NordVPN versus. AirVPN: Virtual private network Provider Comparison

NordVPN vs AirVPN

After many years of foolishly running my internet business via public Wireless, I decided to employ a Virtual private network to secure my communications (and access a little bit of from market sporting occasions on a trip).

But I discovered that choosing the best Virtual private network to match me would be a bit complicated. There&#8217s no such factor like a general &#8220best&#8221 Virtual private network &#8211 rather, every one has to create tradeoffs that suit many although not all needs. NordVPN and AirVPN were two which i checked out carefully.

I reviewed NordVPN here and reviewed AirVPN here. I combined my notes from individuals posts write this NordVPN versus. AirVPN publish around the most typical Virtual private network factors. You are able to skip to my conclusion here.

However, here&#8217s a little bit of background.

AirVPN relies Italia and operated “by activists and hacktivists in defense of internet neutrality, privacy and against censorship.” These were founded this year like a free service.

See AirVPN&#8217s plans here.

NordVPN is a ten years old Virtual private network provider located in Panama. They’re possess a quickly growing subscriber base. They tell you they are the &#8220world&#8217s innovative Virtual private network&#8221 having a concentrate on privacy.

See NordVPN&#8217s plans here.

Both of them have advantages &amp disadvantages in my opinion. This NordVPN versus. AirVPN comparison will appear each and every according to &#8211 prices, features, performance, usability, customer support, and market focus.

Disclosure – I receive referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All opinions and knowledge derive from my experience like a having to pay customer performing independent research.


Initially glance, it appears like there&#8217s a substantial cost disparity between NordVPN and AirVPN.

Take particular notice, and also the prices is rather comparable given features compensated for more than span of annually. Any shorter, and AirVPN is hands lower cheaper.

Like some Virtual private network providers, NordVPN provides a reduced rate per month should you purchase multiple several weeks (a couple of years) in advance.

NordVPN Pricing

AirVPN provides a fairly flat rate service for support and improved access (this structure goes back for their founding like a free service for activists).

AirVPN Pricing

The monthly cost to have an annual subscription to NordVPN is comparable to the monthly cost to have an annual subscription to AirVPN.

Subscription NordVPN AirVPN
1-month $11.95 $7.84
6-several weeks n/a $5.60
12-several weeks $5.75 $5.04
24-several weeks $4.00 n/a

* Observe that prices within the table are per monthly prices.

As you can tell in the table above, a complete year plan from AirVPN continues to be slightly less expensive than an identical twelve month plan from NordVPN.

Both Virtual private network providers provide a free 3-day trial of the services.

The disposable trial for AirVPN can also be slightly harder to obtain. NordVPN enables you to enroll in their free trial offer online. AirVPN, however, needs a written request before they grant a totally free trial.

Both NordVPN and AirVPN accept a number of payment options. Included in this are credit/bank card, PayPal, as well as Bitcoin. AirVPN includes a slight edge using their selection of worldwide payment processors and/or even the gift voucher option.

Features and Personalization

Both NordVPN and AirVPN include pretty much every feature you anticipate from the quality Virtual private network service. NordVPN positions themselves because the &#8220world&#8217s most effective Virtual private network&#8221 while AirVPN&#8217s website plainly pushes their feature-heavy Internet security software credentials &amp overall mission.

NordVPN Claims

AirVPN&#8217s feature page emphasizes security measures &#8211

AirVPN Security

Now. Before I am going any more I wish to highlight two caveats.

First Caveat &#8211 Observe that no Virtual private network is 100% secure. Your visitors are still routing via a company. Any organization can close shop or go rogue. If you’re attempting to avoid your American ISP &#8211 then you’re simply replacing distrust of Comcast/Charter using the trust of the Virtual private network. If you’re a political activist where trust is really a existence or dying situation, you have to be using something similar to Tor. This can be a segue to NordVPN&#8217s / AirVPN&#8217s improvements, however the point remains using a Virtual private network doesn’t instantly create security/privacy. That’s something do via aligning company incentives (ie, having to pay for businesses who maintain security) &amp being positive.

Second Caveat &#8211 There’s an natural tradeoff between convenience and control. The greater convenience /ease that you simply provide having a Virtual private network, then less control the finish user has. The greater control you allow the finish user, the less ease / convenience / simplicity you provide. Neither approach is nice. Neither isn’t good. It&#8217s just a tradeoff. You&#8217ll begin to see the same tradeoff with privacy and network performance. Every Virtual private network attempts to strike an account balance backward and forward. Both NordVPN and AirVPN lean towards control. But AirVPN leans way in to the control field. If you wish to turn every knob and protocol variable, then AirVPN is perfect for you. You are able to go on and skip. If you would like simplicity and convenience, make sure to keep studying towards the usability section.

In either case &#8211 additionally to strong security and file encryption features, both NordVPN and AirVPN have an intuitive interface, customizable choices for advanced users, and synchronised connection support.

Listed here are a couple of from the top features that both Virtual private network providers share:

  • AES 256-Bit File encryption
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • P2P Discussing and Torrenting
  • Access Geo-Restricted Content
  • Synchronised Device Support
  • Mobile Phone Compatibility

Despite their similarities, NordVPN and AirVPN also share lots of variations &#8211 as noted within the second caveat. A few of these are relatively minor while some should considerably affect your general decision.

One particualr minor difference is P2P filesharing. While both providers take, NordVPN clearly claims that it’s only permitted on certain servers, in countries in which the practice is legal.

Another minor difference is within how the two services start security. Neither keeps any logs on user data, providing you with confidence that the information is safe*. This time will pop-up w/ speed &amp performance.

Both services also utilize OpenVPN, AES 256-Bit File encryption, and excellent Password Forwarding, in addition to DNS leak protection as well as an Internet kill switch.

The Right Password Forwarding for every is performed having a 4096-Bit Diffie-Hellman key.

The main difference here’s largely in Virtual private network protocol options. AirVPN only enables you to employ OpenVPN protocol (claiming other medication is too insecure) while NordVPN enables you to select from IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec in addition to OpenVPN.


NordVPN Advanced Settings

However, a significant difference in the manner NordVPN and AirVPN conduct business is the actual company location.

NordVPN is resides in Panama while AirVPN is resides in Italia. This small fact by itself is a big plus for NordVPN along with a damaging knock on AirVPN so far as privacy is worried.

The main reason? Panama has great online privacy laws and regulations while Italia&#8217s are very invasive. Actually, Italia is part of 14 Eyes, a spying alliance that mixes the web surveillance efforts from the NSA and GCHQ.

AirVPN Privacy Caveat

Panama, however, has completely uncensored Internet. It’s no mandatory data retention laws and regulations or online government surveillance. The nation is outdoors the direct grasp from the NSA and GCHQ, unlike Italia.

With this stated, AirVPN has been doing a great job maintaining the privacy and security of the users, despite their Italian headquarters. If you wish to base your security / trust with different company&#8217s founding story &amp general values, I’m able to&#8217t argue against AirVPN. They were founded like a community-supported Virtual private network for activists. Security &amp privacy are made to their DNA as well as their fan-base.

The truth that it normally won’t keep data logs of any sort implies that they’re not able to provide any user information for an outdoors agency, like the government, even when motivated.

Also, worth note may be the Tor options supplied by both companies. NordVPN offers Tor over Virtual private network while AirVPN offers Virtual private network through Tor.

The Virtual private network through Tor choice is unique for the reason that it first connects you to definitely a Tor network before connecting to AirVPN. Combine this with Bitcoin payment for true anonymity.

Tor over Virtual private network, regrettably, is less impressive. With this particular setup, you connect first to NordVPN then to some Tor browser. Connecting by hand to some Tor browser first (or with AirVPN) is an infinitely more secure approach to being able to access the net.

Another feature important to note is NordVPN&#8217s &#8220double Virtual private network.&#8221 The organization appears to savor speaking up this excellent offering, but we&#8217re not too convinced about this. To put it simply, a dual Virtual private network chains together multiple VPNs right into a string. Data goes through two VPNs (rather of a single) on a trip from the web for your computer.

Obviously, a dual Virtual private network comes with security benefits – however these are minimal. Along with a double Virtual private network produces a potential loss of speed.

Though a dual Virtual private network is advantageous for a small % of users, losing in speed should steer many people away (that will segue in to the next section).

Both NordVPN and AirVPN can be found on Home windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. NordVPN enables for six synchronised connections while AirVPN enables for 3.

Performance and Speed

A Virtual private network goes to inherently slow lower your non-Virtual private network connection as you are literally adding a middle-man located a large number of miles away. But a great Virtual private network can minimize your speed loss with well-enhanced servers, a properly-balanced network and getting servers situated in geographically ideal locations.

You will find two quick caveats before I discuss general speeds.

First, these two providers possess a heavy presence in Europe. I live (and conduct my tests) from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I attempt to check comparable servers (ie, make use of the same server locations for) but have a larger geographic lag compared to other VPNs.

Second, these two VPNs convey a big focus on zero logging. They don&#8217t even log bandwidth or time stamps. That&#8217s good from the privacy perspective, but it is also harmful to network stability given that they don&#8217t have just as much insight on server spikes &amp usage. Both of them provide real-time user tools to obtain users to self-select high-performing servers. But &#8211 it&#8217s not at all something they are able to control or perhaps nudge. Here&#8217s AirVPN&#8217s speed board.

AirVPN Speed Transparency

In either case &#8211 both AirVPN and NordVPN may take a hit with sporadic speeds. Here&#8217s my baseline non-Virtual private network speeds &#8211

No VPN Bandwidth Test

Here&#8217s NordVPN&#8217s best speeds &#8211 no more than 52% of non-Virtual private network bandwidth regardless of the low latency &#8211

NordVPN Speed Test

Here&#8217s AirVPN&#8217s typical first test connection &#8211

AirVPN Speed Test

Yeah&#8230not so great. So let&#8217s reconnect!

AirVPN Test

Better &#8211 but nonetheless not great &#8211 especially when compared with other providers like PureVPN, VyprVPN or ExpressVPN.

Performance &amp me is also impacted by the geographic spread of servers across countries. If you’re attempting to access geo-restricted content within the United kingdom&#8230and there’s no server within the United kingdom, then you’re at a complete loss.

Furthermore, if you’re mainly on the other hand around the globe because the nearest Virtual private network server, your speeds will always be going to possess a built-in lag.

These two providers possess a weakness in this region (to compare, see my ExpressVPN versus. NordVPN or ExpressVPN versus. AirVPN reviews). But they’re different in how weak they’re in every.

NordVPN has servers situated in over 58 countries. They likewise have a higher raw quantity of servers to select from if your are lagging. With somewhat switching around you’ll locate one having a fast connection&#8230if you’re near where their servers are clustered.

That&#8217s because NordVPN&#8217s servers mostly are clustered in Europe instead of spread around the world.

NordVPN App Map

So &#8211 NordVPN includes a decent country count&#8230with a caveat.

That stated &#8211 AirVPN presently has servers in just 15 counties. Many of these have been in Europe along with a couple of servers within the U . s . States, Canada, and Hong Kong. Note the distribution on their own charts &#8211

AirVPN Speed Transparency


Like I pointed out within the Features section caveat &#8211 there’s a tradeoff between convenience and control. If you want so that you can turn every knob and each setting. Many people simply want their software to operate work. Some desire a balance.

Overall, NordVPN tries to match some personalization whilst getting the easy setup of other VPNs.

Registering requires only their email. Produce a disposable email for more privacy.

After register, you’re sent an activation link. The next thing is to download the customer, produce a name and password, and you’re all set. It’s that simple and painless.

NordVPN Signup Flow

The NordVPN client is very straightforward, regardless of platform. It’s produced with utmost simplicity in your mind to higher attract beginners.

The AirVPN client is a lot more complex. It&#8217s fully free design not just leads to elevated customizability but additionally provides you with the opportunity to do an independent audit.

If you’re expecting an easy register&#8230you have been in for any frustrating experience. I covered it within my full AirVPN review, but here&#8217s a few snapshots of my signup process.

AirVPN Purchase Sequence

AirVPN Setup

AirVPN Installer Second Screen

AirVPN Technical VPN

AirVPN Installer

AirVPN Connection

AirVPN’s interface is among the most fully featured VPNs available on the market&#8230it&#8217s also a discomfort for that average user.

It’s a better option for advanced users while NordVPN is unquestionably a better option for novices.

Customer Support

There is a big divide between both of these Virtual private network providers with regards to customer care.

NordVPN offers 24/7 support via support tickets &amp knowledgebase. They go ahead and take traditional company approach of top lower customer care.

NordVPN Customer Support

AirVPN has much slower response occasions. With simply an e-mail system in position, responses frequently take several hrs.

AirVPN Support

That stated &#8211 AirVPN&#8217s &#8220thing&#8221 isn’t typical top lower company customer support. They’ve *very* active forum full of active, dedicated customers ready to assist fellow customers out. AirVPN has much more of a residential area feel than the usual company support feel.

With that, NordVPN&#8217s support has most of the issues &amp non-problems with typical company support. You will find horror tales going swimming online &#8211 some anecdotal, some apparently legit. I haven&#8217t had any issues, they also don&#8217t appear to place a lot of investment to their support channels either.

AirVPN isn’t affected by these issues. The internet consensus is the fact that while their professional support is frequently slow, it’s only friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Furthermore, the city is generally useful and they’ve customers annotating their FAQ section frequently.

An array of sources can be found on company’s websites. Both maintain message boards, although AirVPN’s leans heavily for the technical side (and has the jargon).

If you’re a DIYer &amp confident with community support, then you definitely&#8217ll likely find AirVPN to become a fit. If you’re more familiar with typical customer care, then NordVPN is a better fit.

Market Focus

The prospective audience of NordVPN and AirVPN is surprisingly different.

NordVPN caters a lot more for the casual, everyday Virtual private network user&#8230who also prizes privacy-focused features. The whole services are simple, straightforward, and it has privacy features that a minimum of sounds good &#8211 such as the no-log policy and double-file encryption setup.

AirVPN requires a more complicated, fully-featured route. Their services are targeted at a far more experienced Virtual private network user that wishes greater customizability and control.

With this stated, both NordVPN and AirVPN can be used as exactly the same applications, for example remaining secure on public Wi-Fi, P2P file discussing and torrenting, and being able to access streaming entertainment content like Netflix in geo-restricted areas.

Lastly, NordVPN and AirVPN possess a tilt toward Europe / Asia within the Americas in server locations.

Conclusion: NordVPN or AirVPN?

Though they’re fairly different services, are all good at what it really does. Both Virtual private network providers will also get consistently higher rankings coming from all their users.

Should you &#8211 such as the ethos &amp mission of AirVPN you prize complete control &amp personalization or else you simply don&#8217t mind DIY / community support, then you need to go join AirVPN here.

See AirVPN&#8217s plans here.

Should you &#8211 just like a cleaner, simpler setup you prize greater performance or want dedicated customer care, then you need to join NordVPN here.

See NordVPN&#8217s plans here.

If you’re searching for any Virtual private network with increased simplicity of use &amp better performance within the Americas, take a look at ExpressVPN (review here comparison versus. NordVPN here and versus. AirVPN here.

Kudos on securing your digital existence &#8211 make sure to consistently go to whichever Virtual private network you join 🙂

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