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Marketing your site effectively doesn&#8217t matter in case your site isn&#8217t meeting your company goals (ie, earning money). Various kinds of sites might have different problems (ie, your leads are poor), but there’s one sure way to rapidly kill your online shop &#8211 getting less cash out of your customer of computer takes to obtain the product for them.

Usually this issue pops up due to a free delivery offer &#8211 probably the most guaranteed marketing tactics for just about any online shop. Countless blogs, agencies, and research has shown the outcome of free delivery on growing visitors &amp keeping them hit the Buy! button (in addition it virtually helped build ecommerce empires like Zappos! and Amazon . com &#8211 together with being a customer expectation online).

Here&#8217s phone pros, cons &amp alternatives &#8211 with an introduction to a different, free application that will help you make a good decision for your marketing &amp main point here.


The benefits and drawbacks of offering free delivery are pretty straightforward.


  • Elevated order volume (typically greater than 15%)
  • Greater rate of conversion
  • Rise in customer retention
  • Marketing edge over competitors


  • Significant reduction in operating margins
  • Reduction in operating margins reduces marketing budgets &amp overall profits
  • Hard to reverse free delivery once implemented

On start looking, the benefits of free delivery over-shadow the disadvantages. However, free delivery isn’t a one-size-fits-all tactic &#8211 as well as your shipping &amp logistics strategy has to get results for your business as well as your customer.

Here&#8217s a good example &#8211 let&#8217s suppose I’ve got a store that sells widgets. At this time, I charge my customers for shipping, however i actually want to drive greater order volumes. Also, I truly believe that greater conversions will positively impact my compensated marketing campaigns. Here&#8217s what my current figures seem like:

Believed Orders p.a. 15,000
Avg. cost / order value $80.00
Gross Profit (%) 30.00%
Transportation Charge per Order $10.00
Shipping Cost per Order $8.00
Product Sales p.a. $1,200,000.00
Gross Profits $360,000.00
Shipping Contribution $150,000.00
Minus Shipping Costs &#8211 $120,000.00
Believed Profits $390,000.00


You can observe how shipping charges collected contributes $30,000.00 to believed profits. That greater profit provides you with room to cover more &amp better marketing. It offers a superior a far more competitive CPA cost for CPC ads. Or it provides your company a greater Return on investment.

To really make it simple to calculate these figures for the business, I&#8217ve built a totally free small application that may help you do that &#8211 connect your figures here.

Now let&#8217s take a look at how applying free delivery would modify the figures.

Est. Rise in Orders 15.00%
Product Sales p.a. $1,380,000.00
Gross Profits $414,000.00
Minus Shipping Costs &#8211 $138,000.00
Believed Profits $276,000.00


You can observe that regardless of the 15% rise in order volume, there&#8217s still a $114,000.00 improvement in your profits. Actually, you would need to increase order volume by over 63% before you decide to would have a similar profits as you’ve with shipping charges.

The important thing takeaway is you shouldn&#8217t implement free delivery simply because it&#8217s expected from your customers, or it could improve your order volume. Make use of the free tool here to connect your figures and obtain a quote.

That stated &#8211 there are plenty of among alternatives that may increase order volume, without hitting your margins quite as hard.

Alternative #1 &#8211 Minimum Cart Value

This is actually the best-known option to free delivery. Don&#8217t offer it overall &#8211 request a minimum order size. It&#8217s how Amazon . com drove their early growth before presenting Amazon . com Prime. They’d the absolute minimum cart worth of $25 before giving free delivery. And when you place the minimum cart value perfect, you may also emerge ahead.

The answer is setting the best minimum value:

  • Place it excessive, also it won&#8217t increase order volume &#8211 and can just draw customer attention that they aren&#8217t getting free delivery.
  • Place it lacking, and also you&#8217ll be hitting your income

How do we determine the best threshold? Here&#8217s that which you&#8217ll need:

  • Average Order Value (example, $80)
  • Average Shipping Costs (example, $8)
  • Gross Profit (example, 30%)
  • Suggested Minimum Cart Value

Then, there is a distinction between Minimum Cart Value and Average Order Value. Multiply the main difference through the Gross Profit. Then take away price of shipping in the result.

Example 1:

$90.00 &#8211 $80.00 = $10.00 * .30 = $3.00 &#8211 $8.00 = ($5.00)

So every qualifying order still costs you $5. Still bad. Let&#8217s adjust the minimum to $110.

Example 2:

$110.00 &#8211 $80.00 = $30.00 *.30 = $9.00 &#8211 $8.00 = $1.00

Now we&#8217re still earning money. Its not all customer will top-up their to get free delivery, but if perhaps 33% top-up, you&#8217ll be making $25,000 from shipping contributions. That&#8217s only $5,000 under your present contribution, but now you must a fascinating &amp lucrative promotion to utilize.

That stated, this different doesn&#8217t work with every store. In case your products don&#8217t have complements, accessories, or it doesn&#8217t seem sensible to buy multiple products, this tactic won&#8217t work nicely.

Ideas to causeing this to be tactic work better still:

  • Alert the client when the are nearly at least order value &amp offer related or complementary products (Amazon . com is extremely skilled at this)
  • Promote your offer in your site &#8211 especially on product pages close to the minimum order value

Alternative #2 &#8211 Compensated Upgrade

With this particular option, you are offering free delivery overall, but use priority handling or &#8220rush option&#8221 like a compensated upgrade. Consider it just like a freemium business design for shipping. A minority of consumers will &#8220fund&#8221 free delivery throughout customers.

This method doesn&#8217t even have to mean a pricier shipping option (ie, UPS Following Day, etc.) &#8211 just reduced handling time. Rather of shipping by 50 percent days, the upgrade can help obtain the order out of the door on the day that.

To check out the figures, let&#8217s assume we obtain the advantages of free delivery, but get 10% of consumers to find the Hurry Delivery option, that amounted to $15.

Product Sales $1,380,000.00
Gross Profits $414,000.00
Minus Shipping Costs ($138,000.00)
Believed Profits $301,875.00

Earnings are still lower $88,125.00, however it&#8217s a lot better than $114,000.00. It&#8217s not ideal, but when other variables seem sensible (ie, conversions, effect on compensated spend, etc), then it may be a great path to take.

Other Options

Individuals 2 choices are probably the most generally seen options to overall free delivery seen online, but there are many others, including:

  • Free delivery during limited periods &#8211 think different holidays or periodic sales occasions.
  • Free delivery on selected products (hopefully high margin ones)

You may also only have greater prices and make shipping into the price of each product. You&#8217ll have to make sure to heavily advertise the disposable shipping to deposition competitors &#8211 however this strategy could possibly be the better of all possible worlds.

My personal favorite though is free of charge shipping for people in return for an e-mail register. A person who provides you with permission to promote straight to them is very valuable, and frequently worth the free delivery offered (again, think Amazon . com Prime). That stated, it will rely on your products. Calculate your daily life customer value and customer acquisition costs before diving mind lengthy into this different.


No matter which method you select, make sure to really measure your results. Calculating is really as important, or even more so than selecting the right strategy to begin with.

A shipping strategy must be measured from the same criteria just like any other advertising campaign. Should you can’t visit a visible improvement in site visits, conversions and order volumes then you need to change it out up. There’s virtually no use within tossing money to waste if it is not enhancing your business&#8217 main point here.

Next thing &#8211 browse the free delivery profit calculator here and find out what your figures may be like.

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