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Pizza may be the ultimate food I’d be perfectly content subsisting positioned on pizza, forever. Alas, my children would most likely jump on my situation big-time basically did this, and so i must content myself with eating pizza only part-time, while doing all I’m able to to higher the lives of individuals who get this to ultimate Food from the Gods — I’m speaking about you, pizza parlors!

Instead of consuming a sizable stuffed-crust pizza, alone, my pizza-related activity for today is penning this blog post on the very best cloud-based POS software systems for pizzerias. 

Pizza POS’s typically come packed with must-have features like EMV compliance, raw component tracking, and the opportunity to input complicated pizza orders effortlessly. Some cloud pizza POS systems (mmm, “cloud pizza” … that sounds good) offer some sweet extras like online ordering and delivery options.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll review the merits and shortcomings of four pizza-friendly POS’s — Shopkeep, Clover Station, Toast, and Revel — that will help you discover which one is right for your pizza business.

For those who have any ideas on my small choices, we are able to discuss individuals within the comments. Or we’re able to just talk about pizza, that might be awesome too.


The fundamentals:

  • Runs solely on iOS 7 (apple ipad 2 or newer), iPhone, and iPad Small
  • Web-based with offline functionality (can continue to process payments if internet is out)
  • $49/register/month
  • Integrates with many payment processors also provides its very own integrated Shopkeep Payments processing
  • Raw component tracking
  • Onscreen tipping
  • EMV-compliant register accepts nick cards and Apple Pay
  • Optional peripheral hardware for sale
  • Excellent customer care

The additional toppings (some nifty extras this POS offers):

  • Open check functionality
  • Tip later feature along with other tipping options
  • Tableside ordering  — Waiters may take orders at tables and send them digitally towards the kitchen
  • Customer management with e-mail marketing
  • Worker management

ShopKeep, est. 2010, is really a solid all-around iPad POS for retail and restaurants. This POS is extremely affordable at $49/register/month, and it is quite advanced for any mobile POS. ShopKeep comes with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface having a short learning curve, so it’s easy to put it together and begin using.

EMV-compliant ShopKeep is among the best POS’s for medium and small companies, even though it wasn’t made particularly for pizza, it’s useful pizza features, for example raw component tracking. The machine is extremely scaleable and customizable. Pizzerias can set their system up to enable them to, for instance, add different toppings and calculate individuals in to the total cost of the pizza.

Additionally to the versatility, reliability is yet another advantage of ShopKeep. Its offline functionality helps to ensure that you’ll still have the ability to run charge card transactions even when your online connection goes lower, and in case you do have trouble, ShopKeep works difficult to repair it for you personally, because of their top-notch customer care.

An additional advantage is the fact that ShopKeep integrates with numerous payment processors, enabling you to use your chosen a merchant account provider (or use their very own in-house payment processing, that provides decent, fair rates).

While ShopKeep is really a perfectly appropriate POS for many pizza parlors, in a perfect world, ShopKeep would come with a couple of more features for pizza. For instance, you can handle inventory in the component level, however, you can’t specify the system of measure. Even though the machine could be customized for any pizzeria, it doesn’t possess a pre-built “pizza module” with features like delivery tracking an internet-based ordering.

Overall, most pizzerias will discover this to become a high-quality POS, whether you’re a takeout pizza shop or perhaps a full-fledged bar and restaurant. There is also some awesome back-office functionalities like customer tracking and e-mail marketing integration.

Learn more about ShopKeep within our ShopKeep review.

Clover Station

The fundamentals:

  • Web-based POS with offline functionality
  • Robust mobile register hardware retails for around $1,000
  • Vertically integrated payment processing — Should be offered with credit card merchant account
  • Fees depending on vendor — Charge card processing rates can vary between .30% + 5¢ to two.5% + 15¢ Monthly service charge (including 24/7 customer care) typically about $40-$50/month
  • EMV-compliant if you buy a Clover-enabled FD40 PIN Pad (together with companion application) to simply accept EMV and mobile payments
  • Raw component inventory tracking

Extra toppings:

  • Worker management — Workers can clock out and in while using system
  • Display that swivels around so customers can sign off on screen (and add tips in the room)
  • Pizza Builder application ($18.95/month) enables you to definitely add toppings to quarters, halves or even the whole pizza easily select double, triple and lightweight toppings add pickup or delivery options — Note Clover’s disclaimer, though: This application is made for Quick Service Restaurant Applications, it’s presently not suggested for fine dining or table service.
  • Option with an additional kitchen printer

Clover Station is yet another web-based “mobile” POS, though its model is exclusive. Clover doesn’t use iPads — or other kind of consumer tablet, for instance. Clover Station uses Clover’s streamlined, proprietary POS hardware. The display looks and processes much like an iPad or tablet, when you are made exclusively for POS purposes, her benefit of being impervious to OS updates that may potentially hinder business-critical functions of other mobile-based POSes.

Clover should be offered with a free account, and every bank or a merchant account provider who sells it could offer different swipe charges and hardware costs. Which means you could possibly negotiate competitive prices. With this stated, Clover Station will most likely set you back greater than ShopKeep, particularly if you use many apps (much more about the apps inside a sec).

Just like another pizza POS systems on the list, Clover Station is really a complete restaurant POS with a lot of helpful functions for convenient-serve and full-fledged restaurants, including various choices for tipping, tabs, and toppings. For instance, new products could be produced without or with variants and become offered with a fixed or variable cost, or priced per unit (oz, g, kg, lb).

The Clover POS is ultra-customizable — it comes down out-of-the-box with fundamental POS functionality, and also you use apps, typically purchased using a fee every month, from Clover’s application sell to add some specific features you’ll need. Clover’s “Pizza Builder” application offers several helpful functions for convenient-serve pizzerias (see list above).

Like ShopKeep, Clover Station comes with an intuitive design and it is super easy to setup and begin using. Clover Station is just a couple years of age, but to date people appear to love it and also the comments are generally positive. This marketing video includes a testimonial from the pizza shop who uses Clover Station may be useful if you’re thinking about this POS.

To learn more, you are able to make reference to our Clover Station POS review. You could also want to look at Clover Small, a lighter-weight, portable form of Clover Station which provides you with the choice to simply accept mobile payments and operates on 3G/4G additionally to Wireless. However, Clover Small doesn’t offer the Pizza Builder application, therefore the set of features isn’t as strong.


The fundamentals:

  • Operates on Samsung Android devices
  • Prices starts at $100/month, plus $50/mn for every additional terminal
  • Web-based with offline functionality
  • In-house payment processing (can’t make use of an outdoors credit card merchant account)
  • EMV-compliant terminals accept cash, check, gift certificates, charge cards and mobile payments
  • Includes 24/7 customer care from the US-based tech support

The additional toppings:

  • Online ordering and delivery (extra $50/mn)
  • Mobile loyalty rewards program (extra $25/mn)
  • Digital and physical gift certificates (extra $50/mn)
  • Real-time menu management
  • Robust sales reports
  • Worker management system

Toast is an additional excellent web-based POS that work well for pizza parlors of any size. Unlike another pizza POS software systems on the list, Toast was built particularly for food service. This POS and restaurant management system runs solely on Android devices, which provides Toast a a bit more versatility when compared with its iPad-based counterparts, and helps make the hardware a little more affordable, too. Toast POS uses hardwired terminals with handheld tableside ordering tablets and kitchen displays (learn more about Toast&#8217s hardware here).

Some awesome functions of the POS include the opportunity to improve your menu online, offer digital or printed receipts, and supply customized tip percentage options during customer transactions. Online ordering is yet another big perk if you would like that functionality. The machine is feature-wealthy but simple to understand, having a straightforward, intuitive interface.

Toast offers its very own in-house, integrated payment processing, and that means you can’t make use of your own a merchant account provider. Toast offers to match rates of the current a merchant account provider, but if you wish to make use of a specific outdoors payment processor, this isn&#8217t the POS for you personally. Toast is another little pricier than a few of the other available choices on the list.

What really sets this technique aside from other similar POS’s is Toast’s unbeatable, fully US-based customer care. Despite the fact that it’s a more recent system (established this year) plus they don’t have a lot of customers at this time, we’re confident recommending Toast according to their phenomenal support, additionally for their robust set of features.

Yet another upside to using Toast is you can set your charge card authorization to continually process as though it were offline, to be able to print customer receipts without awaiting official authorization. This can be a little dangerous, obviously, but time saving if you have a type of hungry customers.

Discover more about Toast by studying our Toast POS review.

Revel Systems

The fundamentals:

  • iPad-only
  • Web-based with offline functionality
  • Prices starts at $119/mn for just one register another $70/month for second register and +$40/mn for every register next
  • Integrates with multiple payment processors — Includes gateways USAePay, FreedomPay, NewTek, and Index, and payment processors Mercury Payment Systems, LevelUp, FirstData, yet others
  • Advanced component-level inventory tracking
  • Integrates with a multitude of peripheral POS hardware

The additional toppings:

  • Pizza POS module with delivery management and much more
  • On the internet and mobile ordering
  • Digital menu board
  • Kitchen display system
  • Cashiers can set orders to-go or delivery
  • Tableside ordering
  • Open API
  • Customer-facing display
  • Crm
  • Worker management

Finally we’ve Revel Systems, an extensive cloud-based POS having a truly exhaustive group of features. Revel has a lot of clever features and integrations, and can become your POS of preference if you would like options like delivery management an internet-based pizza ordering. You may also track your delivery motorists as if you would an Uber driver.

Revel has been available since 2010 and contains many satisfied customers within the food industry, because of features varying using their digital menu board for their open API. You are able to develop Revel’s functionality using its application marketplace — Revel also lately announced it might begin to build branded mobile phone applications for retailers. Highly-scaleable Revel may even work with enterprise-level food service companies and counts Popeyes Chicken and Arby’s among its customers.

Whether it were just for their tricked-out set of features, I could possibly say this really is for sure the “best POS for pizza parlors.” However, I’d be remiss as well as their negative reviews — and you will find a lot.

Lots of Revel users complain regarding their complex, extended setup process. The machine also offers a high learning curve. On the top of this, some customers have reported system downtime and slow customer care for complex issues (for example issues with hardware). Though these encounters don’t always reflect the typical consumer experience, customer reviews are certainly something to bear in mind when selecting a pizza POS.

You will discover much more about the Revel POS within our Revel Systems review.

Which Pizza POS If You Undertake?

ShopKeep, Clover Station, Toast, and Revel are terrific, scaleable, EMV-ready POS’s that really work for small companies, including pizza parlors.

Here&#8217s just a little recap which you will perform best for the pizzeria, based on your requirements:

ShopKeep &#8212 Affordable iPad POS can use your selection of payment processor

Clover Station &#8212 Ultra-customizable all-in-one POS with pizza &#8220app&#8221 for convenient-serve sold with credit card merchant account

Toast &#8212  Restaurant-specific, feature-packed Android POS with internet ordering and delivery options must use their in-house payment processing

Revel Systems &#8212 Complete iPad POS with internet ordering and delivery options selection of payment processors

Finally, if you want further assistance choosing POS software for your pizzeria, we will help you with this, too. 

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