1&1 Website Hosting Review: 4 Pros & 4 Cons of just one&1 Hosting

1&amp1 is among the largest brands online services industry, and that i get lots of readers questions regarding what their hosting method is like. I&#8217ve labored with 1&amp1 web hosting several occasions for clients, and lately purchased a hosting package for any separate project I&#8217m running. Here&#8217s my first 1&amp1 website hosting review inside a series that appears in their hosting product overall &amp in comparison to some of the best hosts.

Take a look at 1&amp1&#8217s current plans &amp prices here.

This review was initially printed at the begining of 2014. It&#8217s been revised throughout by May 2016.

1&amp1 offers an array of products from domains to hosting to website packages. 1&amp1 is really among the earliest website hosting companies &#8211 founded in 1988. And they’re also one of the most aggressive advertisers with full-page ads in gossip columns and television spots. Anecdotally, I believe only GoDaddy rivals them when it comes to mass-market advertising and brand awareness.

But big brand doesn&#8217t mean a great product &#8211 which&#8217s one factor I needed to consider having a full 1&amp1 website hosting review.

3 quick asides before getting started. First, There are plenty of just one&amp1 hosting online reviews &#8211 usually with user-generated reviews according to anecdotes and private experience. That&#8217s fine however i have a different approach. My method of reviews is that there’s no such factor like a &#8220best&#8221 or &#8220top&#8221 anything. There&#8217s only better fits for various people based on your objectives. If you’re just searching for 1&amp1 promotions on super-cheap hosting, you’ll find them here.

Second, a disclosure which i receive customer referral charges from companies pointed out on this website. All data &amp opinion comes from my experience like a having to pay customer or consultant to some having to pay customer.

Third, after i discuss &#8220hosting&#8221 &#8211 I&#8217m particularly talking about Linux shared website hosting setups (like individuals employed for a typical Drupal, Joomla or WordPress setup). Unless of course you’ve got a specific reason to utilize a Home windows-powered server, you ought to be utilizing a Linux powered server. It&#8217s the standard and provides you a lot more versatility than the usual Home windows server. I&#8217m also particularly searching at shared website hosting, since unless of course you realize of the specific reason (like getting a regular +10,000 visits/day) not to have shared web hosting &#8211 it&#8217s the most likely the very best fit for you personally (it&#8217s also the most cost effective).

Pros of just one&amp1 Website Hosting

Last aside &#8211 the tldr is the fact that 1&amp1 doesn’t have any strong &#8220pros&#8221 for me. The truly simply have places that they’re just kind of fine. Their primary pro is the logo and the name they’ve developed over 26 years. That stated, for that purpose of single&amp1 website hosting review, listed here are the professionals of the hosting service (or skip towards the conclusion &amp recommendations here).


1&amp1 Hosting is around the less expensive finish of website hosting. They sometimes provide a inexpensive one year opening offer (view their plans here), after which boost the cost following a year, which even so take presctiption the greater affordable finish.

1&amp1 Pricing


Overall, they’re right consistent with many of their competitors following the one year intro deal. If this review was initially printed, 1&amp1 capped the amount of websites and quantity of domains. They’ve since removed a lot of individuals caps except for databases around the Limitless Plan.

Their prices tiers are nearly just like other big brand hosts like HostGator &amp GoDaddy whenever you bust out the main stuff you are having to pay for (space, performance and databases). Their cheapest tier plan’s really a rather better deal than a lot of GoDaddy and HostGator&#8217s least expensive plans given that they don&#8217t cap the amount of websites you could have.

So far as prices goes, 1&amp1 will get points for space &amp options for anybody on the super-tight budget.

Relative Options

1&amp1 began like a host company however provide everything underneath the digital sun. They are among the largest domain registrars (and frequently include 12 months of the new domain free with hosting purchase). All of their goods are integrated, that is a pro for most people. They offer daily server backups, together with an array of available apps to set up inside their backend (for example WordPress and Joomla).

That stated, their set of features is otherwise not particularly notable. Nothing sticks out or separates them of all the other hosting company. For that purpose of a pros &amp cons type 1&amp1 website hosting review &#8211 their features and options get put into the professionals column, as it is fairly competitive &#8211 particularly if you really value server located email, ad credits, or any kind of website builder tool.

Relative Performance

The main one true job an internet site hosting server would be to deliver your site files as rapidly so that as reliably as you possibly can each time someone requests them (by keying in your website name).

Neither I nor my clients have ever endured significant downtime with 1&amp1. They’re saying to possess individually verified 99.9% uptime. That&#8217s industry standard, so without monitoring tools, I&#8217ll provide them with the advantage of the doubt.

The main one factor I’m able to is through how rapidly 1&amp1 delivers my files to some browser. There are plenty of variables which go into how quickly an internet site loads, but probably the most important variables is when fast the server responds following the initial request &#8211 also known as Time For You To First Byte (TTFB). Listed here are outcomes of a speed test which i ran in December 2015.

1&amp1 Speed Test

Here&#8217s the exam I ran in May 2016 where they improved some.

1&amp1 Hosting Speed

Individuals exams are not amazing (edit: they’re pretty bad). But &#8211 they are superior to another major website hosting brands (ie, GoDaddy).

GoDaddy Speed Test

1&amp1 is still acceptable for small site which are have less graphics or overhead. The like performance, like prices and options, 1&amp1&#8217s primary pro is they are actually all right around the basics. Absolutely nothing to wow or really stick out in almost any 1&amp1 hosting review. However, the main one last positive of just one&amp1&#8217s performance is they do provide lots of memory to operate your site. Here is a snapshot from the memory presented to WordPress.

1&amp1 Memory

Only for reference &#8211 WordPress recommends getting 64M of memory to operate. Frequently cheaper web hosting companies are well known for skimping on memory provided, since customers rarely really make sure that setting. 1&amp1 does come through with that. Which means that when your server responds&#8230your website files are made and sent fairly rapidly.

Customer Support

The final &#8220pro&#8221 which i desired to mention was their customer support, according to my own experience. 1&amp1 has truly well known customer support should you go by internet forum threads (and that i include customer support like a disadvantage afterwards). That stated, my customer encounters with 1&amp1 will always be positive.

Unlike many web hosting companies, there is a 24/7 phone they really answer. Within my newest experience, it had been clarified by someone having a South Asian accent (might or might not indicate outsourced customer support) in under one minute hold time.

The problem couldn’t be resolved right now on the telephone, but once i stuck, she immediately adopted track of me via email to supply increase.

Customer Service Quick Follow up

Again, like 1&amp1&#8217s other &#8220pros&#8221 that one managed to get out there simply from the strength of low expectations. The knowledge didn&#8217t particularly wow me aside from the rate of response (I had been disappointed the issue wasn&#8217t resolved more rapidly thought), however it was cordial enough (and available) to place customer support like a potential pro for 1&amp1.

Cons of just one&amp1 Website Hosting

Consumer Experience

The main disadvantage of just one&amp1 Hosting is mainly consumer experience. Owning your individual or business hosting take into account an internet site or email shouldn’t be difficult. Despite the fact that servers require more technical setup than the usual Facebook profile &#8211 we’re well beyond the 1990s. Even when a website hosting service isn’t super-polished and also the pinnacle of design, it ought to a minimum of be fairly intuitive, and really should in the very least work.

These encounters with client websites on 1&amp1 were frustrating, but my very own website knowledge about 1&amp1 bordered on maddening. Here&#8217s a summary of specific issues that I’d that don’t exist on other providers.

First, pointing my domains to at least one&amp1 wasn’t intuitive whatsoever. Actually, the entire process felt as an upsell to obtain me to transfer my domains to at least one&amp1. I have not labored having a hosting company which makes it this difficult to utilize a hosting account which i purchased and your own domain name which i own elsewhere.

Every hosting company, including GoDaddy, makes their DNS address easily known to be able to just copy paste it at your domain registrar (confused? browse the first portion of my website setup guide). For instance, HostGator informs the DNS settings in your welcome email.

HostGator Email

1&amp1 details the 8 step process within their help section, which you’ll have to read after searching everywhere for any simple DNS settings of the hosting account. Obviously, it’s really a 2-step tactic to transfer your domain registration for them though.

Even buried under other settings - still going for the upsell

Second, fundamental things that will work don’t. I frequently stored getting Form Submission Unsuccessful errors because of the way they handle sessions.

1&amp1 review - re-submission errors

I attempted 3 occasions to set up a database for WordPress simply to receive &#8220Error&#8221 messages (note &#8211 this is exactly what triggered my newest customer support interaction).

Third, 1&amp1 includes a practice of making super-technical features simple to find and also the best choices for non-tech users difficult to get. This is fine if their target audience was high-finish developers, however their target audience may be the everyday small business operator or individual that uses a site. I&#8217ll cover their backend setup individually, but here&#8217s a good example of the way they handle a computerized WordPress install.

Bear in mind that anybody that has done lots of use WordPress and wishes to perform a custom installation won’t be utilizing a Quick Install. Quick Installs are suitable for newcomers, and anybody just attempting to save your time and obtain a fundamental installation. Quite simply, it ought to be the simple, simple and easy , non-technical.

To begin, WordPress is within a piece known as the Application Center where 1&amp1 makes pointless distinctions between options that don&#8217t need distinctions.

Once you discover WordPress (within the click and make, though it&#8217s known as an &#8220app&#8221), you need to choose your kind of installation.

They’ve different installation &#8220modes.&#8221 Safe mode keeps individuals from installing bad plugins also it keeps WordPress current. Free mode is really a normal installation, while Evaluation mode is for those who don&#8217t understand what WordPress is. I&#8217ve just seen this setting presented in a far greater way.

And the rest of the setup process is identical way. It&#8217s fundamental, and fine. But there is nothing in context or seamless. The &#82201-click install&#8221 is much more just like a manual installation process, without helpful tips for help. For instance, certainly one of from the 5 step WordPress  installation process is selecting a directory.

Selecting a directory matters for WordPress &#8211 not for that immediate installation, however for getting well setup other websites later on. Here&#8217s how 1&amp1 presents it&#8230

WordPress Directory on 1&amp1

It&#8217s not necessarily a bad (aside from the default directory wouldn’t be fun to utilize) setup. It&#8217s simply not neither useful, nor intuitive, nor quick.

Lastly, even just in the &#8220free mode&#8221 installation where 1&amp1 hosting claims that you’re in charge &#8211 they instantly install 15 plugins to your WordPress installation.

Pre-installed WordPress Plugins by 1&amp1

That isn’t awesome, and incredibly frustrating. It&#8217s similar to computer manufacturers bundling crapware in your nice, new laptop. And worse, most of the pre-installed plugins are merely not too good, which sets newcomers up to fail.

Overall, dealing with 1&amp1 is just frustrating. And the remainder of my 1&amp1 hosting review cons all come under this theme.

Backend Setup

Greatly associated with consumer experience is 1&amp1 hosting&#8217s backend setup. Should you&#8217re an initial-timer with hosting, you&#8217ll have to know that the hosting account is essentially server space and also the bandwidth to connect with that server. The server is like you computer for the reason that it&#8217s really difficult to communicate with it unless of course you possess an &#8220operating system&#8221 for example Home windows on your computer or OSX on the Mac.

The standard &#8220operating system&#8221 is known as cPanel. It&#8217s open-source, and therefore it&#8217s not of anybody, but it may be modified by particular company because of its own uses (kind of like Android). The bottom install of cPanel isn&#8217t polished and pretty, however it&#8217s fairly intuitive. It&#8217s the backend that the majority of the hosts which i recommend use &#8211 for example HostGator, Website Hosting Hub or InMotion. (By The month of january 2014, even GoDaddy has switched to cPanel for brand new accounts).

1&amp1 Hosting doesn’t use cPanel &#8211 they will use their very own custom backend setup. That might be fine &#8211 even preferred &#8211 when they tried on the extender to really make it more attractive and simpler for fist-timers to navigate. But alas, they don’t. It&#8217s really quite horrible for me. Here&#8217s what it appears as though.

1&amp1 Backend

On their behalf, it might make a lot more sense to feature the required options (like Quick Install, Add Domain, or File Directory) rather of very technical features that newcomers will not use.

1&amp1 Backend

It’s heavily biased towards individuals who make use of a 1&amp1 website name having a 1&amp1 hosting account and also the 1&amp1 website builder. In the event that&#8217s what you’re attempting to use, it&#8217ll be very straightforward. However, for those who have your domain registered elsewhere (like NameCheap or GoDaddy) or you need to perform a WordPress or Joomla install, it is extremely hard to use, especially for brand spanking new customers.

Again, website hosts which use cPanel don’t make hosting accounts as simple as establishing a Facebook profile, consider a lot of website hosts utilize it, you’ll probably find easy guides regarding how to utilize it to setup your site (or solve every other problem you are able to consider). Since 1&amp1 includes a proprietary setup, you need to depend on either their understanding-base or their customer support to assist you, that will frequently pave the way for failure or frustration.


When I described within the pros of just one&amp1, they perform a lot much better than many web hosting companies. Plus they fare better than many major web hosting companies, for example GoDaddy. However, when compared with a few of the web hosting companies which i recommend (for example HostGator, Website Hosting Hub and InMotion), 1&amp1 just can&#8217t quite work. Here&#8217s 1&amp1&#8217s speed figures again&#8230

1&amp1 Speed Test

I perform a much deeper comparison with GoDaddy within the 1&amp1 Hosting versus. GoDaddy publish, but to go forward and provide you with a concept, here&#8217s how 1&amp1&#8217s performance appears like versus. GoDaddy.


Here&#8217s how a site on Website Hosting Hub shared hosting performs &#8211

Web Hosting Hub Speed TTFB


And to provide you with a concept of precisely how good hosting could be &#8211 here&#8217s my website with an InMotion VPS server &#8211

InMotion VPS Speed Test

Customer Support

Like I pointed out within the pros section, 1&amp1 has phone support, and they’re quick to reply to, so that they get points for those who have low expectations. Plus they prosper on the relative scale versus. many web hosting companies. However they still don&#8217t do customer support well. The web is full of awful complaints about 1&amp1, however, that’s likely to a diploma because they are that big of the corporation &#8211 with this many purchasers.

According to my experience, I believe the reality might be more mundane. They just view customer support like a cost to become cut instead of like a marketing funnel. Like I stated, within the pros section, my most experience was fine. However it might have been horribly bad basically didn&#8217t know precisely that which was wrong and understood what to ask.

My representative would be a front-line basic level operator who had been clearly running off a script. She was friendly and useful, but nowhere close to properly trained as frontline reps which i&#8217ve labored with at InMotion Hosting or HostGator. She essentially attempted to complete precisely what I’d completed to recreate the very same error (database creation unsuccessful) &#8211 only to try and call her &#8220technical supervisor&#8221 &#8211 who’s, I suppose, the tech guy the reps can ask when there&#8217s a real problem.

He was busy (another symbol of cost-cutting), and that i was requested to become placed on hold. At that time, I suggested that they email the reply to the issue. She did in a few minutes. So again, it had been fine. But I know a scenario with somebody new to website hosting with a problem and winds up having a horrible experience. For your, I put 1&amp1&#8217s customer support like a disadvantage within the interests of the full 1&amp1 website hosting review.


I’ll be staying away from 1&amp1 website hosting later on in my projects. I believe their main fit is customers who curently have products with 1&amp1 (for example domains, email, etc) and wish to get a website hosting service for any website.

Or those who are with an very tight budget and therefore are focusing on several small projects. On their behalf, the cost reason for the fir&amp1 Unlimited Package is solid (view it having a further discount here). Otherwise, I&#8217d look elsewhere.

If you’re searching to have an all-around great hosting company for any lengthy-term project, I&#8217d recommend InMotion (this website is located together) or Website Hosting Hub (review).

If you would like fundamental hosting with a choice of every month, take a look at HostGator. They provide an excellent cost point and good features. Check out their plans w/ 45% off discount here.

Lastly, if you’re more confused than ever before, try my Buzzfeed-style hosting quiz here that will sort your objectives with

1&amp1 Hosting

1&amp1 Hosting is among the largest and earliest web services companies.
1&amp1 Hosting Review
Compiled by: Nate Shivar
Date Printed: 05/17/2016
Good prices, but poor usability and gratifaction makes 1&ampamp1 an undesirable fit for many.
2.5 / 5 stars

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