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There aren’t a lot of powerhouses within the cloud-based POS industry. Though it’s now more and more well-liked by franchises and mega-chains, application-based reason for purchase technology was for any lengthy time considered too unstable and hard to rely on to defend myself against the function typically held by an costly legacy systems. Rather, these cloud POS systems were squarely targeted at promising small to mid-sized companies searching for any low maintenance and price effective way of processing sales and performing fundamental reporting functions. However, as technology advances, the suite of features once found only in archaic in your area-installed systems is becoming more and more commonplace in the realm of cloud-computing.

Probably the most popular all-in-one POS systems available on the market is Revel Systems. Busting from the gate this year, Revel arrived at profitability in only twelve months and today boasts 20,000 active terminals around the globe. Growing from the San Francisco Bay Area startup to some multi-national contender with more than 400 employees in a couple of years, Revel rapidly grew to become an worldwide sensation using its lengthy listing of advanced features, equally lengthy listing of third-party integrations, and overall intuitive design.

However, Revel won’t be the greatest fit for each business. Most small companies should rule it right from the start, due to the fact Revel is really feature-wealthy. There’s no reason wasting considerable time and cash establishing and having to pay for functions that you’ll simply never use. If you’re anticipating substantial development in the first 1 to 3 years running a business you can most likely justify purchasing Revel, however your average mother-and-pop shop will most likely wish to look elsewhere.

Another component of Revel’s software that has a tendency to scare people away may be the substantial effort and time which goes into establishing the extensive feature suite. Naturally, if you’ve had a system made to handle an intricate, multi-faceted business with retail, food, and repair-related needs, you’re going to need to spend a substantial amount of time ensuring all of the settings are configured correctly. This isn’t surprising associated with a feature-heavy software with credibility, but it’s fair to state that Revel might take the prize for many complex setup process.

Lastly, some take problem with Revel’s one-size-fits-all approach. As it is a fairly comprehensive all-in-one POS system, it doesn’t focus on anyone industry and could not provide the customizations essential to correctly equip retailers who need a ton of industry-specific functions.

Though none of those factors should always scare you from an excellent system like Revel, we understand that it’s not really an ideal fit for everybody. Knowing that, we’ve prepared a general consider the very best five options to Revel Systems POS: ERPLY, iConnect, SalesVu, Bindo, and Toast.


revel alternativesIf you’re a merchant searching for the functionality that Revel offers having a more industry-specific focus, ERPLY is most likely the best choice. Designed to relieve the concerns of promising small to mid-sized business attempting to contend with franchises and mega-chains, ERPLY—as its name implies—is a POS system which comes outfitted with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionality, which essentially means that it’s the powerhouse of information management within the retail world.

Launched in ’09 in the small European country Estonia (even the birthplace of Skype), ERPLY is continuing to grow from 200 subscribers within the newbie to in excess of 100,000 compensated subscriptions. ERPLY is not the least expensive solution, however with real-time operation, POS functions, HR abilities, logistics management, crm, accounting abilities, and access controls all built into the interface, it’s suitable for accommodate the largest enterprise and franchise operations.

Why Is ERPLY Much better than Revel?

  • Modern-day inventory management features.
  • More tools for logistics management, together with a warehouse application made to streamline logistics management.
  • Advanced customer management that enables for that assortment of business info, website URL, loyalty card codes, bank name, bank routing info, discount rates, credit limits, past due penalties, etc.
  • More extensive and customizable reporting suite.
  • In-house eCommerce and accounting modules readily available for seamless integration together with your POS.
  • Overall, ERPLY continues to be better received with less customer complaints than Revel.


iConnectrevel alternatives is among the more unique POS systems and it has laid claim that they can a place very few other solutions have embarked into, namely the service industry. Though iConnect can also be well-suited to retail environments, its service-specific features—booking, scheduling, worker-specific service rates, rentals, and recurring memberships—make it especially attractive to spas, gyms, beauty salons, tanning salons, etc.

Forward-thinking founder Subodh Gupta produced iConnect this year having a specific vision in your mind. He was wishing to produce a cloud-based reason for purchase solution that could accommodate the more and more technology-centric and customer-centric purchasing experience. I’d say he’s succeed so far, having a system that’s fully outfitted yet extremely functional with simply a couple of minor hiccups found.

Why Is iConnect Much better than Revel?

  • More complex booking features as they are, including customer wait lists, a cheque in/out feature, and the opportunity to assign different occasions, rooms, and equipment to providers.
  • More complex service management—bill preset services at different rates per worker, rent booths with other providers, and employ Direct Pay to record sales by booth even when payment goes straight to company.
  • Competitive prices on preconfigured EMV-enabled registers.
  • Simpler to put together and fewer feature-heavy, making iConnect readily available to smaller sized retailers.


revel alternativesSalesVu, established this year, is most similar to Revel when it comes to its attract just about any merchant, no matter industry. The primary difference backward and forward is the fact that SalesVu is much more module-based, meaning that you could choose the bundle which has the characteristics you’ll need, departing the ones you don’t. In this manner, SalesVu has the capacity to focus on a broader swath of economic sizes, in the huge multi-location operations that require an element-wealthy setup towards the small mother and pop shops that simply require a fundamental POS.

Why Is SalesVu Much better than Revel?

  • Competitive prices for those amounts of business&#8211modular system means that you don’t need to pay for that features you won’t use.
  • Free advertising an internet-based ordering at
  • Enhanced to be used in remote companies like pizza delivery, cleaning services, and food trucks.
  • Supports incremental pricing—great choice for hourly professionals or individuals selling products by weight, length, etc.
  • Flexible hardware options—choice of iPad, iPhone, and PC.

Bindorevel alternatives

If you’re searching for some thing retail-centric but aren’t deeply in love with ERPLY, Bindo is yet another great choice. Like ERPLY, Bindo was produced using the aim of helping smaller sized retailers square served by their bigger competitors. However, Bindo is much more available to smaller sized retailers because it doesn’t provide an overwhelming quantity of features. That isn’t to state it wouldn’t be equally well suited to bigger operations for smaller sized ones.

Premiering in 2013, Bindo continues to be a family member new-comer around the POS stage. Getting processed over $30,000,000 in transactions to date, Bindo can be used by over 200 retailers, and it is dedicated to sustaining communities by helping local companies stay afloat because they contend with franchises and retailers.

Exactly Why Is Bindo Much better than Revel?

  • Bindo is industry-specific with increased retail-oriented features.
  • Sophisticated inventory management, including great matrix functions as well as an exceedingly intuitive data entry process.
  • Favorites grid enables you to definitely rapidly access typically the most popular products inside your inventory.
  • Advanced purchase order management, wonderful your data kept in a secure and centralized “virtual vault.”
  • Free use of Bindo Marketplace—an application that enables people to see that which you have available making orders online.

Toastrevel alternatives

Toast—despite its nonsensical name—is an

industry favorite among food service establishments. Utilized in 42 states already, Toast’s POS solution is becoming more and more popular since its launch this year, partially due to the system’s high functionality and usefulness, but more particularly due to the company’s dedication to client satisfaction.

The only real system to operate on Android tablets, Toast provides a slightly different experience than its Apple counterparts, permitting greater form factor and much more choices with regards to selecting your chosen device. Though definitely not minimal costly solution, Toast comes with the features you’re having to pay for with great usability to complement.

Exactly why is Toast Much better than Revel?

  • Operates on Android operating system—lower hardware costs and device selection and form factor.
  • Due to its general simplicity of use, reasonable prices, and powerful set of features, Toast suits both big and small companies.
  • Advanced restaurant-specific functions, including check management, table layouts, modifiers, and menu configuration.
  • Great support choices and customer comments.
  • Best cash management features available on the market, made to handle high volume income.

Which Revel Option to Choose?

Just like a indication, here’s an introduction to the very best options to Revel Systems POS:

  • ERPLY – The powerhouse of retail iPad reason for purchase software.
  • iConnect – iPad POS for retail and repair industry companies of any size.
  • SalesVu – Modular all-in-one POS created for scalability and personalization.
  • Bindo – Retail-centric iPad solution with advanced inventory management.
  • Toast – Android-based POS with sophisticated restaurant-specific features.

Within the finish, it’s hard to fail having a system as comprehensive as Revel, but it’s definitely not for each merchant. You should find the purpose of purchase software that most closely fits your particular small business, as well as if none of those great alternatives appear quite in your sweet zone, there are lots of higher productivity there to understand more about.

Still feeling just a little at a loss for the choice process? Shoot us a note and we’ll provide some personalized understanding of the POS world. Let’s demonstrate around.

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