FAQ for purchasing an EMV Nick Card Terminal

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Following the recent EMV liability shift, you’re most likely ending up looking at the old charge card machine, wondering if it’ll make a great paper weight, and fretting about the price of purchasing a new machine. Lucky for you personally, the transition doesn’t need to be an costly one, however it is effective be educated while you think about this important upgrade. Here’s what you ought to know by means of a short FAQ.

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How Can I Buy an EMV Charge Card Terminal?

  • The same places you can purchase or rent a non-EMV terminal, typically.  While some a merchant account providers are telling retailers that “for security reasons” all EMV purchases must come from your processing company, this isn’t exactly true. Most time supported EMV machines could be reprogramed much like their non-EMV predecessors. While charge card terminal tampering has happened previously, it’s not common and it is less easily achieved with new EMV terminals.Terminals have built-in anti-tampering features to avoid this. Obviously you should purchase from the trustworthy seller, just like you’d for just about any important electronics purchase. But that stated, your provider is free of charge either to (a) charge a higher reprograming fee, or (b) simply won’t reprogram outdoors machines. When they can reprogram, there isn’t any law saying that they need to. To be stuck getting to buy the device directly, unless of course you turn providers. Personally, I believe refusal to reprogram and also over-charging for machines is really a mark of the dishonest provider, and they might be overcharging you elsewhere too.

Will I Need NFC with an EMV-Compliant Charge Card Machine?

  • Definitely not! And should you not think you’ll need NFC, then don’t bother obtaining a machine with NFC built-in. NFC (Near Field Communication) may be the technology utilized by Apple Pay along with other digital wallets for contactless payments. Maybe it’s a godsend for fast-paced business as adoption increases among consumers. But a lot of companies really won’t have use for this in the future. That won’t stop a merchant account providers from attempting to upsell yourself on NFC, though. NFC EMV terminals could be significantly more costly than standard EMV terminals, if you do not need it don’t have it. You need to at the minimum make a price comparison. Also, if perhaps each year or more that Apple Pay has had around the globe, that’s not a problem. You can purchase another NFC readers without replacing your overall EMV terminal.

Just How Much Does an EMV Nick Card Readers Cost?

  • Not significant! These terminals are actually no more costly the old terminals. It’ll most likely cost you $200 approximately. You’ll find them starting as low as $150, particularly if it’s refurbished. There isn’t any need to sign up for an costly non-cancellable lease. If you’d rather rent than own, a minimum of search for affordable rental options, preferably under $100 each year. If you prefer a wireless terminal or perhaps an NFC-capable terminal, the costs is a tiny bit greater. However for baseline EMV-compatible nick card readers, it’s a fairly minor investment for a really small company.

Will I Really should Upgrade for an EMV Terminal?

  • Technically? No. Practically? You most likely should. Should you stick to your old non-nick charge card terminal, you still have the ability to run transactions. All nick cards will also be outfitted with similar magnetic stripe used formerly, so that you can still swipe them. The main difference is when certainly one of individuals nick cards that you simply swipe can be used fraudulently, you’ll certainly be liable. The explanation behind this is when you’d upgraded your terminal, the fraud might have been avoided. So that you are attributed. You may be enticed to consider that the small companies rarely is in a target of these fraud since it hasn’t happened previously. But take into account that all the big retailers is going to be upgrading towards the EMV terminals, which will probably drive fraudsters to more susceptible outlets, i.e., small companies. And So I shouldn’t be considered a fear-mongerer as well as the fairly small company cost of a terminal upgrade you receive a large amount of fraud protection. Whether it prevents only one demonstration of fraud within the a long time, it’s likely compensated by itself many occasions over.


Have you got other questions regarding nick cards or buying an EMV terminal? Publish them within the comments section and we’ll respond to them! The conclusion here’s this: For many retailers, it isn’t that costly or hard to transition to EMV equipment and also the insurance the switch provides you with is worth the effort. So start considering it, out on another hold back until the final minute. I’m predicting that within the last month prior to the liability shift occurs in america equipment providers is going to be supported with orders, making the transition less smooth. So there isn’t any time such as the give start searching into nick card machines. It could be also a great time to consider switching providers in case your current provider is attempting to swindle you with more than-priced equipment. Our favorite providers have very affordable choices for EMV-compliant machines!



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