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With regards to enterprise eCommerce platforms, you will probably deal with many different sass . . . . er, SaaS. Software like a Service (SaaS) continues to be increasing within the last couple of years, largely because SaaS platforms are a great deal simpler to obtain ready to go.

Shopify Plus is a such platform. Being an enterprise shopping cart software, Shopify Plus offers all the characteristics SaaS platforms do best: a dependable 99.9% uptime, scalability, and flexibility. Shopify Plus is a superb option for many retailers who wish to expand their online retailers. Using its easy-to-use dashboard and stylish styles, this cart could be a simple means to fix the reasons of internet selling.

Although Shopify Plus is a superb platform for a lot of, you might find it isn&#8217t right for the company. Although this software has got the most to provide when it comes to ease-of-use, it’s somewhat limited in feature depth and customizability. So, if robust functionality and completely flexiblility is what you would like from a shopping cart software, Shopify Plus won&#8217t come out on top.

In the following paragraphs, we&#8217ll be evaluating Shopify Plus with three other leading enterprise search engine optimization. We&#8217ll see featuring take presctiption componen with (or much better than) Shopify Plus&#8217s choices, so we&#8217ll also check out areas that they miss Shopify Plus&#8217s standard.

Before we all do that, let&#8217s first obtain a general concept of what Shopify Plus is much like.

Shopify Plus may be the enterprise form of the über popular shopping cart software, Shopify. Shopify hosts over 275,000 stores worldwide and it has facilitated $17 billion price of sales. With big names like Google&#8217s Zagat and Wikipedia aboard, Shopify Plus is greater than a little effective.

Here&#8217s an overview of the items Shopify Plus does best.

  • Beautiful Pre-made Styles: You will find over 100 fully mobile responsive designs obtainable in Shopify&#8217s Theme Store. 26 seem to be free, and also the rest cost between $140-$180.
  • An Ample Application Market: Shopify&#8217s Application Market includes over 1000 apps and integrations.
  • Simplicity of use: Shopify Plus uses Shopify&#8217s fundamental dashboard, which is probably the simplest available on the market. It won&#8217t be difficult for you and your marketers to navigate features in the admin. Request a totally free 14 Day Trial to give it a try on your own, no charge card needed.
  • Theme Editing: You are able to edit your template using Shopify&#8217s coding language, Liquid. You may also make changes in the HTML/CSS level.
  • Payment Gateways: Shopify Plus integrates with more than 70 payment gateways. Shopify also provides its very own Shopify Payments. If you opt to follow this path, you might take advantage of some discounted rates on charge card transaction charges.
  • Priority Customer Care: Shopify Plus assigns each merchant a Merchant Success Manager, who helps talk to Shopify and advocates for further features.
  • Search engine optimization: With Shopify&#8217s Traffic Control Application, you are able to transfer all your previous visitors to your brand-new site, with no stop by Search engine optimization.

Although Shopify Plus offers quite a bit to provide, that is certainly not perfect. They are some areas by which Shopify Plus can use some improvement.

  • Nobody-Page Checkout: Single page checkout simplifies the purchasing process for the customers. Shopify Plus doesn’t yet possess a feature for single page checkout, though they are doing come with an add-on available. (It&#8217s known as CartHook, also it costs $300/month.)
  • No Filtered Search: Shopify Plus doesn’t incorporate a filtered (faceted) search feature. Filtered search helps your customer locate what they desire rapidly and simply. It’s, however, like an application.
  • Liquid: Some reviews I&#8217ve seen state that Liquid is rather easy to determine, I know that learning a brand new coding language is frustrating for many developers.
  • Limited Discount Features: It&#8217s only possible to create discounts with one condition. For instance, you can’t produce a 10% discount on all tee-shirts over $20. You may create a price reduction of 10% on all tee-shirt Or perhaps a discount of 10% on all products over $20, although not individuals two conditions together.

For additional info on Shopify Plus, try our full review.

Otherwise, keep studying to determine how other enterprise shopping carts compare well to Shopify Plus.

Note: Because prices differs from merchant-to-merchant for those enterprise solutions, I’ll exclude prices out of this comparison. Obviously, understanding prices is an integral part of the decision making process process. I counsel calling sales representatives from each shopping cart software you&#8217re thinking about for any prices estimate.

BigCommerce Enterprise


Of all the enterprise solutions about this list, BigCommerce Enterprise (BC Enterprise) is easily the most much like Shopify Plus. BC Enterprise offers hassle-free service by having an easy-to-use admin, pre-made styles, and priority customer support.

Take a look at how BC Enterprise&#8217s top characteristics act like individuals of Shopify Plus.

Nearly As Good or Better

  • Simplicity of use: Like Shopify Plus, BC Enterprise has a simple dashboard. All the fundamental functions are readily-available and simple to operate. Check out BigCommerce using their Free 15 Day Trial.
  • Beautiful Styles: BC Enterprise lately unveiled 21 new Stencil styles. Each theme includes several variations (&#8220styles&#8221), which create a total of 160 various appearances. These styles look every bit as good as Shopify&#8217s plus they&#8217re simple to edit while using Stencil Theme editor. If you wish to personalize your website further, it can be done by looking into making alterations in the HTML/CSS.
  • WYSIWYG Editor: A WYSIWYG (a specific item is what you’ll get) editor enables you to update storefront content in the admin, without touching any code.
  • Conversion Features: Features like filtered search, one-page checkout, and abandoned cart notifications guide your clients toward purchase.
  • Believed Tax and Shipping Rates: Believed tax minute rates are instantly generated with built-in Avalara Tax. An integration with Shipper HQ lets your clients see shipping quotes before they checkout.
  • Lots of Integrations: With 265 integrations available, BigCommerce&#8217s apps store is not very shabby. Obviously, it&#8217s nowhere near how big Shopify&#8217s Apps Store, however i&#8217m prepared to bet that BigCommerce has enough to suit your needs.
  • Prioritized Call Routing: BC Enterprise includes priority customer support your calls and concerns is going to be clarified sooner.
  • Reduced Charge Card Rates: If you are using PayPal (Operated by Braintree), you may enjoy reduced charge card rates per transaction. Granted, the rates aren&#8217t quite just like individuals of Shopify Payments, however it&#8217s an improvement on nothing.

Fails To Deliver

  • Extra Expense for Account Manager: You’re qualified for any Proper Account Manager, however it&#8217s likely to set you back extra.
  • Limited Support on Customizations: Should you personalize your website in the HTML/CSS level, you&#8217re less inclined to receive tech support team from BC Enterprise.
  • Recent Prices Change: In April 2016, BigCommerce place a new prices schema into effect. This latest prices plan is dependant on product sales and it has pressed several merchant into greater prices brackets. Retailers who have been once having to pay $29/month are all of a sudden having to pay hundreds monthly for nearly identical services. Understandably, many purchasers are upset and angry relating to this prices change.

Basically, BC Enterprise matches Shopify Also in onpar gps and usefulness, but fails to deliver in customer support. So, if you’re able to forgive their customer support mishaps and you’ll need a shopping cart software that&#8217s much like Shopify Plus, BC Enterprise might be your decision.

Read our full overview of BigCommerce Enterprise to learn more.



Should you&#8217re following a shopping cart software that&#8217s much like Shopify Plus, BC Enterpise is the greatest alternative. However, should you&#8217re thinking about something significantly different, a platform like Mozu is the perfect approach to take.

Mozu isn’t the easy-to-use dream that Shopify Plus seeks to become. Mozu doesn’t tote usability its rally cry is customizability. With Mozu, you are able to construct your site in the ground-up.

Here&#8217s what Mozu offers.

Nearly As Good or Better

  • Faster Loading Pages: Mozu claims its pages load quicker than individuals located by other servers. Check out this video.
  • Hypr Theming Engine: Mozu&#8217s Hypr Theming Engine helps your developers construct your site on the top of Mozu&#8217s mobile responsive blank theme.
  • Open-Source Documentation: An Escape API and 7 open-source SDKs (Software Development Kits) make customizations and integrations a bit simpler.
  • Wide Features Set: Filtered search, one-page checkout, customer segmentation, and personalized promotion features are provided with Mozu. Click the link to tour their &#8220Platform&#8221 pages that specify more.
  • Account Manager: Each merchant is designated a free account manager, with no additional costs.

Fails To Deliver

  • No Pre-Made Styles: With Mozu, the concept would be to construct your website. There aren&#8217t any styles that will help you on the way (aside from the mobile responsive blank theme), which might be a bad or good factor based upon what you can do to employ an internet developer.
  • Challenging Use: Okay, which means you&#8217re have to a developer it isn&#8217t really optional. All large changes and 3rd-party integrations require some pretty serious know-how.
  • No Abandoned Cart or Blog Features:  While neither feature is made-in, you can include on with apps.
  • Only Ten Payment Gateways: Granted, you could construct your own connections using the API, however it&#8217s nice to not need to. Ten choices are just a little limited.
  • Limited Add-Ons: You will find 85 add-ons within the Mozu Marketplace. Like always, you are able to construct your own connection, however, you&#8217d most likely prefer not to.

Mozu is really a strong competitor when it comes to features and versatility. But don’t forget: It isn&#8217t a person-friendly platform. Should you don&#8217t want to utilize code and you may&#8217t bring in help to code for you personally, Mozu isn’t the right approach. However, for individuals that don&#8217t mind just a little HTML within their diets, Mozu is a great option.

Learn more within our full Mozu Review.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition


Like Mozu, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition (Magento ECE) is much more thinking about customizability than usability. Introduced in April 2016, this selection wealthy platform may be the sparkling new, web-based form of Magento&#8217s Enterprise Edition.

With more than 240,000 stores signed on, Magento is among the most generally used eCommerce platforms. Additionally they serve more Internet Store Top 1000 retailers than every other shopping cart software, making Magento a bit of a huge in eCommerce.

Unlike almost every other platform about this list, Magento ECE isn’t SaaS it’s PaaS (Platform like a Service). Essentially, which means that Magento ECE has a slightly lower degree of service, though I don&#8217t see that much of the difference. Find out more on SaaS and PaaS here.

Check out how Magento Enterprise compares alongside Shopify Plus.

Nearly As Good or Better

  • Endless Features: Magento ECE includes more features than I&#8217ve observed in every other shopping cart software. You will find features for customer segmentation, filtered search, drag-and-drop merchandising, and processes for creating every kind of discount. Get more information at the entire list.
  • Fully Customizable: You are able to personalize everything about Magento ECE, in the storefront towards the admin. Make use of this feature to re-arrange your dashboard and streamline how you behave.
  • Apache Caching: Caching management helps load pages faster.
  • Open-Source Documentation: There&#8217s additionally a REST API.
  • WYSIWYG editor: Should you don&#8217t would like to get in to the code, there&#8217s a WYSIWYG editor that will help you update content.
  • Manage Multiple Sites: Do all of it in one admin.

Fails To Deliver

  • Challenging Use: Magento ECE includes a steep learning curve it requires some time to actually get used to the woking platform. But, when you finally decipher it, there are plenty of features when you need it.
  • Extra Expense for added Support: Magento ECE has a free account Management Team, but you spend for his or her help.
  • No Ready-Made Styles: Like Mozu, Magento ECE offers merely a mobile responsive blank theme. It&#8217s your decision (as well as your web-developers) to really make it your personal. There’s a couple of 3rd party styles available to buy within the Magento Marketplace, however they are usually untidy and bland.
  • Less Apps: Because Magento ECE uses the recently-released Magento 2., only 51 add-ons are presently suitable for the woking platform. I picture this number increases soon.

Ironically, Magento ECE&#8217s greatest trouble with ease-of-use is because its best asset: each of the features available. Magento ECE may be the platform that will it all. So, if you feel Shopify Plus is ok, but simply doesn&#8217t do enough, give Magento ECE a go.

For additional info on Magneto Enterprise Cloud Edition, read our full review.

Final Ideas

Hopefully, one of these simple three alternatives has piqued your interest. If that’s the case, I recommend studying our complete evaluate the cart(s). I additionally recommend calling sales representatives each and every company they’ll inquire a couple of questions regarding how big your company after which have the ability to estimate a cost range for you personally.

However, should you still think Shopify Plus is the greatest platform for the store, that&#8217s great too. Shopify Plus does indeed offer the best support and usefulness available on the market.

Regardless of whether you decided on a simple platform a treadmill with versatility, a click-and-publish theme or perhaps a build-it-yourself, a SaaS solution or perhaps a PaaS, If only both you and your business the very best inside your endeavors.

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