Best POS for Complete Restaurants

POS software for restaurants

With regards to selecting an item of purchase system for the complete restaurant, there’s much more on the line than you may initially think. In addition to taking payments, modern restaurant POS software helps restaurant proprietors manage tasks from accounting to staff management—the type of stuff that can see whether your restaurant succeeds or becomes among the 60% of restaurants that fail inside the newbie of opening.

Below is a summary of the very best cloud-based reason for purchase systems for complete restaurants (i.e., sit-lower, table-service restaurants). These POS systems help restaurateurs try everything from manage component inventories to consider reservations online, and all things in between. Plus, these pay-as-you-go systems are relatively affordable and won’t place a major stress on your restaurant budget.

Continue reading to find out about the best reason for purchase software for complete restaurants, adopted by a few advice that will help you select the right POS system for the restaurant business.

Note: The arrangement of those vendors doesn’t always indicate ranking. It’s hard to rank scalping strategies since every one has high star ratings and can work differently with every business.

talechtalech POS logo

  • Cloud-based iPad POS 
  • Premium plan with features for complete restaurants starts at $89/month (for 2 devices, billed yearly)
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Purchase order generation
  • Table layouts and choice to assign table positions to products
  • Split and merge orders
  • Coursing (assign dishes to make and offered in courses)
  • Automatic gratuity and skill to separate check by table position (seat)

talech (that&#8217s right, lowercase &#8220t&#8221) only has existed for 4 years, but it’s already utilized by greater than 10,000 small-to-medium companies. While a few of these users are within the retail sphere, this iPad POS also offers advanced features because of its customers within the restaurant industry. A few of these restaurant-centric features include table layouts, coursing, automatic gratuity, and the opportunity to split checks effortlessly. talech also gives its restaurant users the choice to pre-authorize charge cards (useful when establishing a tab), in addition to customer and worker management, and extensive discount/promo functionality. 

talech’s reporting suite isn’t the very best, and offline functionality is restricted, but overall we actually such as this POS for full-service restaurants because it has some awesome features that many other POS’s—even restaurant-specific POS’s—don’t have.

Find out more within our talech POS review.

TouchBistrorestaurant POS software

  • In your area-installed iPad POS
  • Prices starts at $69/month for just one register
  • Doesn’t need Wi-Fi, aside from charge card payment processing
  • Payment options include cash, credit, EMV nick cards, mobile, and gift certificates
  • 24/7 phone support incorporated
  • Manage tables, menus, employees, and much more with the POS
  • Tableside ordering and payments
  • Reservation management with “Pro” subscription

TouchBistro, est. 2011, is really a secure, on-site POS that actually works for any kind of restaurant, such as the full-service variety. Using its sleek, attractive interface and slew of easy-to-use features, TouchBistro is very well-liked by restaurants, so that it’s been the very best-grossing POS application on iTunes several occasions within the this past year. TouchBistro’s unique model enables you to definitely run your whole restaurant with an iPad—with no web connection. If you wish to use several iPads, you are able to generate a local Mac server that all of your restaurant’s devices will sync.

TB enables you to accept almost any kind of payment and integrates with multiple payment gateways. Bear in mind that although the POS itself doesn’t require Wi-Fi, you’ll need internet to consider charge card payments. Additionally you can access additional real-time data in your restaurant online using a cloud-based application.

TouchBistro is a touch light on raw component management features, however, you can pair it with Shogo for additional robust inventory tracking. Overall, TouchBistro is really a solid, cost-effective option for smaller sized restaurants with 10 or less iPads/registers.

Learn more about TouchBistro.Toast POS logo


  • Cloud-based Android POS
  • Prices starts at $100/month
  • Accept cash, check, EMV nick cards, gift certificates, charge cards, and mobile payments
  • Includes 24/7 customer care
  • Worker and customer management
  • Extras include online ordering, loyalty program, delivery management
  • Robust reporting abilities

Toast may be the hot new POS system for restaurants who wish to make use of a cloud-based tablet POS but don’t always want an iPad system. Actually, Toast runs solely on Samsung Android devices. But apart from that distinction, it features a lot that is similar to another tablet POS systems on the list—it’s simple to use and hang up, and enables servers to consider orders as well as payments from their tablets. Plus, it provides extensive awesome extras like online ordering, a loyalty program, and delivery management—though a few of these features will need you to pay extra.

One factor you don’t need to pay a premium for with Toast is the highly regarded 24/7 customer care, offered from the 100% US-based tech support. Toast places lots of importance on customer care, that is a major benefit of by using this system.

Another factor to notice is the fact that besides using Android tablets, you might also need to become okay with using Toast’s in-house payment processor—you can’t make use of an outdoors credit card merchant account with this particular POS.

Toast isn’t the least expensive cloud POS available, however with its extensive set of features and ideal customer care, it’s among the best restaurant POS’s around for full-service restaurants large and small—including multi-location franchises. Bigger restaurants which use multiple devices may also cut costs by utilizing Toast’s cheaper Android tablets versus. balance pricier iPads needed on most other cloud POS’s. Discover more concerning the benefits and drawbacks of Toast POS by studying our Toast review.

POS Lavurestaurant pos software

  • Cloud-based iPad POS
  • Prices starts at $59/month (billed yearly)
  • Advanced worker management
  • Table management
  • Raw component tracking
  • Advanced menu management
  • Tableside payments
  • EMV-compliant
  • Granular reports, accessible in your iPad, internet browser, or iPhone application
  • Digital kitchen display system
  • 24/7 customer care incorporated

Lavu is yet another affordable and great looking iPad POS for promising small to medium-sized restaurants, including multi-location restaurants. Lavu has a lot of features (over 300), with its super-affordable price tag, it can potentially save your restaurant lots of money, particularly if you’re switching from the clunky, Home windows-based POS. Lavu, est. 2010, is cloud-based but includes a local server backup choice for added stability for restaurants that are looking to sync multiple devices.

Lavu offers a lot of features it might be hard to list them all—some these include advanced worker management features (time keeping, job rates, calculation of overtime pay, and much more). There is also granular inventory control, viewable instantly. In addition, Lavu is easily flexible about which payment gateway you should use (though they’re presently incentivizing PayPal for payment processing).

Lavu’s downsides include no purchase order support or mass import functions some customers also complain the product is glitchy sometimes. Fortunately, Lavu’s support team is very responsive, and Lavu releases frequent updates to repair problems and add additional features. For the best results, have the body installed by a professional instead of carrying out a self-install. Learn more within our POS Lavu review.


  • Cloud-based iPad POS (creates iPhone too)
  • Prices starts at $59/month (billed yearly)
  • Customized table layouts
  • Manages reservations and remembers your regulars’ details
  • “Audit log” to trap mistakes and inefficiencies
  • Dropbox database backup
  • 24/7 email support

Ambur is really a restaurant iPad POS that works well with single-location restaurants with 1-10 workstations. Ambur is extremely affordable, and it is fun and simple to use using its attractive, colorful interface. Like the majority of the other cloud POS’s on the list, Ambur integrates with multiple payment processors—any processor that provides the BridgePay payment gateway works.

Ambur presently doesn’t have third-party software integrations (for instance, accounting or e-mail marketing software), and it’s missing some features other restaurant POS’s have, like raw component tracking and also the ability for purchasers to sign for purchases on the iPad screen. However, while Ambur doesn’t have every feature on the planet, it will include reservation management. And also, since Ambur’s 2015 acquisition by ShopKeep (ShopKeep is a well-liked POS for convenient-serve restaurants and small retail companies), Ambur has added web-based back-office and multi-location abilities, among additional features. These functions aren’t all completely functional yet, but ShopKeep’s acquisition must only mean good stuff for Ambur and also the restaurateurs using it.

To understand more about Ambur, read our Ambur POS review.

Lightspeed Restaurantrestaurant pos software

  • Cloud-based iPad POS (creates iPhone, too)
  • Prices starts at $59/month (billed yearly)
  • Table layouts
  • Online menu management
  • Worker management with capability to set worker roles (i.e., “bartender”)
  • Share menus across locations
  • Tableside ordering
  • Email receipts
  • Real-time raw goods tracking
  • Open tabs and split bills
  • In-depth reports
  • 24/7 support

Lightspeed Restaurant is yet another quality iPad POS for restaurants, and this one works too for convenient-service because it does for full-service restaurants. The Lightspeed POS brand has existed for some time, but LS Restaurant is really a newer offering for iPad and iPhone, released in 2014. Lightspeed includes a free reservation management module and integrates with QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero overall, it’s an affordable and quality selection of POS for promising small to medium full-service restaurants.

This POS also offers multi-restaurant functionality, although it is principally used by small to medium-sized restaurants. You may use any BridgePay-friendly charge card processor with Lightspeed, in addition to Cayan or Mercury. Find out more about this restaurant POS within our Lightspeed Restaurant review.

restaurant pos softwareRevel Systems

  • Cloud-based iPad POS
  • Monthly prices varies based on your restaurant’s size and requires
  • Multi-location/franchise-friendly
  • Table layouts with table timers and color coding
  • Advanced raw component tracking across multiple locations
  • Delivery management
  • On the internet and mobile ordering
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Worker management
  • CRM and e-mail marketing
  • Robust reporting
  • Tableside ordering
  • Lately added table reservations feature
  • EMV-compliant
  • 24/7 support

Revel Systems may be the only POS on the list that isn’t made particularly for restaurants. Nonetheless, it’s very able to handle the requirements of a complete-service restaurant and includes key restaurant-specific features. Actually, Revel has probably the most complete feature teams of any restaurant POS, especially because the addition of a table reservation feature.

Revel is much more appropriate for bigger restaurants with multiple locations. Though Revel is among the pricier choices on their list, it’s still an inexpensive and incredibly capable option to enterprise-level POS software like Micros or Aloha.

Revel is extremely customizable and provides extensive different hardware options, including digital menu boards along with a digital kitchen display system. The cloud-based Revel POS also offers good offline functionality using its “always on” mode enabling you to still process payments whether or not the internet goes lower. This POS also offers many compatible charge card processors.

Obtain a more complete view of this POS by studying our Revel Systems review.

Which POS Is the best for My Company?

In situation you possessed a fast recap, listed here are the primary information on each restaurant system (if the POS is cloud-based or in your area installed, the kind of devices it may use, the right business size with this POS, and just how pricey it’s):

  • talech — Cloud-based / iPad / Promising small to medium / $$
  • TouchBistro — In your area-installed / iPad / Promising small to medium / $
  • Toast — Cloud-based / Android / Promising small to large / $$
  • POS Lavu — Cloud-based / iPad / Promising small to medium / $
  • Ambur — Cloud-based / iPad and iPhone / Small, single-location / $
  • Lightspeed Restaurant — Cloud-based / iPad and iPhone / Promising small to medium / $
  • Revel Systems — Cloud-based / iPad / Large and enterprise / $$

Check Out Some Restaurant POS Software

Full-service restaurants need quality POS software that gives reliable, industry-specific functionality, in addition to intuitive management features that keep the restaurant within the black. Today’s smart, web-enabled POS’s can make your restaurant more effective and can even enhance your service quality and customer communications. I suggest test-driving all or any of those POS systems by visiting their particular websites and establishing a free trial offer. The awesome factor about tablet-based POS systems is that they typically use many of the same equipment, which makes it relatively simple to change to a new reason for purchase if you’re not entirely pleased with the first you select. If you want any more help, please provide us with a holler and we’ll assist you in choosing the very best full-service restaurant POS for the dollar.

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