Troubleshooting Image Placement In WordPress Visual Editor

Troubleshooting Image Placement

This belongs to the Beginner’s Help Guide To WordPress Series. WordPress supplies a great Visual Editor so you don&#8217t need to know HTML to be able to publish webpages and blogs.

However, just like any A Specific Item Is What You’ll Get (WYSIWG) web site editor &#8211 it’s really a bit finicky at occasions &#8211 particularly with image placement.

Here&#8217s how you can trobleshoot and fix to make certain your images appear pretty and how you would like them.

Troubleshooting Images In WordPress

Here&#8217s a fast review of points within the video:

1. Your image is going to be placed in accordance with the block of text in which you insert it &#8211 not in which the blinking cursor is incorporated in the Visual Editor.

2. Make use of the align left, right, and center if you wish to wrap your text round the image.

3. You are able to drag your image within the Visual Editor &#8211 but rarely results in a good look.

4. When the formatting will get all messed up:

  • click to the Text tab at the very top right, and scan the Web coding for something such as  &ltimg src="" /&gt
  • Copy from and such as the first &lt towards the /&gt
  • Paste it before the block of text you would like it to be near, then go back to the Visual tab

6. Remember, you may also scale and edit images by hitting the look, then clicking the Edit button.

Next Steps

Don&#8217t hesitate of utilizing images inside your posts as well as on your website &#8211 it&#8217s certainly worthwhile, even though you may need to trobleshoot and fix from time to time. Also, discover more about Dealing With Images here.

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