advertising credits &#8211 plus they both incorporate a free domain with hosting purchase (see InMotion&#8217s deals here and GoDaddy&#8217s current promo here).

First, money-back guarantees. Both of them offer them, however in my (yet others) experience &#8211 GoDaddy does 45-day, while InMotion provides a 90-day guarantee.

Second, GoDaddy doesn’t do backups. InMotion does free weekly backups that are around free of charge too. Now &#8211 you ought to be doing all of your own website backups, so this ought to be moot. However, unexpected things happen (like hitting delete while backing some misconception&#8230speaking from experience). Therefore it&#8217s always beneficial to possess a safety internet &#8211 especially one which you don&#8217t need to pay for.

InMotion versus. GoDaddy on features? If you’re only planning for a couple websites or fewer, then InMotion wins by far. If you are planning to want most of the separate websites (for clients, occasions, etc) &#8211 GoDaddy&#8217s limitless features on their own Limitless plan may well be a better fit for you personally, if you should continue reading to the finish for other, better alternatives than GoDaddy.


Features and prices don&#8217t matter though in case your hosting doesn&#8217t perform the 1 factor it&#8217s designed to do: offer your site rapidly each and every time a customer demands it.

Both site advertise a 99.99% uptime &#8211 which comes from internal figures though, and provides extensive variables. I&#8217ve yet to possess any downtime with InMotion yet, and that i&#8217ve had some downtime with my client&#8217s sites on GoDaddy &#8211 though just inside the one hour of forecasted downtime inside a year (evidently this excludes the infamous DNS snafu of 2012). Uptime though is difficult to calculate without aggregate data.

Things I can measure though is when rapidly the servers can offer the requested site. The metric which i take a look at is TTFB &#8211 time for you to first byte. It&#8217s the way of measuring how lengthy it requires the server to understand a request and serve the very first byte of the website. I don&#8217t consider the total load time due to the fact that will get into the way your individual web site is configured, and which kind of website it’s.

Here&#8217s the outcomes of the greatest of three consecutive test performed on websites with similar testing software in the same server &amp browser:

GoDaddy Speed Test

GoDaddy Speed


InMotion Speed Test

InMotion Speed Test


InMotion Hosting wins. By a great deal. Really&#8230a lot. Again &#8211 TTFB is better considered a pattern. In certain of my other hosting reviews, you&#8217ll find better and worse recent results for InMotion and GoDaddy. But because a guide &#8211 InMotion still wins overall.

Which was straightforward &#8211 let&#8217s proceed to usability.


Every webhost struggles using the problem of creating the account backend easy and not daunting for first-timers, while still supplying all the variety of other people who would like to tweak and explore.

InMotion attempts to solve this trouble with their Account Management Portal. They have all of the technical access via SSH, FTP and cPanel &#8211 they also have quick links all inside a single login.

InMotion Dashboard

GoDaddy goes another route &#8211 there is a 100% proprietary setup (unless of course you have to pay for any cPanel license). They’ve a free account backend, where one can click to your hosting backend. In my opinion, it&#8217s significantly less daunting for first-timers, but rapidly becomes restricting once you discover the right path around. Because it&#8217s all proprietary and different to GoDaddy &#8211 you&#8217ll only get good support from GoDaddy &amp their knowledgebase.

GoDaddy Account Backend &#8211

GoDaddy Account Backend

GoDaddy Server Backend

GoDaddy Server Backend

Who wins InMotion Hosting versus. GoDaddy with usability? I&#8217d state that if you’re a total beginner searching to place up an internet site or more and little else &#8211 then GoDaddy may well be a better fit. If you’re searching to complete more then InMotion Hosting wins this round.

Customer Support

Customer support is among individuals stuff that&#8217s simple to bypass when you’re purchasing. The factor is, whenever you need it&#8230you really require it. I wouldn&#8217t bypass it whatsoever.

The issue with customer support is the fact that a lot is anecdotal. The folks using the worst encounters would be the loudest. GoDaddy has some pretty horrible tales online about its customer support. They’re really quite infamous.

However, I&#8217ve also were built with a couple readers write directly into me with horrible customer support tales from InMotion.

Personally, I&#8217ve didn’t have a horror story with either. I&#8217ve had some lengthy waits with GoDaddy which i haven&#8217t had with InMotion. But GoDaddy is usually fine.

The main one difference which i have observed which i think talks to something much deeper is training. Whenever I speak with a GoDaddy repetition, I recieve a feeling that they’re simply using a troubleshooting script. They don&#8217t really know what they’re speaking about.

With InMotion, their reps apply certain scripts, however they appear to really know what they’re doing. It&#8217s simple to skip beyond the fundamental troubleshooting questions and obtain to the center from the matter.

InMotion also does a great job of answering questions across all channels &#8211 such as the comments within their Knowledgebase. That you can do DIY customer care without getting funneled to an appointment.

InMotion Knowledgebase Support

That in my experience puts them far in front of GoDaddy with customer support.

The Company

Product critiques and comparisons are essential, however it&#8217s important too to understand the businesses that leave individuals products. GoDaddy includes a specific brand they promote &#8211 you&#8217ve most likely seen it on tv an internet-based. It&#8217s questionable purposely and you may go how you want to capture it.

However, GoDaddy has tried a good quantity of controversies the informed consumer should know. To provide GoDaddy the advantage of the doubt though, there is a new and fewer questionable Chief executive officer, and therefore are phasing out their old ad campaigns.

InMotion Hosting isn’t perfect, but hasn’t courted quite the debate of GoDaddy, though additionally they don&#8217t operate at GoDaddy&#8217s scale. They are doing positively support open-source software initiatives, sponsor WordCamps, and also have been dealing with non-profits to lower their carbon footprint. They are among the couple of independent and worker-owned website hosts.

You are able to determine if that means something for you personally, but simply For your information.


Unless of course it’s a simply apparent choice, I attempt never to declare a &#8220best&#8221 or &#8220winner&#8221 in almost any hosting review &#8211 different companies/products fit differing people based on their set goals (I even designed a hosting quiz to assist identify the correct one should you&#8217re planning shared web hosting).

If you’re searching for any solid hosting company, with higher performance, great customer support, and also you don&#8217t intend on creating a large number of sites or having to pay a few extra dollars per month &#8211 go take a look at InMotion Hosting&#8217s 53% off discount on plans here. They’ll most likely be considered a better fit for you personally.

If you’re searching to have an broadly known logo and you&#8217re more worried about budget than performance &#8211 or else you intend on getting plenty of sites on 1 account &#8211 then you need to take a look at GoDaddy here (see their current hosting promo here).

Or you are searching for any 3rd alternative &#8211 one which enables limitless websites on one account with flexible prices &#8211 take a look at HostGator. I utilize them for my dev and sandbox sites. You will get 45% off here.

You may also see my full InMotion Hosting review here.

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