8 Reasons To utilize a Restaurant-Specific POS System

Currently in which the POS market is quickly altering and evolving, giving business proprietors increasingly more options, it may be daunting to determine which system will be perfect for your own personal restaurant.

While it might be simple to think that most POS systems offer a similar experience and can accommodate your business similarly, making the incorrect choice could dramatically impact your efficiency as well as your main point here. And believe me, jolting awake inside a cold sweat from the POS-caused nightmare isn’t a enjoyable experience.

There are a variety of generic systems that, at first glance, appear to supply enough functionality to help keep a cafe or restaurant running easily. However, many occasions, selecting one of these simple general POSs can prevent you from reaching your potential, something your senior high school British teachers always stated can happen should you didn&#8217t buckle lower. Listed here are eight explanations why picking out a restaurant-specific POS could be the solution you’re looking for:


Nowadays, it&#8217s standard for businesses to supply systems which are tailor-designed to a client’s exact specifications. Whether or not this&#8217s intricate graphic elements inside the interface or highly specific elements around the backend involving inventory, worker hrs, or perhaps freezer/fridge temperature, restaurant-specific POSs can provide you more options than you may have even thought were possible, letting every individual client craft the program to their specific needs just like a significantly less entertaining form of Minecraft. Integrations and add-ons will also be componen for that course in the market having a bevy of options that can be included to your package, many coming at no extra charge.

Training Ease

It’s confirmed that new hires will require time for you to get accustomed to a brand new system, however, many restaurant proprietors may not realize simply how much an additional hour or so here or there may cost your company. Restaurant-specific POSs shoot for streamlined functionality inside a foodservice setting and, generally, good sense reigns supreme (something which can’t ever be overlooked). A POS that is perfect for by people inside the industry cuts lower on confusing elements that might be present in other retail-based systems (SKU-based inventory systems, matrix options, etc.) and therefore employees may be put at work faster while restricting rookie mistakes.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Even though many POS systems available on the market will offer you some kind of program for tracking customer rewards or loyalty discounts, restaurants frequently have unique and often complex advantages to lure repeat business. (We&#8217re well past the times of &#8220buy 10 subs, acquire one free&#8221 in which you will in the end run your card with nine punches with the wash.) Having a generic system, it may be time-consuming to keep an eye on these benefits and errors may be easily made. A POS made with center owner in your mind generally provides an equally unique system for storing and tracking this data. A number of these systems take just seconds to process the data and frequently come with restaurant-specific integrations making it convenient to carry over existing customer data. A couple of companies have designed their very own gift certificate programs which pair seamlessly using the POS.


You are able to most likely manage for some time having a POS system that’s simply functional although not particularly designed for center industry. However, should you encounter technical issues with your device, you’ll would like them solved as rapidly and effectively as you possibly can, mainly in the restaurant industry where some time and speed are important. For instance, a technical support specialist for an organization that are experts in restaurant-specific POS is much more likely so that you can rapidly identify a menu issue than one and also require to deal with several companies. Virtually every company offers 24/7 report and, oftentimes, even is able to login remotely to repair problems (or simply to freak you out of trouble just a little and provide everybody a great laugh).


Companies that concentrate on restaurant-based POS software realize that probably the most important features inside a server, bartenders or hostess is when rapidly they are able to ring in orders and switch over customers. And also the small things can produce a massive difference. An interface that’s easy and simple to know can dramatically improve an employee’s efficiency. Whenever a server must make changes for an order quickly or add modifications, a POS having a clunky or generic design won’t do them any favors. A tool particularly designed for restaurants should nail these records, staying away from any glitchy bugs and saving precious minutes throughout a busy evening.


Within an industry that’s saturated with options, competition will be your friend. POS software must be reasonable for attract new customers. Many foodservice POS vendors offer subscription-based prices and won’t lock you right into a lengthy-term contract. This provides you the opportunity to look for a POS that is ideal for your restaurant or franchise without having to worry about emptying your wallet. Most POS companies offer reduced prices for multiple stations and lots of offer cheap packages should you don&#8217t need bells, whistles, or tambourines.

Backend Options

Having the ability to monitor from raw ingredients to worker hrs could make or break a cafe or restaurant owner. New systems specifically created for the service industry offer numerous convenient features that will help cut lower on waste from over-purchasing, virtually eliminate the potential of worker thievery, and monitor and record food and beverage costs. Restaurant POS systems could be customized to transmit out detailed reports making the sometimes complicated procedure for punching out and in for any shift easy. And all of these functions can generally be utilized remotely, allowing you to see the number of Roma tomato plants you’ve kept in storage in the sandy beaches of Fiji in the event that&#8217s something&#8217re into.

Worker Satisfaction

Choosing the proper POS can really possess a significant effect on worker morale. A method which makes sense, particularly to a person and also require previous experience of center industry, can take shape confidence making for additional productive shifts. Also it can produce a trickle-lower effect as individuals employees who have a very good sense of the machine can certainly pass that understanding lower once they train somebody new (without frequently complaining concerning the store’s outdated technology).

Specific Restaurant POS Systems

Should you&#8217ve made the decision that the restaurant-specific POS fits your needs, Merchant Maverick will help you narrow your research even more. We’ve reviewed a large number of systems and recommend the next:

  • Lightspeed Restaurant
  • Toast
  • Touchbistro
  • Revel
  • Lavu
  • Meza
  • Ambur
  • Brigade Society
  • Breadcrumb

Final Ideas

You will find myriad options when you’re making the key decision of the items POS for your restaurant. But it’s important to not settle. A POS that’s produced using the restaurant owner in your mind will frequently be the best and price effective option which, consequently, can result in bigger profits and gratification from both employees and customers.

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