POS 101: Raw Component Tracking

pos with raw ingredient trackingPretty much every time I attempt to prepare something, I finish up failing to remember to buy among the ingredients, necessitating another visit to the shop, in most cases winding up beside me ordering a pizza rather. Basically ran a cafe or restaurant within the same disorganized fashion through which I run my existence . . . well, I don’t think we’d remain in business for very lengthy. But though there’s in regards to a % chance my sporadic culinary endeavors is ever going to are a business, I still enjoy playing around with POS raw component tracking systems. So what can I only say? It’s fun! Or at best much more fun than making multiple journeys towards the supermarket per day.

Raw component tracking or “raw goods” tracking is a kind of inventory management utilized by restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries, pizzerias, quick service, along with other companies that sell food or drink products. Nowadays, it’s not difficult to get a cloud reason for purchase (POS) system which includes integrated raw component tracking among its POS software functions, or that provides component tracking via a third-party inventory software add-on. 

So without further adieu, listed here are 4 POS’s that provide raw component tracking, and also the basics of methods inventory tracking works together with all these systems.


Square is a superb POS for convenient service and mobile food companies for example food trucks. Square offers raw component tracking with an integration with Intrakr inventory management software. Intrakr is really a complete inventory management means to fix both track and buy the raw products which enter in the drinks and food you sell.

Here are a few key things to understand about Square&#8217s raw component tracking:

  • Costs $25/month for Intrakr add-on
  • Automated inventory syncing and reordering
  • Receive real-time mobile notifications when ingredients are low or sold-out
  • Purchase order and vendor management
  • Built-in shipment tracking
  • Generate reports with raw component inventory insights

Within the video above, you are able to see Square&#8217s raw component tracking with Intrakr for action.

Note: Shopify POS also integrates with Intrakr for inventory management and raw component tracking. Shopify doesn&#8217t have restaurant functionality (it’s mainly for retail companies), but it may be appropriate for any coffee shop or cafe.


Shopkeep POS screenshotShopKeep is yet another excellent POS for small drink and food companies, from juice bars to restaurants. ShopKeep’s raw component tracking isn’t as granular or automated as what you’ll get with Intrakr, however it can be useful for fundamental raw goods tracking. It’s also very economical, because it is incorporated with the price of an affordable ShopKeep subscription.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Raw goods tracking incorporated in ShopKeep subscription
  • Attach Raw Goods to Products to begin tracking ingredients and find out the number of Products you may make with ingredients on-hands
  • Monitor the worth and volume of raw goods, and generate inventory value reports
  • Set triggers prompting you to definitely reorder when supplies get low
  • No choice to set units of measurement (oz., lb., etc.), therefore if you’ll need to specify that within the item description—e.g., “mushrooms, 3 oz.”

To learn more about ShopKeep raw goods management, take a look at ShopKeep’s website on making use of the “Raw Goods” function.

Revel Systems

Revel POS screenshotRevel is definitely an advanced iPad POS that gives complete raw component tracking included in its back-office management console. Due to its greater cost and advanced functionality, Revel is much more appropriate for bigger food and restaurant companies with multiple locations.

Here are the awesome reasons for Revel’s raw component tracking:

  • Integrated raw component functionality incorporated in (somewhat pricey) cost of Revel subscription
  • Searchable, filterable log of things that get into all products
  • Uses component cost to calculate product cost
  • Component Inventory Log displays changes designed to the component inventory by the owner or perhaps an worker with assigned user permissions
  • Includes wastage adjustments (removes inventory of the component due to waste)
  • Choice to transfer inventory in one establishment to another—useful for companies with warehouses or multiple establishments, or companies that prep products using ingredients in a single before delivering these to where they’re offered
  • Choice to import and export component inventories to Stand out

Find out more about Revel’s Component Inventory Log.

POS Lavu

Lavu POS screenshotPOS Lavu is really a restaurant POS for small-to-medium restaurants along with other eateries. Like ShopKeep and Revel, Lavu’s raw component management is made in to the system and incorporated in the price of the subscription. The machine is comparatively advanced, even though you cannot import bulk of information via .csv—meaning you have to by hand go into the component, unit of measure, cost, etc.

Lavu’s component management functions are most likely less advanced as Revel’s, but greater than ShopKeep’s.

Here’s what you ought to learn about POS Lavu raw component tracking:

  • Incorporated in (relatively affordable) subscription cost
  • Set component quantity, cost, unit of measure, and modifiers
  • Assign ingredients to menu products and groups
  • Setup email alerts to specified users when component inventories are low
  • Instantly subtract inventory products when a purchase is closed

Find out more about component inventory management with POS Lavu.

So Which POS with Component Tracking Must I Choose?

To summarize, here’s what you’ll get with all these POS’s offering raw component tracking:

  • Square — Complete inventory management (including component tracking) via Intrakr add-on ($$)
  • ShopKeep — Fundamental raw component tracking ($)
  • Revel — Advanced raw component tracking ($$$)
  • POS Lavu — Middle-of-the-road raw component tracking ($)

Many of these POS’s are cloud-based and operate on an iPad (You may also run Square on the smartphone).

To summarize, existence&#8217s way too short for inefficient raw component tracking, so we think it&#8217s about time you have a POS with this helpful feature. If you want more help selecting a POS for the food or drink business, we’re happy to assist you! We will also help you discover inventory keeper that integrates together with your existing POS, or the other way around. 🙂

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