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Resides in Ireland, Working may be the “proud [creator] of the suite of productivity software,” including Working together Projects, Working together Desk, and Working together Chat. Spurred on with a client request, company founders Peter Coppinger and Daniel Mackey (then of Digital Crew) started to picture an intuitive project management software system – one which could function at an advanced but be easy to use and keep. The brand new software’s first incarnation, Working together Project Manager, was inspired by Basecamp, Apple software, along with a couple of other online applications. It had been released towards the public in October of 2007, and it was so effective that Coppinger and Mackey soon left Digital Crew to concentrate solely on Working together. Because of user feedback and trial-and-error, the product has made great strides during the last eight years, and today includes real-time messaging (via Working together Chat) along with a clever support ticket tool (Working together Desk) that supplement the initial project management software software.

A number of Working’s high-profile users include Pepsi, eBay, Microsoft Studios, PayPal, and Forbes Travel Guide, but it’s used in many different industries. Working together bills itself because the everyman project management software software, available to anybody, anywhere. Actually, Coppinger and Mackey declare that they need Working together software to become “so easy-to-use, our very own computer-shy moms can use it.”

Because Working together strives for user-ambiance, it’s at occasions been made to sacrifice functionality around the alter of ease of access. However, its competitor Smartsheet has got the opposite problem.

Smartsheet, a distinctive project management software software, is better referred to as a beefed-up form of Stand out. With different spreadsheet model (highly unorthodox within the project management software software community), Smartsheet is not only out-of-the-box. Like Frankenstein’s monster, it arrives with a mishmash of apparently incongruous features. Interactive spreadsheets are spliced with fundamental project management software functions, web forms and templates, as well as crowdsourcing abilities. Smartsheet isn’t for novices, and needs a proper working understanding of methods to produce and manipulate spreadsheet formulas.

Despite its intimidating learning curve, Smartsheet may be the software preferred by countless users worldwide. Its number of features and weird concentrate on spreadsheets have attracted an assorted subscriber base, including educational institutions, non-profits, and Fortune 500 corporations.

Working together and Smartsheet are centered on completely different facets of the job atmosphere. Externally, Teamwork’s platform is about communication and collaboration, while Smartsheet focuses on reporting, number crunching, and difficult data. To find out which software is the foremost option for your company, though, we’re gonna need to have a critical look each and every program, evaluating cost, customer support, features, along with other important factors.

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Web-Located or Licensed:

Both Working together Projects and Smartsheet are entirely web-based.

Software and hardware Needs:

Since they’re located in the cloud, Working together Projects and Smartsheet require users to have the internet as well as an up-to-date internet browser.


Champion: Working together Projects

Working together Projects has seven different subscription options, beginning having a totally free plan and ratcheting as much as $12/month, $24/month, $49/month, $149/month, or $249/month with respect to the quantity of active projects and storage capacity you need. All plans include limitless users, that is nice. Furthermore, there a company plan readily available for large groups, priced on the situation-by-situation basis. Working together Chat (the im add-on) doesn’t cost anything, but when you’re adding Working together Desk for your subscription, just the first 150 tickets have the freedom next each ticket costs $.05.

You are able to join a 30-day free trial offer of the plans, no charge card needed. Should you choose to subscribe, you’ll be because of the option to cover your plan by charge card or PayPal (annual subscriptions could be invoiced too). Among the best reasons for Working together Project’s prices structure is you can upgrade or downgrade your monthly subscription at any time over time, and you will find no unpredicted cancellation charges. If you wish to downgrade an annual subscription, however, you need to hold back until it’s expired. Discounts can be found to non-profits and academic organizations on the situation-by-situation basis. If you feel you may be eligible for a a lower cost, you are able to contact the organization directly by emailing [email protected]

Smartsheet is priced on the per/user system, and cost is dependant on the amount of ‘creators’ on every account (creators are admin-level users who are able to control the interface, generate new spreadsheets, etc). The Fundamental Plan’s least costly, at $14/month for just one creator. They Plan costs $39/month and is made for use by no less than three creators. Enterprise Plans cost on the situation-to-situation basis, with respect to the quantity of creators your require and the quantity of custom features that you simply add. The per/user prices is indeed a bummer, but fortunately all plans include limitless collaborators, account users who are able to communicate with spreadsheets but don’t possess the capacity to create brand new ones.

If you are from the non-profit, school, or government agency, you could get preferred rates by registering to a yearly plan ($139/year for that Fundamental Plan and $399/year for that Team Plan). And then any business or individual can be eligible for a a 17% discount off regular plan prices by registering for a yearly subscription. Plans might be upgraded or downgraded at any time over time, even when you’ve dedicated to a yearly subscription. Like Working together, Smartsheet provides a free trial offer from the software and doesn’t need you to input charge card information.

The 2 are pretty comparable when it comes to cost. Both of them are middle-of-the street and not the least expensive factor available but in no way probably the most costly. However, for me Working together Projects wins this category. It’s not always less expensive than Smartsheet in each and every situation, but amount of money isn’t everything. I love that Working together includes a free plan which provides a bigger number of plans with increased flexible options.

Simplicity of use:

Champion: Working together Projects

Like a company, Working has always valued simplicity. Actually, their original motto was “Project Management Done Affordably.Inches Consistent with that motto, Working together Projects excels in user-ambiance, and it has a clear, intuitive interface that’s usually simple to navigate. Just about everything is easy, self-explanatory, and labelled clearly. Additionally towards the great UI, miracle traffic bot offers several some time and labor-saving features that take a few of the drudgery from everyday work, together with a clever desktop timer application, android and ios mobile phone applications, along with a comprehensive dashboard which supplies an introduction to all your projects along with a real-time activity stream. The dashboard is most likely Working together Projects most user-friendly component. It shows all activity from lately active projects, advises you of daily or approaching due-dates (anything approaching within the next fourteen days), and reminds you about past due tasks.

Smartsheet, however, has a serious learning curve. It’s difficult to use, especially initially, and it is also hard to even learn using it, unless of course you’re already skilled at manipulating spreadsheets. Smartsheet isn’t your fundamental task management system, and it has never claimed to become. It’s, first of all, an intricate spreadsheet program – an excellent-spreadsheet, for a moment. If you are confused by Stand out, you aren’t likely to prosper with Smartsheet. Tricky because it is to understand, Stand out is just Smartsheet’s mild-mannered counterpart.

Over time, after it’s totally setup as well as your team can be used towards the interface, Smartsheet comes with several efficient features that may help you focus less of energy on computer busywork. It offers excellent, highly-rated mobile phone applications for android and ios, drag-and-drop functionality, quick file attachment, and automatic notifications, along with a clever autofill function that looks for patterns within sheets. Any time you insert a brand new row and add data, Smartsheet references formulas within the surrounding rows and instantly fills in new information, even applying special formatting if required. Understandably, this selection is really a way to save time and something less factor you need to consider.

There’s no debate about which software wins in simplicity of use. Working together is made to be selected up rapidly. We have an intentionally simple UI to ensure that individuals will really utilize it. Smartsheet might have many wonderful characteristics, but user-ambiance isn’t one of these.

Product Features:

Champion: Working together Projects

For as easy as it’s, Working together Projects posseses an impressive quantity of features. It is a lot more than an easy task manager, though creating and assigning tasks is easy. When I pointed out before, each user comes with an exportable activity stream that shows recent activity on tasks and projects in addition to approaching milestones and new messages or comments. Working together also provides detailed calendars, email integration, custom permission settings, along with a customizable UI so that you can produce a work atmosphere that most closely fits your working style. You will find multiple file management features (and file versioning), and many Working together Projects plans are integrated with popular file discussing programs, like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Each project includes a Gantt charts (adjusted via drag-and-drop) that runs automatic calculations of task progress and may handle start-to-finish or finish-to-finish task dependencies.

Certainly one of Teamwork’s most practical feature is Lockdown, which enables you to definitely keep tasks private to individual users no matter the organization they fit in with. For payroll and invoicing purposes, users can track their hrs, either by hand or using a timer. Notebook pages may be used to write just about anything, from press announcements to website content. The notebook also enables you to scribble lower random ideas and concepts throughout a project, to ensure that things are in one location. Lastly, Working together has lately added a danger Register that can be used to look for the most important risks in every of the projects.

Apart from its spreadsheet-focused design, Smartsheet is best-noted for offering a large number of pre-made templates and web forms that actually work for from marketing to event intending to budgeting. Projects and jobs are managed via spreadsheets, obviously, which you’ll personalize with new cells or rows, personalized formulas, and conditional formatting. If you would like, you may also link multiple cells together and roll-up information from the 3 sheets. Documents and files could be mounted on individual tasks, much like inside a standard project management software program.

Smartsheet excels with regards to data analysis, while offering thorough reporting features. Visually-oriented people, who might not do their finest work when looking in an infinite ocean of rows and posts, can generate custom workload views, and display each sheet like a calendar or perhaps a Gantt chart. Smartsheet offers decent resource management tools that enable you to track the workload of every worker.

Working together Projects and Smartsheet are generally feature-wealthy, so it’s hard to declare a complete victor within the Features category. However, by supplying a rather wider selection of project management software tools, Working together just seems to edge the competition. Smartsheet’s features are really effective by themselves, but you will find limits as to the spreadsheets can perform.

Integrations and Add-Ons:

Champion: Smartsheet

Working together has committed to a great range of 3rd-party applications, and could be integrated with:

  • Box
  • Xero
  • FreshBooks
  • Zendesk
  • Calendar Sync
  • Time Physician
  • TimeCamp
  • InVision
  • Taco
  • TrackDuck
  • NiftyQuoter
  • iDoneThis
  • SupportBee
  • Blinksale
  • Quick Books
  • Harvest
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive

Additionally, you should use Zapier to integrate your Working together account with lots of other apps, including GitHub, YouTube, Evernote, Salesforce, far more more. You should use Teamwork’s REST API to build up your personal add-ons, apps along with other integrations. For additional info on this and yet another compatible programs pointed out, browse the official TeamworkPM integrations FAQ.

Smartsheet also includes many integrations, including:

  • Google (Google Apps, Google Drive, Google Chrome, etc.)
  • Box
  • Salesforce
  • DocuSign
  • Evernote
  • Harvest
  • Mailchimp
  • Marketo
  • AppsGuru
  • Jira
  • Zapier
  • 123ContactForm
  • Centrify
  • ClicData
  • Bitium
  • Klipfolio
  • Easy Insight
  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • Meldium
  • PingOne
  • Tools4Ever
  • Tableau

You will find others integrations like well and much more being added constantly, so for an entire list, click the link. Like Working together, Smartsheet provides an open API to ensure that users can design their very own integrations.

Customer Support and Tech Support Team:

Champion: Tie

Both companies provide great customer support and a number of educational tools. Working provides you with full use of a searchable knowledgebase together with FAQs, tips about getting began, and finest practices for implementing Working together Projects. On a single page you will find a connect to an assistance request form. If you’d prefer not to make use of the form provided, you can just email the support team at [email protected], or make use of the live chat feature online. Working together claims that many demands are clarified within nine minutes during normal business hrs, and that’s been true in my opinion. Working together also conducts customer care reports after every customer interaction, and presently has a 96% satisfaction rate. The organization maintains an energetic social networking presence on Twitter and facebook. The Working Facebook account is a superb place to get tips, request advice, and remain apprised of updates and inclusions in the program. The Working together Twitter feed, too, enables you to definitely pose questions straight to company reps, bounce ideas around, and maintain new additions and bug fixes.

Much like Working, Smartsheet provides a number of customer care options, including email support, live webinars, video lessons, in-application tips, and instructional articles. The webinars are an excellent way to become familiar with the program, and also the video lessons could be useful too, but remember that they’re fairly dry. Subscribers towards the Enterprise plan also receive dedicated technical account managers – an incredible bonus, and price the additional money, for me. Smartsheet provides a Facebook page for convenient use of press announcements, blog entries, and software updates, and a few people make use of this site to inquire about a quick question and/or check up on the status of bugs or temporary software issues. Smartsheet’s Twitter feed includes a similar focus, although it is much more heavily focused on supplying status updates.

Negative Reviews and Complaints:

Champion: Working together Projects

Not everybody is impressed with Working together Projects’ UI. It might be simple to learn, however, many users find task management to become a tiresome process, requiring too many clicks and steps. Other medication is disappointed using the software’s degree of functionality it’s a mid-range project management software solution, in the end, so there’s something it doesn’t prosper. Working together does not have a classy scheduling mechanism, and it is reporting features are run-of-the-mill. It’s also stated to become shateringly slow at occasions.

Smartsheet’s primary problem, apart from the inherently limited nature of spreadsheets, has ended-complexity. For many users, Smartsheet is simply too much to deal with. It’s great possibility of analyzing data and tracking information, but to produce this potential you need to know precisely what you’re doing. Smartsheet needs a good knowledge of spreadsheet formulas, a minimum of just starting out of establishing a free account. Furthermore, it fails to deliver with regards to inter-office communication. When I pointed out above, spreadsheets can’t try everything. Each sheet is really a separate entity. It’s easy to track user activity sheet by sheet, but there’s no real spot for managers to determine an extensive, up-to-date activity stream. Smartsheet is ideal for data analysis, but it’s not too efficient at fundamental, everyday project management software, which needs a certain degree of transparency and communication.

Positive Testimonials and reviews:

Champion: Tie

Generally, individuals are impressed with Working together Projects. Based on one happy customer, the program is “powerful enough to become valuable, yet intuitive enough that it’s really used.” Within lies the actual charm and benefit of Working together. Users are content using the reasonable prices structure, the versatility from the features and also the interface, and overall simplicity of use. Lots of people have commented they use Working together since it is the only real program available that enables these to assign tasks to several people.

Smartsheet is a touch too complicated to possess universal appeal, however it hasn’t attracted countless users for free. There’s a great deal to love about Smartsheet. It arrives with an incredible number of 3rd-party apps and integrations, and individuals rave concerning the company’s iOS mobile application, which functions wonderful. Smartsheet could be versatile if you are intelligent about establishing your bank account, which is able to talking with many needs inside a company (thus its attract diverse industries). Users are thrilled concerning the software’s reporting abilities, and happy to possess a program that resembles Stand out, but better for office-wide use.

Final Verdict:

Champion: Working together Projects

Overall – to me, a minimum of – Teamwork may be the apparent champion. I’ve nothing against Smartsheet, but Working together Projects is really a more well-rounded product with better request for many companies. Smartsheet might be an reporting excellent tool (which is fantastic at generating web forms), but it’s not really a viable project manager. I suggest Smartsheet completely for data analysis along with other things like that, however i would not utilize it to handle tasks or people.

Working together Projects has its own flaws, obviously, however in general I’m very impressed using its balance of function and ease of access. Whenever you combine flexible features along with a user-friendly interface with great customer support and a lot of integrations, you come forth with a genuine champion Working offers quite a bit to are proud of.

If you are thinking about exploring other Working together and Smartsheet competitors, you might like to take a look at our project management software software reviews section.

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