The Actual Reason MyBlogGuest Was Penalized By Google

MyBlogGuest Penalty by Google

On March 19th, Google by hand penalized probably the most well-known guest blog communities online &#8211 MyBlogGuest &#8211 for participating in a hyperlink plan and violating Google&#8217s guidelines. Additionally they announced that users of MyBlogGuest might be receiving penalties.

It appears unfair to penalize guest blogging. Google cannot by hand judge the intent of each and every guest publish on the web. Not every guest posts are meant for link manipulation. In the end, guest blogging is performed for very legitimate reasons, for example discussing expertise or opinion before a brand new or bigger audience. Even Google&#8217s blogs accept guest posts.

It doesn’t matter what Matt Cutts or the Search engine optimization community states, here&#8217s the actual reason MyBlogGuest was penalized.

EDIT: By August 2015, Google has utilized this same tactic to set expectations and trigger behavior for mobile, entrance pages, furthering HTTPS, and much more. It&#8217s an essential concept to know so you are neither cynical of Google nor paranoid of Google&#8217s changes.

What Google Would Like

Links are the easiest way to have an formula to evaluate the relevance and standing of a website. They’re a proxy for that opinion of the human in regards to a website. However the only links that send individuals signals are editorial links.

Google&#8217s issue is that links, whether or not they have been in a hyperlink plan or otherwise, seem like this: &lta href=&#8221URL&#8221&gtAnchor Text&lt/a&gt. However, compensated links aren&#8217t a proxy for human opinion on trust &amp relevance. Neither is comment junk e-mail, link wheels, or guest blog links that seem to be a proxy for human opinion, however , aren&#8217t.

Sure Google look at additional factors and then try to determine intent. For instance, many SEOs would agree that Googlebot examines other links around that link for intent (ie, &#8220what are these links to the blue pill, pay day loans, mesothelioma cancer, and&#8230 cheap air travel? That&#8217s suspicious&#8221).

However ,, that&#8217s only a discomfort. And it needs to be really difficult to engineer by having an formula. You&#8217d get lots of false positives, and lose out on lots of really helpful signals should you overlooked them entirely. Rather of altering the formula, Google utilizes a MyBlogGuest penalty to alter behavior.

Herd Behavior


Google requires a tactic in the Fed (Central Banks generally) as well as their fight with inflation &amp full employment, counting on the economical idea of &#8220herd behavior.&#8221

Both of them use targeted action and language to create expectations and trigger herd behavior. It&#8217s the only loud noise that sparks a stampede.

Google/The Given make use of a small herd of individuals having to pay focus on them (SEOs/investors) to complete the job on their behalf.

When many Americans hear the Fed, they consider the institution that controls the economy. Or even the institution that controls inflation. Or at best the institution that controls rates of interest. Actually, the Given controls none of individuals.

But &#8211 it exerts massive influence more than a $16 trillion economy. It may start which help stop an economic depression. The Given even triggers booms and busts outdoors the united states. It moves the stock exchange up and lower.

Jesse Yellen, the Chair from the Given, will inform investors the things they expect economic conditions to become. They announce the number of treasury bonds they be prepared to purchase, plus they announce the things they expect the overnight rate of interest banks pays to gain access to in the Given.

These apparently small, targeted actions set expectations among big financial players includes a cascading impact on all of those other economy. If Bank of the usa recognizes that by 50 percent years it can borrow in the Given at 1%, it will go on and come up with loans today at 5%. The cheaper loans flow to consumers and companies which grows the economy.

All from setting expectations with targeted action.

MyBlogGuest Triggers The Herd

Which&#8217s how Google stops guest blogging for links along with other link schemes. Google doesn&#8217t must find and identify &#8220bad&#8221 guest blog links. It simply needs the folks doing nearly all guest blogging for links to prevent &#8211 or do a smaller amount of it.

Google still really wants to use guest blog links, much like it really wants to make use of all signals on the web &#8211 it simply must know which links could be reliable like a proxy for human opinion.

Penalizing MyBlogGuest triggers herd behavior among SEOs to maneuver along from massive guest blogging.

There are many spammier guest blogging systems. But penalizing them will not have triggered exactly the same herd behavior as MyBlogGuest, because it was viewed as diverse from the greater junk e-mail-like systems.

It’ll have cascading effects to clients since they’re going to have 1 less choice for large-scale link-building. It’ll encourage site proprietors to prevent allowing guest posts or alter their submission policies.

Guest blogging will be performed for that referral traffic and also to be endorsed before a brand new audience&#8230which is what Google really wants to measure. They&#8217ll have more signal and fewer noise, all from setting expectations with targeted action.

What It Really Every Means

Regardless if you are a website owner or perhaps an Search engine optimization specialist, exceed understanding tactics to understanding search engines like google&#8217 finish goal &#8211 reliable, relevant content for that human keying in looking query.

Allow the herd stampede over to another &#8220foolproof&#8221 tactic while you concentrate on creating and promoting content that authentically engages your audience.


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