QuickBooks Online Versus QuickBooks Desktop (Pro)


QuickBooks Online Versus QuickBooks Desktop (Pro)
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During the last couple of years, Intuit’s been more and more encouraging people to convert from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. The organization promotes the cloud-based form of its software as user-friendly, convenient, and efficient. Many accountants, however, complain about insufficient features and inefficiency. So what’s the news around the two programs, and which is the best for your company? Let’s have a look.

For that purpose of this review, we’ll be searching at QuickBooks Pro (2014-2016) because the desktop form of the program.

Web-located or In your area Installed:

QuickBooks On the internet is cloud-based and includes free mobile phone applications for iPhone/iPad and Android devices. QuickBooks Pro is in your area installed and doesn’t offer mobile phone applications.

Users and Permissions:

Champion: QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop enables for just one user. To include more, you’ll have to purchase additional licenses (often a little under the price of the program).

QuickBooks Online enables for just one, three, or five users, with respect to the size your plan. (You may also grant use of as much as two accountants, who don’t count toward your user limit.)


Champion: QuickBooks Desktop

This one’s not really a tournament. QuickBooks Pro generally includes a lifespan of 3 years. This program costs $299.95. Presuming you apply it 3 years, that breaks lower to $8.31/mo. QBO offers three subscription plans: Simple Start ($12.95/mo), Essentials ($26.95/mo), and Plus ($39.95/mo). Should you own multiple companies, you are able to run individuals via a single copy of QB Pro you’ll require a separate subscription for every with QBO.

While Intuit more often than not offers discounts on programs, the comparative prices remains similar—if anything, using the discounts into consideration skews the outcomes much more in QB Pro’s favor.

There are several caveats, however:

  • Nowhere may be the three-year support period for QB Pro guaranteed. Intuit could choose to cut all support for QB Pro 2016 in 2017. It’s unlikely, but technically possible.
  • Most customer care isn’t incorporated with QuickBooks Pro. For a summary of what’s incorporated, visit here. Other things, you’ll have to pay for: $299.95/yr, $89.95/3 months, or $59.95/one-time telephone call.
  • Bank feeds aren’t incorporated with QB Pro. You’ll pay an additional $10-$15/mo for your feature.
  • Updates and additional features aren’t incorporated with QuickBooks Pro (unless of course you have to pay a regular membership fee of $299.95/year)

Simplicity of use:

Champion (business proprietors): QuickBooks Online

Champion (accountants): QuickBooks Desktop

This can be a tricky someone to adjudicate, since the champion depends positioned on the knowledge degree of the consumer.

For non-accountants, QBO is really a more intuitive program. If you’re an entrepreneur who handles your personal accounting—or if the admin assistant with no accounting background is your bookkeeping, you will likely find QBO simpler to know and employ. The built-in help feature could stand improvement, but typically, you’ll likely find functions in which you expect these to be, and also you won’t see much accounting jargon within the program.

QBO's interface is generally easy for non-accountants to understand.

QBO&#8217s interface is usually simple for non-accountants to know.

However, trained accountants and lots of bookkeepers have a tendency to prefer QB Pro. This program provides extensive time-saving features which QBO lacks, and knowledge entry is frequently much more efficient. One of the leading complaints about QBO from users acquainted with QB Pro would be that the program’s interface is poorly designed, requiring multi-step approaches for tasks that was once simple. QB Pro also offers a much better in-program help function.

The QBD interface is more nuanced.

The QBD interface is much more nuanced.

QuickBooks Desktop introduced Earnings Tracker in 2014 and Bill Tracker in 2016 these functions incorporate QBO&#8217s colorful, at-a-glance approach using the traditional QBD interface.

Some QBD screens provide a compromise between the traditional QBD look and the coloraful QBO approach.

QBD Earnings Tracker

Product Features:

Champion: QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Pro has more features than the greatest-level QBO plan, and also at a small fraction of the price. However, it’s worth thinking about that QBO’s primary appeal is its mobility. For businesses which require access from a number of locations—or which regularly use mobile devices—it will probably be worth sacrificing additional features to be able to achieve that. QuickBooks Online also provides automated recurring invoices, an element which QB Pro lacks.

QB Pro has far superior job-costing abilities, and also gives batch invoicing, much more choices for invoice personalization . . . for instance, more choices on virtually every feature from the software. The program’s reporting abilities blow QBO from the water, particularly with regards to customizable reports. Same applies to budgeting. Even though the possible lack of mobility is really a downside, the truth that the organization file and software resides on your pc implies that problems on Intuit’s end—or together with your internet provider—won’t lead you to lose use of your file.


Champion: QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Pro offers 248 add-ons, while QuickBooks Online offers roughly 280 add-ons. While QBO edges ahead on sheer quantity, if there’s a particular integration you’ll need for the business, it’s worth checking with every program each supports some apps that the other program doesn’t, and the caliber of integrations varies a great deal.

Customer Support and Support:

Champion: Tie

Let’s be frank: neither choice is good. Neither program provides email or chat support, with both, you’re liable to cope with representatives who don’t know how QuickBooks works. But QBO offers free support for those issues, whereas QB Pro only provides it in a few conditions. Also, Intuit appears to possess designed a serious effort toward improving wait occasions for QBO support, whereas wait occasions for support for that desktop version remain dreadful.

You will find, however, two benefits of QB Pro support: 1) When you jump through all of the hoops and hold occasions and voice recognition menus and reach out to technical support, the techs do appear to know this program, and a pair of) Unlike QBO support, QB Pro technical support can be obtained constantly.

QB Pro offers live technical support 24/7 customer support (for billing issues and so on) can be obtained Monday-Friday from 6am-6pm PST. QBO&#8217s support hrs are Monday-Friday from 6am–6pm PST and Saturday from 6am–3pm PST.

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

Champion: QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Online operates in a disadvantage here, due to course, QuickBooks Pro existed first, and a few of the complaints about QBO simply originate from users not liking change. However, even comprising this, the internet version falls behind its predecessor within this category, accumulating lots of horror tales and virulent remarks.

QuickBooks Online will get complaints about issues with conversion in the in your area installed versions, with lost data and reduced functionality to be the primary issues. Numerous people are extremely unhappy about because you can’t downgrade your subscription (e.g. convert from QuickBooks Plus to QuickBooks Essentials). Users also complain about inefficiency (especially when compared with QBD), poor customer support, outages and downtime, and also the program running gradually.

For QuickBooks Pro, complaint highlights include poor customer support, forced upgrades, errors and bugs, and also the program running gradually.

Positive Testimonials and reviews:

Champion: QuickBooks Desktop

It&#8217s not difficult to find reviews that are positive on either program. QuickBooks Pro just edges ahead here, possibly partly because it’s had additional time to build up a passionate users list. QB Pro was for any lengthy time the defacto standard of small company accounting software, and lots of users still find it still the best choice available.

QuickBooks Pro will get praise because of its vast number of options featuring, especially with regards to the software’s reporting abilities. Many purchasers also discover the interface sensible and efficient.

For QuickBooks Online, some small company proprietors praise the software’s simpler learning curve and insufficient accounting jargon. Customers particularly like the opportunity to share and access their company file on the internet, along with the mobile phone applications.

Final Verdict:

Champion: QuickBooks Desktop

Overall, QuickBooks Desktop remains in front of QuickBooks Online—for now. However, that’s not saying it’s a better option for those companies. The desktop form of the program is much more versatile—but less mobile. It offers a wide array of options and functions—but many small companies won’t need these, and the like details come at the fee for a high learning curve for non-accountants dealing with the program. By itself, QuickBooks Pro is much more affordable than its online cousin—but for those who have multiple users and wish full customer care, live bank feeds, and continual updates, it might be more costly.

For an organization with complex accounting needs, QB Pro will likely be a better option. But for an organization that has pretty fundamental needs as well as in which anybody however a specialized accountant is handling day-to-day transactions, QBO might be more suitable. Read our detailed reviews (QBD here QBO here) to learn more.

Wish to compare on your own? Both programs offer free trials check out QuickBooks Pro, take QuickBooks Online for any spin, and find out which program is the greatest match for the business.

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