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I love to shed a diploma of sunshine to the overlooked gems from the website building industry. Under-resourced companies doing more with less. Enterprising enterprises that galvanize the remainder of us enervated yet credulous dreamers to think we&#8217ve had a snowball&#8217s chance. Little bands of digital upstarts that compensate for the things they don’t have any polish and have add-ons with grit, guts, and perhaps even gumption.

Wix isn’t certainly one of individuals companies.

Though our put-upon psyches naturally seek comfort and validation in underdog narratives, Wix is really a dominant pressure within the industry the Steph Curry of website builders. (My formula states that mentioning Steph Curry within an article can get me beaucoup page views, as well as an formula can&#8217t be wrong.)

There&#8217s grounds Wix has attracted 80 million users from around the globe. It&#8217s simple to use, positively laden with features and third-party apps, while offering a good free package. Getting a marketing budget expansive enough to market not only online but on television throughout the Super Bowl doesn&#8217t hurt, either. Obviously, they’d to climb the summit in the initial place.

Nevertheless, like a check from the comments on my small Wix review reveals, not everyone loves Wix. Wix isn&#8217t without its flaws. For example, the majority of its templates aren’t yet fully mobile-responsive, that is something to bear in mind should you be prepared to rely on mobile website visitors.

Let&#8217s check out another heavy-hitting, full-featured website builders. Take my hands, and i’ll show you ways.



Don&#8217t let Squarespace&#8217s relative insufficient subscribers (when compared with Wix) fool you. Squarespace doesn&#8217t provide a free package, therefore it will get less signups than its immediate competitors. Make no mistake, though: Squarespace is among the top dogs of the profession. Its concentrate on stylish next-generation appearance and thorough in-house features turn it into a favorite for individuals in photography, design, along with other creative-class fields.

While Squarespace subscriptions have a price, you need to do obtain a 14-day free trial offer whenever you register (no charge card needed). Here&#8217s a fast rundown of Squarespace&#8217s subscription plans:


  • $12/month
  • 3% Transaction Fee
  • 20 Pages/Galleries/Blogs
  • As much as 2 Contributors
  • Fully Integrated eCommerce
  • Sell Limitless Products
  • Accept Donations
  • Effective Website Metrics


  • $18/month
  • 2% Transaction Fee
  • Limitless Pages/Galleries/Blogs
  • Limitless Contributors
  • Professional Email from Google
  • $100 Pay Per Click Credit

Squarespace&#8217s templates are broadly acknowledged is the class of the profession. You&#8217ll have these along with other clever templates to select from:


squarespace templates


Every Squarespace template is fully mobile-responsive (meaning it’ll instantly re-size itself to suit any screen) and can look wonderful on whatever device it’s shown on.

Squarespace separates itself in the crowd in the manner it handles images. You are able to set the focus, instantly scale the look to suit the screen from the viewer, add display effects, and much more.

Though Squarespace doesn&#8217t possess a dedicated mobile editing application, it will provide several apps for getting together with your sites on android and ios devices. You can aquire a Blog application for editing and posting for your blog, a Metrics application for monitoring your site analytics, a Portfolio application for managing your picture galleries (there truly isn’t any better website builder for photographers), along with a Note application to take notes on the run. Sadly, just the Blog and Note apps are for sale to Android.

Squarespace&#8217s Stripe-powered online store is a effective and thorough eCommerce solution. Track and manage inventories, establish different groups of products for purchase, collect donations, create coupons, set shipping options, and much more. Some website builders let you list items that, when visited, connect to your PayPal take into account checkout. Not Squarespace. They are doing eCommerce right. (Squarespace does charge a couple-3% transaction fee on the top of Stripe&#8217s charges, however.)

One factor Squaresapce lacks which Wix provides is really a repository of third-party apps. With Squarespace&#8217s thorough listing of functions, however, you most likely won&#8217t miss it. A big proportion of the 3rd-party apps supplied by other website builders are lame, anyways.

Read my Squarespace review to get more details!



Only slightly less prominent in the market than Wix and Squarespace, Weebly brings quick, simple-as-cake responsive web site design towards the masses, over $ 30 million who have setup Weebly sites. Here&#8217s the things they offer:

  • $ &#8211 $25 per month (A totally free plan’s available)
  • Custom HD audio and video players
  • Site membership (offered within the Pro and Strategic business plans)
  • Integrated eCommerce
  • Limitless pages, despite free accounts

Weebly&#8217s free plan doesn’t have expiration date. Stick with the disposable subscription forever if you want!

Weebly&#8217s templates may be only a hair behind individuals of Wix and Squarespace, however they&#8217re still plenty handsome, and completely responsive as well. Cafes and restaurants will discover a lot to love here.

weebly templates

weebly template


To contend with the Wix Application Market, Weebly lately established the Weebly Application Center, so any functionality gaps you will probably find in Weebly&#8217s in-house choices could be filled. 131 third-party apps can be found, even though not all are gems, there&#8217s plenty of helpful stuff inside.

Weebly&#8217s website editor is amazingly simple to use. You drag content into gaps in-involving the existing content, and everything type of sorts itself out. Wix enables for a little more precision when placing content, however with Weebly, you won’t ever need to bother about obscuring or masking a current element &#8211 everything slots into among the available spaces. This editing philosophy causes it to be simpler for individuals people having a less discerning eye for design to produce a decent website. One mark against Weebly&#8217s editor: it doesn&#8217t provide you with undo/redo buttons! All of your changes will regrettably be permanent.

One factor Weebly will be applauded for: they offer a mobile application with full website editing capacity. It feels incredibly natural to make use of &#8211 it&#8217s just like simple to use because the desktop builder. Kudos to Weebly for acknowledging the 21st century reality that busy folks might need to tinker using their website while from their computer.

Weebly&#8217s online shop is a superb eCommerce tool, and in contrast to with Squarespace, Weebly&#8217s greatest-level plan waives the Weebly transaction charges. Also unlike Squarespace, Weebly provides four selections for payment processing: Stripe, Square, PayPal, and Authorize.Internet.

To find out more, take a look at my Weebly review.



With impressive design versatility, mobile-responsiveness as well as an impressive quantity of features even in the free level, Duda is a impressive website builder. (I adore which i&#8217m astounded by Duda?) I&#8217ve been keen on Duda since I reviewed it, also it&#8217s not only since the founders stated they named their company Duda following the Dude in the Big Lebowski. Although it certainly doesn&#8217t hurt their standing beside me.

Take a look at what Duda provides you with for free:

  • Natively Responsive Website
  • Limitless Use of inSite
  • Limited Analytics and Tracking
  • Branded Duda Domain &amp Duda Ads
  • 10 Product Store
  • PayPal, Stripe &amp Global Gateway Payment Providers
  • Two Product Groups
  • Order and Customer Management Tools

For $7.12 monthly, a Business + subscription can get you:

  • Full Analytics and Tracking
  • Email Support
  • Custom Domain (no branding)
  • No Ads
  • Site Backup
  • Developer Mode
  • Multi-Language Website

If you wish to sell greater than 10 products, obtain a Business + eCommerce subscription:

  • $11.25/month for 100 Product Store
  • $18.37/month for 2500 Product Store
  • 30+ Payment Providers
  • Limitless Product Groups
  • Product Critiques Integrated with Facebook

Duda&#8217s 67 templates are nice searching, responsive, and previewable in desktop, tablet and mobile mode.


dudaone template

Duda provides you with some pretty outstanding features. There&#8217s robust eCommerce (in the free level particularly, it&#8217s the very best eCommerce package you&#8217ll find), blogging, a very customizable contact page (the significance of an extensive form builder inside a website builder is overlooked at occasions), as well as an image editor. The main one feature that separates Duda in the pack, however, is inSite. inSite enables you to create factors that appear only under certain specified conditions. You can set a unique greeting or video to look simply to first-time website visitors. You can position a click-to-call button inside your contact page form during business hrs, along with a contact page during non-business hrs. There aren’t any limits to you skill in inSite it’s an invaluable tool if you wish to build websites that don&#8217t just look great, but which really function dynamically.

I adore inSite isn&#8217t a premium feature? It&#8217s incorporated within the free package!

Additional Duda features have an online scheduling application known as vCita, a cafe or restaurant menu, along with a reservations application known as OpenTable. Clearly, there are plenty of Duda includes a restaurant or coffee shop can engage in.

Take a look at my full Duda review here. I loaded up with Lebowski references if that&#8217s okay along with you.


The web site building field has low barriers to entry, there&#8217s a really lots of of these lurking available. However, there are just a number of companies available that generate a completely-featured, aesthetically-appealing website building experience (and which you’ll also trust together with your charge card info). Wix presently dominates the using its all-conquering website builder, however if you simply&#8217re seeking a Wix alternative, Squarespace, Weebly and Duda all make fine choices, for personal and (especially) small companyOrstart-up use.

Now decide to create something!

Though if you&#8217d rather read my other website builder reviews first, that&#8217s awesome too.

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