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take advantage of your POS

To date within the POS 101 series, we’ve covered numerous topics, from selecting reason for purchase hardware and software to creating sure you’re budgeting for achievement. However I believe it’s time to return to the fundamentals (it’s a 100-level course, in the end) and consider all of the different methods for you to make full use of your reason for purchase system. Out of your reporting suite to eCommerce integrations, I’ll briefly cover the necessity-to-knows of POS utility with a few links for more study incorporated in the end—if you’re searching to complete additional credit work.

Reporting Suite


Your POS solution should track all the data you’ll need. It’s not rather simple of knowing the number of burgers and hotdogs the food truck is producing. You should know just how much stock you’ve, just how much has been offered, just how much has been tossed out, who’s selling probably the most, what the employees are generating, and just what your profit is. Different businesses—both in dimensions and type—are have to use of different types of reports, and you’ll need to know the reporting suite in your POS is robust enough to create the information you’ll need.


You will be able to filter reports by time/time frame, location, worker, product, customer, etc. The body may track all sorts of sales and perform all of the necessary functions, however if you simply have a problem analyzing the information correctly, it’s not likely to would you much good.


Customer Profiles/E-mail Marketing

The initial step of CRM is gathering customer information. This ought to be a comparatively simple process (should you select the best POS) having the ability to capture all of the necessary data in the center of a transaction or around the sales floor. With respect to the excellence of the CRM module, each POS have a slightly different approach to entering customer data. What you need to ensure would be that the process is simple and streamlined and you can collect and track all you need: contact details, birthdates, loyalty program data, sales history, etc. All this information may then be utilized in email/internet marketing campaigns, and also the more you’ll be able to personalize promotions (birthday specials, targeted advertisements according to past purchases, etc.) the greater effective they could be.

Loyalty Programs 

Buying and selling brand loyalty for deals and promotions is really as old as the idea of a “friends and family” discount, and most likely two times as lucrative. Within an more and more competitive market, attracting and retaining a loyal subscriber base has become more and more necessary. By locating a POS system by having an integrated loyalty program (another thing that’s becoming more and more common), you’ll be able to easier track the discount rates and deals exclusive customer groups have earned using their repeat business.

Discounts/Sales Promotions

Fed up with counting on the sticky note system to keep in mind online coupons and just how much the senior/military/birthday discount will work for? Or you have to temporarily improve your prices to have an early bird special? Consider using a POS system with programmable discount settings and multiple pricebooks. There’s you don’t need to take the time by hand inputting cost reductions if you’re able to produce a button known as “Military Discount” that instantly discounts 10% from the purchase or program a brand new menu that instantly takes over just like happy hour starts.

Worker Management

Sales Tracking

Recognizing your top performers and under performers is a vital aspect of the worker management process. Having a POS system suggesting who needs praise (and perhaps rewards) and who needs coaching (and possibly incentive), you are able to better optimize your workforce.

Cash Management 

Security is definitely on the merchant’s mind along with the right cash management functionality it won’t be this type of burden. Make sure the POS you select comes outfitted with unique login IDs and permission parameters for every person in your employees. It’s also wise to have the ability to track when and who opened up each cash drawer, along having the ability to run till counts between shifts—not just at the start and finish during the day.


Streamline time tracking process by having an all-in-one POS that enables you to definitely create, modify, and distribute worker schedules from the same location you manage all of your business. A safe and secure time module ought to be available so your employees can clock in or out in the register.

Inventory Management

Matrices and Raw Component Tracking

For thorough and reliable inventory management, you’ll want so that you can track your product or service inside and outside. For stores, what this means is getting matrices where you can track all of the different variations of the parent product (size, color, style, etc.). For eateries and bars, what this means is getting raw component tracking, which enables you to definitely monitor the amount of each component which goes right into a dish or drink.

Supplier Database/Purchase Orders

Some systems make ordering stock and replenishing your shelves easy having the ability to generate purchase orders according to low stock counts. Some systems aren’t as sophisticated and usually require manual development of purchase orders, however most inventory modules will help you to store and access all the supplier information you’ll need within the reorder process.



Shipping integrations are ideal for retailers who sell products over the telephone or through some type of eCommerce site. Another pretty common use is incorporated in the liquor industry (whether it’s a complete service bar or perhaps a winery) due to the rules put on the purchase and distribution of alcohol. Obviously, maybe it’s a handy factor to possess for a variety of companies, particularly if you distribute products from the central warehouse to individual storefronts. 


From QuickBooks to Xero, integrated accounting is a fairly factor to have—so lengthy because the integration is smooth and reliable. A POS and accounting program—no matter how great they’re individually—can only provide a lot assistance to the merchant once they can’t speak with one another. Remove the irritation of conveying and importing information by hand having a vetted accounting integration.

eCommerce/Online Ordering

Ease of access may be the new black. So you’ll wish to make certain your clients can browse your inventory or menu making purchases using their cellular devices. Whether you’re shipping them a sweater, preparing a dish for get, or delivering the delivery guy by helping cover their a pizza, your POS will be able to accommodate online ordering and purchases. Again, the caliber of integration is essential towards the efficiency of the system so you’ll need to know precisely how well the 2 programs communicate before purchasing an integration.

Final Ideas

Since you’ve waded with the nitty gritty of POS utility, you&#8217re prepared to delve much deeper in to the intricate realm of POS. Find helpful tips for the finer points of customer engagement here and phone ideal worker management toolkit here. Or you&#8217re searching for many more general fare and think you&#8217d take advantage of a how-to overview on selecting the very best POS solution for the business, we&#8217ve got the thing you need here.

However if you simply&#8217ve done all of the homework, researched all of the articles on budgeting and hardware selection, and still less than confident that you&#8217ve got this complete reason for purchase business lower, tell us. We&#8217ve got a bit of great tutoring/talking to services that may be just the thing you need.

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