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Constant Contact alternativesIf you’ve a minimum of dabbled in small company email strategies, you most likely learn about Constant Contact. Heck, even though you haven’t done any e-mail marketing inside your existence, you’ve most likely heard about Constant Contact – the organization is actually into self-promotion, sometimes to begin posting fake reviews of their service (though executives claimed the workers who did this were “acting outdoors corporate policy”).

Unscrupulous blog-commenting practices aside, the 20-year-old email company provides a solid, time-tested service and boasts over fifty percent millions of customers. Aimed toward small companies who operate mainly offline, CC is simple to use to create and execute email promotions, access data to determine who opens your emails (in addition to bounces, unsubscribes, etc.), and much more.

Even though many people discover that Constant Contact meets email addresses marketing needs all right, other ESPs available provide more features for any lower cost. Whether you’re a continuing Contact diehard or you’ve had an unsatisfactory knowledge about the service, it’s not necessarily a bad idea to test some competing services. I’ve come up with a summary of the key Constant Contact alternatives, so take a look and you can incorperate your two cents within the comments.

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1. GetResponse

Belgium-based GetResponse (see our review) has been available since 1999, but remains an extremely small player in American e-mail marketing, possibly since their professional services are geared more toward career marketers than companies. Nonetheless, GetResponse supplies a great group of e-mail marketing features for an affordable cost, and it is perfectly appropriate for big and small companies alike. GetResponse presently has 350,000 active users from 182 countries.

Listed here are a couple of of the items I believe are GetResponse’s best features:

  • Email Creator, including many templates for individuals without HTML experience and coding choices for advanced users
  • Website Landing Page Creator, which is what it may sound like
  • RSS-to-Email feature that enables bloggers to email subscribers every time they publish
  • Time-based and action-based autoresponders
  • Inbox preview to determine the way your email will appear across different email clients and devices

Why choose GetResponse over Constant Contact

As it pertains lower into it, GetResponse simply provides more features and much more subscribers/contacts for any lower cost. Constant Contact’s least expensive package is $20/month for -500 subscribers (and something user) GetResponse’s least expensive package enables as much as 1,000 subscribers for $15/month (or $12.30/month should you prepay yearly). GetResponse also provides all the service’s extensive features across all plans, while CC customers need to pay greater prices (a minimum of $45/month for just 500 subscribers) to obtain added features like autoresponders and social networking integration.

2. AWeber

As pointed out in Katherine Miller’s AWeber review, this ESP combines simplicity of use having a robust set of features. (Also, this really is neither here nor there, however the company’s corporate offices, situated in a renovated DaimlerChrysler building outdoors of Philly, turn to me such as the funnest workplace ever.)

AWeber (see our review), established in 1998, is ideal for companies having a smaller sized address book (under 25,000) that are looking to transmit multiple follow-up emails rather of a single-time email blasts (though it can be done too). A number of my personal favorite AWeber features include:

  • Email editor with more than 600 templates
  • Capability to create follow-up autoresponders
  • Signup form functionality
  • Advanced list segmentation
  • Number of subscriber preferences/options

Why Choose AWeber over Constant Contact

AWeber is among the pricier Constant Contact alternatives on my small list, however it still measures a rather lower cost point than CC, especially considering that to get all CC’s features (aside from the “personal marketing coach,” that is really only a sales repetition in disguise who nobody appears to love anyway), you need to sign up for a minimum of the medium-tier Constant Contact plan. Though AWeber rocks ! because of its follow-up autoresponders, if you are searching for that least expensive option to Constant Contact, this ain’t it.

3. Benchmark Email

Some awesome reasons for Los Alamitos, CA-based Benchmark Email (see our review) include it’s very easy-to-use interface and industry-themed email templates (for retail, education, entertainment, etc.), and particularly the opportunity to send video emails. Benchmark, established in 2004, also provides a passionate server and email delivery management program to improve deliverability rates.

Benchmark Email provides two free plans, in addition to three fundamental compensated plan types (subscriber-based, email-based, and-volume plans), and special choices for charitable organizations. The various plan types permit you to pick the perfect plan based on your email habits and quantity of contacts, which may be as much as 100,000.

Why Choose Benchmark Email over Constant Contact

Benchmark offers a lot of advantages over Constant Contact which i will need to list them in bullet-form, which is exciting for me personally. Listed here are the primary things Benchmark Email has over Constant Contact:

  • Free fundamental plan
  • Free 100,000-subscriber arrange for all verified PTAs/PTOs/PTSAs and nonprofit groups helping children
  • Cheaper rates overall
  • All features across all plans – such as the free ones
  • Capability to send video emails

Obviously, you’ll need to compare all Constant Contact’s and Benchmark Email’s features side-by-side to find out if either ESP is the best for your unique organization. For instance, Benchmark does not have an Android application, so if this sounds like vital that you you, then you need to choose another ESP. However if you simply operate a nonprofit or wish to send video emails, this ESP can’t be beat.

4. MailChimp

There’s a great deal to like about MailChimp (see our review). The organization doesn’t take themselves too seriously (would you tell through the name?) however they give a seriously awesome service and among the best ESPs available. MailChimp has over six million users and procedures greater than 5 billion outgoing emails monthly. The organization doesn’t take themselves too seriously (would you tell through the name?) however they give a seriously awesome service and among the best ESPs available. MailChimp has over six million users and procedures greater than 5 billion outgoing emails monthly. Its popular services are appropriate for everybody from startups to multibillion corporations for example customers The Economist and TED.

Like Benchmark Email, MailChimp also provides a fundamental free service in addition to a number of other plans varying from subscriber-based prices to volume-based prices. You may also simply pay per email you signal. Whilst not all features can be found around the free “Entrepreneur” plan, which enables 2,000 contacts and 12,000 emails monthly, this is perhaps the very best free ESP package around.

Why Choose MailChimp over Constant Contact

Like all the ESPs I’ve incorporated within this list, MailChimp has cheaper plans than Constant Contact. You might also need more versatility with plan prices, as there’s a pay-as-you-go option. Furthermore, MailChimp offers multi-user accounts (Constant Contact charges extra for further users). MailChimp offers ever better integrations than CC and helpful features like “Delivery by Time Zone” to make sure emails are sent whenever your recipients are awake. And hey, you cannot beat a choice of a totally free plan. From my research, most small companies who’ve used both MailChimp and Constant Contact prefer MailChimp. You are able to sign up for any free trial offer here, if you are like doing so.

5. SendInBlue

Among the more youthful ESPs to emerge available on the market, SendInBlue (see our review) continues to be making an effect when you are, pound-for-pound, probably the most cost-effective services within their industry. Their founder, Armand Thiberge, searched for to construct a service provider that may provide a strong, core suite of ESP services to companies without overwhelming all of them with unnecessary features.

It’s worth mentioning that the organization is extremely attentive to critique and moves rapidly to fix shortcomings within their product. Having a generous free plan that allows you to send as much as 300 emails each day, up to and including more 9,000 monthly plus some of the very most competitive prices readily available for high-volume campaigns.

Why Choose SendInBlue Over Constant Contact

It might seem just like a damaged record at this time, but you may have intuited that Constant Contact is sort of around the pricier side. This is also true of SendInBlue, which undercuts the majority of its competitors on cost. Although it doesn’t provide the innovative features for highly precise campaigns, the characteristics it will provide are high-quality, including certainly one of my personal favorite campaign creators. Individuals features, except for a few a la carte products, can also be found at each tier, therefore the only factor you’ll need to bother about regarding price is the level of your campaigns. Primary advantages include:

  • Free fundamental plan
  • Very competitive prices
  • All features across all plans
  • Excellent responsive design drag-and-drop builder
  • Frequent iterations and enhancements


Constant Contact is really a well-known name in the realm of e-mail marketing, though this name is frequently connected with a few uncomfortable things, like manipulative/dishonest marketing tactics. Still, Constant Contact provides a helpful service for small companies that are looking to rapidly and simply deploy email strategies. But is its service sufficiently strong to warrant its high cost? Many users refuse. If you are searching for a less expensive ESP a treadmill that provides advanced features Constant Contact doesn’t provide, I would suggest carrying out a test run of all or any from the companies discussed within my list. Join a no-risk-free trial (which many of these companies offer – well, OK, AWeber’s 30-day trial costs $1, but you really can afford that) and let’s read your comments!

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