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Clover POS alternatives

Since its release to the general public in 2014, Clover Station has become probably the most popular newer POS systems for small-to-medium companies. This excellent solution uses proprietary hardware by having an extra-large, easy-to-read touchscreen, differentiating it coming from all the “iPad POS’s” available on the market. Clover is really a truly all-in-one system, because it comes including a credit card merchant account&#8211in fact, you are able to just use it along with an initial Data credit card merchant account. Competitive charge card processing minute rates are available, as well as an open API and application market make Clover adaptable to almost any industry&#8211restaurant, retail, hospitality, or service-based. Clover is simple to setup, simple to learn, and it has serious visual appeal. But it’s not for everybody.

With Clover, retailers are restricted to First Data for charge card payment processing, which processor, while decent, has not even close to the very best status in the market.FD has in the past had problems around the a merchant account services aspect (for example withheld funds, account terminations, and excessive charges), so retailers who’ve been burned beginning with Data previously are understandably cautious about First Data POS products and support. 

Furthermore, the upfront costs of buying Clover Station could be prohibitive for many merchants—about $1,000 per station, plus another $200 per station for any Clover-enabled FD40 PIN Pad if you would like the body to become EMV-complaint and accept mobile payments. (That’s, unless of course you select among the portable/mobile Clover products, Clover Small or Clover Mobile, that are just a little cheaper and EMV/NFC-capable as they are.)

Clover Mini POS system

Support for Clover products may also be sporadic, as payments/credit card merchant account support varies based on whom you purchase your Clover hardware and account from—Clover is offered by a large number of different banks, a merchant account providers, along with other third-party vendors, more often than not with a free account contract. Software and hardware support comes directly from First Data, which, again, has a crummy reputation with retailers. Plus, their help website and videos aren’t super helpful. Support for that Clover apps that stretch the POS’s fundamental functionality is supplied through the individual application developers instead of from the centralized support center.

Finally, some retailers will dsicover the Clover hardware restricting. Unlike other POS systems running on Apple or Android devices, Clover’s hardware is only for Clover POS. Which means if you purchase the hardware and also you finish up not liking Clover, you can’t make use of your equipment with every other system. What’s more, your unit cannot be also reprogrammed when you need to change to another First Data-approved credit card merchant account. You’ll need to purchase another totally new hardware bundle.

Clover Station hardware setup

Lots of retailers love Clover Station, but when any one of its limitations are deal-breakers for the business, you may consider one of these simple seven Clover POS alternatives. I’ll review the fundamentals and primary draws of every Clover alternative after which list why you may choose them rather of Clover.

1. Revel Systems

Revel Systems is among the greatest and baddest players in iPad POS. Founded this year like a Bay-area startup, Revel arrived at profitability in only one short year. The organization presently has greater than 20,000 active terminals along with a solid status like a reliable POS provider. Revel also boasts some high-profile clients, including Belkin, Goodwill, Smoothie King, and Cinnabon.


Like Clover, Revel offers flexible prices based on whom you decide for your credit card merchant account, is simple to use, and it is appropriate for various industries, varying from food plan to retail. Revel isn’t the least expensive option, however it is among the innovative iPad POS’s available, supplying functions couple of other POS solutions do, online ordering, to appointment scheduling, to self-service kiosks.

Why Is Revel Much better than Clover?

  • Can hold large, enterprise-level companies (whereas Clover is aimed toward the SMB sector).
  • Revel is definitely an iPad POS so most or all the equipment you purchase may be used with another iPad POS should you decide you don’t like Revel.
  • Provides you with a range of payment processors — Mercury Payment Systems (which particularly targets smaller sized business), Moneris Solutions, Adyen, Tyro, WorldPay, yet others (including First Data).
  • Revel provides decent-quality, centralized customer care.
  • Provides more advanced POS functions, including kiosk mode, kitchen view, and digital menu board.
  • You could possibly get cheaper hardware (when compared with Clover Station).

2. Lightspeed

Lightspeed, the Montreal-based software company whose POS solutions are actually utilized by greater than 34,000, began in 2005 now includes a number of different POS products: Onsite, Retail, Restaurant, and eCommerce. For that purpose of their list, I’m speaking particularly about Lightspeed’s cloud POS choices: Lightspeed Retail and Lightspeed Restaurant. Both solutions operate on an iPad and provide functionality comparable with Clover.

iPad POS

Lightspeed is perfect for promising small to medium-sized companies while offering relatively advanced retail and restaurant-specific functions at an affordable cost (LS Restaurant is particularly affordable).

Why Is Lightspeed Much better than Clover

  • iPad POS means you should use the hardware for any different system (Lightspeed Restaurant also operates on iPhone).
  • Selection of payment processors — U.S. retailers can decide on Cayan, Mercury, or BridgePay (through which you’ll access 30+ payment processors).
  • Quality customer care in one location.
  • More complex restaurant/retail-specific features as they are (without resorting to add-ons and integrations).
  • You could possibly get cheaper hardware (when compared with Clover).

3. ShopKeep

Coded in 2010 as a solution to low quality Home windows POS software, ShopKeep is yet another solid iPad POS for SMBs, whether you’re in retail or food service. Such as the others on the list, it’s simple to use and hang up. After Revel and Lightspeed, ShopKeep is next lower the road when it comes to cost, which makes it very economical for small companies having a single register.

ShopKeep EMV terminal

ShopKeep doesn’t have as numerous features as Clover/Revel/Lightspeed (it lacks table seating and advanced inventory management functions), which makes it better for small niche shops and small quick-service food operations instead of full-service restaurants or large stores. On the other hand, you don’t want to cover features you won’t use anyway. Also it does still start adding some effective back-office features including worker management, as well as an e-mail marketing integration with MailChimp.

Why Is ShopKeep Much better than Clover?

  • iPad POS means you should use the hardware for any different system.
  • Offers great selection of payment processors in addition to competitive rates within-house processor Shopkeep Payments.
  • Terrific customer care.
  • You could possibly get cheaper hardware (when compared with Clover).

4. SalesVu

SalesVu, est. 2011, is an excellent-affordable, super-flexible POS that enables you to definitely run the food, retail, or service SMB from your iPhone. SalesVu offers restaurant, retail, and mobile-specific packages. Since it operates on cellular devices (additionally to Computers) this POS is convenient for companies that place their show on the highway (i.e., food trucks).

Mobile POS

SalesVu provides an impressive functionality for any small cost, and it is very scaleable, enabling you to purchase the specific features you’ll need in industry-specific packages. SalesVu is not only a POS it’s a complete business management solution.

Why Is SalesVu Much better than Clover?

  • Flexible hardware options — Operates on iPad, iPhone, or PC (or combination thereof).
  • Mobile abilities (observe that while Clover Station doesn’t have this, Clover Small and Mobile do).
  • Includes effective features as they are — Self-service kiosk, eCommerce, built-in accounting and social networking functions, recurring billing.
  • Offers selection of Mercury or WorldPay credit card merchant account.
  • Good customer care in one place.
  • You could possibly get cheaper hardware (when compared with Clover) — Opening a free account with SalesVu will get a free EMV nick card readers for many business proprietors, a smartphone along with a charge card readers might be all that’s necessary.
  • Support for incremental prices&#8211good for hourly professionals for example therapists or trainers.

5. Toast

Android-based Toast, founded this year in Massachusetts, is today utilized in 42 states. Toast’s creators developed this cloud POS instead of the poorly serviced, difficult-to-update POS’s most restauranteurs were made to deal with only a couple of years back. Toast is restaurant-specific and appropriate for complete, quick service, cafes, and pizzerias it is also utilized by companies that simply serve alcohol, for example bars and nightclubs.

Android POS

Toast offers all of the restaurant-centric POS features you’d expect, from sitting area management to menu management. Even offering more complex functions like online ordering, Toast is full-fledged restaurant keeper, not only a POS. It’s and not the least expensive POS around—packages start at $100/month—but definitely not probably the most costly either.

Why Is Toast Much better than Clover?

  • Android POS — Cheaper hardware than Clover or iPad alternatives enables greater selection of tool and form factor.
  • Appropriate for enterprise-level companies.
  • Restaurant-specific functions as they are.
  • Excellent in-house support.
  • In-house payment processing from Toast — Not getting to handle a separate payment processor/credit card merchant account simplifies things there’s just one number to for just about any Toast POS issue, payment-related or else.

6. Ambur

Ambur is definitely an iOS-based restaurant POS that works well with single location eateries. Ambur was created in ’09 with a waiter and boy of restauranteurs who wanted to produce a more efficient ordering system for his family’s restaurant. Ansar Khan’s original iPhone application eventually become a cloud-based POS and restaurant keeper that systems and syncs between multiple iOS devices in one location.

iPad POS for restaurants

Additionally to POS functions, Ambur enables restaurant companies to handle such things as worker schedules, sales reports, inventory, and customer purchasing patterns. There are the conventional iPad restaurant POS features, for example tableside ordering and checkout, and wirelessly delivering orders to kitchen printers.

Why Is Ambur Much better than Clover?

  • Apple POS provides you with hardware options and versatility — May use on iPhone, iPad, or ipod device Touch (or perhaps a combination).
  • Offers advanced restaurant features as they are — Table management , payroll, customer reservations, customer information database, and loyalty discounts and coupons.
  • One-time fee helps you save money over time — Retailers are billed merely a flat $999 fee for that Ambur license fee covers limitless devices and limitless software updates.
  • Custom screens — You are able to hide elements you don’t need.
  • Selection of payment processors — Integrates with many major charge card processors, including Heartland, TSYS, Elavon, or any processor that provides the BridgePay payment gateway.

7. Vend

If this began in Nz this year, Vend was the world’s first web-based retail POS using HTML5 and it is offline cache abilities. Today, the short-growing Vend subscriber base includes greater than 15,000 installations in 100 countries.

Vend is particularly designed for retail companies and may handle operations from promising small to large. Vend runs from your internet browser, that makes it truly hardware-independent. However, Vend continuously ring up sales transactions throughout an Internet outage.

Vend POS screenshot

While restaurant and hospitality companies will discover Vend lacking—there’s no table management, tipping, or item modifiers—Vend is a superb POS for retail, supplying such things as in-depth sales reports, inventory management, eCommerce, customer management, a loyalty program, and much more. Additionally, it has a lot of third-party integrations.

Vend is among the least-costly cloud POS’s, even supplying a fundamental free arrange for one register and 10 products.

Why Is Vend Much better than Clover?

  • Browser-based system enables for various possible hardware setups — You are able to run your POS on the PC, Mac, or perhaps Linux.
  • Selection of Mercury and PayPal for in-store charge card processing (in america). Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Internet, and Payment Express are eCommerce gateway options.
  • Great customer care in one location — Vend’s website teaches you its real-time customer comments rating in line with the last 100 ratings.

So, Which Clover Alternative Must I Choose?

Here’s a fast review of each one of the seven Clover POS alternatives I discussed above:

  • Revel Systems — iPad POS for big and enterprise-level companies, food or retail
  • Lightspeed Restaurant/Retail — iPad POS for small-to-medium restaurants/stores
  • ShopKeep — iPad POS for convenient-service food or retail SMBs
  • SalesVu — Mobile POS for SMBs in food, retail, hospitality, and repair industries
  • Toast — Android POS for restaurants associated with a size
  • Ambur — iOS POS for single-location restaurants
  • Vend — Browser-based POS for promising small to large retail companies

And again, Clover is really a decent POS for SMBs as lengthy while you comprehend the perils of using First Data for payment processing and hardware/software support, and therefore are pretty certain you need to use Clover for that lengthy-haul (or are able to afford buying new equipment if Clover doesn’t exercise). Also, make sure you’re confident with the financial institutionOrvendor account you buy Clover from because you’ll be counting on them for many support-related issues. Also, please watch out for Clover scams when purchasing equipment off eBay or any other 3rd party.

Still unsure which POS to select? No problem! Call us to have an in-depth consultation that will help you find the correct POS for the business.

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