DreamHost Hosting Review: Pros, Cons & Comparisons

DreamHost Hosting Review

DreamHost is among the largest and many established website hosts online. They’ve been operating since 1997 (positively ancient by digital standards) and also have grown for everyone greater than 1.5 million websites and 400,000 customers around the world.

They’re independent and worker owned (ie, they aren’t another Endurance Worldwide or GoDaddy brand). They’re also among the longest supporters of free and community built software (ie, WordPress, etc).

DreamHost provides a full-spectrum of hosting solutions from Shared (most typical) to VPS to Cloud &#8211 or even a specialized WordPress offering together with complementary services like email and domain management. You should check out their plans here (use coupon code SLEEPY20 to obtain $20 off).

Take a look at DreamHost&#8217s current plans &amp prices here.

But older and worker-owned doesn’t mean they’re a finest fit for everybody. While moving certainly one of my side projects off a classic HostGator VPS, I required the chance to provide DreamHost’s shared web hosting plan a go.

Here’s my DreamHost Hosting review &#8211 structured using the pros, cons and direct comparisons to competitors according to my experience like a customer.

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Disclosure &#8211 I receive referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All opinion and knowledge is dependant on my experience like a having to pay customer or consultant to some having to pay customer.


Pros of DreamHost Hosting

There are plenty of DreamHost reviews online &#8211 usually with user-generated reviews according to anecdotes and private experience. That&#8217s fine however i have a different approach. Like I’ve pointed out on other hosting reviews, there’s no such factor like a “best” hosting company. It’s by pointing out best fit for the project according to your objectives, budget, experience &amp expertise. Listed here are the professionals (advantages) for thinking about DreamHost.

Prices &amp Plan Simplicity

Anybody that has shopped for shared web hosting recognizes that plans could be confusing as you would expect. One host will cap disk space for storage, another will cap the amount of websites but another will cap the amount of databases you should use, but still another will offer you zero “bonus” features.

It’s maddening to determine what’s the best arrange for you against one company &#8211 significantly less do a comparison across other hosts to get the best value, but prices is a big consideration so that you can&#8217t cure it.

Although DreamHost provides a spectrum of specialised hosting companies, their primary shared web hosting offering is a single plan.

There aren’t any tiers or upgrades. It’s one plan in a single cost according to the number of years you join.

DreamHost Signup screenshot for my DreamHost Hosting Review

DreamHost charges $8.95/mo for just two year commitment $9.95 for 12 months commitment and $10.95 for any monthly commitment (a rarity within the hosting industry).

Their prices is reasonable and incredibly competitive. There’s also no deep discount bait and switch (for much better or worse) in which you obtain the newbie for super cheap and renew in a high cost.

Aside &#8211 you will get as much as $20 off an agenda with coupon code SLEEPY20

Their one plan offers limitless databases, limitless disk space, limitless email options and limitless websites (*all susceptible to an abuse policy). If you’re potentially responsible for multiple websites, you do not need to bother about moving or getting sticker shock at renewal.

Core &amp Developer Set Of Features

Like I pointed out in prices, DreamHost provides limitless accessibility “core” set of features associated with a good hosting company. Which include set is &#8211

  • the opportunity to point your domain to some server
  • the storage of website files on the server
  • installing a database/software to handle your site

Unless of course you’re running your email via a service like Google Apps or Outlook, hosting also needs to provide email functionality, and DreamHost offers the full core features set without any caps. DreamHost offers a good range of more complex functionality &#8211 like full CGI access, raw server logs, cron jobs and subversion repository.

Additionally they allocate a good default allocation of memory for your requirements.

DreamHost Memory screenshot for my DreamHost Hosting Review

And in addition they have shared web hosting servers on SSD hard disk drives rather of traditional spinning disk hard disk drives. These should theoretically create better lengthy-term performance.

(Nearly) Full Spectrum of Hosting Companies

Like a related advantage, DreamHost supplies a full-spectrum of hosting companies for growing or specialized hosting needs. Most websites begin on the shared server since which makes probably the most sense according to traffic levels &amp budget. However, should you site winds up growing or expanding with techniques that you simply hadn’t planned for, it will help so that you can expand having a company that you have knowledge about.

DreamHost’s Managed Weblog Web Hosting services are an offering which has truly WordPress-specific features, for example isolated databases on VPS servers and Varnish caching.

Aside &#8211 Some hosting brands simply employ the word, “WordPress Hosting” to charge more for shared web hosting, that is perfectly sufficient for many all websites running using blogging platforms. DreamHost, together with competitors like SiteGround and WordPress Engine provide managed hosting companies tailored to WordPress.

DreamHost also provides traditional upgrades to VPS and Hosting (think upgrading to some townhome or perhaps a house from your apartment) for growing websites, and cloud computing for application developers.

Overall, DreamHost’s set of features and spectrum of services is a huge advantage on their behalf.

Customer Care &amp Transparency

Every webhost states have stellar customer support. And each prospective customer winds up wondering when they do &#8211 or simply say they are doing.

The problem with knowing customer support is the fact that it’s based on the extremes. That certain careless, rookie worker combined with a demanding, unclear customer can produce a meaningless “Worst Company within the World” review. Around the switch side, a person having a simple question of merely one rockstar worker can produce a meaningless “Best Company within the World” review.

Things I find helpful is to check out how companies handle public servings of their customer support, and just how much they purchase customer care infrastructure (ie, user guides, onboarding, knowledgebases, etc). Both can provide you with a good concept of whether the organization treats customer support being an investment or like a cost.

Overall, I’ve been impressed with DreamHost’s customer care. Their onboarding process is apparent text, but helpful. There is a solid knowledgebase, forums and user guides.

DreamHost Onboarding screenshot for my DreamHost Hosting Review

Although they don’t have phone support (begin to see the cons section), their in-house team can be obtained 24/7 via live chat, email, and Twitter.

DreamHost also offers another DreamHost status site that has running updates of critical issues, downtime and system updates. It enables DreamHost to become responsive and transparent with customers whenever something does happen.

DreamHost Transparency example screenshot for my DreamHost Hosting Review

Money-back Guarantees

DreamHost offers 97 day full money-back guarantees. That’s a lengthy time. It’s a lot longer than InMotion’s 3 months. Coupled with DreamHost’s monthly prices option, you’re not putting anything in danger to provide DreamHost a go.

Independent &amp Worker Owned

Being independent isn’t necessarily a great factor &#8211 and being corporate owned isn’t necessarily a poor factor. Sometimes independent information mill missing critical capital and expertise, and often corporate owned companies take cost-cutting and management by figures too much.

However, given DreamHost’s stability and durability, I believe being independent and worker-owned is really a solid advantage. Many brands that belong to large corporations (ie, iPage) are centered on cost-cutting. DreamHost has frequently reinvested within their team and customers.

Similar to their independent competitors for example InMotion and SiteGround, DreamHost appears to become a better company having a better product than many large corporate owned hosting brands.

Cons of DreamHost Hosting

Like every hosting company, DreamHost has disadvantages. Listed here are the disadvantages which i found while using the DreamHost for hosting.


DreamHost’s shared web hosting plan’s easy and competitive. Additionally they don’t inflict deep temporary discounts. That’s both a great factor &#8211 along with a bad factor.

The switch side of merely one, limitless plan without any deep discounts is the fact that DreamHost is much more costly than competitors (like HostGator, InMotion or Website Hosting Hub) for small website proprietors.

Its not all business owner needs limitless websites or limitless databases. Tiered prices enables people to pay only for what they desire. If you’re attempting to operate a single site with limited funds, having to pay more for limitless things are nice, although not necessary.

Furthermore, the deep discounts at other website hosts save website proprietors real cash. When the bill for 1 year’s hosting is $100, and you may save 30% &#8211 that’s still $30 saved. And if you’re able to renew in the same rate that DreamHost renews at &#8211 then you’re even more ahead.

Although DreamHost’s prices is really a pro overall, make sure to decide exactly the thing you need and check out prices using your own budget &amp priorities.

Asides &#8211 my hosting quiz will help you sort all of your priorities rapidly. You may also save a 1-time $20 with coupon code SLEEPY20 at DreamHost.

Custom Backend

For the most part website hosts, you possess an account area in which you use of billing, username and passwords, bonuses (ie, Pay Per Click credits), etc &#8211 it will likewise have links for your actual server backend/dashboard.

Most website hosts use cPanel because the server backend/dashboard. cPanel is to visit so something with your hosting server &#8211 install any applications (ie, WordPress), setup emails, get the FTP information to upload files, etc. It’s simple, straightforward, and also, since most website hosts utilize it, it’s kind of a business standard that exist assist with anywhere online.

DreamHost doesn’t use that setup. They will use an exclusive backend for your bank account administration as well as your server administration.

DreamHost Backend screenshot for my DreamHost Hosting Review

On a single hands, it’s simplified and enables DreamHost to supply a truly customized experience. However, the system is confusing and feels restricting. The majority of the core functionality is under “Goodies” &#8211 which groups from advanced features like Cron Jobs with bonuses like Pay Per Click coupons.

From what I will tell, the majority of the options that you’d otherwise enter cPanel are generally within the DreamHost dashboard, or they’re in a number of emails they send. It’s exactly that things are hidden somewhere rather of outside like cPanel.

Theoretically, DreamHost can use the proprietary backend to produce a better consumer experience, however i think they finish up making more work with their customer care system.

Insufficient Apps &amp Auto-Installs

You will find hundreds otherwise a large number of software apps which you can use in your hosting server. The favourite example is WordPress, that is a “content management system” to setup, run and edit an internet site. But there’s other software varying from Joomla to PrestaShop to Wiki applications and much more.

Each one of these application could be installed by hand, however, many website hosting the likes of InMotion have free installer scripts (probably the most well-known are Softaculous and Fantastico). These installer scripts instantly install your software having a couple clicks to so could possibly get right lower to building whatever you are attempting to construct.

Aside &#8211 I show how one creates HostGator within my WordPress website setup guide here.

DreamHost doesn’t have that. There is a custom application that links to some couple of applications, and can have them ready. However they don’t really set them up for you personally.

DreamHost Apps

Within the situation of WordPress, it isn’t too large of the deal. The install process just requires a couple extra steps. However for other applications, you’ll finish up getting to set up them by hand.

WordPress Auto-Install screenshot for my DreamHost Hosting Review

No Phone Support

I pointed out DreamHost’s support within the pros section. They are offered 24/7 across an array of channels&#8230.except phone. From my research &#8211 it appears as though they’ll do call-backs once you very first time through another funnel.

DreamHost Phone Number screenshot for my DreamHost Hosting Review

Most clients are likely fine with this &#8211 and it will permit them to have better service on other channels. However if you simply are the types of customer who just wants to obtain a person on the telephone &#8211 this time is a big disadvantage for DreamHost.

Mediocre Performance

Additionally to hosting your site, you’ll desire a host that may deliver your site files to whomever demands them as rapidly as you possibly can.

Website speed &#8211 like customer care &#8211 includes a an entire world of variables affecting performance. You will find frequently several dozen ways that you could enhance the performance of the website. However your host continues to be likely to be primary variable within the equation.

I love to look into the Time For You To First Byte (TTFB) on any hosting company I’m dealing with. It’s a measurement of methods rapidly the server returns the very first byte of knowledge after it gets to be a request from the browser. Quite simply, it’s server turnaround time.

It isn’t the only method to consider a web host’s performance, but it’s a good way to obtain a ballpark estimate. My website on DreamHost will get an okay performance. Here’s the end result &#8211

DreamHost TTFB

Their performance is preferable to cut-rate hosts like GoDaddy or iPage. But it’s nowhere near hosts like InMotion or perhaps HostGator. The exam is extremely odd considering that DreamHost touts their new SSD servers. But after several retests, the figures are remaining because they are.

DreamHost’s performance isn’t horrible, but additionally no advantage either.

DreamHost Comparisons

From the best-known web hosting companies that I’ve utilized as a person or consultant, here’s how DreamHost compares straight to each. Or skip towards the conclusion.

DreamHost versus. HostGator

HostGator is among the best-known brands online. I’ve all a lot of my small personal projects together (and reviewed them here and here). They beat DreamHost on prices &#8211 particularly if you just have just one website. Additionally they beat DreamHost on performance according to my tests. HostGator also uses cPanel for any backend, though it features a couple of cluttering ads.

HostGator can also be of Endurance Worldwide &#8211 a significant hosting corporation, and it has okay support. They’re a toss up according to that which you prioritize. Should you trust independent companies more, DreamHost is okay. Should you not care, then you’ll reduce your cost with HostGator &#8211 see their plans here.

DreamHost versus. GoDaddy

GoDaddy may be the big, Super Bowl advertising, everything brand within the domain/hosting industry. Despite the fact that they’ve improved since 2013, they still aren’t particularly great (see my GoDaddy hosting review here and domain review here). They beat DreamHost on short-term prices. But DreamHost will get better performance along with a better overall experience. I’d opt for DreamHost unless of course you’re already familiar and fine with GoDaddy. Visit GoDaddy’s plans here.

DreamHost versus. Bluehost

Bluehost is among HostGator’s sister brands of Endurance Worldwide. These were among the best selections for affordable hosting for any very lengthy time. They’ve lately restructured their plans and services (see my Bluehost review here) to their personal disadvantage.

BlueHost loses to DreamHost on overall prices, though BlueHost remains the one having a better backend, phone support, and cheaper plan choices for smaller sized websites. Visit Bluehost’s plans here.

DreamHost versus. SiteGround

SiteGround is among the fastest growing independent website hosts (see my SiteGround review here). They’re located in Bulgaria, and still provide excellent service globally. They’ve better performance, better customer support (with increased options), and also have a more global presence with 4 data centers than DreamHost. SiteGround can also be a lot more costly than DreamHost. So again, this will depend in your priorities. See SiteGround’s plans here&#8230

DreamHost versus. InMotion

InMotion is among the most established independent, worker owned website hosts together with DreamHost. This website is located with an InMotion VPS server. In my opinion, InMotion beats DreamHost of all all facets &#8211 aside from prices on limitless everything plans, Dreamhost’s 97 day guarantee versus InMotion’s 90-day guarantee, and DreamHost’s monthly prices option.

InMotion provides capped, cheaper plans for smaller sized websites. They likewise have a sister brand, Website Hosting Hub, which has much more affordable plans for small websites. InMotion has more support channels and performance (see InMotion review here). I’d recommend InMotion over DreamHost. See InMotion’s plans here.

Conclusion &amp Next Steps

Overall, I discovered DreamHost to become a great webhost having a couple of disadvantages. If you prefer a good webhost, and you’re keen on their brand, independence and ease, then go on and join DreamHost here (make sure to use coupon code SLEEPY20 to obtain $20 off you buy the car).

If you would like a completely independent webhost, out on another require the monthly pay option, you’ll obtain a better deal at InMotion Hosting. Take a look at their their plans w/ 57% off here.

If you’re searching to have an affordable shared web hosting company with better still prices, go take a look at HostGator w/ 45% discount here

If you’re more confused than ever before &#8211 then take my BuzzFeed style Weblog Web Hosting quiz here, the Website Hosting Quiz here or use this site setup guide here!


DreamHost is definitely an established, respected independent webhost founded in 1997.
DreamHost Review
Compiled by: Nate Shivar
Date Printed: 02/09/2016
DreamHost has decent performance, but solid value for prices and great customer care.
4 / 5 stars

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