How You Can Try WordPress Before Purchasing Hosting for the Website

How To Try WordPress

I lately were built with a readers question sent via email  &#8211

What is the way to test WordPress before joining a hosting site? Perhaps a &#8216try before you purchase&#8217 arrangement, or something like that which you’ll download and check out on a laptop? Am just concerned about registering after which finding WordPress isn&#8217t for me personally.

That is a superb question. Unlike website builder services like Weebly or Squarespace or perhaps ecommerce platforms like Shopify or Bigcommerce &#8211 there&#8217s no real &#8220free trial&#8221 choice for self-located WordPress.

With no matter the number of setup takes you read or tutorial videos you watch, there&#8217s nothing that can compare with messing around with software to find out if it &#8220makes sense&#8221 for you.

You will find 3 methods to try WordPress before you decide to really purchase hosting. may be the commercial arm of WordPress software. They provide free accounts having a subdomain that you could register and employ.

The only real catch is it&#8217s a limited form of WordPress software. You are able to&#8217t try out all the plugins that you desire to test, etc. However the general feel is identical.

Actually, since enables some 3rd-party plugins, you can aquire a solid feeling of regardless of whether you such as the WordPress experience or otherwise w/

WordPress Preview

3 Things To test

  • Give a &#8220post&#8221 along with a &#8220page&#8221.
  • Select a new &#8220Theme&#8221 under Appearances.
  • Give a Menu under Appearances.

I authored helpful information around the variations between versus. here.

Public Test Servers

Another alternative would be to explore a set up of WordPress on the openly accessible server. There are several website hosts &amp WordPress wordpress plugin firms that provide this method. But &#8211 it&#8217s unusual because of junk e-mail. Plus &#8211 you hardly ever obtain a truly blank installation because of other users.

Poopy.existence (yes, that’s the correct URL) is really a completely new service that simply arrived on the scene for that establishing a quick, temporary installing of WordPress.

It features a very absurd name to avoid companies / web-site designers / spammers by using it to make money.

But simply to test before you purchase, it&#8217s excellent. You simply click to setup an evaluation site which will expire in 7 days. You can observe steps to make posts, add plugins, etc &#8211 it&#8217s exactly the same software that you simply&#8217d install by yourself host.

Temporary WordPress Install

Examples of Plugins

3 Things To test Your Temporary Install

  • Create a &#8220post&#8221 or perhaps a &#8220page&#8221 and examine your website.
  • Perform a look for Plugins and check out installing one.
  • Under Appearances, select a new &#8220Theme&#8221 and find out the way your design changes.

By Yourself Computer

It&#8217s a little more complicated, but simply so long&#8217s available &#8211 you are able to download a duplicate of WordPress by yourself computer and install it with your pc setup like a server.

Here&#8217s how you’re doing so on the Mac w/ MAMP.

Here&#8217s how you’re doing so on the Home windows w/ Easy PHP.

These two setups produce a server with PHP / mySQL (WordPress&#8217s database language). After that you&#8217ll install WordPress in your &#8220server&#8221 and can get on together with your browser.

It&#8217s a little complex, however that it something that you can do to actually explore the program before purchasing hosting.

*if you wish to get a little more complex, you may also technically try WordPress on the internet Cloud free of charge. However that&#8217s way outdoors this publish&#8217s intent / scope.

Next Steps

Self-located WordPress doesn’t have a lot of &#8220try prior to committing&#8221 options, but they’re available.

The final option I&#8217d mention is you can make the most of some webhost&#8217s generous refund policies. InMotion&#8217s is 3 months as well as HostGator&#8217s is 45 days.

Make sure to take a look at my WordPress Setup Guide and my WordPress Beginner&#8217s Tutorials.

I&#8217ve also compared WordPress straight to several platforms which means you know things to look for &#8211

  • WordPress versus. Weebly
  • WordPress versus. Squarespace
  • WordPress versus. Wix
  • WordPress versus. Shopify
  • Self-located WordPress Alternatives

Best wishes!

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