Top 5 Best POS Systems for Franchises

Franchise POS systemFrom Dairy Queen towards the Athlete’s Feet, more franchise companies are moving their reason for purchase towards the cloud, and even for good reason. Franchises small and big have unique POS needs that modern cloud POS systems are very well outfitted to satisfy. Particularly, POS&#8217s for franchises need . . .

  • Web-based reporting to gather and share sales data on every store.
  • A person-friendly interface to alleviate the training process.
  • Cost-efficient choices for companies with multiple locations.
  • A scaleable design (the opportunity to easily add and take away features per location).
  • EMV-compliant charge card processing to lessen franchisor liability.

Not every franchise companies make use of the same POS across all locations, however this typically simplifies things for that franchisor. Possibly you’re thinking about expanding your growing business (by which situation, it’s a lot of fun to go in the franchise market) or you happen to be a franchisor and are planning on switching to a different POS. In either case, these five cloud-based, EMV-compliant POS’s are excellent selections for franchises.

Continue reading to understand more about the very best POS systems for franchises and to find out what cloud POS systems are presently getting used through the top franchises.



ERPLY is really a web-based franchise POS system with integrated franchise keeper. This New york city-headquartered iPad POS caters particularly to retail and quick-serve companies. It boasts greater than 100,000 customers, varying from small companies to franchises. Additionally to robust POS functionality, ERPLY provides complete franchise management functions with enterprise-level plans:

  • Inventory and supplier management across franchise chains.
  • Mix-chain cost lists and discounts.
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP).
  • Multi-location franchise reporting.
  • Offline mode to consider payments once the Internet is lower.

Some franchises which use the ERPLY POS include Elizabeth Arden Retail, The Athlete’s Feet, and Rapid Refill. Find out more about ERPLY POS franchise management.

2. NCR Silver

NCR Silver POS review

NCR Silver is yet another cloud reason for purchase system that’s appropriate for food-based companies (quick-serve, cafes, food trucks, etc.) in addition to retail. Founded in the horse-and-buggy days (1884!) NCR is really a time-tested name within the POS world. Initially targeted at medium and small-sized companies, NCR Silver was created this year and just started supporting enterprise-level companies previously year. Nevertheless, as many as 23 franchise brands are now using this scaleable iPad POS.

A number of Silver’s most powerful selling points for franchises include:

  • Inventory management across all locations.
  • Consolidated reporting—monitor customers, employees, and purchasers across all business locations.
  • Integrated loyalty and e-mail marketing.
  • Offline functionality (may take charge card payments whether or not the Internet is lower).
  • Mobile ordering.

Some franchises which use NCR Silver include Waffle House and Great American Cookies. NCR also makes many other POS products, including hybrid-cloud POS Aloha, which is often used by Wendy’s and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Find out more about NCR Silver’s franchise plans and ask for an estimate here.

3. Revel Systems

Revel logo

Founded this year, Revel is among the most widely used and effective iPad POS’s around, especially among franchises. Revel is the best for bigger, multi-location establishments within the restaurant and retail sectors, though its per-terminal prices plans are flexible enough that smaller sized companies with just a couple of locations may use it. Talking about versatility, Revel is among the most customizable cloud POS systems, enabling you to add almost any POS function you are able to think of—customize your POS to provide from touchscreen kiosks to delivery management.

  • Industry-specific software programs.
  • Intelligent reporting suite within-depth, enterprise-level reporting.
  • Only iPad POS that provides secure ethernet connection (versus. just Wi-Fi).
  • “Always On” mode queues payments once the Internet goes lower.
  • QuickBooks partnership and integration.

Numerous franchises use Revel, especially in the quick-service sector. Some big brands which use Revel include Cinnabon, Tully’s Coffee, Dairy Queen, Little Caesar’s, Ben &amp Jerry’s, and many others.

Find out more about Revel’s enterprise business abilities. Revel also authored a fairly awesome blog publish with tips about growing your company right into a franchise.

4. LivePOS


LivePOS launched in 2006, which makes it the very first company to produce a cloud-based POS. LivePOS is really a Home windows-based POS for that retail industry, using the front-finish running in your area on the Home windows PC although it syncs data to the cloud. This affordable POS also provides a mobile checkout application if you like to operate your POS on the tablet. Such as the other POS’s on the list, it’s ultra-scaleable, which makes it appropriate for small companies and franchises alike.

LivePOS also offers several franchise-specific functions, including:

  • Real-time inventory and purchasers tracking across all stores.
  • The opportunity to control which vendors are available towards the individual franchise.
  • Real-time royalty and co-op tracking (along with other advanced reporting options by location).
  • Live video feed from the location.
  • May take payments once the Internet is lower (charge card transactions is going to be queued and processed once you’re back online).
  • Direct Shopify integration so that you can sell online.

Several franchise brands use LivePOS, including Lillian’s clothing outlets and Any Lab Test Now.

LivePOS isn’t the sleekest or fastest POS, however it offers many impressive features for franchises, as well as for a fairly reasonable cost. Find out more about LivePOS for franchises.

5. Vend


Nz&#8217s Vend was the very first POS software to make use of HTML5 caching&#8211which enables the POS to operate without a web connection&#8211when it arrived on the scene this year. Today, Vend remains an inexpensive and incredibly capable web-based POS for retail companies varying in dimensions from mother-and-pop to nationwide franchise. Instead of running on the mobile application or in your area-installed software, Vend is completely browser-based what this means is it’ll work on any hardware that may run Google Chrome: Home windows PC, iPad, MacBook, Android device, Linux PC, etc.

This straightforward, easy-to-use POS includes a less expensive of entry over a POS like Revel or ERPLY, which is a fantastic choice for multi-store retail companies having a reliable Web connection (as offline functionality is restricted). You need to especially consider Vend if you wish to sell products online.

Here are a few of Vend’s franchise-friendly features:

  • No-limit to the amount of stores you could have.
  • Includes eCommerce without additional charge (also integrates with Shopify).
  • Offers in-house and integrated loyalty programs.
  • Inventory and customer management.
  • Multi-cost book functionality with capability to apply limited or franchise-wide discounts.
  • Real-time look at sales &amp inventory all stores.

Vend can be used by a number of large franchises, including AGATHA Paris and Baby on the go. Find out more about Vend’s franchise features.

Franchise POS Systems and also you

If you’re searching to develop your company right into a effective franchise, it’s time for you to find a franchise POS that allows you to manage multiple stores and streamline all of your sales operations. Cloud POS software programs are where it’s at for multi-location companies and franchises, since it provides the necessary functionality with no hefty cost tag. Furthermore, its online abilities permit you to sync your company data across your whole business network.

To briefly review, ERPLY, NCR Silver, and Revel are application-based iPad POS’s for retail and quick service franchises, with robust reason for purchase, reporting, and management features. Home windows-based LivePOS and browser-based Vend tend to be more affordable choices for retail franchises that don’t always need every feature available.

Need assistance selecting a franchise POS? Don’t be shy—drop us a line! We’ll help you to get setup having a POS that will help you to realize your wildest franchise dreams.

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