iPage versus. eHost Website Hosting Comparison

iPage vs eHost

Wondering “iPage or eHost?” is like asking someone to choose from a croissant along with a bagel. A variety of it comes lower for your particular situation. Exactly what do you want? What complements all of your purchase or meal? But it’s an option in either case you decide to go.

Both iPage and eHost are:

  • website hosts of Endurance Worldwide Group (a sizable hosting service corporation which owns the Bluehost brand).
  • pretty established, well-known brands within the hosting world (though have been relaunched w/ new branding lately).
  • centered on customers searching to have an affordable webhost,
  • providers of shared Linux hosting having a similar menu of services.

But with individuals things in keeping, they’re still different brands with various advantages &amp disadvantages (one good reason Endurance maintains both companies rather of merging them). I reviewed iPage entirely here and reviewed eHost entirely here.

Take a look at iPage&#8217s plans &amp prices here.

Take a look at eHost&#8217s plans &amp prices here.

Within this comparison between iPage versus. eHost, I’ll attempt to break lower the variations that I’ve present in seven different areas varying from prices structure to customer support and market focus so that you can decide the best idea fit for the project.

Also – you are able to skip towards the short version within the conclusion here (or take my Buzzfeed-style shared web hosting quiz here).

Let’s dive into iPage versus. eHost review&#8230

Disclosure – I receive customer referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All opinion and knowledge derive from my encounters like a having to pay customer or consultant to some having to pay customer.


Like I pointed out before, eHost and iPage both offer much the same products/services revolving around shared Linux hosting. Linux is the &#8220kind&#8221 of hosting which will run typically the most popular web-based apps like WordPress, Joomla, etc &#8211 and the type of hosting that many small companies will have to power the website.

It’s notoriously hard to compare prices plans and structures among website hosts. Some companies put caps on several things and never others. There are firms that offer &#8220unlimited&#8221 everything. It winds up feeling like you need to compare apples to oranges.

Fortunately, iPage and eHost have pretty comparable options. Additionally they concentrate on budget hosting choices, so there’s hardly any escalation within their plan choices. You should check out iPage’s hosting plans here and eHost’s hosting plan here.

eHost causes it to be increasingly simple by providing just one plan with limitless everything, plus a few great bonus features (which I’ll mention afterwards). They finish up being very affordable both short and lengthy term. Plus there is a super aggressive temporary discount program with frequent specials (and also the prices could be kept in for a long time).

eHost Homepage

Ehost&#8217s offers essentially go such as this: $5.98/mo for several yrs, $7.98/mo for just two yrs, $9.98/mo for 1 yr and $13.98/mo for monthly term &#8211 all susceptible to deep discounting.

iPage has lots of options, however they mainly market their Essential Plan, that is almost just like eHost’s plan (limitless everything + some bonuses). It starts at $11.95/mo for just two many $12.95/mo for 12 months, however they offer deep discounts pretty consistently (like sometimes lower to $1.99/mo). It normally won’t offer any monthly prices though.

iPage Pricing

eHost has better prices generally. However, if iPage is managing a discount that you could secure &#8211 they&#8217ll be a better option.

There’s one caveat about prices for iPage and eHost. As discount hosting providers, they&#8217re likely to need to make profit different ways. Certainly one of individuals ways is by upsells.

Upsells aren’t bad or good. They simply are something to understand. If you’re the kind of person that may ignore upsells &#8211 then you definitely&#8217ll get reduced prices from both. However if you simply hate upsells &#8211 then bear in mind. Here&#8217s a good example from iPage&#8217s checkout flow &#8211

iPage Upsells

iPage Upsells

iPage Upsells

However it&#8217s not only iPage. Here&#8217s eHost &#8211

eHost Upsells

Just something to understand w/ a price reduction host.

Hosting Features

Because there are plenty of different add-ons and extras that website hosts frequently tag on, it’s not easy to attract a precise comparison. To balance out the playing board, I love to break lower hosting features right into a “core feature set” along with a “bonus features set.”

The main set of features includes the three D’s: Domains, Disk Space, and Databases/email.

  • Domains are the number of distinct web qualities you are able to connect for your requirements.
  • Disk space is the number of files you are able to store in your account.
  • Databases/email is the number of software instances you are able to install to assist manage individuals files (ie, one install of WordPress requires one database in your server).

In most cases, website hosts place a cap on a single or many of these groups based on their cost range.

But eHost and iPage both offer limitless* everything. It appears too good to be real, right? Just bear in mind that even if you have “unlimited” disk space, the webhost may have certain abuse &amp file-discussing policies in position. In the end, a shared web hosting plan means just that &#8211 you’re discussing the disk space with others. You will see some kind of limit. Their form of &#8220unlimited&#8221 is they won’t pre-emptively cap your use if you work with it inside a foreseeable manner.

Both are essentially even on individuals counts.

So let’s check out a few of the bonus features. eHost offers one-click installs for WordPress, Drupal, etc together with limitless use of email tools, FTP, and mySQL. It normally won’t omit the basics and also have decent memory allocation. You’ll will also get ad credits along with a free website name for any year.

iPage has all of the basics you’ll need &#8211 including auto installs for such things as WordPress. They are doing use custom scripts, that are confusing and cluttered when compared to standard scripts. Additionally they offer limitless use of email tools, ad credits, and your own domain name. Their memory allocation isn’t just like iPage though.

Here&#8217s iPage&#8217s server information &#8211

iPage PHP Limits

Should you anticipate requiring to maneuver to some server or VPS hosting, iPage is the foremost choice backward and forward, but you’d most likely need to be choosing tk-info and obtain a much better product.


The main job of the website extends beyond storing files on the internet and delivering them aimed at your website visitors. Additionally you would like your website to get this done rapidly. It could seem as an elementary assumption &#8211 but you will find really lots of factors which go into website speed. And lots of occasions it isn’t only the host that triggers the slowdown.

That stated, the rate of the server makes a significant difference. But regrettably there isn’t an effective way for non-network engineers to gauge server speed between hosts. So, I personally use something known as TTFB (Time for you to First Byte) in my reviews to determine performance. Essentially, we measure how rapidly the server transmits the very first byte of information after it receives the request in the browser.

Here’s eHost’s typical performance (screenshot from 2016) &#8211

eHost TTFB

It isn’t badly as some big brands, but isn’t awesome either. It’ll work acceptable for a little website with regular traffic. However it will not be advisable for any project that targets mostly mobile users or has a lot of imagery.

Here is iPage’s performance test &#8211

iPage Performance

iPage does comparable as eHost &#8211 not amazing, although not absolutely terrible. It’s really too near to call backward and forward about this point, so let’s take a look at another factors.

Usability &amp Onboarding

&#8220Onboarding&#8221 is when you progress a brand new customer to an active customer. For website hosts, this is often a challenge. Their services are technical naturally. However a good webhost can help you get began rapidly.

The great part is the fact that both iPage and eHost use cPanel for his or her server backend. It&#8217s a business standard and makes website setup straightforward (though slightly daunting). Both of them have quite simple &#8211 though fundamental account backends. Here&#8217s a screenshot of iPage&#8217s account backend.

iPage Backend

Here&#8217s eHost&#8217s backend. It&#8217s simpler &amp cleaner, but nonetheless includes a couple of things missing.

eHost Backend

eHost will a good job with new account emails along with a decently clean road to installation.

eHost Onboarding

iPage though includes a serious issue with &#8220customizing&#8221 their quick install software. They reason that it simplifies common setups &#8211 like WordPress. But, for me, just clutters it with awful upsells and non-ideal plugins using their parent company.

iPage Preinstalled Plugins

eHost performs this using their quick install &#8211 although not to iPage&#8217s degree. It&#8217s perhaps easy to deactivate and take away any undesirable software, however i believe that shows a little bit of upsell bias from iPage.

On usability, eHost is the perfect company.

Customer Support

Customer support could be another tricky feature to check because it’s challenging a obvious picture without a lot of anecdotes. Who knows should you just happened to talk with their top customer support agent coupled with an excellent experience &#8211 or maybe the man was getting a dreadful day and also got frustrated together with your question.

The easiest way that I’ve found to determine customer support is to check out the support channels they provide (ease of access) and also the DIY/self-help options they’ve. Both of these factors are usually solid indicators from the company’s culture and attitude toward customer support. Will they view it like a cost, a good investment, or perhaps an upsell chance?

Both eHost and iPage do pretty ok within this category.

eHost offers support across every funnel &#8211 24/7 email, 24/7 chat support, phone support, support tickets, as well as an knowledgebase. On the top of this, each account is owned by a person service repetition. They may not have just as much expertise as some independent the likes of InMotion or SiteGround, however i would consider their customer support accessible.

eHost Customer Support

iPage also offers 24/7 support across email, support tickets, chat, and make contact with &#8211 however they lack a do it yourselfOrpersonal-assistance option just like a decent knowledgebase. So anybody searching for any short, quick option would be made to submit a ticket to customer support. They certainly aren’t “bad” at customer support, but it’s something to think about.

Everything stated &#8211 both are discount website hosts. Usually in these instances you’re going to get that which you purchase. eHost has marginally readily available support. But &#8211 both of them fit customers who’ve a far more DIY streak and/or prize cost over support.

Market Focus

Both eHost &amp iPage belong to exactly the same company &#8211 however that isn’t always a great factor (or perhaps a bad factor). Previously, Endurance Worldwide is known to kind of put a few of their brands in stock for time (see Arvixe or justHost). And honestly, that’s among the drawbacks of selecting a bigger company. They’ve got more sources to purchase brands which are succeeding (like Bluehost), they also can reduce investment on brands that merely aren&#8217t establishing a return.

EIG markets both iPage and eHost toward the entry-level and price conscious &#8211 meaning both are bare-bones discount solutions. If that’s where you stand, perfect. But it’s something to bear in mind should you picture major growth.

Previously year, iPage has gotten a small redesign, however their services have continued to be unchanged. eHost, however, has gotten some new design &amp development attention. And since Bluehost restructured their prices, eHost continues to be their &#8220go-to&#8221 limitless, single cost brand.

Additional Factors

Listed here are a few other random factors to bear in mind:

If you like using Yahoo for ads, eHost offers free credits toward Yahoo and Bing. If you like, Google ads, iPage provides the equivalent credits for Google and Bing.

Both of them provide a 30-day money-back guarantee

Knowing you’ll need upgrade options (ie, a VPS server, Dedicated server or WordPress enhanced hosting), iPage has individuals options. eHost doesn’t.

For much better or worse, both are of a large company. If you’d rather sign up having a smaller sized, independent company, you could think about InMotion (review), SiteGround (review), or Website Hosting Hub (review).

iPage versus. EHost Conclusion

If you would like discount shared web hosting for the project, the look for iPage&#8217s current discount here.

If you would like limitless choices for multiple sites, then I’d opt for eHost. Here’s their current prices special.

If you’d prefer greater performance / service, then you’d most likely need to be searching right into a webhost like InMotion (review).

And, if you’re more confused than ever before, you will probably find my affordable Weblog web hosting quiz helpful.

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