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We’ve already spoken thorough about Xero and QuickBooks Online: the way the two programs compare, the benefits and drawbacks of every. However nowadays, we’ll be concentrating on a particular part of the two cloud-based accounting programs: what exactly are that they like for mobile users?

Both Xero and QuickBooks Online offer mobile phone applications for iPhone and Android. Neither application provides the full functionality from the software, but there are several significant variations together, especially in the scope of accessible features. If you’re certainly one of individuals individuals who does 60%+ of the business out of your phone, this article’s for you personally. For that purpose of this comparison, we’ll be testing the apps for iPhone.

Device Types

Champion: Tie

Both Xero and QuickBooks Online offer mobile phone applications for iPhone/iPad and Android devices. Neither comes with an application for Home windows Phone.


Champion: Tie

Both mobile phone applications have the freedom having a subscription fully program.

Simplicity of use

Champion: QuickBooks Online

Virtually everybody concurs that Xero makes good-searching software, even individuals who think it’s got little besides looks to provide. Xero Touch doesn’t dissatisfy here design is neat and elegant, and navigation is usually intuitive and straightforward. QuickBooks falls just a little lacking Xero’s chic look, however it too is very simple to navigate. Both in programs, I discovered every function located to begin with I looked.

A side-by-side comparison of Xero and QuickBooks' mobile apps. Xero is on the left QBO is on the right.

A side-by-side comparison of Xero and QuickBooks&#8217 mobile phone applications. Xero is around the left QBO is around the right.

Xero uses an inconspicuous navigation bar at the end from the screen QuickBooks includes a much bigger navigation bar, however it collapses if you have selected a choice, as pictured below.

QuickBooks Chart of Accounts.

QuickBooks Chart of Accounts

What gives QuickBooks the win here’s that Xero doesn’t offer any type of help function inside the application, that is at occasions problematic. After I had questions, I needed to schlep to Xero’s website. QBO includes a help line number readily available from inside the application, in addition to a fairly comprehensive FAQ section. (It’s important to note that calling the amount listed led to about twenty minutes on hold, but it’s an improvement on nothing, and that i did end up a precise response to my question.)

Product Features

Champion: QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks wins that one hands lower. Although it doesn’t provide the full-range of features you have access to out of your desktop, the mobile application a minimum of provides you with use of most fundamental functions from the program, together with a couple of rudimentary reports. Xero Touch is much more limited in scale, with functions limited to invoicing, expenses, bank reconciliation, along with a address book.

An element-by-feature comparison of these two programs:

Dashboard – Xero includes a lovely dashboard, where one can view account balances, outstanding invoices (past due and draft invoices are clearly marked), and then any receipts requiring attention (draft receipts not posted, or reimbursable receipts waiting for repayment). This is among the couple of places that QBO fails to deliver of their competitor. Sure, you are able to find everything info on separate screens, but there’s not one place where it all fits in place.

Banking – Both QBO and Xero need you to setup your accounts within the full program, as opposed to the mobile application. When your accounts are positioned up, you will see account balances, in addition to classify and match transactions.

Invoices – QBO exceeds Xero here, enabling you to create estimates and receipts additionally to invoices. You may also convert estimates to invoices and obtain a person signature if needed. Regrettably, the receipts function doesn’t present an option to produce a receipt from your existing invoice, so you’ve to re-enter information. Still, the choice to produce a quote or receipt isn’t contained in Xero Touch whatsoever.

Xero has one nice feature which QBO lacks here: the opportunity to fasten a file or photo for an invoice.

Expenses – Both programs permit you to photograph an invoice and go into the expense to your accounts. Xero goes one step farther: you are able to assign the cost to some customer or arrange it like a reimbursable expense whenever you pay from the personal account. (QBO only provides you with the choice to pay for from business accounts.)

Inventory – Within the QBO application, you have access to a summary of services and products, view prices, edit existing products, and add new products. However, anything you set will instantly be categorized like a service, not really a product. You’ll need to use the entire program to include products in order to track them as inventory. Xero’s application doesn’t have section for inventory, nor a product list. A whole lot worse, it won&#8217t access your inventory list whenever you&#8217re creating a bill, which means you&#8217ll need to by hand enter products every time.

Reports – QBO provides you with use of some very fundamental reports. You will see your chart of accounts, profit/loss, and balance sheet. Xero Touch doesn’t provide any reports.

Contacts – Xero and QBO both permit you to view your address book: Xero by means of just one address book, and QBO by means of separate vendor and customer lists. In QBO, you can include new contacts, edit contact information, and add notes to contacts. Xero is much more limited: you can include notes to existing contacts, however, you cannot add new contacts or edit contact details.

Negative Reviews and Complaints

Champion: QuickBooks Online

With regards to the entire programs, QuickBooks Online will get more negative feedback than Xero does (even comprising the main difference in user figures)—but using the mobile phone applications, the storyline is reversed. Customers need to see elevated functionality in Xero’s application, and feel it’s missing major features (like reports). There’s a couple of complaints concerning the application freezing. QuickBooks customers, similarly, complain concerning the fact the program doesn’t include all of the functions from the full program, and a few want to see support for multitasking or perhaps a split screen choice for the iPad.

Positive Testimonials and reviews

Champion: QuickBooks Online

The QuickBooks Online application will get 4/5 stars in Apple’s Application Store Xero Touch will get 3/5 stars. In The Search Engines Play, the ratings offer a similar experience, with QuickBooks getting 4.3/5 stars to Xero’s 3.7/5. Many users discover the QBO application efficient and state that it permits them to fully run their business while on the run. Most positive feedback on Xero’s application centers round the easy-to-use interface.

Final Verdict

Champion: QuickBooks Online

What Xero Touch does, it generally does well. The issue is what it really doesn’t do: estimates, receipts, inventory, the fundamental tasks of adding and editing contacts. QBO’s better quality functionality easily pushes it towards the win about this one. We’ll be keeping track of both programs, though: in the rate they’ve developed in the last couple of years, we are able to most likely anticipate seeing lots of changes coming.

Wondering the way the full programs compare? Take a look at our Xero versus QuickBooks Online article, then compare on your own. Both programs offer free trials test out Xero, give QuickBooks Online a go, and find out which program you want perfect for your company.

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