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Which means you&#8217ve finally financed those meals truck you&#8217ve been longing for since college, also it&#8217s precisely what you usually wished it might be. You&#8217ve fitted up with gorgeous new equipment and commissioned a killer custom splash of paint along with a perky little striped awning. You&#8217re moving toward Portland, or New You are able to City (or any location having a sufficient mixture of hungry foodies, hipsters, and construction workers), equipped with a number of parking permits as well as your great-grandmother&#8217s famous tamale recipe. Things are perfect with your a collection of culinary weapons, there&#8217s no method for you to fail, right?

Regrettably, cooking skill and prime location don’t a effective food truck make. Not instantly, a minimum of. True success also needs a fair quantity of business acumen. Earning money within this industry is like earning money in almost any other industry &#8211 you&#8217ve reached keep careful records, study trends, and spend under you are making. There’s grounds why 80% of restaurants fail within 5 years of opening. Check out any of the current restaurant-related reality Television shows. Exactly what do the thing is? Plenty of good people and ideal chefs defaulting on loans, losing their houses and livelihoods simply because they don&#8217t possess a clue how you can operate a effective business. Depressing, isn&#8217t it? If you wish to avoid that fate &#8211 should you don&#8217t fancy being screamed at from your CPA or even the IRS or (should you&#8217re really unlucky) Gordon Ramsay &#8211  then pay attention as to the I&#8217m going to say: You’ll need a point-of-purchase (POS) system.

POS software programs are important to the prosperity of any company, but it’s incredibly important towards the survival of companies within the food service industry. Don&#8217t kid yourself. Food truck proprietors aren’t exempt in the general fate of restauranteurs. Every single day you receive for the reason that truck then sell your wares you’re drowning in shark-filled waters POS software programs are your lifeboat. A good thing-of-purchase system keeps you organized, and may do anything whatsoever from analyzing data to processing coupons/gift certificates, managing payments, and keeping orders straight. Some food truck POS software packages are better quality than the others, and selecting the one which&#8217s good for you offers quite a bit related to how big your company as well as your priorities. Because of so many potential features available (and thus many POS companies available), it&#8217s simple for new food truckers to get confused. Have no fear! When you&#8217re armed after some understanding about POS software, you’ll be able to help make the best decision for the business.

Let&#8217s begin by taking an in-depth take a look at three of the largest and efficient food truck POS systems presently available. ShopKeep, Revel, and TouchBistro have all invested some time and sources researching the meals truck phenomenon, and all sorts of three allow us products especially created for the meals truck industry. We&#8217ll also examine Square, a repayment processor that is among the most widely used POS options for food truckers.


ShopKeep is really a favorite at Merchant Maverick and among the least expensive options around for food truckers searching for any full-featured POS system, it&#8217s unequalled $49/month/register. This cost includes 24/7 support and two months of private training from the ShopKeep expert, in addition to a free, Free ShopKeep Pocket™ iOS application and use of real-time analytics. The first price of buying hardware, obviously, isn’t incorporated within the monthly subscription fee for just about any POS software, though should you&#8217re beginning from scratch it will pay to buy a hardware bundle in the vendor (see more recommendations on selecting hardware here).

ShopKeep doesn’t need access to the internet to simply accept transactions, so that you can carry on even though you&#8217re parked in the center of nowhere. Easily, reporting (which tracks from low inventory for your top-selling menu products towards the occasions of day clients are best) is really cloud-based, and that means you can check it anywhere. Thinking about the typically cramped atmosphere of the food truck, it&#8217s nice to understand that you simply don&#8217t always have evaluate your computer data there! ShopKeep might be affordable, but we have an amazing variety of features, including gift certificate integration, digital and traditional tip options, the opportunity to print, email, and/or personalize receipts, along with a wide variety of modifiers. Like every good food truck POS, ShopKeep also enables you to definitely change tax rates according to where you are.

Inventory management with ShopKeep is especially good you can preserve tabs on literally every component inside your truck using the raw goods tool. Consider it &#8211 street meals are usually made up of a variety of components. In case your great-grandmother&#8217s tamale recipe needs a certain quantity of tomato plants and chiles, a quantity of meat, along with a carefully calibrated way of measuring cornmeal, you are able to track each &#8216raw good,&#8217 avoid food waste, and be reassured that a person always has enough. Click the link to obtain a free consultation about using ShopKeep together with your food truck business.

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Revel is definitely an leader in the industry, noted for its robust, feature-wealthy software as well as for developing specific apps for various areas of the meals service industry, including pizza parlors, supermarkets, fro-yo shops, cafes, and &#8211 obviously &#8211 food trucks. Revel isn’t the least expensive option available, but thinking about the amount of valuable features offered, many people would agree the software programs are priced fairly. Plans start at $119/month for just one register (usually all that might be needed for the standard food truck). The 2nd terminal, if you need one, costs $70/month, and every additional one next is $40/month. All plans include 24/7 live support plus limitless data storage and security, limitless software updates, and integration with QuickBooks. Revel doesn&#8217t need you to sign an agreement anytime, usually a good sign, plus they don&#8217t charge cancellation charges, if you must give thirty days notice before discontinuing your subscription.

Like several of the organization&#8217s POS apps, the Revel Food Truck POS operates on a 4G iPad, offering greater mobility. Your iPad can standalone or perhaps be supplemented with traditional hardware printers and card swipes. And since social networking has turned into a food truck driver&#8217s best tool, Revel&#8217s POS system has a built-in Twitter integration so that you can tweet where you are for your hungry supporters and monitor feeds from your POS. The program includes worker management and inventory tracking features, which &#8211 otherwise strictly essential to operate a food truck &#8211 provide information and analytics that can help you need to do business smartly. Easily, Revel enables you to definitely adjust taxes according to location and generate different tax groups (organized by condition/region) and assemble them to change while you travel.

Certainly one of Revel&#8217s best characteristics is it integrates with many hardware brands. You&#8217re not forced into using only one type of cash drawer or printer, so Revel is a superb choice if, like many new food truck proprietors, you&#8217re counting on used equipment and have cobbled together a variety of different hardware components. Furthermore, it&#8217s easy to integrate directly with third-party add-ons, including mobile payments, online ordering, gift/customer reward cards, and financial software suites. Essentially, Revel is flexible enough to become whatever you really need it to become.

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Like Revel, TouchBistro is definitely an iPad-based POS solution, and contains been produced particularly with food trucks in your mind (in addition to bars, restaurants, cafes, along with other food service facilities). Presently, TouchBistro may be the Apple Application Store&#8217s number 1 grossing drink and food application in over 28 countries, and even for good reason. Miracle traffic bot is feature-wealthy, easy-to-use, and ideally created for proprietors of food trucks. Plans for TouchBistro start at $69/month for just one license and increase to $129/month for 2, although it&#8217s highly unlikely that the food truck would want greater than two licenses, as TouchBistro enables to have an limitless quantity of users (limitless licenses fill up at $399/month). All plans include 24/7 customer care and free product updates.

TouchBistro&#8217s food truck POS system enables you to definitely take payments with cash, in addition to an atm card, charge cards, gift certificates, as well as mobile payment options. In addition, TouchBistro is forward-thinking, designed not just to interface with just about all current payment methods, however with any which may be invented later on. Since it is iPad-based, you are able to remove your TouchBistro POS out of your counter and really go along with you anywhere you go. This really is most helpful for occasions when line is lengthy, and enables you to definitely communicate with you customers and take orders inside a faster and much more joyful manner. Data collected from your POS is stored on-location, instead of the cloud, so  TouchBistro can continue to function with no active wi-fi connection. Which means that you are able to take orders, process payments, and access sales reports along with other analytics without a web connection.

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Square: An alternative choice to a conventional POS System

For many people, the complexness of the POS system could be intimidating. Possibly that’s the reason food truck proprietors have spent $50 million up to now with Square. Square is a straightforward mobile payment processing solution which enables your to consider orders from customers at the window or perhaps in line (or online) using just an iOS or Android device. You simply download the Square register application and you can begin to simply accept payments, determine taxes and tips, as well as get access to a couple of real-time analytics. The good thing of Square may be the cost: a $ fee every month and merely 2.75% for swiped/online/invoice transactions and three.15% + $.15 for keyed-in transactions. You have to pay some extra if you prefer a are a symbol of your device, a nick card readers, the opportunity to create gift certificates, along with other things along individuals lines, however the costs are reasonable.

Because Square is really simple &#8211 usually placed on a pad or cell phone &#8211 it&#8217s possible (and financially achievable) to obtain an application for everyone who matches your needs. This way, they are able to move about freely, getting together with customers, taking orders, and making waiting for for food much shorter. As Square puts it, the employees &#8220can each be their very own reason for purchase.&#8221 Square works fine with no additional hardware, however if you simply&#8217d prefer to accept cash or print receipts, it’s a straightforward matter to simply purchase a cash drawer or perhaps a small printer. Square isn’t for everybody. It works well with food truckers who’re just beginning out or who’ve minimal sales. Large-volume trucks require more robust inventory trackers and can discover the Square&#8217s reporting tools a little insipid.

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The Takeaway

The meals truck industry could be unpredictable and cruel to newcomers. Have, your loved ones, as well as your wallet a rest, and purchase a good POS system right from the start. Having the ability to precisely track information and accept differing types of payment provides you with a leg-on an enormous number of your competition. I&#8217ve pointed out four of the greatest POS systems for food trucks, but there are lots of more. Should you&#8217ve used an excellent POS or mobile payment processor inside your food truck, please let me know about within the comments section. Now go for it, start cooking, and earn some cash!

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