5 Best POS Systems for Boutiques

POS for boutiquesSimilar to the word “artisan,” a great deal of people appear to become using “boutique” being an adjective nowadays, creating strange-sounding business descriptions like “boutique hotel” and “boutique talking to firm.” Used in this manner, “boutique” means … small and costly? (I’m not necessarily sure that’s just my favorite guess.) But talking about boutiques within the traditional way — as small stores — fundamental essentials hip little companies that keep local neighborhoods thriving small retailers possess a major impact around the national economy.

An alternative choice to major stores an internet-based retail Goliaths like Amazon . com, boutiques offer unique products along with a friendlier shopping experience. Cloud-based reason for purchase systems help boutiques accentuate these strengths, giving shopkeepers the opportunity to do such things as lookup customer purchase histories and track which products would be best sellers. But which cloud POS system is right for your boutique biz? In the following paragraphs, I’ll investigate and evaluate the top five POS systems for boutiques.

1. ShopKeep

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Utilized by greater than 20,000 small company retailers over the U.S., ShopKeep is definitely an affordable, easy-to-use POS system that operates on iPads. This POS offers responsive 24/7 customer care (incorporated within the straightforward $59/month/register fee) and competitive charge card processing charges via its in-house payment processor, ShopKeep Payments. ShopKeep includes inventory management features, additionally to worker management and customer management. You may also view real-time back-office reports from the internet browser or in your mobile phone using the ShopKeep Pocket application.

Here are a few more excellent achievements boutiques can perform with ShopKeep:

  • Generate detailed sales reports (item- and department-level) which help you identify which best-sellers you need to stock
  • Capture customer information at point-of-purchase to evaluate purchase patterns and make tailored marketing campaigns
  • Use with MailChimp, QuickBooks, and AppCard
  • Manage a large number of SKUs and import via CSV
  • Print barcodes for just about any item for simple checking in the register

A few downsides of ShopKeep is the fact that it’s not EMV-compliant (it pairs by having an EMV-capable readers, but the opportunity to accept EMV payments continues to be “coming soon”) also it doesn’t offer eCommerce integration, for individuals companies who wish to coordinate their webstore inventory using the products offered in their brick-and-mortar boutique. Find out more about this boutique POS within our ShopKeep review.

2. Shopify POSshopify-banner

Based on Capterra, Shopify POS may be the second-most-popular POS software system presently being used. Greater than 150,000 companies use Shopify, though a number of these may apply it eCommerce, sometimes along with another on-premises POS, like Vend or Quetzal (more about individuals guys inside a bit). But additionally to hosting your web storefront, the flexible, retail-centric Shopify POS can power your brick-and-mortar store sales too. This online POS is very easy to setup and begin using. Like ShopKeep, Shopify offers competitive charge card rates via its very own in-house payment processor, which means you don’t even need to have your personal credit card merchant account should you don’t wish to.

The normal Shopify POS setup uses an iPad register, but you may also bring your boutique on the run — to farmer’s markets, pop-up shops, etc. — selling and accepting payments out of your Android or iPhone.

Some options that come with Shopify POS making it ideal for boutiques include:

  • Choice to use together with your existing payment processor and charge card equipment
  • Robust inventory management with offline and online inventory syncing
  • One online dashboard to handle your retail an internet-based stores
  • Customer sales profiles
  • QuickBooks and Xero integration
  • Detailed reporting and analytics — identify bestsellers, see which products are running low, etc.
  • Accept partial payments, deposits, split tenders, and debit payments, and EMV payments

Some downsides include limited offline functionality and sluggish email support (though additionally they offer 24/7 support via telephone call and live chat). Learn more within our Shopify POS review.

3. Vend vend-logo

Vend is yet another popular retail POS that you could operate from the internet browser or perhaps an iPad application. Vend also integrates seamlessly together with your Shopify online shop, which makes it good option to Shopify POS (if you want your Shopify e-Store but aren’t in love with the Shopify POS). Such as the other cloud POS systems on the list, Vend is extremely easy to setup and obtain began with, and also you might be able to utilize it together with your existing POS equipment and preferred a merchant account provider. Vend offers 24/7 email support in situation you need to do encounter any issues.

Vend is scalable for companies varying from mobile boutique to multi-store outlet. This POS provider provides a free arrange for micro-companies selling 10 or less products, and compensated plans start at $59/month. Vend doesn’t include each and every feature available (for instance, it doesn’t permit item modifiers) but it’s a dependable POS that is excellent at what it really does.

Some features boutiques will enjoy:

  • Quite simple to include, edit and take away products.
  • Product catalog includes images, prices, variations (by color, size, etc.).
  • Real-time inventory and purchasers reports
  • Customer and inventory management
  • Plenty of software integrations for accounting, inventory control, staff management and much more

Negatives include limited cash management features cheap phone support costs extra. Read our Vend review to find out more.

4. Bindo bindo-logo-large-0fa095012de1980dfbf4eecd2ed1e1d9

Bindo is really a feature-packed iPad POS for boutiques along with other small retail companies. This POS is particularly designed for local mother-and-pop establishments who wish to sell online additionally to in-store. Bindo also supports mobile commerce while offering some advanced features, for example purchase order support. The aesthetically pleasing interface is really intuitive and simple to use the company claims you are able to train your employees within half an hour. Bindo POS works together with most charge card processors.

A number of Bindo’s boutique-friendly features include:

  • Loyalty and CRM module with gift certificate support
  • Worker management as time passes clock
  • Logistics management
  • Multi-store support
  • Online storefront with unified offline and online inventory
  • Supports high-volume transactions and limitless SKUs (monthly prices is mainly in line with the quantity of SKUs you’ll need)
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Quickbooks and Xero integration
  • Invoicing features
  • EMV card support

While Bindo boasts greater than 300 features, downside customers have would be that the POS software could be a little buggy at occasions. With this stated, free 24/7 support will help you resolve any company-critical issues. Find out more within our Bindo review.

5. Quetzal quetzal-logo

Quetzal has got the distinction of being the only cloud POS made particularly for clothing and shoe retailers. Like the majority of the others on the list, Quetzal is a straightforward-to-use iPad POS which works from the browser. This sleek POS offers awesome features just like a rear customer-facing display and the opportunity to “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” a person within the system. You can preserve tabs on everything a person buys, together with vendor, size, color, and material, after which sell to these customers with targeted email promotions.

Additionally you get get:

  • Clothing/shoe matrix
  • Shopify integration for the online shop
  • Ability to visit your best customers by vendor, or merchandise type, or season
  • Colorful, graphical reports
  • Sleek “Apple aesthetic”
  • 24/7 email support
  • EMV-compliant system
  • As much as 10,000 products and a pair of,000,000 SKUs

Available these days at just $60/location/month, you’ll certainly be thinking about this affordable POS should you operate a clothing and/or shoe boutique. Among the only negative reasons for it isn’t that that lots of retailers make use of this POS yet, there aren’t a lot of reading user reviews available. But you will discover more within our Quetzal review.

Which Boutique POS Must I Choose?

Just in situation you skimmed the above mentioned article (I don’t blame ya time is money!), here’s the fast-and-dirty rundown on these five boutique POS systems:

  • ShopKeep — iPad POS in-house payment processing no eCommerce
  • Shopify — POS for iPad, iPhone, and Android in-house payment processing includes eCommerce
  • Vend — POS for iPad or internet browser includes eCommerce
  • Bindo — iPad POS includes eCommerce advanced features
  • Quetzal — POS for clothing and shoe stores includes eCommerce iPad or internet browser

All five of those POS systems are easy-to-use, iPad/web-based systems that can cost you a great deal under the standard on-premise, Home windows-based software. The awesome factor about cloud-based systems is you can payg and check out the software prior to committing to buy it. And since they frequently make use of the same (or mostly exactly the same) equipment, you are able to usually make use of the same iPad, card readers, bluetooth scanner, etc., for an additional POS system should you decide you don’t such as the one you first of all subscribed to. Join trials of ShopKeep, Shopify, Bindo, Vend, or Quetzal, or call us if you want some additional help working out which POS may be the perfect one for the boutique.

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