Best MailChimp Templates: How To Pick & Use Effectively

Best MailChimp Templates

MailChimp transmits out over 10 billion emails per month produced by everyone from huge corporations to individuals. MailChimp transmits from personal musings to multi-billion dollar product bulletins to curated marketing newsletters.

All of individuals emails shares one factor in keeping &#8211 all of them had some kind of template or design.

Here&#8217s the (potentially) billion dollar question: what&#8217s the very best MailChimp template for the campaign? Here&#8217s things i&#8217ve learned digging deep into MailChimp&#8217s treasure chest of information regarding how to choose &amp use email addresses templates effectively.

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Selecting The Very Best Email Template

MailChimp Templates

Creating a highly effective email campaign is much more than selecting an expensive theme and taking advantage of an incredible header image. Here are a few points to consider:

Choose the objective of your campaign.

If it is Readership, you’ll want to pay attention to good copy along with a strong hook at the start. You’ll desire a theme that will help you to utilize Typography &#8211 size &amp font family &#8211 instead of being really image-heavy.

If it is Purchasing/Conversion, you’ll need interesting visuals which have descriptive image summaries, plus clickable links.

If it is Subscribing/Leads, you’ll require a template that lends to obvious, prominent event details &amp a really obvious proactive approach.

Responsive/Mobile Friendly.

Responsive is jargon this means that your template instantly adjusts font, layout &amp elements with respect to the device.

If you are creating your personal, use media queries, or help make your campaign mobile-friendly having a fixed width of 320px, bigger fonts that may be continue reading a little screen, and finger size buttons which are tappable. Based on MarketingLand, greater than 41% of emails are opened up on phones. Your email template needs to component that in.

Single versus Multi-Column

If you are campaign is centered on one subject or you’re pushing a proactive approach, you’ll need a Single Column template. It’s an infinitely more enjoyable experience.

If you have variety inside your content or perhaps a product-based campaign, Multi-Column is the best choice. Additionally, it enables you to definitely put any non-crucial content within the sidebars.

The Main One Principle

MailChimp recommends that the email campaign ought to be readable with one eyeball at one arm’s length away, and scrollable/tappable with one thumb. Which means utilizing a minimum of 16 font size, staying away from link clusters, &amp building your proactive approach button at 46 px squared.

Obvious Headings &amp Proactive approach

Give me an idea your readers to complete? Get this to as apparent as you possibly can. If you feel it’s large enough, allow it to be bigger. Whenever you squint at the computer, do you know what’s important? Should you can’t, result in the adjustments accordingly.

Think Simple

Simple design using grid-based layers. Simple fonts (think Occasions, Arial, Verdana, Trebuchet). Avoid Flash &amp Javascript. Use less imagery &amp better content.

Fancy designs look good when you are allowing the template, but don’t forget you’re emailing across various platforms with assorted security settings/preferences. The more your campaign is, the greater accessible and shareable it’s!

Test Out Your Campaign

Look at this guide for email testing ideas &amp tips. Use tools like MailChimp’s Inbox Previewer or Litmus to preview how emails will render in various inboxes.

Free MailChimp Email Templates

MailChimp includes a huge range free of charge, customizable email templates. Here’s where to discover the correct solutions.

If you have your personal logo and time for you to personalize it &#8211 I’d stick to the “Basic” Styles. They permit probably the most versatility.

Basic Templates


If you prefer a fairly fundamental template with a lot of control &#8211 Look for Simple E-newsletter or PostCard.

Simple Newsletter


Should you picture a fancier design &#8211 I really like the feel of Golden Fields or Modernist, but honestly something that suits your style of the Styles section works pretty much.

If you are promoting a celebration &#8211 Look for Event. My 2 favorites are made by Jon Hicks and Matthew Cruz.

Events Template


If you have to start dating ?-specific campaign that is not a celebration by itself &#8211 I would suggest you opt for a template within the Birthday or Reminders Category. Beauty Indication and Birthday Present 2 are generally great starts.

Birthday Reminder


If you are selling products &#8211 Select a template like Something Old 1A or Monochromatic. There are also another great ideas underneath the eCommerce category.

Something Old


If you are targeting a mobile audience &#8211 Choose anything underneath the Fundamental Tab. It’s simpler to begin with any “drag and drop” template than attempt to configure a far more detailed design.

Basic Templates


If you are delivering out a flyer- I really like the PostCard template. Stick to anything simple.



If you are targeting simple text your emblem &amp some links &#8211 Stationery 3 is a superb start.

Stationery 3


Premium MailChimp Email Templates

You don&#8217t need to limit you to ultimately MailChimp&#8217s selection though &#8211 they are able to frequently be considered a bit simplistic and fiddly to edit. There are many designers and firms that provide email template that actually work on MailChimp.

They either possess a customizable template &#8211 or include features just like a drag editor. For their services, you&#8217ll usually place their code and upload it to MailChimp&#8217s &#8220Code Your Personal&#8221 option around the template screen.

Here&#8217s my top picks from various premium marketplaces.


Market Template

Market includes a very clean look. It’s responsive &amp enhanced for MailChimp. Additionally, it has 24 different color variations and eight prebuilt layouts.


Product Mail Template

ProductMail is perfect for the minimalist &#8211 but you will get really creative with this particular template. It boasts limitless templates and palettes. And it is responsive/mobile-friendly.


Campaigner Template

Campaigner is yet another great choice. It’s responsive &amp ready for MailChimp. It’s incredibly versatile &amp will help you to produce a solid business campaign.


Metro Template

Metro includes a unique, fun feel into it &amp the bold design will certainly catch attention. It’s responsive and it has well-documented code. It arrives with pre-packaged layouts that are simple to personalize, and it also has 33 different elements you may use inside your design.

Other MailChimp Template Sources

Use Merge tags for customer-specific content, like name, subject, date, etc. Here’s MailChimp’s Help guide to Merge Tags. And this is a Cheat Sheet for those their Merge Tags.

If you wish to build or personalize your template on your own &#8211 take a look at MailChimp’s Template Language.

Next Steps

MailChimp is definitely an incredibly helpful tool to network, increase sales or awareness, and extremely any marketing tactic you may realise up. I’ve used them for business and personal-related projects for a long time, the best of this is &#8211 you may create a free account free of charge here.

If you’re working out the way your entire online marketing strategy in concert with &#8211 here&#8217s an agenda for local or ecommerce.

If you are less than sure why content marketing is essential, read this publish.

If you are battling with content ideas, here’s a couple of tools to obtain began.

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