Windscribe Virtual private network Review: Pros & Cons of utilizing Windscribe Virtual private network

Windscribe VPN Review

Windscribe Virtual private network is really a virtual private network and security company located in Ontario, Canada. Windscribe launched in 2016. Therefore, it’s some making up ground to complete when it comes to brand recognition and marketing.

However, it’s generated solid press inside a crowded space with a few innovative features and shown concentrate on with internet privacy.

After many years of foolishly running my internet business via public Wireless, I decided to employ a Virtual private network to secure my communications (and access a little bit of from market sporting occasions on a trip).

But I discovered that &#8211 much like website hosting &#8211 there’s no such factor like a &#8220best Virtual private network provider&#8221. Actually, it&#8217s just like a an entire world of confusing information because even reliable details are near-useless because it&#8217s so complex. This Windscribe VPN review is my notes from giving them a shot in my own purposes like a security-aware, traveling, US-based businessperson who needs good usability and good prices. I’m not a political activist or somebody that regularly travels to firewalled countries.

Regardless if you are searching for any Virtual private network for privacy, for website access, for staying away from geotargeting, for safeguarding communications or all of the above, hopefully, this Windscribe VPN review is going to be helpful. You may also skip to next steps here.

See Windscribe Virtual private network&#8217s Plans here&#8230

Here’s my Windscribe VPN review – structured with pros &amp cons according to my experience like a customer.

Disclosure – I receive referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All opinions and knowledge derive from my experience like a having to pay customer performing independent research.

Windscribe VPN Pros / Advantages

I know full well that Windscribe is extremely-rated among websites and customers alike. They have ample testimonials and clever feature overviews on their own homepage. They position themselves because the tool to help you to &#8220browse the net independently because it was intended to be&#8221.

Windscribe Pitch

It&#8217s a good, straightforward pitch. However it&#8217s also much like other popular Virtual private network providers. Here&#8217s things i found Windscribe does well.

Small , Friendly Interface

The Windscribe application interface is small , clean. You have access to exactly the thing you need instantly, such as the server list, connect/disconnect button, current Ip and the quantity of bandwidth remaining.

Windscribe Connection

For any new user that may have reservations concerning the complicated nature of VPNs &#8211 their interface and signup are sleek and functional. You&#8217re protected using the mouse click.

If you wish to make use of the free service, you can just add some browser extension and switch it on for doing things. There’s you don’t need to visit extreme limits just to connect with the Virtual private network. However, you will have to enter your login information any time you sign in to your Windscribe account (if you don&#8217t always have to even offer an email).

Windscribe SIgnup Flow

Windscribe Email

You are able to minimize your window while you’re online to ensure that Windscribe isn’t obtrusive. The application will inform you using a message within the lower right-hands corner with usage information. Pull-up the primary application and click on the ability button or exit to disconnect.

The browser extension window looks nearly the same as the one which you utilize around the desktop client. Both of them are straightforward, and there’s continuity for users.

Several VPNs which i&#8217ve checked out have a problem with &#8220onboarding&#8221 &#8211 ie, Avast and AirVPN. But Windscribe is certainly within the tier of highly functional VPNs like ExpressVPN, PureVPN and VyprVPN.

Prices / Free Plan Options

While Windscribe provides a return guarantee, additionally they offer something better still &#8211 a totally free plan option on a single network his or her premium plan.

Windscribe VPN Pricing

The Disposable option only enables just one device having a limited choice of servers. But &#8211 it&#8217s free for approximately 10GB monthly. That&#8217s not really a ton if you’re streaming video, however it&#8217s plenty for securing your connections while browsing the net in public places.

Because you can apply it free is unbeatable &#8211 along with a appealing factor when compared with other premium VPNs.


Method of Privacy &amp Security

For optimum security and privacy, Windscribe recommends that you simply use a browser proxy extension additionally to presenting the Virtual private network service. The proxy browser extensions are for sale to Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Windscribe Options

Windscribe really claims that it’s produced for that “privacy-obsessed” customer. The organization states that it’s silly to not make use of the desktop Virtual private network application combined with the browser extension since it doesn’t are more expensive to make use of both.

What’s the main difference? The browser extension is recognized as a “lite” form of the Virtual private network application. If you are browsing the web, it ought to safeguard you. However, if other apps (ie, a chat client) on your pc are being able to access the web, they’ll use your personal Ip unless of course you’re also while using desktop Virtual private network.

The browser extension also protects you against ads and trackers that show up on those sites that you simply visit. This will be significant since your privacy could be compromised from all of these beacons even when you’re already utilizing a Virtual private network.

**Caveat &#8211 Observe that no Virtual private network is 100% secure. Your visitors are still routing via a company. Any organization can close shop or go rogue. If you’re attempting to avoid your American ISP &#8211 then you’re simply replacing distrust of Comcast/Charter using the trust of the Virtual private network. If you’re a political activist where trust is really a existence or dying situation, you have to be using something similar to Tor. This highlights this section of Windscribe Virtual private network&#8217s improvements, however the point remains using a Virtual private network doesn’t instantly create security/privacy. That’s something do via aligning company incentives (ie, having to pay for businesses who maintain security) &amp being positive. Thankfully &#8211 this really is something which Windscribe owns as much as. Within their pitch video, they discuss the way a Virtual private network can help you achieve better security instead of as being a silver bullet solution.

Windscribe Privacy

You may be impressed by the amount of social widgets that track your web activity. Some have trackers that relate your activity with other corporations. The browser extension scrambles your web activity to ensure that it’s virtually impossible to trace.

Lots of people believe that they’re safe on the web when they simply employ a Virtual private network. However, governments and crooks have labored difficult to match we’ve got the technology which comes out. A browser extension improves your odds of remaining secure on the web.

In either case &#8211 Windscribe&#8217s careful method of security is within itself a reassurance that they’re a business worth dealing with. While they come in Canada, although they log bandwidth usage on their own free organize of necessity &#8211 they get solid marks for privacy &amp security.

Anonymous Payment Options

If you are searching for any Virtual private network, then chances are you wish to remain anonymous. Some VPNs don’t have any method of keeping the payment information unknown. Windscribe Virtual private network enables you to use Bitcoin, an anonymous payment platform.

It’s not necessary to go in your current email address to enroll in the service. However, you might like to make use of your current email address if you wish to recover passwords at any time lower the street.

You may also pay using a charge card, PayPal or Paymentwall.

Additional Security Measures

Windscribe provides a several innovative features which come bundled having a subscription. Compared to other VPNs, they are truly &#8220bonus&#8221 features as opposed to a critical service being withheld.

First &#8211 Windscribe Virtual private network describes a firewall that blocks internet activity should you lose link with the server. This prevents you safe even though you lose Wireless connection and have to restart your pc. Some VPNs refer to this as a killswitch. Windscribe claims the better term with this is firewall.

Within the default mode, the firewall is placed to automatic. It will likely be switched on whenever you connect with the Virtual private network. It’ll remain on should you all of a sudden lose connection so your Ip isn’t uncovered. However, it’s inactivated should you disconnect from the server.

You may choose to show the firewall on / off when needed. You may also choose to get it switched on continuously. This only enables you to have access to the internet when you are linked to Windscribe.

Second &#8211 the generator enables you to determine the safety associated with a website that you’re on. You may create an encrypted link that may need a password to spread out if you wish to send a hyperlink safely to another person.

Some websites depend on trackers to function normally. Should you have confidence in them, you are able to whitelist them so you keep your security but could access them without obstacles.

Third &#8211 you may also select an add-on for the browser that blocks ads. There is also ad-blocking software from various kinds of internet security software software, which means this isn’t probably the most ground-breaking feature. However, it’s nice to possess, particularly if you aren’t already utilizing an ad blocker.

Windscribe Extensions

If you use this add-on, you need to experience faster browsing speeds. This enables you to cope with your projects quicker than should you weren’t utilizing a Virtual private network by having an ad-blocking add-on.

Various Connection Modes

A number of connection modes allow you to connect to the servers using different protocols and ports. Sometimes, network operators do penetrating inspections to try and track Virtual private network usage. Of course this is happening, you may still connect through certainly one of Windscribe’s connection modes.

Windscribe Connection Settings

The automated feature will choose the appropriate way of you. The choices are:

  • UDP – This is actually the default mode. It’s normally the fastest, and it is the very first one which is attempted.
  • TCP – Should you can’t connect via UDP, you will be used in this mode. It’s better quality when confronted with a poor connection, however, you could experience slower speeds.
  • Stealth – This can be a TCP protocol that’s a final resort. This can be the best choice to make use of in countries with strict internet limitations, for example China.

You may even switch off automatic selection and by hand select your connection mode. If you are ever experiencing trouble connecting, just alter the connection mode.

Every Virtual private network strikes an account balance between hiding advanced settings and &#8220doing everything&#8221 for novices while allowing advanced users to personalize settings. Windscribe does well punching the right balance.


Windscribe Virtual private network Cons / Disadvanatages

Obviously, no Virtual private network provider is ideal. You will find natural tradeoffs to almost everything. Windscribe Virtual private network isn’t any exception towards the rule, as it features a couple of negatives to think about that could affect your choice.

Here are the disadvantages which i found with Windscribe.

Server Diversity &amp Locations

If you are attempting to connect from Africa or South Usa, you’re at a complete loss. Despite the fact that Windscribe Virtual private network has servers throughout Europe, The United States, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore, it doesn’t include Africa and South Usa.

Because Windscribe is really youthful, the organization doesn’t offer the plethora of server locations where a number of other VPNs do. However, the organization has tried to spread the servers out around the world. It’s difficult to target the exact quantity of servers available.

Furthermore, even their existing network appears to stay in flux. I&#8217m located in Atlanta, GA. Despite the fact that I’ve got a selection of servers located near me, they all are consistently unavailable or full forcing me to make use of West Coast servers.

That stated &#8211 they cover most civilized world. As well as their ex-US servers are simple enough to utilize.


Prices on Value

Windscribe VPN’s prices model is easy. You may either pick the free plan or the one which costs $9 per month. Why did we include this within the options that come with Windscribe that we’d prefer to change?

I wouldn’t mind visiting a middle-of-the-road option. The disposable option limits you to definitely 10 GB of information monthly. There isn’t any limit around the Pro version.

However, the professional version is among the priciest around the markets &#8211 should you take a look at cost per server or cost per speed (although the cost per system is solid). You will find others available with increased benefits and features for the similar (or perhaps a lower) cost (ie, PureVPN).

Another distinction between the disposable and Pro versions would be that the free version limits your use of certain servers. One benefit of utilizing a Virtual private network is you can switch servers when needed or connect with a web server that’s nearer to your present location. Should you can’t access all of the available servers, you aren’t obtaining a real test from the service.

Should you not wish to put money into the Virtual private network, you may choose the disposable version. However, this only provides you with 10 GB of information monthly. Although this is acceptable for light users, it will not be sufficient for corporations or heavy torrenting.

Windscribe Freemium

Obviously, in the event that services are free, then you definitely can’t really complain, though.

That’s the only real distinction between the disposable and Pro plans. You can aquire a discount around the Pro plan if you buy it yearly rather of having to pay every month.

Customer Care Options

The only method to get support around the Windscribe web site is by opening a ticket. There isn’t any customer care team to speak with personally via chat or phone.

Windscribe Customer Support

Exactly why the organization doesn’t use live chat is a great one. Live chats use third-party APIs, which compromise visitors’ privacy. The support team offers personalized advice within an joyful manner. If you have an issue, you won’t be required to wait lengthy for that solution.

Windscribe also avoids using extensive member forums to reply to the questions you have. If you need to look for solutions, the organization believes that it is not doing its job to offer you a person-friendly, straightforward service. This will make it a perfect Virtual private network for brand-new users.

That stated &#8211 all of these are stuff that competitors do whilst supplying phone &amp chat support for users that do want individuals options. ExpressVPN even provides support using a .onion site that’s only accessible via Tor.

Windscribe doesn&#8217t will need to go that far, however a chat system could be helpful.

Below-Average Speeds

Most testing has determined Windscribe’s speed to become slower than average. However, performance varies according to a lot of factors including geography as well as your current connection&#8217s ISP. It’s hard to create a blanket statement about speed. It truly depends upon where you’re located, the servers that you’re connecting and the kind of data you’re being able to access.

That stated &#8211 I actually do possess a foreseeable and reliable place to test speeds for a number of VPNs.

Here&#8217s my office&#8217s default speeds via Comcast.

No VPN Bandwidth Test

This is actually the best test which i might get with Windscribe despite switching servers and re-testing at various occasions within the day.

Windscribe Speed

Thinking about the truth that I&#8217ve had the ability to get speeds hitting 80%to 90% of my non-Virtual private network speeds with competitors like ExpressVPN or PureVPN or VyprVPN &#8211 Windscribe&#8217s 17% of non-Virtual private network speeds doesn&#8217t look great whatsoever.


Windscribe claims to become a company that serves those who have no training with VPNs. It’s solid features and messaging (and free options) for anybody who’s privacy concerned&#8230but also daunted by VPNs. If you feel you’ll need a Virtual private network but they are totally not really acquainted with the intricacies and technical jargon, Windscribe could be the Virtual private network for you personally.

See Windscribe&#8217s plans &amp prices here.

If you’re searching for any Virtual private network with better performance &amp features without an excessive amount of expense, take a look at ExpressVPN here. Read my ExpressVPN review here.

Otherwise, you can browse a number of my related Virtual private network posts below!


Windscribe is really a Canada based Virtual private network that launched in Virtual private network having a concentrate on privacy concerned beginners.
Compiled by: Nate Shivar
Date Printed: 06/29/2017
Excellent usability, privacy and prices structure is undercut a little with poor speeds and insufficient server locations.
3 / 5 stars


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