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Like many Americans, I spend the majority of time aimlessly wandering the net. Unlike most, I spend a lot of that point studying comments from customers on eCommerce shopping carts.

Here&#8217s what my wanderings have explained: Lots of e-tailers are really frustrated with BigCommerce. When BigCommerce made a huge prices alternation in April of the year (2016), a couple of individuals found her having to pay for BigCommerce&#8217s enterprise level plan. And also you didn&#8217t know you had been a company level business!

You may&#8217re certainly one of individuals clients, wondering if BigCommerce Enterprise may be worth the cost. Possibly you weren&#8217t impacted by the prices change but they are so frustrated with BigCommerce that you simply&#8217re prepared to change to literally anything else (caps lock players, I&#8217m searching to you). Or you don’t have any knowledge about BigCommerce whatsoever you&#8217re just looking at your choices.

Regardless of the situation, I&#8217m here to inform you a couple of options to BigCommerce Enterprise. The 3 have places that they match or exceed (I&#8217ll make use of the terms meet or beat) BigCommerce Enterprise&#8217s abilities, along with other places that they are unsuccessful.

Prior to getting into our alternatives, here&#8217s a fast review of BigCommerce Enterprise&#8217s features.

  • Simplicity of use: An easy dashboard makes adding products and editing styles easy (Give it a try on your own having a Free 15 Day Trial).
  • Beautiful Website Design: You will find 39 attractive pre-made mobile responsive styles available, varying in cost for free to $180.
  • Advanced Features: BigCommerce is about conversion with features like abandoned cart notifications and filtered look for your clients.
  • Priority Customer Care: BigCommerce Enterprise offers priority customer care with prioritized call routing and also the choice to employ a Proper Account Manager.
  • Lots of Integrations: You will find 265 prefabricated (prefab) integrations obtainable in the apps store, including integrations with 38 payment gateways, such as PayPal (Operated by Braintree). Bonus: If you are using PayPal together with your BigCommerce store, you&#8217ll pay lower charge card transaction charges.

Obviously, there&#8217s more to understand about BigCommerce Enterprise, many of which read within our full BigCommerce Enterprise Review, but that needs to be enough information for the time being.

Now, onto our comparison.

However a fast note: Because prices for enterprise solutions is definitely flexible based upon the dimensions and requires of the company, we’ll exclude prices within our comparison of those shopping carts. Obviously, prices is a vital component that you&#8217ll need to bear in mind whenever you make your mind up. I recommend contacting every shopping cart software you&#8217re thinking about to discover what prices may be like for you personally.

Shopify Plus


Should you&#8217ve investigated enterprise level eCommerce whatsoever, you&#8217ve heard about Shopify Plus. Over 275,000 stores worldwide use Shopify in certain form or any other, which means you could express it&#8217s a well known choice, also it is among the shopping carts we like best at Merchant Maverick. When it comes to enterprise carts, Shopify Plus is easily the most similar available option to BigCommerce Enterprise.

Shopify Plus&#8217s simplicity of use and stylish pre-made styles echo the trouble-free approach that BigCommerce Enterprise advertises. Actually, I’d go to date regarding state that Shopify Plus will it better still.

Here&#8217s how Shopify Plus compares alongside BigCommerce Enterprise

Meets or Beats

  • Simplicity of use: Shopify has probably the most user-friendly dashboards available on the market with the basics readily accessible, and Shopify Plus uses exactly the same dashboard. Give it a try having a Free 14 Day Trial (no charge card needed).
  • Stunning Styles: Shopify Plus has over 100 mobile responsive web designs obtainable in the Theme Store. You are able to personalize your theme using Liquid, Shopify&#8217s own templating language. Liquid, admittedly, includes a slight learning curve, though I&#8217ve read it&#8217s a reasonably straight-forward language generally.
  • Expansive Application Store: Shopify Plus&#8217s technique is to supply the fundamentals within the dashboard and provide anything else within the application store. And That I mean everything else. You will find 1000+ apps available.
  • Payment Gateway Options: Shopify Plus integrates with more than 70 payment gateways. Should you&#8217re searching to renegotiate deals on charge card transaction charges, you may think about using Shopify Payments. You might be able to pay lower charges than you’d with BigCommerce Enterprise and PayPal.
  • Reliable Customer Support: Each Shopify Plus merchant is assigned their very own Merchant Success Manager (with no extra charges). They’re your direct line to Shopify support.

Fails To Deliver

  • Nobody-Page Checkout: I really like single page checkout functions. Reducing the quantity of steps your customer needs to take to buy your product leads to less abandoned carts. One-page checkout is just available with an application, known as CartHook, that amounted to $300/month.
  • No Filtered Search: Filtered search helps your clients find what they need rapidly. Filtered search is, obviously, available with an application.
  • Limited Discount Features: In the enterprise level, it&#8217s important so that you can create super specific discounts: discounts directed at a particular number of customers, discount for products of the specific type more than a specific cost, etc. Shopify Plus&#8217s dashboard only enables the development of discounts with one condition, that is fairly limited.

While Shopify Plus comes with some disadvantages, many of them could be solved with the help of a credit card applicatoin. Admittedly, all individuals apps can equal to big dollars (by which situation, you may consider among the two other shopping carts below). Regardless, Shopify Plus continues to be a notable competitor, along with a compelling option to BigCommerce Enterprise. Should you&#8217re searching to help keep the simplicity and ease that BigCommerce offers, Shopify Plus is a superb choice.

Read our full overview of Shopify Plus here.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition


Unlike Shopify Plus, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition (Magento ECE) isn’t at much like BigCommerce Enterprise. Rather of offering usability, Magento ECE provides functionality. You don&#8217t have to add-on lots of apps to create your store function how you would like it to. Most features come built-in.

Magento is among the most generally used eCommerce software available on the market, supporting 240,000 stores worldwide.

Magento ECE is PaaS (Platform like a Service) instead of SaaS (Software like a Service). This essentially implies that Magento ECE has a slightly lower degree of support. Find out more around the distinction between PaaS and SaaS here.

Here are a few different ways that Magento ECE and BigCommerce Enterprise compare.

Meets or Beats

  • Endless Features: Magento ECE includes more functionality than I&#8217ve observed in every other shopping cart software. You will find functions for customer segmentation, a visible (drag) merchandiser, so that as many discount features understandably. See the full features list here.
  • Full Customizability: Magento ECE was created particularly for customizability. You are able to personalize your admin to streamline how you behave. The storefront is similarly flexible you are able to make use of a webmaster to really make it look just how you would like it or make alterations in the storefront yourself having a WYSIWYG (a specific item is what you’ll get) editor.
  • Free Documentation along with a REST API: For this reason Magento ECE is really customizable. Your developers have the tools which were accustomed to build Magento.
  • Mix-channel Selling Capabilities: Manage all your sites in one admin.
  • Priority Customer Care: On the top of 24/7 phone support and lots of documentation, Magento ECE customers are qualified for support in the Account Management team (at extra expense).

Fails To Deliver

  • Steep Learning Curve: Magento ECE is a lot of things, but it’s not easy to make use of. A minimum of, not initially. After both you and your developers have determined using Magento&#8217s diverse features, it ought to obtain a little better. All of the comments I&#8217ve seen have stated that Magento may be worth time it requires to understand.
  • Potentially More Costly: Okay, okay. I understand I stated I wasn&#8217t going to speak about cost. I altered my thoughts. Many of these software cost around $1000/month in the cheapest possible rate. However a salesman explained that Magento Enterprise Edition (the in your area-installed version) costs $22K-$32K annually. Because Magento ECE is fully-located, it’ll cost you more than that. Again, call the sales people for more information.
  • No Ready-Made Styles: A ready-made theme is like pre-made cake crust: It&#8217s not perfect, however, a minimum of you didn&#8217t need to focus on it. Magento ECE includes exactly two styles: the mobile responsive Black theme and Luma (the demonstration theme). The concept is perfect for both you and your web-developers to construct the website that matches your brand to some tee. The pre-made cake crust just isn&#8217t a choice.
  •  Less Apps Available: Magento ECE uses the recently-released Magento 2.. Presently, there aren&#8217t lots of apps in Magento&#8217s marketplace that are suitable for Magento 2., however i expect this to alter soon.

So far as enterprise shopping carts go, Magento ECE is among my own favorites. Granted, it doesn&#8217t have the simplicity that BigCommerce Enterprise offers, which can be a figuring out factor for many folks. However, if you possess the capability to employ a webmaster (or perhaps a small group of them) Magento ECE is really a stellar option.

To learn more, read our Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition Review.



Mozu is Volusion&#8217s solution for enterprise clients.Mozu was produced during the period of 230,000 development hrs and launched formally in September, 2013.

Similar to Magento ECE, Mozu is about customizability. There&#8217s a great deal Mozu provides, but to use the woking platform to the full extent, you will probably employ a webmaster (or more).

Here&#8217s how Mozu compares with BigCommerce Enterprise.

Meets or Beats

  • Robust Features List: Mozu has lots of features like customer management tools, filtered search, and targeted promotions. The entire features list is disseminate across three pages on Mozu&#8217s primary site.
  • Faster Loading Occasions: Sites located by Mozu load rapidly, which reduces bounce rates (the quantity of customers who leave your website before a webpage finishes loading).
  • Developer-Friendly Technology: Open-source documentation, an escape API and 7 open-source SDKs (Software Developement Kits) make integrations and customizations simpler.
  • Hypr Theming Engine: Mozu doesn’t include any pre-made styles, however it does include the Hypr Theming Engine, that ought to make working on your own theme just a little simpler.
  • Account Manager: Every Mozu client is partnered by having an Account Manager who offers priority level support service.

Fails To Deliver

  • No Pre-Made Styles: You’re absolutely going to need to make your own. This provides the chance to create a really quality custom theme, but it’ll take work and professional assistance.
  • Challenging Use: Some set up needed. You will require a webmaster.
  • No Abandoned Cart Saver: There isn&#8217t a built-in abandoned cart feature, though there’s an application for your.
  • Only Ten Payment Gateways: This can be a fairly few. Now, because Mozu is open-source and has a REST API, it shouldn&#8217t be too hard to integrate your preferred payment gateway. Nonetheless, it&#8217s nice to achieve the connections already designed for you.

Although Mozu doesn’t include the straightforward dashboard and clean styles BigCommerce Enterprise clients enjoy, it will have a strong features set that drives conversion. And if you prefer a unique storefront and don&#8217t mind investing in some extra effort, Mozu is a great choice.

Read our full Mozu Review to learn more.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, you need to decide what type of shopping cart software you would like: one which&#8217s much like BigCommerce Enterprise, a treadmill that&#8217s significantly different.

Should you&#8217re searching for BigCommerce Enterprise&#8217s fraternal twin, Shopify Plus is what you want. But if you would like something far taken off BigCommerce Enterprise (and also you don&#8217t mind the net development involved), Mozu and Magento ECE tend to be more in your sweet zone.

And, like I&#8217ve been saying this complete time, please, please call sales representatives from each shopping cart software you&#8217re thinking about. Yes, securing is annoying, however it&#8217s vital that you get prices information in early stages in process, as it may function as the deciding element in which cart you finish up selecting.

Should you&#8217re still searching to learn more, you may search for a couple of of my comparison articles for any main issue perspective on enterprise shopping carts. Best of luck!

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