Effective About Us Page Design: Guidelines & Examples

About Page Best Practices

If there’s one thorn inside your side with regards to website content, it’s the standard About page. Whether you’re a business attempting to win big business or perhaps a freelancer searching to nail the first gig, odds are your About page might be better than.

Consider you have Internet behavior. What page would you click to when you are looking at an internet site, but haven’t heard of the trademark – the About page.

But designing an about page could be daunting. In the end, how can you strike the right balance between selling your abilities and becoming so self-marketing that you simply really drive clients away (or boring them that they’re underwhelmed)?

Take it easy, it’s simpler of computer appears. Listed here are six guidelines your About Us page should perform, from what content you have to exactly what the design will include (with examples)!

Your About Us Page Should…

Tell A Tale

Your About page is exactly what sets you aside from your competition. It shows what you are, the way you do that which you do, and why you’re different. So your content should talk to individuals things, too. However, it’s not only a bio… it’s a tale. It isn’t by what you need to do, sturdy what you are.

You realize the company you labored so difficult to construct, the awards you labored so difficult to win, and also the team you employed for such a long time? Reveal that off! Your customers need to know about your behind the curtain. They would like to understand what you’re about: that which you are a symbol of, why is you tick, and why they ought to spend whenever searching at what you are offering. If you think a tad too verbose, stay with details and figures.

No-one can argue using the figures you’ve achieved.

Who rid of it?


Less Films About Page

Confer with your Customers

You know what? Your About page isn’t really in regards to you. Your clients are online trying to find you skill on their behalf. So, rather of rambling on endlessly with regards to you, why don’t you talk to them right from the start? What problems did they come your way to resolve? Use their language to resolve their wants, needs, or challenges within the first couple of sentences of the page. By doing this, you’ll capture their attention, acknowledge their demands, and demonstrate can address their challenges.

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Twitter About Page

Gain Your Customers’ Trust

Trust is essential both on and offline. It&#8217s harder though to demonstrate online. What’s the easiest method to show you’re reliable and price your clients time? Allow them to listen to your customers, obviously! Customer testimonials are an easy way to showcase why others think you’re awesome &#8212 not only the reason why you do. You may also highlight awards you’ve won. Make certain you show some variety. For instance, don’t just include office awards, like The best places to Work. Rather, include customer-centric awards too to showcase your value for your current clients.

Need an easy and quick method to establish trust? Incorporate your contact details! Nothing spells “scheme” greater than a website without any contact details. Should you not wish to incorporate your street address, a minimum of place a city and condition together with your telephone number. Remember links for your social handles too! Social networking isn’t just an effective way for purchasers to make contact with you, however your profiles may also showcase your personality, culture, branding and authenticity.

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FortyOne Twenty About Page

Showcase Your Design

It’s very easy to scrimp on the style of your About page. In the end from the work you place into all of those other site, why bother going all-on a webpage that does not even create a purchase? First of all, your About page is really a key to conversion – an important one. To ensure that mindset must go.

If you are like lots of website proprietors, you most likely brought out all of the stops in phase certainly one of design, however, you haven’t updated your About page because you launched. Bad move. Research has shown that first impressions on the internet are 94% design-related. Therefore if you’re skimping in your design &#8211 don’t. Your About page ought to be visually appealing, on brand, and as much as componen with all of your site. It ought to be enhanced for those devices, therefore it looks great on a telephone along with a computer.

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Moz About Page

Be Visually Diverse

Visuals matter. In the end, people remember 83% more when details are presented visually when compared with read. Now, that does not mean make your About page filled with photos of videos. However, you do not want just text either.

A proper dose of photos or even a short video or more can produce a huge difference for your page. The range will be maintaining your audience engaged, and also the different media enables you to definitely show character and culture. Make use of this chance to allow your true colors stand out! Sure, headshots are interesting… but same with the ping-pong tournament you’ve each year.

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Grove About Page

Make An Ask

Consider why a customer is in your About page – they are curious about you! The actual fact that they’re in your About page implies that they would like to learn more regarding your business.

Your About page should inform your visitors the things they can perform to discover much more regarding your business. The marketing jargon here’s “use a proactive approach.Inches

For those who have an amazing e-newsletter, you need to inform them and keep these things register! For those who have a powerful Facebook community, you need to keep these things much like your Page. For those who have a higher-converting product, page or blog publish for you should ask these potential customers to visit there.

Who rid of it?


HelpScout About Page

Next Steps &amp Takeaways

Your About page should not be a pain… it ought to be a good thing. With great content as well as an exceptional design, your page could possibly be the distinction between someone being only a customer and achieving a person.

Your About page isn’t something that’s absolute. Actually, it ought to be altered when it must be. Watch the way it performs in Analytics. Especially take a look at total pageviews where it shows inside your customer flow chart. It&#8217s unlikely to be a high website landing page, however that doesn&#8217t mean it&#8217s not really a critical a part of your site&#8217s design.

Begin using these metrics to find out what’s working and just what isn’t. May be the exit rate high? You will possibly not give these potential customers the data they have to start other pages, for example services.

Think a picture isn’t working? Swap it or change it having a video. Your page is dynamic, much like all of your site.

Overall, an excellent About page could possibly be the factor you have to set you aside from your competitors. By investing some time to effort to your page, it is simple to raise it one stage further.

Now – see your own About page and select 1 small factor to enhance at this time, and get it done.

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