The Very Best 9 Restaurant-Specific POS Systems

Are you currently opening a brand new restaurant? Healthy for you! Honestly, If only I’d your drive and fervour. Among the first decisions you’ll need to make, apart from paint colors, is which POS system to make use of. Fortunately, you’re fortunate restaurants may require fairly specific features with regards to reason for purchase, however the market is exploding with options sure to suit your specific needs. And you’re in much more luck because we’ve collected the best-reviewed restaurant-specific POS systems on our website and set them together for you personally within this easily-digestible article (vendors aren’t indexed by order of merit). So please browse after which thank us later.

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1) Lightspeed Restaurant

Lightspeed POS review

  • Web and application-based, but features could be utilized remotely through Lightspeed’s website.
  • Accessible of all iPads
  • Three different cost points: $69, $129 or $198 per month
  • Enterprise option available
  • Well suited for promising small to mid-sized restaurants
  • Raw component tracking
  • Timed occasions for promotions
  • Multiple integrations for online ordering, delivery, scheduling, and loyalty programs

Lightspeed Restaurant is really a powerhouse in the market, designed for promising small to mid-sized restaurants. It’s established itself being an easy-to-use system having the ability to fit the custom requirements of every individual client in an very affordable cost. LR comes with an easily digestible interface on the back and front finish, maintaining consistency throughout. The leading finish is definitely customizable in the layout towards the menu and useful video tutorials are incorporated. LR is especially impressive around the back finish. Managing employees is straightforward you be capable of rapidly add employees to a particular groups (bartenders, servers, hosts etc…) and provide individuals groups whatever degree of access they require. Recption menus is straightforward to setup and such things as tax rates, discounts and modifications all can be added in within seconds. LR is loaded with lots of integrations and it has an awesome customer support department.

You are able to browse through our review for additional information or join a totally free trial.

2) Toast

toast pos review

  • Web-based having a LAN network to keep data
  • 7” Samsung Universe Tablet, 5.5” OnePlus 10”, 15” or 22” Elo Touch I Series
  • Beginning at $100 per month. $50 per month for every additional station with add-ons available
  • Enterprise option available
  • Almost any sized food service business
  • Time Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Gift Certificate creation

Toast only has existed for 5 years but is rapidly becoming among the best and many versatile restaurant POS systems available on the market. The POS has got the capacity to handle virtually every facet of your restaurant. While Toast is missing slightly in the amount of integrations it provides, its customer support is probably the best in the market. The organization makes certain that its customers are well-experienced within the product and therefore are fast and responsive if your problem arises. Like LR, Toast can also be an inexpensive choice, especially thinking about all that is available. From the loyalty program add-ons, customizable delivery options and also the ease by which loyalty cards could be produced and utilized, Toast provides a client lots of options to produce a system that’s perfect for restaurant.

Read our complete review or Toast for more details.

3) Touchbistro

ShopKeep alternatives for restaurants

  • In your area installed (internet unnecessary after initial download aside from printing)
  • iPad or iPad Small
  • $69 monthly for just one license, $129 for 2, $249 for approximately five, $399 for limitless
  • Almost any restaurant
  • Course/Menu Management
  • Ordering and Payment Mobility

Touchbistro is really a heavily awarded POS system actually, it’s the top-grossing POS within the Apple application store. The POS is easy and simple to make use of having a functional design. What sets Touchbistro apart is its mobility, allowing servers to accept system straight to tables, easily plugging in orders, splitting checks, and making modifications, all while charming customers with tableside banter. This ease of access increases servers’ speed and will get tickets delivered to your kitchen immediately. The distinctiveness of Touchbistro comes with no excessive markup, either&#8212its prices is extremely competitive on the market. Touchbistro offers everything a top quality POS should, with customizable menus and table settings. Additionally, it includes a solid back finish, with easily digestible sales histories, statistics, and reporting. This POS integrates with a number of other individuals, including Square and Quickbooks, and could be utilized in Spanish or French. The client services are solid, featuring tutorials online and it is website and 24/7 phone and email options. TouchBistro isn’t all-in-one, neither is it cloud-based, however for an easy, highly functional POS, it’s a strong option.

Visit our full our overview of TouchBistro for a closer inspection in the product.

4) Revel

revel alternatives

  • Hybrid: In your area installed which syncs towards the cloud
  • Apple iOS devices
  • Different fee every month and hosting charges
  • Promising small to mid-sized restaurants
  • Real-time inventory
  • Flexible ordering
  • Intelligent reports suite
  • Variety of integrations

If you want options and integrations, Revel may be greatly in your sweet zone. Revel includes a solid interface and modifiers are simple to add. It isn’t as user-friendly as other POS systems, but though it features a slightly steeper learning curve, its back-finish features are often navigated. Actually, the rear finish provides a bevy of options from real-time inventory to retail fuel sales (if in which you’re interested). Its Intelligent Reporting Suite is among the most detailed in the market. Worker management is another highlight each worker can obtain a unique pin-activated log-in number or card. Revel is flexible, functioning along with a kiosk POS or even more traditional restaurant POS. The POS has a large number of integrations too, which makes it easily customizable. The 24/7 customer support is solid and technicians be capable of connect to the product remotely. The first set-up for Revel could be a little more difficult than along with other POSs, but Revel provides more options and add-ons than nearly anybody.

Take a look at our complete overview of Revel should you&#8217re wondering more.

5) Lavu

  • Cloud-based
  • May be used with any current iPad
  • $69 per month or $59 by having an annual contract
  • Enterprise available
  • Promising small to mid-sized restaurants
  • Worker and inventory management
  • Loyalty program add-on

Founded this year, Lavu is really a consistent and cost-effective option which has had success around the globe, with terminals getting used in nearly 90 countries. It is among the cheaper POS programs you’ll find that also provides you with everything you realized from the top-end result. Lavu includes a visually appealing interface along with a useful setup program that’s helpful for first-time users. The POS includes a well-designed check-splitting feature and solid choices for custom menu creation. The rear-finish enables you to definitely manage employees, inventory etc., and creating your personal alerts when ever products are running low is straightforward. There’s yet another cost for that program’s gift certificate and loyalty program, which Lavu has produced itself. Lavu also provides a lot of its very own unique integrations which pair easily using the POS. Its customer support has expanded lately, offering 24/7 support and live chatting from the website.

Read our full overview of Lavu to see what else we love to about this.

6) Meza

Meza POS

  • Hybrid system
  • apple ipad 2 or iPad small
  • $60 per month $79 around australia
  • Nearly any sized restaurant
  • Waiter retrieval from iPhones
  • Interactive layout
  • Customer Very important personel application

Meza is a POS that’s wishing to transform center experience. Founded this year, the organization is forward thinking and boasts probably the most improvements available on the market. Its greatest sell might be its ability for purchasers to gain access to their servers from your iPhone, alerting waitstaff once they need help or even the check (or perhaps when they just missed seeing their faces). Additionally, it provides a convenient prices plan&#8212at $60 per month&#8212for limitless devices and support. The leading finish is simple to setup and navigate, and the opportunity to download menus through Stand out CSV is really a plus. Servers will understand the functionality and appear from the interface each person in your team can sign in by having an individual flag. Meza’s dashboard also enables servers and hosts to simply assess the requirements of customers. Around the back finish, managers can track their staff’s performance and access robust inventory and reporting features. Though Meza is presently only suitable for iPhones and it has limited integrations, it is among the more thrilling new items available on the market.

Take a look at our full overview of Meza should you&#8217d just like a better concept of what this technique can perform.

7) Ambur


  • Cloud based
  • iPhone, iPad touch iOS 8.3 or later
  • $69 per month ($59 if billed yearly) for just one device
  • $139 ($99 yearly) for 2 or 3
  • $199 for limitless ($149 yearly)
  • One-location companies
  • Audit logs
  • Database back-up

Ambur POS Review

Ambur is yet another solid option that provides virtually everything a person restaurant owner could want. Lately purchased by ShopKeep, Ambur continues to be continuously growing also it searching to grow its abilities further. The leading finish is well-designed and clear to see particularly, it handles orders and appearance-splitting very well. The audit logs really are a popular feature around the back finish, allowing managers to help keep close an eye on employees (these logs are stored and stored for thirty days). Ambur also provides the opportunity to support the database to Dropbox every hour. This POS has among the finest worker management systems available on the market. Its other back finish features are fairly fundamental but should meet most industry needs. Ambur is missing in integrations but includes a perfectly-reviewed customer support department featuring email and make contact with support along with a YouTube funnel.

Read much more about Ambur within our review section.

8) Brigade Society

brigade society pos review

  • Cloud based
  • iPad Air one or two suggested
  • $129 monthly ($99 if billed yearly) per station
  • $199 monthly limitless ($159 if billed yearly)
  • Promising small to mid-sized restaurants
  • Team creation
  • Custom order creation

Brigade Society is comparatively a new comer to the scene and, despite a couple of limitations, is really a functional and sleek product for smaller sized restaurants. This really is most likely probably the most user-friendly POSs available on the market. Both its front finish and back finish are made similarly and, after limited training, navigating the machine is seamless. Another very handy feature is being able to import data by itself, taking formatting from your hands. The ordering interface is simple, permitting quick modifications, and it is check-splitting function is another snap. Probably the most improvements is being able to create teams in the back-office. Team people have access to fellow members’ orders without getting to sign in individually, and therefore personal sign in information doesn’t need to be shared. Brigade Society doesn’t offer raw component tracking, nor is there much of integrations. However a solid customer support department and it is overall simplicity of use turn it into a popular option.

Read our full overview of Brigade Society for more information.

9) Breadcrumb

  • Cloud based
  • iPad Air 2, iPad Small 2, iPadPro
  • (Core) $99 monthly $50 for further terminals
  • (Pro) $249 monthly $50 for further terminals
  • Enterprise available
  • Any-sized restaurant
  • Live reporting
  • Back finish headquarters
  • Inventory management

After having a couple of alterations in possession, Breadcrumb has become a really strong contender among some of the best-finish POS programs available on the market. It features a simple design that will certainly please the most obsessive-compulsive servers or managers. The mobility from the iPad and also the nearly endless customizable menu options are notable functions, though Breadcrumb Live is yet another unique and popular feature. This application enables managers to determine sales in tangible-time using their iPhones. Additionally, Breadcrumb HQ is really a well-designed all-in-one application for back-finish features. Possibly what sets Breadcrumb apart above all else is its inventory management tool, which enables servers to right away find out if any stock products have altered forever of the shift. Breadcrumb integrates with a multitude of products, many of which come in an expected expense. Additionally, it offers email and make contact with support and it is participating in social networking accounts.

You&#8217ll look for a full write-from Breadcrumb in our comprehensive review.

Final Ideas

If you’re opening a cafe or restaurant today, you’re in luck. Because of so many options on the market, you don’t need to accept a POS that fails to suit your needs completely. Read our POS reviews to learn more about the vendors in the above list, or take a look at our restaurant POS comparison chart for any bird&#8217s eye view of the profession.

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