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So, you&#8217re considering upgrading your platform.

You&#8217ve extended your old software to the limits, and today it&#8217s time for you to place the poor factor to relax. You&#8217re searching for something newer, bigger, faster, better. And, such as the smart entrepreneur you’re, you&#8217ve made the decision to seek information before jumping headlong right into a new commitment. That&#8217s great! You&#8217ve come right place.

To begin with, congratulations! Your company is growing, which&#8217s quite an achievement. We&#8217d love that will help you grow together with it, but to do that we have to enable you to get began with the proper platform.

While you likely know, BigCommerce and Volusion are two greatest players in eCommerce. Their SaaS platforms provide business proprietors using the tools the necessity to develop online retailers. But, should you&#8217re getting over $500K annually, these fundamental platforms might not be enough.

Both BigCommerce and Volusion have folded out enterprise methods to meet the requirements of midmarket to enterprise level companies. BigCommerce Enterprise (BC Enterprise) and Mozu (Volusion&#8217s contribution towards the enterprise scene) provide the key features that the large online shop must run easily: reliable uptime, comprehensive customer support, and scalability.

While BC Enterprise and Mozu are solid, four star solutions, both have a different method of eCommerce platforms. BC Enterprise focuses on usability while Mozu focuses more about customizability. So, though both of them are good options, you might find that certain platform fits your present business design much better than another.

We&#8217re likely to be considering the particular variations between your features and website design of the enterprise carts in a moment, however, here&#8217s just a little history about each company.

BC Enterprise premiered March of 2015, and it has since earned a status like a viable enterprise solution. Toyota, Gibson, and Payless Shoesource all use BC Enterprise. This cart is about conversion, while offering a multitude of tools to motivate your browsers to purchase.

Mozu has been available since September of 2013. Current clients include Bluefly, Jelly Belly, and Sigma. Where BC Enterprise markets usability, Mozu offers customizability. With Mozu, your website will appear and performance just how you would like it to.

Hang in there to determine what BC Enterprise and Mozu can perform for the business.

Web-Located or Licensed:

BC Enterprise and Mozu are generally SaaS (Software like a Service) systems. They’re fully-located and web-based.

Software and hardware Needs:

BC Enterprise and Mozu require same tools you utilize to check on your email: a pc, access to the internet, along with a current web-browser.


Out of the box the situation in each and every enterprise solution, prices is negotiated between your merchant and also the company. There isn&#8217t greatly specific details about what type of cost range you may expect, though online comments claim that prices for BC Enterprise begins around $900-$1500 per month.

I would recommend contacting an agent from both companies. They are able to estimate a cost range for you personally based on profits volume, annual revenue, etc. Simply click the hyperlinks below to complete an application, plus they&#8217ll respond.

Contact BigCommerce Enterprise

Contact Mozu

Simplicity of use:

Champion: BC Enterprise

BigCommerce is well-known already because of its simplicity and simplicity of use. Luckily, BC Enterprise uses the identical dashboard that BigCommerce clients love. Should you already make use of a BigCommerce platform, you won&#8217t need to re-learn anything. Should you&#8217re a new comer to BigCommerce, the transition ought to be pretty smooth anyway.

Just take a look at BigCommerce&#8217s dashboard. It&#8217s neat and well-organized (don&#8217t you want you can repeat the same about all things in existence?).

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.10.04 PM

You’ll find all you need within the sidebar left.

Editing styles is simple having a WYSIWYG (a specific item is what you’ll get) content editor along with a new Stencil theme editor. The only real downside: to use the Stencil theme editor, you need to &#8220opt-in&#8221 towards the Stencil styles, that makes it impossible to work with the prior styles. Save time before clicking.

Here&#8217s what that Stencil theme editor appears like.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.20.02 AM

Bigger changes require adjustments within the source code (HTML/CSS), but typically, you will get around all right while using admin.

Regrettably, I’m not as acquainted with Mozu&#8217s backend. The demo which i requested from the organization, sadly, never showed up. All I&#8217ve got to take is that this video.

But, I&#8217ll do my favorite.

Mozu is split in 2: the admin and also the DEV center. The admin is to use and also the DEV center for the developers&#8217 use. And also you&#8217re have to developers.

With BC Enterprise it&#8217s possible (though not ideal) to complete the majority of things without the assistance of a developer, however with Mozu a developer is completely necessary.

Mozu includes exactly one theme where your developers construct your site. Without one, you&#8217ll be swimming inside a ocean of HTML and CSS, lost and hopelessly confused.

Fortunately, the admin appears to become much simpler to make use of. In the admin, you are able to set discounts, add products (as much as 20 million), and employ widgets to alter content in your website.

It is best to check out each product. BigCommerce provides a 15 Day Free Trial Offer, and you may request a demo from Mozu (hopefully, they really respond with one).


Champion: Tie

BC Enterprise and Mozu both provide the basics of the enterprise solution: 99.9% uptime, limitless bandwidth, scalability, and faceted (filtered) search.

Many of their choices are comparable. However, there’s a couple of features one cart includes the other doesn&#8217t, and the other way around.

Using their abandoned cart feature, BC Enterprise is about conversion. Whenever customers leave your website without acquiring the products within their basket, BC Enterprise transmits them an e-mail to help remind them concerning the forsaken products (and, hopefully, inspire an order). BC Enterprise also offers your blog integration feature, which enables you to definitely attract customers with entertaining and relevant content. Furthermore, this cart includes Shipper HQ built-in and social networking integration.

Mozu, however, doesn’t have your blog feature or perhaps an abandoned cart feature. Rather, Mozu boasts speed Mozu&#8217s pages load quicker than individuals on most platforms. Also, with Mozu, developers can make updates relatively rapidly. Customer segmentation enables you to definitely evaluate the habits of the customers and make personalized promotions accordingly.

I&#8217m likely to declare a tie here, though I actually do recommend you review each shopping cart software&#8217s full features list prior to making any decisions. (Get more information at a run-lower of BC Enterprise&#8217s features and here to see Mozu&#8217s features.)

Website Design:

Champion: BC Enterprise

BC Enterprise&#8217s goal would be to make website design easy. There is a host of styles available, including 39 fully mobile responsive options. Although this number is a touch low when compared with, repeat the 100+ styles provided by Shopify, 39 choices are enough to help you get began. In the end, you simply actually need one.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.39.27 PM

Of course, should you&#8217re searching for any unique look, you&#8217re going to need to hire a graphic designer to produce a custom site for you personally.

The truly amazing factor about BC Enterprise&#8217s design is you don&#8217t need an artist. While using new Stencil theme editor, it&#8217s simpler to create fundamental adjustments to your website, including alterations in text and banner colors. Having a WYSIWYG editor (a specific item is what you’ll get), you are able to update content without contacting IT.

Mozu, however, doesn’t offer any pre-made styles. Mozu has a blank theme (fully mobile responsive) that the developers may use to construct your website via Mozu&#8217s Hypr theming engine, which is made to simplify the event process. Also, Mozu is free, as well as your developers can code within their preferred language.

So, essentially, Mozu isn’t as DIY as BC Enterprise. You need to construct your theme in the ground-up and since Mozu doesn’t have a WYSIWYG editor, it’s harder to have an administrator to create updates to content.

Mozu&#8217s website design isn’t &#8220worse&#8221 than BC Enterprise&#8217s. It&#8217s simply not as simple to use.

Integrations and Add-Ons:

Champion: Tie

BC Enterprise has lots of ready-made (prefab) integrations for the site: 265 finally count. BC Enterprise isn’t free, but does make use of a REST API, that makes it simple to integrate any service that isn&#8217t already available. And, with BC Enterprise, there&#8217s no-limit to API calls, so that your developers won&#8217t have trouble syncing or integrating multiple apps.

Mozu offers a number of prefab integrations within the Mozu Marketplace: 85 of these to become exact. Mozu also utilizes a REST API and it is free. Building additional connections ought to be relatively simple.

Payment Processing:

Champion: BC Enterprise

BC Enterprise already integrates with 38 payment gateways, together with a couple of of the largest: Stripe, PayPal, and Square.

In addition, BC Enterprise comes with an agreement with PayPal (Operated by Braintree) that may help you save some change. If you are using PayPal as the payment gateway, you&#8217ll take advantage of reduced charge card transaction charges. Check out this graphic.


Mozu only integrates with 10 payment gateways away from the box. Because there are so couple of, I&#8217ll list them here.

  • Amazon . com payments
  • Internet
  • CardConnect
  • Chase Paymentech
  • CyberSource
  • Element Payment Services (Now Vantiv)
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • Paypay Payflow Pro
  • Visa Checkout
  • WorldPay

It&#8217s correct that with Mozu&#8217s API and free documentation, adding another payment gateway shouldn&#8217t be too hard. However, developing that integration still takes some work. Because of this and due to the possibility savings with PayPal, I&#8217m giving the win to BC Enterprise.

Customer Support and Tech Support Team:

Champion: Mozu

BC Enterprise provides all of the fundamental avenues for customer care. There&#8217s 24/7 Live Chat along with a Community Board where one can get quick solutions to common questions. There’s also Guides (documentation) and also the BigCommerce College, which is filled with information to help you get began. With BC Enterprise, you’re ensured priority routed support, which means your calls and concerns is going to be clarified faster. Telephone calls are obtained from Monday-Friday 8:00-6:00 CST.

For an additional fee, you may also get access to a Proper Account Manager, who can help you get the most from your BC Enterprise platform.

Mozu includes similar support. The DEV center offers the documentation that developers need, and also the Help Center features FAQs as well as an choice to submit an assistance ticket. Phone support can be obtained 24/7/365.

Each Mozu merchant is to establish by having an Account Manager.

I consider account managers to be among the many benefits of a company service. Because Mozu arranges a free account manager for each merchant with no extra expense, Mozu takes this category.

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

Champion: Tie

With regards to enterprise solutions, testimonials are usually pretty difficult to get. However, reviews that debate their founding information mill indexed by every corner from the web.

Both BigCommerce and Volusion have lately committed some pretty serious offenses in my opinion.

Big Commerce&#8217s Recent Prices Change: In April 2016, BigCommerce made some changes towards the way prices is structured for his or her plans. Clients were rearranged in prices brackets based on product sales. A salesman explained the change is made to avoid large companies by using BigCommerce&#8217s lower plans. And, I&#8217ll admit, the prices change makes lots of sense for BigCommerce. Additionally, it is sensible that BigCommerce customers are raving mad. Clients report prices increases as high as 800%. Additionally they state that BigCommerce gave them little notice (two several weeks approximately) prior to the prices adjustments entered effect.

Other complaints are fond of BigCommerce&#8217s customer support generally (dropped calls, unanswered support tickets) and too little technical support for alterations in HTML and CSS.

Volusion&#8217s Recent Database Failure: On Memorial Day 2016, several Volusion sites experienced three hrs of downtime, leading to many, many lost sales. Generally, Volusion has an excellent uptime history. It&#8217s unfortunate their .1% downtime happened on this kind of important day for sales. Since that time, Volusion has issued an apology explaining the downtime and measures they’ve come to avoid it again. You’ll find that apology here.

Volusion customers also complain about frustrating interactions with customer support in addition to tricky cancellation charges (you should know to cancel all your third-party services).

With big mistakes such as these, it&#8217s very hard to declare a champion.

Positive Testimonials and reviews:

Champion: Tie

Testimonials on enterprise solutions are couple of and between. The reviews that are positive I discovered originated from the testimonials for auction on BC Enterprise and Mozu&#8217s websites.

BC Enterprise advertises its conversion-optimizing features for any reason: they work. Testimonials boast improved conversions of 12%-203%. BC Enterprise clients love the mobile responsive styles along with the platform&#8217s consistent uptime.

Mozu&#8217s clients also understand the mobile responsive design. They love Mozu&#8217s customer segmentation feature which enables these to market differently to various customers. Clients discuss Mozu&#8217s fast-loading pages, which reduce bounce rate (the quantity of visitors who leave your website prior to the page finishes loading).

Reviews that are positive are reviews that are positive. I am unable to choose which be more effective (especially without independent customer comments). It&#8217s a tie.

Final Verdict:

Champion: BC Enterprise

BC Enterprise wins with a slight margin. Although it required two more groups than Mozu, it accomplished it only barely. Really, the 2 platforms offer such different (though important) functions, it&#8217s not entirely fair to one much better than another.

Should you&#8217re still unsure which platform is the best for you, you could try our full reviews of both products. (Get more information at our overview of BigCommerce Enterprise and for our Mozu review.) Or, if you wish to think about a couple of from the other enterprise solutions available on the market, read our summary of the 4 most widely used platforms out, including my top picks, Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition.

However if you simply&#8217re prepared to contact one of these simple companies, then go ahead and, do it now!

Get Began With BigCommerce Enterprise

Get Began With Mozu

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