Ways To Use The WordPress Visual Editor To Edit Your Website

WordPress Visual Editor

This belongs to the newbie&#8217s Help Guide To WordPress Series. Within this publish, I&#8217ll cover ways to use the WordPress Visual Editor edit your website rapidly and efficiently.

Should you desired to improve your website long ago when &#8211 you’d to edit in computer code (with HTML). But nowadays software like WordPress makes editing your website as simple as writing an e-mail.

The Visual Editor is exactly what you utilize to really write and edit your articles in WordPress.com located blogging software. It&#8217s much like Word along with other processors &#8211 here&#8217s a tutorial regarding how to utilize it.

The Toolbar

Let’s check out all of the icons within the Visual Editor Toolbar located underneath the Title, beginning using the first row.

  • The very first icon is really a styling drop lower menu for modifying design for your publish content.
  • The B &#8211 the bold icon. Hitting this makes your text bold.
  • The I &#8211 represents italics. Hitting this can italicize your text.
  • Bullet List &#8211 creates an unordered or bulleted list
  • 123 list &#8211 a numbered purchased list.
  • The &#8220quote&#8221 icon &#8211 results in a block quote. Highlight your text and click on the block quote icon, and it’ll perform the indentation for you personally.
  • The next three icons represent alignment. Begin using these to align left, center your text, or align right.
  • The hyperlink and unlink icons permit you to link and unlink your text to a different page and publish in your website in order to an exterior website.
  • The insert more tool enables you to produce a burglary the page to provide a shorter preview inside your publish listings. It might or might not affect your website with respect to the way your theme functions.
  • The toolbar toggle icon reveals/hides the second row of tools for editing and formatting your articles
  • The entire screen icon enables you to definitely edit or make your content without distractions through the elimination of the sidebar and all sorts of other modules..


Okay &#8211 let&#8217s check out the 2nd row.

  • ABC &#8211 the strike-through icon. This really is typically accustomed to show errors or changes designed to your publish.
  • The “dash” will insert a horizontal line wherever your cursor happens when clicking.
  • A using the drop-lower menu &#8211 enables you to definitely alter the colour of your text.
  • The Clipboard T &#8211 paste plain text box inserts text from another text editor and removes any formatting that could have happened within the other editor.
  • Eraser &#8211 The tool that removes formatting from the targeted number of text.
  • Omega &#8211 make use of this to insert a custom character like the copyright sign and also the trademark sign by selecting it in the list.
  • Outdent &amp Indent &#8211 make use of this to outdent or indent your text.
  • Left arrow &#8211 undo an action
  • Right arrow &#8211 redo an action
  • Question Mark &#8211 a visible editor help menu to assist answer any queries you might have concerning the visual editor.

Editing Text

The page and publish text editor are functionally exactly the same, therefore the information provided within this tutorial does apply to editing the information of both pages and posts.

Start by hitting either the Pages or Posts button within the dashboard. Then click either the title from the publish you want to edit or hover within the publish and click on edit within the action menu.

To include text towards the page or publish, click where you need the written text to become joined along with a cursor can look. Then begin typing. If you wish to add any formatting options, just highlight the written text you would like formatted and click on the right icon within the visual editor toolbar.

For instance, to create your text bold, highlight the term or words you need bolded after which click on the bold button within the text editor toolbar.

Editing Text

Editing Text Preview Mode

The editor provides you with an over-all concept of what your publish or page may be like. But to determine precisely what your page may be like prior to being printed, click on the Preview button or click Publish as well as your content will be included to your website immediately.

Adding Sentences

Now let’s explore how you can give a paragraph while using style options in the toolbar. First, make sure you are while using visual editor by hitting the tab labeled Visual at the very top right from the text editor.

Then make certain the entire toolbar is uncovered by hitting the Toolbar Toggle icon present in the toolbar. The styling options is going to be revealed like a dropdown menu around the far left from the toolbar.

Highlight the written text you want to make right into a paragraph after which select Paragraph in the styling options. In the editor mode, click Preview to preview the page before publishing or click Publish to visit accept the information immediately.

Add Heading

Heading styles not just provide your viewers a much better visual representation of the items information of the posts or pages actually are, additionally they help you have the key content in your site and helping enhance your visibility.

To produce headings, make certain the publish editor is showing the 2nd row of formatting options by clicking the show drain button at the very top right from the content toolbar.

Came from here, you will find that the default styling is Paragraph. Highlight the written text you want to modify, after which make use of the drop-lower menu to pick another style.

Adding Headings

Automatically, WordPress offers six different heading styles for highlighting points inside your content or separating topics on a single page. Heading one is often the largest and many important, incrementally scaling lower for each one of the following headings. Whenever your submissions are formatted as you wish it to look in your site, make sure to save or publish your articles.


Hyperlinks provide you with the capability to link a thing or several words to a different page or publish in your site or holiday to a page on the internet.

To produce a hyperlink in the text editor, highlight the term or words you want to link from and click on the Create or Edit Link icon present in the toolbar. A popup dialogue box can look asking that you should first go into the page URL you want to connect to. Simply paste in or type the net address you need these potential customers to become redirected to when clicking the hyperlink. The title may be used to give more details concerning the link when it’s hovered over.

The check box underneath the title provides you with the choice either to possess the page open in the present window or tab that the user is within, in order to open a brand new tab. Below this really are a couple of choices for entering a webpage to connect to out of your website.

If you’re linking to some page or publish in your own website, navigate lower towards the search engine. Within the Search engine, you can start typing the title from the page or publish you want to connect to, and a summary of pages will populate that you should pick from. Click on the page or publish you want to connect to, and also the URL and Title fields will instantly populate.

Adding Hyperlinks

Click on the Add Link button, and also the link is going to be added. To get rid of a hyperlink, simply click the link within the text editor, after which choose the Unlink icon present in the toolbar. Make sure to click on the Preview Changes button to preview the alterations, or click Update to visit accept the alterations immediately.


Creating lists within posts and pages can be quite advantageous to your website. It sets content aside from all of those other publish inside a form that’s readable &#8211 and lots of occasions it is only more visually appealing.

To produce an unordered or bulleted list, just click the Bulleted List button within the formatting toolbar, begin typing the products you need displayed inside your list. When you are finished, click on the Bulleted List button again to accomplish their email list.

To produce an purchased or numbered list, click on the Numbered List button, type the products you want to use in your list. Then click the Numbered List button once again to accomplish their email list.

Adding Lists

Click the Preview button to preview your changes before publishing. Or click Publish or Update to create your articles live immediately.


WordPress enables you to embed videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and much more. To embed a relevant video inside your publish simply copy the recording URL, and use it its very own line. WordPress will instantly recognize what it’s and format the recording to your publish.

If you wish to incorporate a video alongside a type of text, you&#8217re going to need to write a brief expression. While watching URL, type &#8220[&#8221 then &#8220embed&#8221 adopted with a &#8220]&#8221. Then type your URL and kind &#8220[&#8221 with &#8220/embed&#8221 adopted with a &#8220]&#8221

Such as this: Embed

This informs WordPress it&#8217s a relevant video, and never some random text. Some sites have customizable embed tags that provide you additional control over the way the link is proven inside your publish. Copy this, and visit the Text tab inside your editor, and paste the code where you need the information to appear.

When you’re done, hit Preview to preview the publish. Click Update or Publish to finalize your publish making it public.

Next Steps

The truly amazing factor about WordPress Visual Editor would be that the code is made in, so it’s quite simple to produce a publish exactly like you need it. Never be afraid to alter it! Open a draft publish and do a variety of altering and editing before you understand the visual editor.

Then, take a look at ways to use the Media library to include images and videos for your publish.

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