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You and also iContact happen to be together for some time, possibly even moved in together, purchased a couch. It&#8217s been a great relationship, however it&#8217s beginning to appear like both you and your ESP (e-mail marketing company) are getting different ideas about where your company is going and just what its needs are.

The fact is that there are plenty of ESPs available that may focus on an assorted selection of subscriber list sizes, campaign creation needs, and advanced features. Most of them offer free trials (and, more rarely, free plans), so that you can bring them try it out before committing.

Before recommending options to iContact, let&#8217s check out its strengths to ensure that we are able to obtain a better concept of that which you&#8217re accustomed to:

  • Simple UI: iContact caters, mainly, to companies which have had little previous contact with e-mail marketing software. Even though many ESPs have tried to simplify their interfaces recently, iContact&#8217s clocks in around the simple side.
  • Customer support: Many iContact users report getting good encounters with support and customer support. Most ESPs have decent learning sources, but strong, human-powered support can&#8217t be overlooked.
  • Integrations: Eventually, most companies may wish to integrate email addresses marketing having a program like Salesforce to assist manage their subscriber base. Many ESPs integrate with Salesforce and other alike programs, but not every one of them get it done as easily as iContact does.
  • Inexpensive: iContact is available in inexpensively side when it comes to cost

Knowing that, let&#8217s check out a number of iContact&#8217s competitors to determine what they offer.

1. AWeber

It wouldn&#8217t be considered a huge stretch to the peculiarly named AWeber the following logical part of the evolution of the company&#8217s marketing campaigns.

Like iContact, it&#8217s a course created for simplicity and ease-of-use that you shouldn’t have any trouble obtaining quickly. And like iContact, AWeber caters mainly to smaller sized companies with relatively small contact lists.

Among the best ESPs in the class, you may be fairly certain that AWeber will suit your needs.

Why You Need To Change to AWeber:

AWeber goes a little farther than iContact in delivering a reasonably complete tool looking for small email strategies. At each tier you&#8217ll have the product&#8217s full suite of features, with a huge library of templates, strong reporting tools, and try to-helpful autoresponders.

When you are saying &#8220I like iContact, but If only it might ___,&#8221 there&#8217s an excellent chance AWeber fills for the reason that blank.

The Reason Why You Shouldn&#8217t:

Regrettably, AWeber also offers the excellence to be among the pricier small company ESPs, although compared to iContact, the greater buy depends upon what size your address book is: AWeber is, at some levels, as costly or perhaps cheaper, whilst delivering more quality for that dollar.

However, iContact scales to mid-and-massive companies more easily than AWeber does, therefore if your company is literally outgrowing iContact&#8217s Fundamental plans, you might feel similarly restricted by AWeber.

2. Mailigen

Should you haven&#8217t heard about Mailigen before, don&#8217t feel below par. It&#8217s a fairly youthful service that flies a bit underneath the radar. It’s, however, worth keeping track of.

Like AWeber, Mailigen aims to become a complete platform for smaller sized companies, offering all the tools essential to complete the job while eliminating all of the unnecessary fluff that stands when it comes to mastering this program.

Where it deviates a little from both AWeber and iContact is it can, potentially, provide a couple of very advanced choices for individuals brave enough to dive to their emails&#8217 HTML.

Why You Need To Change to Mailigen:

While you&#8217ll be investing in your e-mail marketing provider, you&#8217ll gladly hear that Mailigen undersells iContact overall, whilst providing you with use of its full-featured set. There’s some a la carte buying that you can do to include additional users and additional the help of they, however the functionality can there be in the base cost.

One of the more improvements which should grab your attention is the opportunity to tag any kind of the email like a dynamic element, that will then permit you to swap individuals elements interior and exterior emails customized for your particular clients. There&#8217s certainly a learning curve into it, but being able to view that sort of feature at Mailigen&#8217s cost point is rare.

Also, if you wish to send texts in your campaign, Mailigen enables you to buy SMS credits to complete exactly that.

The Reason Why You Shouldn&#8217t:

Mailigen is fairly simple to use, however it&#8217s decidedly one step in complexity from iContact and not really user-friendly an event. It ought to be noted that exist Salesforce integrated by utilizing Zapier or similar services, however it&#8217s less than just like what iContact offers.

3. SendinBlue

When there&#8217s an e-mail marketing company more available to constructive critique than SendinBlue, I haven’t yet encounter them. Soon after my overview of the service, I had been contacted with a representative who wanted to tell me they&#8217d taken action to fix some of the problems I&#8217d pointed out within my review.

I&#8217m mentioning this because, although it&#8217s a little newer and rougher around than edges than a number of its competitors, it’s a company that appears set on providing the most quality service they are able to in a very competitive cost.

Why You Need To Change to SendinBlue:

The prices tiers may look a little unfamiliar for you should you&#8217re accustomed to list-based prices&#8211you purchase a particular quantity of emails monthly as opposed to the size your address book&#8211but for many users, the mathematics will most likely emerge pretty much for SendinBlue users.

You&#8217ll obtain a great editor, the opportunity to send SMS texts and transactional emails, and decent reporting tools.

The Reason Why You Shouldn&#8217t:

SendinBlue offers some advanced features, but is missing a reasonably important one: split-testing. There are methods around by using integrations, however it&#8217s certainly an opening in SendinBlue&#8217s otherwise impressive arsenal.

And talking about integrations, SendinBlue pops up missing for the reason that department. Like Mailigen, you are able to deal with its weaknesses with Zapier, however it won&#8217t be rather the combination experience iContact offers.

4. Benchmark

If SendinBlue, Mailigen, or AWeber seem intriguing but nonetheless a bit frightening, you might want to consider Benchmark.

Among the bigger names in the industry, Benchmark includes a well-established pedigree along with a status to be welcoming to new, smaller sized companies with modest email needs. That stated, Benchmark also serves some pretty big corporate heavy-hitters and may deliver greater-level functionality when it’s needed.

Why You Need To Change to Benchmark:

Like the majority of the other available choices I&#8217ve presented, Benchmark provides a cheaper service and, like SendinBlue, also provides a totally free plan.

Not just that, however, you&#8217re getting a substantial amount of functionality for your cost, while you&#8217re in a position to access advanced features like split-testing and surveys regardless of how much cash spent.

The Reason Why You Shouldn&#8217t:

There isn&#8217t an excessive amount of bad I’m able to say about Benchmark, but no program is ideal. Among the complaints I stumbled upon that appeared very specific to Benchmark was its rather draconian anti-junk e-mail policy, which appeared to trap a reasonably large number of innocent victims. Essentially, in case your junk e-mail score goes over a certain level, Benchmark will suspend your campaign with little warning.

The organization also offers no refund guarantee, so remember that when you choose the number of several weeks you intend for doing things.


Should you&#8217re becoming frustrated together with your bulk mail service, have faith in understanding that it&#8217s a business filled with healthy competition and intriguing alternatives. iContact does a fantastic job of presenting new users towards the concepts and fundamental options that come with e-mail marketing, but there are many others who definitely are more than pleased to greet you to their subscriber base.

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